Jealous Neighbor Murders Man by Stabs in the Neck

Jealous Neighbor Murders Man by Stabs in the Neck

The crime happened in the early evening of Saturday February 16, 2013 on 26th Street, Cohab district in Bezerros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Yes, that’s where Caruaru is. The victim – 41 year old Edivaldo Ferreira da Silva nicknamed “Vava” was single and lived alone in the house #25 on 26th Street, where he was killed with two stab wounds to the neck.

“Vava” who was born in Gravatá was found dead in the backyard of his residence. After brief investigation, the police learned that the murder was committed by a neighbor of the victim. The motive would have been jealousy although it was not specified whether the victim engaged in sexual congress with the murderer’s wife, or whether the murderer just didn’t like that there was a single man near his wife.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Jealous Neighbor Murders Man by Stabs in the Neck”

  1. Where are the neck wounds? There are pictures showing his entire neck but not one stab wound can be seen. What I do see is a stab wound to his back amid the area that looks like road rash but is probably drag rash. That stab wound is clearly visible and bled. I also see signs indicative of a head injury such as the left eyelid being bruised and swollen, the nosebleed, the wounds to the forehead (including one that looks like a small caliber gunshot wound or a.stab wound), and the wound to the head behind and above the ear. If this guy had neck wounds, I would love to know where.

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