James Eagan Holmes – Photos and Info on Aurora Batman Movie Shooter


24 year old James Eagan Holmes is in police custody. He’s suspected of killing at least 14 people and wounding 59 in a shooting spree carried out in Theater 9 at the Century 16’s movie theater during the midnight premier of Christopher Nolan’s 2012 Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, a suburbs of Denver, Colorado, USA.

Further info on James Eagan Holmes with more detailed bio is still emerging. I will update this post as more info becomes available. This is what is known so far:

James Eagan Holmes was born on December 13, 1987 and raised in San Diego, California. In 2006 James E. Holmes graduated from Westview High School in San Diego. In 2012 he obtained an undergraduate degree in neuroscience from University of California, Riverside. He then attempted to obtain a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora but dropped out in June 2012 (which means he’s a recent University of Colorado drop out).

His acquaintances said James Holmes was a generally pleasant person who showed no signs of violence. He was also described as a bit of a loner and as regular church goer. Give people who “show no sign of violence” access to guns and it’s only a question of time before they realize how easy it is to use them on people.

On July 20,2012 wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest, about half an hour into the Batman movie, James Eagan Holmes entered the movie theater through an emergency door, threw a smoke bomb into the audience and started shooting. He was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, a 12-gauge Remington Model 870 shotgun, and a .40 caliber Glock handgun. The shooter had one more Glock handgun which he kept as a backup weapon in his white colored Hyundai car which was parked behind the cinema.

As a side note – I recall a few weeks ago I listened to an AM radio while driving through a remote area with no FM signal. The host was reporting on a research by a US based university the name of which I forgot. According to the research paper, The two US states with the highest occurrence of violence were the state of Texas and the state of Missouri. The research team also looked at the gun ownership statistics by the state and not surprisingly, the two US states with the highest gun ownership rates were the state of Texas and the state of Missouri. I’m sure this was just a random coincidence.

Some photos of Aurora movie theater shooter James Eagan Holmes:

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      1. He goes into a theater wearing a gas mask (Bane) and uses tactical gas grenades (Joker) and then starts shooting people, creating chaos etc (Joker) all at the premiere of a Dark Night film? I’m gonna go out on a whim and say this dude was the biggest fan of Batman ever!

        1. Not even he economy @phat, just the fact that we the tax payers pay for it. Yes I haven’t payed taxes for one to maybe two and a half years but I didn’t luckily for me have to.But WHY do we take care of them? I can understand a real family hittin’ on hard times and they need some help, that’s fine with me, but pieces of shit like this guy or any of the other assholes that we including you in the uk, why should WE take care of them? I’m doin’ the vodka thing tonight guys so if I sound a little “non senseical” right now forgive meThere’s . A lot on my mind right now.

    1. hmmm 14 people dead i’d say death row.

      this is insane a guy who had all the world went to collage did everything that you could do to make a better life and ended up killing 14 and injuring 59 others?

      i just don’t under stand it.

      1. @T-dot – The motherfucker will cop an insanity plea. Yep, he’s insane. He didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, even though it appears it was a carefully planned mass murder. No prison with bars or steel doors for this one, just the rubber room. That’s the terribly broken U.S. judicial system for you.

    1. Nothing wrong with being a church goer Boss.

      Sometimes if I am feeling so fucking low you want to do something horrific… I go to a church and simply marvel at the splendid construction… To go inside and see what the power of hope can inspire people to build.

      To be reminded that their are things greater than oneself in life can lift heavy burdens of one’s shoulders.

      Your problems don’t seem as bad if you take a look at the ‘bigger picture’. THAT is what my faith gives me.

      1. @tommy
        thats actually a really good idea….i know i have heard of going to a service if you are feeling low but to go and look at the architecture…that is really smart…i shall remember that for the next time i feel blue

        1. It isn’t just the past accomplishments of our miserable race that makes life worth living…

          I can marvel at a beautiful Norman church.

          I can listen to Vivaldi.

          Stroll through some countryside… Or just have a simple cuppa.

          Does wonders.

          1. Too right Tom, Im doing that today as I’ve had a pretty awful month so Im off to York Cathedral. Im a history geek though and it features in loads of my books. Im all ready to go, pack lunch, check, camera, check and shot gun, check. Rock on πŸ˜€

          2. The only thing I want to do to ANY Mosque… Is fucking flatten it.

            With worshippers in it preferably.

            York. Beautiful city. It is good to make a day of it Angel.

            I have a bit of a passion for alternative history books.

            I read an alternate history concerning King Alfred the Great… And what would have happened if he received the letter from the Pope telling him he had been abandoned by the Church.

