Jeffrey Dahmer Biography, Crime Scene Photos and Documentary

Jeffrey Dahmer Biography, Crime Scene Photos and Documentary

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious American serial killers. Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 boys and men, many of whom were of Asian or African descent. However it wasn’t the body count that made him such a notorious serial killer. It was the way he tortured and raped his victims before death found them. It was also about how he dismembered his victims and practiced necrophilia and cannibalism on them.

Jeffrey Dahmer Biography

Born as Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer on May 21, 1960 in West Allis, Wisconsin to Lionel Herbert Dahmer and Joyce Annette (née Flint), Jeffrey Dahmer grew up to be a normal child. However as the relationship between his parents grew cold, so did his feelings of neglect and withdrawal. His family moved to Bath, Ohio when he was 8 year old. Uninterested in social interactions with other children from the neighborhood he was new into, Jeffrey rode around on his bicycle, collecting dead animals for dissection. Some he brought back home (like a good household cat), some he played with in the woods. At one point, he impaled a dog’s head on a stake.

When he became a teenager, Jeffrey Dahmer started to abuse alcohol. Tension between his parents escalated resulting in bitter divorce which only strengthened the boy’s feeling of abandonment. His mother took Jeffrey’s younger brother and left without a trace, leaving vulnerable Dahmer to stay with his father who left the family long time ago. Having no means to contact his mother or brother, Jeffrey felt lost and rejected.

By the time of his high school graduation, Jeffrey Dahmer was an alcoholic. He dropped out of the Ohio State University after one quarter, having failed to attend most of his classes because he was constantly drunk. Since giving him education didn’t go over so well, Jeffrey’s father enlisted his son in the army. He was a decent soldier (army medic), but his excessive alcoholism resulted in a discharge after two years in service. He felt no emotional connection to his father, so after his discharge in 1981, Jeffrey Dahmer headed for Miami, Florida to avoid living in cold weather. He continued drinking and was arrested a few months later for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Jeffrey moved in with his grandmother Shari Dahmer in 1982. She said Jeffrey was a gentle person but when he got drunk (which was often), it took four policemen to hold him down. In 1982 and 1986, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested for indecent exposure, the latter involving masturbation in front of two boys.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Murders

Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder when he was 18 years old. It was shortly after his parent’s divorce – his mother and his brother moved out and his father was on a business trip. Having the house in Bath Township, Ohio all for himself and feeling alone, Jeffrey picked up a hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks, took him to the house and killed him with a barbell because the guest wanted to leave. Once Stephen Hicks was dead, Jeffrey Dahmer smashed his bones with a hammer and buried the body in the backyard. He wouldn’t kill again for 9 years.

His second victim was 24 year old Steven Toumi. Jeffrey met him in a gay bar in 1987. Gay bars offered great settings where he could approach young homosexual or bisexual males, ask them to come over to his place for beers or offer them money to pose for photos, drug them into a deep sleep with spiked drinks, strangle or stabbed them while they were out and unleash his sexual fantasies on the cadaver. When he was done having anal sex with fresh corpses, he would dismember them with a hacksaw, usually keeping their genitalia and heads as trophies. Lean muscles would be stored in a freezer to be eaten as food. Whatever was left was boiled with acids and/or other chemicals and flashed down the drain. Sometimes, if his victim did not die instantly, he would drill a hole in the victim’s skull and paralyze the brain with boiling water or hydrochloric acid. The victim would remain alive for several days, but in a zombie like state.

