Jabhat al-Nusra Prepares and Executes VBIED Attack on Building in Syria

Jabhat al-Nusra Prepares and Executes VBIED Attack on Building in Syria

We’ve seen Islamic extremists execute suicide bombing attacks in this type of fashion many times on Best Gore. This case, even though it looks just like another suicide bombing, was different. The bomber did not blow himself up with the vehicle. Rather, just drove it to a target area, parked it there and casually walked back to his base. The Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) was then detonated remotely.

The video is from Syria and the attackers are members of the notoriously ruthless, but clearly well organized Jabhat al-Nusra. The driver wore Syrian military uniform, which is a well known tactics that’s been used by the militants since the beginning of war – they even use the same trick for production of propaganda videos in which atrocities caused by them are blamed on the regime forces.

Thus, the driver was able to get the vehicle all the way to the target area – Al Hilal building, and come back safe and sound. That no one intercepted the truck with so much armor plating must mean that the area was not under active surveillance, or if not, then the SAA simply messed up.

First video shows the bomber driving the VBIED to the target area and the subsequent explosion:

Second video is of the driver returning back without so much as a scratch:

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  1. That was quite an explosion, didnt look like there was that much explosives on the truck. It looked like a vehicle out of the Syrian version of mad max, with Max taking his driving test through the backstreets. And they finally figured out they can remote-detonate stuff. Alas, no virgins for this guy. Until he gets home to his kids, of course. Allahu ackbar and all that shite.

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  3. That was a tiny explosion compared to the ones ISIS attack with. Did anybody ever see the vid where the guy first goes for a swim in that disgusting marsh before blowing himself up? That was fucking hilarious!

    1. @exclusive, I agree but to me, and I have never lived in Syria, the cover over the back of the truck was an obvious sign that something was amiss especially adding that the driver just got out and walked away and the fact that the truck stopped outside a building that is frequently used.

      I know there is nothing that anyone could have done about the explosion, but common sense should have told them not to stop and talk with the above happening.

  4. The dirty bastards , dressing in the opposing armies uniform . There is no honour in these morons fight , none whatsoever . I admire Assad for not bowing to these toads .

    Not sure what the target was but , if there were people in there , it’s safe to assume that they are now nothing but dust after that huge explosion .

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  7. It looks like the explosives were just laying in the back, most of the energy went right up in the air. Not that i would want to be anywhere close, but still, i don’t believe there was that much damage to the buildings.

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