Jeffersonville, Indiana Robbery Suspect Fired at 20 Times

Jeffersonville, Indiana Robbery Suspect Fired at 20 Times

Jeffersonville, Indiana Robbery Suspect Fired at 20 Times

This video will definitely get adrenaline pumping with all the guns blazing. Robbery suspect, identified as Demonjhea Jordan, 21, of Jeffersonville, Indiana flees from police being shot at more than 20 times. Being outgunned and outnumbered, Jordan was shot by three officers and one detective from Louisville Metro Police’s First Division. The footage from three officers body cam shows a brief foot pursuit by one officer, before other officers converge on the suspect. Jordan later died at University of Louisville Hospital from gunshot wounds.

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    1. I’m so tired of these piles of shit. This country is becoming full of them. Yea the police need to be policed, but these thug assholes just need to be gunned down sometimes. If you ever deal with an asshole like this you will be happy you live in a country where you can defend yourself with a gun or have the cops around the corner. I think it’s funny though how a lot of cops scream like girls though while trying to use their “big boy voice” as they are trained to do. LoL.

      1. You win this thread.

        People will still believe the lie that more black people are killed by police than non-black people, though.

        One less thug asshole anyone has to deal with.

      1. Lol agreed!! I’m just puzzled how they looked like they didn’t have a clear shot all the time but fired anyway in a neighborhood.. stray bullets??!! Families in their houses??!! Whatevs.. hate people “of all races who want to be thugs” but not about police officers who just want to shoot their guns off for any reason (which is pretty much all you see now).

        1. If they fire their gun they get paid time off.
          The one shooting through the windshield definitely did some hearing damage to himself.
          Sucks if you happened to be downrange of the live target.
          I would bet they only hit him like twice out of all those shots.

    2. Fucking dumbass in the car openly shoots without clearing the building in the background that has door, and windows in it, lol, lol. Fucking dummy could have killed half a dozen workers in that building,,, holy-shit does it get any better than this?
      I got more training when passing my basic hunting course for fuck-sakes!

        1. No,,, your right, and i hear you brother. But i just thought that since they already had 2 Cops Pumping lead into that Demonjhea, you’d think that the third Officer Could/Would have “at the very least” moved like 20 ft. to the left, and the Background would have changed, and end-up being either a parking lot , or some type of yard!

          But i guess when the adrenaline is pumping cause some dimwit with a gun is on a fucking rampage,,, your only thought at the time is to react quickly, and take him out. So i understand where you are coming from at the same time.

          It’s just that because I have gotten use to always checking the background when hunting Deer cause my 7.6 mm, and my 30-06 both have kill ranges of up to A Couple Miles, and can still be dangerous up to 7 Miles, so background checks for buildings, roads, or even worse People is Something that i personally take very seriously, being an integral part of safe hunting procedures, and all!

          But i Digress, B G Brother, cause Hunting Deer is a lot different that Hunting Humans, cause unlike Deer or other Game Animals,,, some of Those Humans,,, they shoot back. 🙁 But you know what??? I just remembered that, (get a load of this) i heard on the radio last week that there is One type of Animal that Can Shoot A Gun,, I think they’re called,,??,, Yes got it,,, (Rastafarian- Coons), or Raccoons for short! But because they are known as thieving Animals,,, they shoot their guns Sideways (because of their 6 fingers) i guess?

          I used to Hunt Raccoons which was usually done at night, & with a Dog,,, so the method wasn’t that much different than how you guys hunt today’s Violent 6 Fingered, & 2 footed Coons. But these types of Raging, Rabid, & Gun Slinging City Coons, i believe have No Bag Limits,, or (Body-Bag) limits i should say, but you know more about the Inner City Hunting Regulations with yourself being a Military Police, & All, eh, lol,? 😉

          And i guess when the adrenaline is pumping cause some dimwit with a gun is on a fucking rampage,,, your only thought at the time is to react quickly, and take him out. So i understand where you are coming from at the same time.
          Anyways,,, I Must Go So Have Yourself a good day @MPO, and do stay safe out there, Cheers Man.. 🙂

          1. Hey, thanks for not tearing me up for my opinion. Stay safe dude. Maybe sometime we can go hunting. Im pretty decent with a .308.

          2. @MPO
            That sounds like a plan B G Brother. A 308 eh?? Nice rifle, my Game Warden Brother hunts with one, nice Deer Caliber for sure.