While staying with his grandmother, Jeffrey Dahmer continued collecting dead animals and dissecting them in her basement which caused foul smell throughout the house. Coupled with his strange behavior and late nights, the grandmother asked him to move out. On September 25, 1988, while employed as a worker at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, Jeffrey moved into an apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One day later, he was arrested for drugging and sexually exploiting a 13 year old Laotian boy named Somsack Sinthasomphone. That made him a registered sex offender and landed him with one year in a work release camp and five years probation. He was released on a parole two months early, moved into a new apartment and began his most prolific string of murders. The apartment’s address is now infamous (though the building has been torn down):

Oxford Apartments
924 North 25th Street
Apartment 213
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After his scuffle with the above mentioned 13 year old boy Somsack Sinthasomphone which landed Jeffrey Dahmer with 10 months long incarceration and a registration as a sex offender, Jeffrey took a hold of Somsack’s younger brother, now 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone and brought him home for another one of his fantasy butt sex sessions from hell. Heavily drugged and bleeding profusely out of his ass after a little rectal massage from Jeffrey Dahmer’s stiffy, Konerak Sinthasomphone escaped and was discovered wandering down the street naked in the early morning hours of May 27, 1991 by 18 year old Sandra Smith and her cousin of the same age – Nicole Childress. The teens called 911, as even though the Asian boy could not speak any English, the state he was in sent strong signals that something was not right.

Dahmer, who was 31 at the time, chased the boy down the street and got to him before the police arrived. The girls who alerted the police got in the way and halted the escort until the police arrived. Dahmer told them that the boy was his 19 year old boyfriend, that they were drinking and got in an argument so he walked out of his apartment naked and under influence. The police failed to verify the boy’s age and run a background check on Dahmer which would have revealed that he was a registered child molester still under probation. Instead, they swallowed Dahmer’s story and took both men back to Dahmer’s apartment – despite protests from the girls who called 911. The police noted strange smell when they walked inside Dahmer’s apartment, but did nothing to investigate it. As became clear later, the smell was caused by the corpse of Tony Hughes – Dahmer’s previous victim whose decomposing body he still kept in the bedroom. Had the police done their due diligence, Konerak Sinthasomphone as well as four subsequent victims would not have been murdered.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Arrest

Encouraged by the success with Konerak Sinthasomphone whom he strangled to death, dismembered and beheaded to keep his skull as a trophy, Jeffrey Dahmer went on a killing spree almost averaging one victim per week. He killed Matt Turner on June 30, 1991, then Jeremiah Weinberger on July 5, 1991, then Oliver Lacy on July 12, 1991 and finally Joseph Brandehoft on July 19, 1991. His next victim was to be 32 year old Tracy Edwards, whom he lured into his apartment on July 22, 1991. With this bad boy things didn’t go quite the way Jeffrey would have liked, though.

When Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller, the cops from the Milwaukee police department drove through the neighborhood where Dahmer lived, they noticed a dazed black male wandering around with one handcuff on his hand, they knew something wasn’t right. They asked Tracy Edwards what happened to him and were told that he was invited into an apartment of some weird dude with whom he watched movies, but was then drugged and the weird dude tried to handcuff him. He resisted and slipped away, so the dude threatened him with a knife. Tracy Edwards retracted to the bedroom where he saw the wall covered with Polaroid pictures of mangled bodies. There was a large blue barrel by the wall from which a horrible smell was coming out. Wielding a large butcher knife, the weird dude tried to attack him, but Tracy Edwards fought back, punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomach, affording himself a way to escape from there, though still wearing a handcuff on one wrist.

Tracy Edwards lead the police to the apartment where they were greeted by friendly acting Jeffrey Dahmer. He told them that he just lost the job at the chocolate factory (which was true) and the stress it caused made him lose temper and overreact. The police asked him to get the key from the handcuffs so they could be removed from Tracy Edwards’ hand. Jeffrey went to his bedroom, but was followed by one of the cops who noticed all the Polaroid photos of dismembered bodies all over the wall and was overwhelmed by the stench of rotting flesh coming out of the room. He proceeded to further inspect the apartment and had his attention caught by a fridge covered with more gruesome Polaroid photos. The shock came when he opened said fridge. There was a severed human head on the shelf. The officer screamed at his partner to which Jeffrey Dahmer responded by fighting his way out of there. He was restrained and apprehended.