            IRL the Pope DID send a letter to King Alfred telling him he will not receive any assistance against the Vikings. But he never received it.

            Ah. I am waffling.

    1. I am saying that easy access to guns compounds an original problem of violence and gun crime. It doesn’t start the problem… Merely exacerbates it.

      The key word here is BALANCE.

      Texas has extremely light gun laws… RESULT: Equals high gun crime.

      The UK has the heaviest gun laws in the world… RESULT: Highest gun crime in Europe.

      The difference is… In UK, only criminals have access to firearms in any large number… They are always going to manage getting their greasy maws on guns whatever the regulation.

      They don’t give a toss about ‘3 week waiting periods’.

      Gangs in Liverpool have been confirmed to have Kalashnikovs and Bren Guns… Guns you would have a hard time getting in the USA.

      Now take Germany for example. German gun laws are some of the lightest in Europe (still comparatively strict in US terms)… But have the lowest gun crime in Europe.

      You can still buy pistols and carbines in Germany.

      Plus. You have to make note of the culture differences.

      It is common knowledge that Texas is world famous for being ‘Gun Mad’… Blame John Wayne and Clint Eastwood for that. So the Texans have a reputation to live up to.

      It is already in the Zeitgeist. Texan gun crime will always be high even if ALL guns were outlawed tomorrow.

      1. Texas would be gun crazy, like you said, even if guns were outlawed. The difference is that consumers and home owners have a right to bear arms, so when someone dares break into our homes, we have every right to shoot them in the face no questions asked. If there is a busted door or window that shows it was a break in and a dead body, the home owner is not charged. You get caught with a gun here, as long as your licensed, it’s cool. Guns are horrible but at the same time can save a family. I think any rational person would prefer that no one use guns ever, but we gotta be realistic and know we need our own form of protection from the riffraff.

          1. Gun controls do not reduce crime, just tends to reduce the firepower of the lower end loser felons. In countries like B.R, the losers tend to use crappy .22 locally made pistols , and the caliber is notorious for the treacherous tendence it has to bounce internally and generate endless organ damage when it penetrates the body, so even the firepower argument is relative. Anyway, 95% of the criminals here do not use legally acquired guns, so who cares about controls. I worked like 7 years on a criminal court and only remember 2 or 3 cases of legal weapons involved in serious crimes, all of them husband murder-suicides of their wifes

          2. Yes IGYUMS… It fucking ‘sucks’ as you Yanks would say.

            It doesn’t surprise me Tulio.

            Asides from exceedingly rare massacres (once every 10 years)… Legal guns are practically never used in Murders.

        1. It takes a little more than broken glass or attempted entry to commit justifiable homicide.

          New Mexico. Which have some of the best self defense laws, we just don’t have a castle doctrine(protects defendant from civil court lawsuits for money by attackers family).

          In NM you may meet deadly force with deadly force anywhere, any time. Your car is considered an extension of your home and you can use deadly force to defend that.

          You are able to defend any persons in mortal danger. Essentially I could shoot someone dead if they are trying to kill someone and I just happen across the scene. Friends vehicles are also covered and you can defend it the same. Your place of employment, unless a bar or somewhere firearms are banned, you are free to defend yourself and bystanders.

          We do not have a duty to retreat in New Mexico.

          No licenses are required here. Fully automatic weapons/silencers/under barrel attatchments(think grenade launcher) are permitable with a license.

          Now that is all great and everything, however deadly force is variable here…. If your attacked by a man with a bat, you can meet that deadly force with, a bat, but not a gun. Kill him with that bat and it’s justifiable(or attempt seriously to defuse the situation before using a gun). That’s on the street or public, with no duty to retreat.

          Now in your home, and this is fairly universal, unless there is a duty to retreat(even if, I’d have no way out but the front of my place so if we had it it would be waived anyway to me, but we don’t have to retreat from a deadly threat here) the person must enter your home. They must cross the threshold into your home, and present a deadly threat, or it will be charged as murder, guaranteed. The exception being if they fired on you from outside your home.

          For those who do not know, many many states have a duty to retreat. That means, if there is a way out, you must exercise that option. Period. If there is no way out, stand your ground is the next clause.

          With so many people there I just can’t help but wonder, no one there apparently had a conceal carry license? Sure the guy was wearing Kevlar, but I got money says he’d run and hide, giving people a moment to run, if had started getting pegged with rounds.