            And as for tearing you up,,, no man not from me my good brother, as i am one of the very few on here that know, & understand that there are many Good Cops still on our streets today that joined for All the right reasons. But unfortunately the good ones always get overshadowed by the actions of just a very few bad ones.

            So Please stay safe as well my good man, and cheers to you also!
            The Dre. 🙂

      1. thedre – ROFL, I know what your saying, bro!! But wait, an internal investigation may be opened on this one….3 cops vs. one suspect?? And all that lead being pumped downrange without one thought as to whom or what / where these 9mm. slugs wind up at??? LMFAO….And I did not see any firearm by the perp. at anytime during the vid.!! Toe tag and body slab was the name of this Nintendo cartridge, FYI, “The more you know!!” LMFAO!!!

    3. The last officer sounds like a faggot on steroids. The other idiot felt he just had to shoot through the screen, wasting our tax money to make himself look like a Hollywood character.

      There’s nothing in this video that suggests the victim was even armed let alone dangerous.
      Someone running away from the cops, gets chased and shot more than 20 times? Yes it does make them (along with every redneck scum here) feel like heroes.

      Like I always say, the statistics of cops brutalizing whites is on the rise. While you think it’s a good thing to hunt down “niggers”, the next citizen brutalized might just be your own blood. Keep on applauding cops. They’re proud of you

      1. It seems that in US it doesn’t matter if you’re armed or not. Fleeing from the cops for any reason warrants an immediate execution. Maybe he have mental issues or was scared shitless and couldn’t think straight? Doesn’t matter – execution on the spot. Judge Dredd style.

        Also, officer 3 is a fucking joke. Pew pew pew “Get on the fucking ground!!!” pew pew pew “Show me your fucking hands!!!” pew pew pew. Fill him with bullets, then ask to show his hands. Brilliant!

        1. Sure does in lots of cases followed by a media smear campaign filled with random past shit that has little absolutely shit to do with why you were shot to begin with. And if you happen to be black Nothing matters. Armed, unarmed, walking away, sprinting away,jogging away, drivin away, shopping in walmart, playing in a park, helping an autistic patient, hands up hands down. Following commands, not following commands, crime commited no crime commited you can and will be shot and everyone will rush to justify it. Your eyes Do Not deceive you and this is how it’s always been just got cameras to see it now. Yet people still don’t see it or won’t let their minds put together that the shit Is institutional.

          1. Some pretty valid comments regarding this shootout, by SerialKillinFuture!!!! Cops need some range time too!! And not on the Xbox they play with down at the stationhouse!!!

        2. Yea….that was quite brilliant….pops 3/4 shots thru his windshield before getting out of his cruiser only to scream…..”GET ON THE GROUND” …… “SHOW ME YOUR FUCKING HANDS!!!” …..UGH, which one did you want him to do first? Get on the ground or show him your hands? No matter……your gonna get toe tagged and body slabbed, so it really doesn’t matter whether or not he should have complied with which / whatever order, Hmmmm?? cops had this scumbag “dead to rights” anyway!! Can’t understand the reasoning behind popping 4 rounds thru your windshield, and NO proper restraint given by the policeman firing willy-nilly thru his windshield, w/o one care in the world about where those rounds are heading downrange!! As a former Marine and game hunter, that/those bullets have your name on it until they are stopped and embedded into “something” or “someone”…as a former servicemember, this guy just broke every rule in the “shoot a bad guy dead”” HANDBOOK……glad nobody but the perp got hurt…..that could have been a potential lawsuit waiting too happen…glad it turned out 1 win for the goodguys (Good Guys Wear Black)….still cracks me up…..either get on the ground or show me your hands….no matter to me…still gonna pump you with some 9mm holes anyways….I don’t get enough “range time” at the dept. training range anyways, fuck this sewer hole, hope I remembered to fill up my backup magazine…..ROFL…..!! Die MF’er, DIE!! ROFL x 100!!!

          1. Thanks glad you agree and appear to be able to think rationally and logically. Not suggesting that I want a soft pussy police or society for that matter, but you gotta have a good foundation with discipline and honor when dealing in careers that involve killing as a marine you already know that. But at it’s core there is this national and accepted underlying corruption in the police forces(not all) in America. They just like every demographic in America feel the need to play up their identity in a sort of satirized version of themselves. If America was a person it would be that guy with an extreme personality and low self-awareness who referred to himself in the third person all the time.