Thorough inspection revealed three more heads and human flesh in the freezer. Several hands and a penis were found in a stockpot in a closet. Two gray-painted boiled skulls were found on a shelf in a bedroom closet. More penises were found preserved in formaldehyde. But most of all – there were hundreds of gory photos of his victims which Jeffrey Dahmer photographed while they were alive, while they were being murdered, and after they were dead. In his closet, the police also discovered an altar of human skulls and candles. Jeffrey Dahmer allegedly planned to use the skulls to build a shrine.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Trial

Dahmer admitted to every crime he had committed. He made no excuses and blamed nobody but himself. He was indicted on 17 murder charges, but found guilty on 15. He entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity but the court rejected his plea on February 17, 1992 and sentenced him to 15 life terms in jail, which would add up to 957 years behind bars. The state of Wisconsin does not have capital punishment.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Murder

Jeffrey Dahmer served his long sentence at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. He was murdered on November 28, 1994 while serving his time by inmate Christopher Scarver who attacked him and another inmate named Jesse Anderson with a broom stick, killing both. Christopher Scarver said he was acting on God’s command to kill Dahmer.

List of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims

  • Stephen Hicks, 20
  • Steven Toumi, 26
  • Jamie Doxtator, 14
  • Richard Guerreri, 25
  • Anthony Sears, 24
  • Eddie Smith, 36
  • Ricky Beeks, 27
  • Ernest Miller, 22
  • David Thomas, 23
  • Curtis Straughter, 19
  • Errol Lindsey, 19
  • Tony Hughes, 31
  • Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14
  • Matt Turner, 20
  • Jeremiah Weinberger, 23
  • Oliver Lace, 23
  • Joseph Bradeholt, 25

Jeffrey Dahmer Documentary

This video is a full length documentary covering the Jeffrey Dahmer trial, which reveals the graphic details of the murders committed by the man:

Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene Photos

Gallery below contains crime scenes photos, as well as images of Jeffrey Dahmer taken during his trial. Many thanks to Victoria D. for her contribution to this post:

I believe this is the most complete collection of Jeffrey Dahmer pictures on the internet. All relevant and accessible shots have been included, however if you have any hidden treasures related to Jeffrey Dahmer, do hook me up so I can include them in the gallery. Also, if you have high resolution pictures, or better quality ones than those posted, I’d appreciate those too.

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  1. I have always been fascinated by this case, and I’m embarrassed to say, been attracted to him, he didnt kill women so I guess its that ‘safety’ feeling that women have with gays? What makes this story interesting is that he killed people who were not the same race(blacks, asians) and his killer(Christopher Scarver) was a black man too!

    1. My favorite serial killer of all time i,m fascinated by him you guys need to read the book Jeffrey Dahmers shrine its an awesome read and yes i,m not gay or any thing but he was a good looking guy with out the joe 90 glasses.

    2. I know he killed one white dude, but I think it was two or three? He even said himself in an interview that it wasn’t about race… He chose his victims because they looked good… And he ate them because he wanted to be ‘part’ of them. To have them in his life forever… I personally think he was into occult, chanting, seeing shit that wasn’t there, hearing voices, building an alter in one of his rooms… This was all part of his life. Him eating the victims is another form of witchcraft, still practiced in parts of the world today like Africa for one, it is believed if you eat the heart of a powerful person or anyone for that matter (and Jeffrey loved to eat the hearts) that you would gain the powers of that person… I think he knew this. According to scientists, if one gets an organ transplant, they actually pick up the personality traits of the person who the organ(s) originally belonged too.

    3. And on top of that note, Jeffrey Dahmer was a pussy by the way… He had to drug his victims before he could kill them… He never did it in front of their faces, like a man would. I’m glad he got murked by someone who actually did have those balls… I hope the dude made his death painful. Getting your face bashed in with a set of weights until you’re no longer recognizable is a pretty fucked up way to go in itself.

    1. Why would you think he would be against killing younger victims? His other older young victims didn’t live much of a life, either you know, but some people seem to think the lives of anyone under 18 is worth way more than anyone over :p (no seriously that’s wrong, stop it D:)

  2. FYI…the body in the picture is not ‘dismembered’…it is eviscerated – the internal organs have been removed.

    Dismembered is having pieces cut off.

    Also, a head, by itself, is not ‘decapitated’. A head is severed – it’s the body that is decapitated.