          @trooper, yes it’s the same in USA. I remember reading about a burglar that got locked into a garage for a few days, surviving on dog food, and sued the homeowners for “mental anguish” and…… And!!!!! Fucking won.
          Donde el castle doctrine ay

    2. My second day in usa and im already scared. First, this massacre, and then i go to WALLMART and wandering through the sports section, I found the LEGENDARY WALL MART GUN SHELVES! Altough most of what I saw were shotguns, ammo, 22 long scoped carbines, a strange looking M4 looking thing in the shotgun shelf and beretta brand air pistols (if pietro beretta had lived to see this crap, he’ll probably had died a second time) and then, BOWS and ARROWS!
      As expected, I couldnt find any LIQUOR, only beer, undrinkable american wines, and some banana republic imported cabernet sauvignon. If I am going to survive a year here, I’ll have to find a good liquor store near campus , I promise i will not follow my school most famous dropout ( Edgar Allan Poe) steps into debauchery and geniality. πŸ˜€

      1. I know when I first got here it was pretty scary. Now to fit in start talking like you’ve lost some brain function. Drink tasteless bad smelling piss water also known a bud light.
        Buy a gun and make sure you let everyone in your block know you have it by geting drunk and shooting it in the back yard. Good luck

        1. @ SpankmyMonkey

          You highly fit the the profile of the new guy that moved into my neighborhood a few weeks ago. Your comment has me wondering if it was you that got hauled off this past Wednesday @ 3AM for being naked, drunk, yelling obscenities & shooting a skunk in your backyard?

          PS – It wasn’t me that called 911….because I was far too busy on my back patio making a futile attempt to get the night time feature to work on my camcorder.

      2. Hey Tulio, I gather that you like to imbibe of the spirits. With the weekend just starting you may want to familiarize yourself with Texas liquor laws. Stock up no later than Saturday, cause no alcohol of any type is sold before 12 noon on Sundays. (Not even beer) I’d hate to have you come to with nothing for the shakes.

        1. Around here, most restaurants are closed at 10pm. By 11pm it seems that everyone is soundly asleep. At least on thursdays. Today, friday, some drinkin bars remained open and full of young customers at about 10:30pm. Perhaps the early closing techinque was perfectioned to give drunkards plenty of sleep time to deal with the hangover, i dont know

    3. I got an email earlier about gun rights and gun control. So stupid. Sorry but I feel safer with a gun. Maybe if they didn’t have gun laws on premises like movie theaters, someone would’ve been carrying one in their purse or pants and put the dog out before he killed more people. Fuck, my grandma used to carry a gun between her tits when she was young. No one fucked with her.

  1. You can never tell nowadays, makes me wary whenever I’m in school or in a crowded place such as a mall of the kind of people I am interacting with. People have such short fuses and all it takes is for them to obtain a gun for all hell to break loose, kind of makes me glad that I avoid public places as much as possible but then again you can’t be safe anywhere in this world.

    1. you can come stay in my rat lair where i will RAT IMPREGNATE you with my DEMON SEED and you can experience the joy of a c section birth of many pinkies but i will keep you safe. this invitation is of to ALL BEST GORE BITCHES.

      1. @mouse Thanks for the invite but I’m a guy, the avatar I have right now may seem to contradict that but rest assured I have no uterus for you to impregnate me with.

        I’m sure someone here will take you up on that offer though. Just a matter of time before you take over the world with that demon seed, right mouse.

        1. if you dress up as a lipstick tranny you’re still welcome. it really feels all the same once i have you flipped on your stomach in the dark. also i love me some southern women with ice cream and honey. @nicole is from Alabama and i’ve had conversations with her off site. i’m trying to lure her to Jersey where she’ll never be heard from again. shush! don’t anybody tell her.

  2. seein the high school photo im guessing he was probably not one of the popular kids, he was bullied so intensely, then he kept it all inside until it boiled over one day into this killing spree…. just a thought idk

    1. Yah he probably felt alienated and when watching Batman felt a connection with the joker after awhile he felt angrier and angrier that everyone was against him. Soon he wanted to feel the power the joker had and in one scene from the dark night the joker goes into a hospital and kills everyone. Seeing that probably gave him a power feeling that he felt he could get by reenacting it. Jeffrey Duhmer did the same with a scene from a movie (Right Jeff?). Hence why he did what he did.

          1. Its on the same channel that puts on that talking homosexual sponge that lives next to a starfish with down syndrome

  3. u.s needs to execute all convicted murderers (those proven guilty) why must we pay for their stay at a 1 star resort with free medical attention and buttsecks every night?
    fauck that, inject those cunts with poison up the dick, a.s.a. fucking. p.