        1. haha! we’re correct beyond that line though…
          And that’s the kind of faggots we have as law-enforcers, scared pussies aching to shoot a fly to show they’re tough. Perhaps we can learn something from the Chinese. They handle situations like this without drama

        2. Firstly, Apologies for going of topic.

          Hey there Andre. Hope everything is going well for yourself and family. I recon that now two or three months have gone by, your new home will be starting to wrap itself quite snuggly around you and C ? Now yous have settled in, and “imprinted” your character on the place in the decoration and furnishings you choose….Im guessing the place is really starting to feel like a true Home (Ive made a few home-moves myself, so I know that the process takes a bit of time….ive always found it a little hard to accept my new homes, because of that lingering nostalgia for the old home – but it has ALWAYS come good when ive settled in)
          ANYWAY, i will keep this to a short “hello” as it is a topic comment section.
          My best regards to you, you crazy Connard français!

          1. @karmen40

            Wow,,, hi brother.
            So nice to hear from you again. I am always happy to speak with you, and yes,,, We Cathy, & I have now settled-in to our new home quite wonderfully indeed. I knew you were also busy, & all with your last message, so i thought that i would give you some time to work on your own personal matters hoping one day that you’d be all good, and that you’d message me again, if just to say hello. 🙂

            Also,,, I truly missed your saying of “Best Regards”, lol, I know im’s funny like that sometimes, but every time (but not often) when i would hear, or read somebody saying/writing this,,, i would always chuckle to myself, and think of you. 🙂 I think that i like-this saying so much, simply because it is Not So “Final Sounding” like Goodbye tends to sound like. And god knows that i have had my fair share of goodbye’s for a lifetimes, and it was mostly always so sad & so Final. But this was when i was in a much darker period in my life. So, for me, and in a strange, but a warm way,,, *Best Regards* sounds like The Door has been left wide open, without it feeling/sounding so final. 🙂 You know what i mean eh brother? I Missed our chats, and your kind words of encouragements, as they were always coming-in at a time when i was down,and needed them most.

            Talk to you soon, and thanks for popping-in, and making my day Karmen.
            And,,, Best Regards Always,
            Andre. 🙂

        1. LOL! they do get the applause + impunity when the hunted are colored…
          & that emboldens them to expand their menu

          It was the same with feminism when government officials and celebrities applauded them for falsely accusing men under the ” rape culture” narrative. Now officials and celebs themselves are MeeToo targets. Harvey , after spending all the money on Feminism is taken down by the movement

          1. They may get impunity but they still don’t get my applause… You know Weinstein is a pig, it’s not a hard concept to realize, when you’re rich in Hollywood, almost anything goes. He’s just as much a pig as the pigs themselves, so fuck em… Dr. Ford is a fuckin’ liar and/or too drunk to remember what happened 36 years ago at a party. That’s just my opinion, like an asshole, we all have one… we’ll see if she shows up tomorrow morning 9/21 at the Senate meeting.

          2. @carnage-2
            I’m also following the kavanaugh allegations closely. I think it’s just an effort to prevent anti-abortion / pro-life policies in DC. Libtardism is way out of control and that’s exactly what I eluded to. This feminism madness started as a joke, with us applauding women who “speak up”, women who want to be “independent”, “strong”, “equal” to men, etc. Now they have it all, all + extra privileges which they use to push men over the edge and destroy male lives… Before all these I predicted that applying human logic to equalize 2 entities which are naturally distinctive will lead to societal disaster. No one listened. Now it’s becoming everyone’s problem

            Same applies to the increasing power and impunity of police. Little by little till it too will get out of hand, and to far into madness to make a u-turn. I wonder if we can define a threshold point for the madness now, OR we’re waiting for that too to get out of control before we pause and think again what we allow in our society

      2. Goritian has a VERY GOOD POINT!!!! ” the next citizen brutalized might just be your own blood. Keep on applauding cops. They’re proud of you” ….for acting like good, obedient, “sheeple”….would love too see how this would play out in an airport security checkpoint, ya’ know, the “good guys” who work for the TSA!!! Talk about a damn catastrophe waiting to happen….oh, but NO!!!! TSA are PROFESSIONALS, who are just looking WAITING FOR an excuse waiting too pump some 9 mm rounds into any random person wandering thru these cattle checkpoints…LOOKOUT…he’s got an orange water pistol!! Watch the henhouse go NUTS!! ROFL…..

          1. I’m not talking about the damage done. I’m talking about Another aspect. If you are talking about damages there are more things that can do more damage. But I hate it when someone acts tough only because they know that they have a gun. Pedos act tough because they are stronger. Any bitch with a gun can act hard.

  1. I remember before when I was living in a very safe neighbourhood where crime was low. Then there was this bald cunt terrorising people robbing them non-stop. He was elusive as fuck as he will quickly escape using his motorcycle. He will also fondle his female victims by squishing their boobs and fingering their vags. People got so fed up that they pooled their resources and hired a hitman. When the cunt was out probably looking for another victim the hitman who is also riding a motorcycle rode near him and with just one shot his brains were all over the place. Just one shot was needed and it was done at high speed since the robber always rides fast. People especially the women he fondled were kicking his body after. Even the police didn’t investigate further as they were also tired of him. If I see a robber in the act and I also have a gun I’d probably shoot him in the fucking head.

    1. I completely agree with you. There should be a shoot to kill policy implemented for thieves.

      I will go one step further to suggest that the Police Officer should get suspended from duty if the thief makes it to the Hospital alive. The Police Officer failed to protect the future victims of this thief and by not terminating the thief’s life immediately.

      Sieg Heil

    1. They are trained to shoot through the windshield. I never have thought it ever was a good idea based on ballistics and accuracy. The heavier the round the less the windshield will effect things. But most departments don’t use .45acp these days. If I could have one or two shots at that idiot at that range that would be it for him. But they are using department issued guns and rounds, so I forgive them.

    1. Yea, that’s what I was mentioning. He should have got out of the car first and acquired the fucking target instead of trying to be all Hollywood. I think he was trying to re-enact that scene in Heat. Beyond that, shooting a gun INSIDE of a car is REALLY FUCKING LOUD and normally not worth it. I know from experience. Even shooting a gun out of a car door with the windows down is way louder than normal. You’ll just have to take my word on that.

  2. And all for a pack of menthol kool. Not siding with the robber but it seems like the last pig would not do good in a Sarajevo style warzone. Show me your hands show me your hands at the dude who just got shot 20x

  3. Holy crap, first guy just pulls up and shoots, no concern for whatever might be behind the perp, second cop shoots through his own windshield (wtf?) and the third is blazing away from what looks like well beyond pistol range, oblivious to anyone else in the area. The fucked part is they will all receive “commendations” instead of jail time for murder and endangerment of innocent lives. Fucked state america is in with cops like these.

  4. Niggerpatrol out for blood again, dude was just tryna drink his juice. LOVE how piggy #2 watches too much tv and shoots out the window with zero reguard of how much bullet accuracy and velocity is lost when you do stupid hero shit like that.

  5. i am a fair man in general, i am a sort of centrist at heart, a live and let live kind of guy, well i was 15 – 20 years ago, but the past 10 years watching my beloved europe being turned to shit has conditioned me to swing to the ‘right’ as the lamestream media love to brand it. Now you will have seen me call out these pig fucks on what they do even when its a criminal dindu they shoot, and thats my heart doing the right thing. But now lately it has come to my attention all the nasty shit going on in south africa with the familys being slaughtered etc, so ive stumbled on many articles now and videos on jewtube and the sympathy from blacks is ZERO. To be honest it swings to the opposite, they are relatively quite pleased (and are not shy about this) that white familys in south africa are being tortured raped beaten boiled slaughtered. I will now no longer return to any sympathy to a people’s that gloats about my people’s slaughter.

    1. @haydolf_hittler I feel you 100%. I find myself being pushed to the right as special groups get passes. I still stand up for black people, women etc but I understand the frustration that makes people turn on these groups. Instead of seeing this building war and trying a new strategy, special groups ask for even more! Everybody needs to take a breath and decide if this is a safe way to proceed. We’re heading for rough times.

  6. As someone who was once forced to live in a nigger infested area due to work related reasons I find it very difficult not to side with the cops when it comes to the tar babies because I have experienced them firsthand.

    Niggers are a fucking menace to society.