  4. from the high school photo im guessing he was probably not one of the popular kids, he was bullied so intensely all through high school, then he kept it all inside until it boiled over one day into this killing spree…. just a thought idk

  5. It wouldnt matter if guns were out lawed…somebody that snaps like that could have used a chainsaw. Im a quiet loner that goes to church and owns a gun. Im not going to go on a “killing spree”. He has major mental problems.

        1. i dont know…the more i look at his pictures the more creeped out i get….his high school pic especially…he has evil elf eyes and ears……like one of those possessed garden gnomes…uggh…

  6. Well he looks attractive to me like 6’0? LOL just kidding. I was supposed to go to a Batman premiere and I just decided to give the ticket away. I was like gobsmacked when I heard about this news because given this could like happen ANYWHERE

  7. I challenge anyone to discuss with me why it is a good idea to outlaw guns..I think it would be the stupidest thing one could suggest, or the government would do..People don’t even think about the larger picture when they talk shit on impulse.
    If guns would be banned, people would create another black market for a dangerous thing. There would be more violence than before and you can’t go around stripping people from their personal guns while at it..You are telling me you rather live in a militarized state controlled by the police? What about citizens? I bet you preach the typical, “citizens should be free and have a right to stand for themselves” well, with the government having gun control, you can say bye to all of that.

  8. You know, I bet he feels like a tough shit. Shooting up innocent people just trying to watch a movie that they were anxiously awaiting to view. Something needs to be done about the gun laws. Buying a gun shouldn’t be so easily purchased. You can have your gun rights, I am just saying that owning a gun doesn’t always end up through protection. Seems the gun violence outweigh the crime prevention.

    Ever since the Virginia Tech Massacre, I have changed my views on guns. I agree that its not the gun, its the person pulling the trigger, but if we had a strict set of gun laws it might hinder those individuals from pulling the trigger in the first place. I am not saying that a better set of laws will stop gun violence, but it may cut the death toll down.

    The same goes for making guns illegal altogether. No doubt will that cut down the death toll, but I view it the same way I viewed them trying to make alcohol illegal. Making guns illegal will cause bootlegging, it might make it worse it might not.

    I don’t know, I don’t think I am in the right state of mind for this.

  9. Dont blame the guns…..Blame the wasted fetus who decided life and virginity warrented the cowardly slaughter. Maybe ironic, most of those shot at a midnight premier were probably tired of life and virginity. Nerd on Nerd violence

  10. hello everyone, long time i’ve been lurking in the shadows…

    just a little thing bothers me here… he was a dropout, how in hell can he spend $729.00 buying an AR-15 tactical rifle? besides, you can’t find those in your regular black-market/walmart…

    well…that’s the only thing i quite don’t get…

    and, of course, this will make the same effect that ledger got on the other movie…i already can hear those coins falling all around mr nolan…

    and, as always, please excuse my poor english, i really try to improve everyday…

    1. Whoa whoa whoa pedro, just because he was a dropout doesnt mean he cant afford things, i am a dropout and a 22yr Old mother of a 6yr old, yet somehow i can afford nice expensive things for myself and my son… Strange…

  11. I’m always surprised that people draw links to gun freedoms with insane violence. While insane killing sprees draw national news, please remember that their occurrence is vanishingly small. This is a country of some 300 MILLION. Your chance of being shot by a crazed, violent schizophrenic is about as much as your chance of winning a fifty million dollar lottery. Shivering deliciously IS fun, and I know facts are not sexy, but there it is.

    The vast majority of gun violence is either suicide or thug-on-thug. I would think BG people would know that by now.

    I like guns, and I haven’t killed anybody yet. Please leave your political agendas where truth begins.

  12. Leave the fucking guns, you can stop crazy anyway. You can kill people with bats, knives, golf clubs, ash trays, swords, bow and arrows etc… you never know if you’ll need a high powered weapon. I mean, most of us, don’t aspire to be the one who just committed the largest mass shooting in us history (not the most deadly, highest concentrated dead/injured). We live vicariously and if it starts making you “want” to do some shit, then time to check yourself into a ward.

  13. It will likely be shown that this guy was a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal. 24 y/o, seemingly intelligent, but now dropping out of school. Those are a few signs that could point to something like schizophrenia (it usually onsets young).

    IMO, just as at VA Tech, the failing here is not gun laws, but the mental health care system. If he were flagged that way, he should not have been able to buy a gun under EXISTING laws.

    ABC News even reported this morning that his mom in San Diego said “You’ve got the right person” or words to that effect. So at least ONE person knew the lights were on, the gates were down, but there was no train coming.