    I was watching the news this morning in fact and they had on this “ex” gang member who blamed his and other niggers monkeyshines on “post traumatic slavery syndrome”. I kid you not.

    In my country slavery ended 300 years ago and this nigger was blaming his and other niggers present day raping and murdering on it.

    When they fail at school, which they almost always do, they accuse the education of being “too white privileged” and therefore created to make the white man/woman superior over all others.

    This despite the fact that the Chinese and other East Asians and the Indians etc perform on average far better than the whites do each and every year.

    In fact everything that doesn’t go their way is “racist”. At no point is personal responsibility ever acknowledged or considered in their pubic hair heads.

    I am also sick of them rewriting history and claiming that niggers invented everything but “whitey dun stole it all an sheeeit“. They also beez kangs and queens an sheeeeit. Dey dun invented dem pyramids an sheeeit too. Dey beez all Egyptian and sheeeeit.

    Fuck off niggers.

    They are just walking talking crime statistics that’s all. In fact, every time they get shot I weep for the bullet.

      1. No. A thousand years ago Rome was about as far as niggers got into Europe and then they got sent packing when the Roman Empire fell.

        Also, most European countries never had a slave trade.

        Also, 300 years ago lower class whites were the slaves of rich whites as well. Perhaps then I too should rape and murder and steal and blame it on slavery as well.

        I will also add that white people in general did not want nor vote for black slavery. The lower class whites didn’t even have a right of vote back then and couldn’t even afford to own a slave in the first place on the grounds that they could barely afford to feed themselves and their own kids for fucks sake.

        Only the rich minority ever had and traded in slaves.

        You are right about one thing though. Allowing niggers into Europe was a monumental mistake of epic proportions.

          1. “I don’t know about that so-called white slavery though”.

            Indentured servitude and before that serfdom. Both entered into under threat of starvation for the most part.

            You really can’t get through a history book without coming across many such things.

            Oh, and the Ottoman Empire captured many white people and enslaved them.

          2. @asskingforanal

            To add to the above,

            On the point of not every European country having had a black slave trade do you consider all white people in all white countries to be identical and therefore equally culpable in action?.

            I ask this because taking such a stance would also mean that you believe the Chinese and Japanese and all other East Asians in general to be identical and therefore equally culpable for each others actions as well based upon their racial origin.

            The same with the Indians and Pakistanis. Both share a similar racial background so both are culpable for each other, yes/no?.

            It is either a yes or a no.

            If it is a no white guilt and white shame must be ignored and forgotten about and if it is a yes black, yellow and brown guilt and shame must also be adopted and focused upon.

            Therein lies the choice. Equality of racial bias or no bias at all.

          3. Well.. I never said ALL white people are culpable.. So the answer is NO and I don’t think your examples of white slavery can even compare.. There’s no place on earth where whites were enslaved by another race to the point where they make up nearly half of that countries population… So I ask YOU again because you’ve not answered my question… Are ALL black people niggers?.. Or.. Are there niggers amongst black people..?

          4. @asskingforanal

            “There’s no place on earth where whites were enslaved by another race to the point where they make up nearly half of that countries population… So I ask YOU again because you’ve not answered my question… Are ALL black people niggers?.. Or.. Are there niggers amongst black people..?”

            There doesn’t exist a place on Earth where the black population was enslaved by whites so that half of the white country‘s population was black.

            Which white country on this planet has a 50% black population?. You will find that even the most nigger infested countries like America have a black population of 15% or less.

            “So I ask YOU again because you’ve not answered my question… Are ALL black people niggers?.. Or.. Are there niggers amongst black people”.

            You never even asked me that question to begin with so I really don’t know where you are coming from here but anyway I personally use niggers to mean blacks interchangeably. Some do, others don’t.

            What I focus on however when addressing and debating niggers/blacks is statistics and other factual evidence and that only ever uses the term “black”, when the country has the balls to record such things via race anyway.

            You too can use any term you want to address white people with so long as your conclusions are statistic based and factual.

            To end on,

            “So the answer is NO and I don’t think your examples of white slavery can even compare”.

            I am not asking you whether or not they compare to any one particular enslaved group throughout history, as there were many slaves of many racial backgrounds going back. I am asking you whether or not the white people who were enslaved were slaves as per the dictionary definition.

            Were they?.

          5. Dude you should read more than you write.. I said they make “nearly half” the population and it’s more than 15%, you should raise that figure to 25% or more.. And even if you wanna use your 15% it still doesn’t compare to the amount of blacks enslaved in the United States and/or Europe.. And we’re not talking serfdom or indentured servitude, we’re talkin about kidnap and violently enforced labor… You say “slavery ended 300 years ago”… Idk What country you’re from, but the US is not yet 300yrs old!.. Just like niggers can’t blame everything bad on slavery, whites can’t blame everything bad on niggers!… Although it makes for a funny narrative.. I’m still unclear about your answer to my question… Yes or no..?

          6. @asskingforanal

            I’m British. Niggers are less than 10% here and slavery did end 300 years ago for us.

            Also, the last time I checked the US population statistics blacks were around 14.2% of the total number. Perhaps you are adding Hispanics to your black count?

            “And we’re not talking serfdom or indentured servitude, we’re talkin about kidnap and violently enforced labour”.

            Yes, and I already told you that the Ottoman Empire did these things to white Europeans as well and the total number of those kidnapped would probably outnumber the total number of white owned black slaves considering how many centuries it went on for.

            The Arabs were also the biggest enslavers of black people as well. They enslaved millions of them over the years in fact so why does whitey only ever get blamed for slavery?.

            “Just like niggers can’t blame everything bad on slavery, whites can’t blame everything bad on niggers!”.

            You’ve never been to London, England I take it. Type in London and crime into a search engine and be enlightened.

            Niggers in London are responsible for almost all violent crime there. This is a proven fact and there is plenty of statistics and other recorded evidence to back it all up.

            “I’m still unclear about your answer to my question… Yes or no..?”.

            I already answered it. I use niggers and blacks interchangeably to mean the exact same thing so yes, black people are niggers and vice versa from my perspective because I am racist towards blacks.

            Only in recent history has a small subset of left leaning white people tried to redefine the dictionary definition of nigger to make it become a behavioural descriptor rather than a racial slur. Well, it isn’t.

            Is “cracker” a behavioural descriptor?. Is “chink” a behavioural descriptor?, How about “Paki”?.

            I think the question you are really trying to ask is “do you view all black people to be bad or do you accept that some are good”.

            My answer to the above is yes, I accept that some black people are good, work hard and achieve things. However, I also accept that some lions in the wild are good and would not attack me on sight.

            I am still going to generalise and make prejudgements on both the above groups though and for much the same reasons.

        1. @asskingforanal

          “And that’s all ya hadta say, took you long enough though…So ALL white people are good your sayin?”.

          No, that’s not what I “beez sayin“. Ha, ha. Ha.

          Fucking hell you Americans are idiotic. No wonder everybody else in the world laughs at you and your American “edumacation”.

          You addressed none of my points, refused my answers because they didn’t fit into your preconceived ideological mold and ended with a silly little straw man tactic rather than debate what was right in front of you.

          No wonder America is the laughing stock of the world.

          “You don’t seem to comment on the stupid white people antics….”

          That’s because white people were never the focus of my original argument and comment to begin with and our interactions up to this point were based upon your replies to that comment.

          Fucking hell, you’re definitely a few cans short of a 6 pack. How the fuck does America even function with this Captain America type “edumacation” they churn out.

          You are right about one thing though. It would definitely be a waste of time to continue, lol.

  7. 20 Fucking times bwa,ha,ha! What a bunch of fucking cock-eyed rookies. I Could have shot me a Nigger At 100 yards with my pellet gun with more fucking accuracy. bwa,ha,ha! Way to go coppers protect the public from armed Bandits! You’s belong in Le Circe Du Soleil You Fucking Clowns, But wait let me come over there and punch all three of you square in the nose first to give you 3 stooges a more Clown Looking Appearance.

  8. god the 3rd officers bitch ass screaming voice is the most annoying fucking thing i’ve heard all week, like you’ve never taken a shot at someone before. Take a chill pill the dr. would prescribe your psychotic ass and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY

  9. It’s your classic stereotype bullshit, Nigger commits a crime, Police called, Nigger is on the run, Police track down the nigger, Nigger tries to hide, Police shoot nigger to death, Another day in a paranoid white man’s world.