    More will come out in the days & weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

  14. I’m for a world quorum on determining who will be murderers before murders are committed. After the quorum convenes, the U.N. could get all nations of the world to sign a binding law that would require a central command to house precognitives who will be forced to dedicate their lives to detect those human scum who dare commit murder before they actually commit murder. The offenders are then placed in a maximum security prison where they are cryogenically frozen for the rest of their pathetic potential murdering lives (call me crazy, but this sounds familiar). The world will be a better place and we can all sit in circles peacefully meditating and afterwards singing Kumbaya. πŸ™„

  15. I don’t even know why we are giving this ass clown undeserved face time. The cocksucker needs to remain faceless and nameless to us. Hmmm…faceless. Anyway, the motherfucking shit stain of a pleeb wannabe does not deserve the attention he is getting. I’d much rather honor the dead and view their pictures so we can see who the fuckwit murdered and remember why he is who he is…a worthless waste of…how did a famous musician put it? Oh yes, a waste of sperm and eggs.

  16. the death count has been changed to 12, i have to say i disagree within your last two posts. even tho nothing we’re saying now is fact (seeing as how no motives or manifestos have been referenced, as of now). i disagree to your conditional statement that the accessibility of guns were the direct cause to this violence. i dont think this is a case of typical angst violence (while common), instead id like to use the converse of that in that more “permanent angst” was being felt which correlates to the accessibility of weapons, which inspired this violence. examining the supposed perpetrator, he was an undergraduate for phd in neuroscience so it is said, while this information is useless under many other circumstances, this does highlight an interest in the field… taking this into consideration with the shooting itself, its highly uncommon to find such an attack without some kind of society opposing psychological wolrd view. take ted kaczynski (also very well out academically) for example, was it the typical angst and accessability to make his bombs that caused deaths, or his views on “industrial society” and anoarcho primitvism. id also like to point out as ive saw “innocent targets”, take into mind this is not the peppy cartoon “batman: the orginal animated series” from the 90s or even the tv series from the 60s. christopher nolans batman trilogy brings a “dark” atmosphere to the realistically portrayed antagonistic characters and even the protagonistic. the trilogy quickly become much more easily suggestive with such evident character pasion and emotion. something an uneducation parent wouldnt realize unless they all have fucking aspergers and unless paying attention only to the thriller aspect of the movie. examine some of the elements of the the nolan batman trilogy parents, is this really a movie to bring a fucking infant to? on another note, anyone notice a resemblance between holmes and the character “dr.crane” aka “scarecrow”, who was portrayed in the first installment of the trilogy, id say theyre very much similar…

  17. So have they found out which drug screwed his brain up? I’m assuming his life went like this

    high school -> drinking, tried some weed
    college early years -> shit ya man, weed is awesome!
    as time progressed -> I need a better high man, hook me up!

    so what was the hook up?

  18. So have they found out which drug screwed his brain up? I’m assuming his life went like this

    high school -> drinking, tried some weed
    college early years -> shit ya man, weed is awesome!
    as time progressed -> I need a better high man, hook me up!

    so what was the hook up?

    and also, “the right to bear arms” thingy, that was so we could protect ourselves from the government…..how in the hell do you suppose you’re going to protect yourself against a tank? well, tbh have a tank of your own =) but wait! we can’t do that because they’ve taken that freedom away from us…..and slowly but surely, more and more freedoms have been taken away over the years.

    Now, if any 1 or 2 people in that theater had had a gun, then this picture may have been painted slightly different than this atrocity has been. You name ANY time where someone has gone off the handle and look at that same story but put a gun in any other person’s hand that was there and things may very well have been extremely different.

    Down south convenience stores are robbed constantly. However, if they were to train all their employees on how to use a gun correctly and then constantly run it in the news that these employees are trained and have a gun with them at all time, then I can probably say you would see a SHARP decline in the amount of robberies that happen at those stores.

    You say you don’t need a gun. My question to you is, why are you so naive? Having frequented this sight, the BG educated should at least know that things can happen, any time, any place. Most of the countries on here have banned guns, but guess what, the people that want them for craziness still acquire them, or they’re given to them by our government. Don’t nip away at my ability to protect myself from the idiots out there.

  19. you are all fucking clueless i knew he was going to shoot up the movie thearter a few months before he did why because he posted on /b/ on 4chan that he was going to do it we didnt believe him and egged him on fucking people post like that all the time and we werent shocked when it happend we even laughed at it the fucker only got 12 people he didnt confirm his kills columbine was more impressive

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