  10. Frying a niggra to crispy strips on Ol’ Sparky can take fucking decades of costly Taxpayer Dollar-Funded Legal Aid loops and the niggra meat can get a little tough, indigestible and well-beyond its use-by date. The cost of electricity is also prohibitive.

    The new “Green Energy” credentials in one Californian Prison meant that four hundred niggras were sat pedalling on exercise bikes connected to a BIG battery to fry Rastas O’Bingbong (AKA. The Chitlin Circuit Monster). The 400 lazy, tattooed niggra cunts didn’t even produce enough electricity to power the Rastas’s 1970’s digital watch. Rastas then ate a bucket of fried chicken and laughed his way back to the Death Row Cell where he has been comfterbully living since 1977.

    We live and learn.

    1. Don’t worry sphinx. For every black that is killed, at least one white will be killed as revenge. The cycle will continue like clockwork. While we, the people, fight each other, our masters will keep slipping the money from our back pockets while we are distracted. You already know the deal.

      1. .. Y’know Kongster…Their minds are too small and petty to fathom it… The big wigs and their fukn pigs are gonna do us ALL… The crazy shit is, “they” our “rulers”.. Are fukn multinational, they can see past race to fuk us all, but we can’t see past race to fuk them… Awesome..!

        1. You should see my family gatherings. A lot of drinking, and we end up talking about this type of shit. I don’t let it dictate my life, or bring me down. I have to stay positive. I do find it very interesting, and I truly am in awe with this whole messed up system. Global denomination is the only spectator sport that I bother watching.

  11. I’m all for thieves getting what’s coming to them but seriously let’s just consider a couple of things first : –
    1. How in the fuck do you even confirm you are firing at the right person from down the street?
    2. Maybe I’m blind, but did negro even have a gun ?
    3. Murderz, rapists, pedo’s abusing kids deserve death – but a thief?
    4. How in the fuck do you ‘assess the situation’ by shooting at some guy 100m down the road before you even take off your seat belt and open the car door?
    5. How can you justify killing a man that has threatened nobody, killed nobody, is (I think) unarmed and running away??

    Murica is sooo fucked up. If that happened here in Australia, those 3 cops would be thrown in a cell quicker than a nigger can say “dindu nuffin”….Besides that, here in my country, it would be very unAustralian to kill another Australian and our cops actually like people……

    1. @firstinline

      I love that what was a remote spot to dump criminals in the Victorian era is now quite possibly the only place on the planet where law enforcement actually likes the people they serve and protect.

      Sometimes I dream of moving there but then I remember that nearly all of the fauna can kill you before you got anywhere near a hospital.

      Funnily enough, even with all of the various poisonous critters to choose from, what really makes me uneasy are the stories I’ve heard about the magpies, those things are f-ing psychotic!

      PS: I agree with your observations, especially #4.

      1. Yes, magpies are psychotic. There is a couple of them causing trouble right near my place ATM as they are nesting. They are like a great white in that you have no idea the attack is imminent and then suddenly you hear the wind in their wings as they brake to drill their beak into your skull lol ! They are actually quite dangerous when you are riding a bike because they cause you to crash most if the time. We also have golden plovers who attack but are even worse as they have a poisonous spur on their wing ! ……..

  12. Not sure I want a guy hired to be a police officer when he shoots through his own fucking windshield then hops out and screams the entire time like he can’t decide whether he’s cumming or shitting his pants. He sounds about as calm and professionally trained as a meth-hyped honey badger breathing whiffits.

    1. agreed. i think most people who complain about the police aren’t really thinking about what a goddamned mess it would be without some kind of police force. i mean, look at the crime that happens even when police are out brutalizing people! can you imagine the increase if we had zero police, or more lenient police? i, for one, am happy to have someone out there putting down the bad guys.

      i feel badly only when innocents are killed. and by innocents i mean those who are hurt or killed by stray fire. or those hurt or killed that didn’t commit crimes, and didn’t disobey direct police orders. those are tragic deaths and very upsetting.

  13. This is a prime example in 2018 of how 99% of cops are trigger happy little puss bags. If you are that scared of people (that are running away from you even!), you don’t need to be patrolling shit but a god damn mop at the local grocery store.

  14. if you’re committing a crime and get fucked up, or you disobey direct orders, and get fucked up… i can’t feel too bad for you. i do, however, feel a little bad for officer so and so’s windshield. why you gotta fuck up your hoo ride, officer?

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