  3. What I find the most disturbing of this case is the kid that got away and the cops took him back to his death. What the fuck? All they had to do was check the age of the kid, and listened to the girls that called them. I hope his victims can rest in peace, no one deserves to die like that. I’m glad the freak died in prison.

    1. I really don’t understand why some people are so shocked. I’ve never been shocked by anything I’ve read; I know that violent killers exist and that’s all I need to know to not be shocked by how crazy or outrageous or awful the crimes are. But what’s really weird is when people in the justice system are shocked.

  4. It’s interesting to notice that some of the most notorious American serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Anthony Sowell aka Cleveland Strangler served in the army. One would think that US army breeds future serial killers, or that it’s serial killers that the US military attracts.

    1. My number one is Roberto Succo, the Italian serial killer who murdered his own parents at 19 yrs old, and was schizophreniac. He is so attractive. Was, sorry…Like, yummy…
      Jeffrey isn’t bad either. What he did was awful. No doubt about it, but hey, we’re all humans, after all… Just saying, serial killers can be so hot. But dead, too, ahh…

  5. This man is pure EVIL but he was also very very very sick. mentally sick. he just had abandondment issues. couldnt handle your parents getting divorced you fucking pussy? hope your burning in hell. Satan will kill Jeff over and over the same way he killed his victims.

    1. Um, you don’t have any actual idea what issues he had, you just know what people have reported. Just saying. and nobodys a pussy for not handling an issue well (for the people that really were pussies because of divorce)… if you dont know the specifics or the persons situation at all you cant comment, when it comes to their situation.

  6. Just thought id give a bit more information on Tracy Edwards, the man who escaped and led policed to Dahmer’s apartment. Tracy Edwards is now an inmate at the Milwaukee County Jail awaiting trial for which in my opinion should be homicide, but facing charges of recklessly endangering safety. He ( whom is/was homeless as of last month) and another man were on a bridge over the Milwaukee river. The 2 men got into an argument with a 3rd homeless man. Edwards threw this other man over the bridge into the water and he drowned. I work at the Milwaukee County Jail, and know first hand what im talking about. You can go to http://WWW.JSONLINE.COM (the milwaukee journal sentinal) and search for Tracy Edwards. You may find this interesting as I know I surely did.

  7. Well, I can tell you for a fact that the military attracts crazy folks, and it’s not specifically anything the military does to them!
    I wanted to join the marines just to kill people, that’s the only reason, but I just never went in for it. They asked me to reconsider! It burns me too, Id have thousands of kills in iraq!
    Maybe it’s better Im here with you guys! 🙂
    And I recognize it is killing Poor People.
    I just wanted to kill.

  8. To think this demon is attractive tells me that anyone dealing with y’all should watch themselves.. How the fuck is he attractive??? Anyways I’m glad his sick ass is dead… I only wish that he could experienced the same shit each n everyone of his victims did….Dam now that would have been cool…next post Jeff’s crime scene!!!

  9. What a fascinating person, and I use that term ligtly, to study. To think he was born a happy healthy baby, who would have guessed he`d grow up to be a raping murderous cannibal. Just another example of how cruel and tragic hummanity can be to turn something innocent into something evil.

  10. Yes, he dies receving the SHORT end of the stick!

    When the police opened up the fridge they also found a pizza.
    The crust was lined with human noses.
    They cops said it came from Dahmernose pizza!
    Lol! I can’t help my self. Oh! That’s what he couldn’t do eather!

    1. No, not even close. I did time at the same prison that he died in, Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, WI. While he was alive, he had so much mail incoming that a C.O. was dedicated full-time just to handling his mail.
      Dahmer got saved in prison. He became a regular in the prison chapel. He knew he was going to get killed but he did not live in fear of it.
      I have been to the exact spot of his murder.
      The real story of the murder is different from the official version. The newspapers say that Dahmers’ killer did it because, “God told me to do it.” The “” version is that he got a whole lotta money on his books after the murder…paid by a family member of one of Dahmers’ victims. CCI is a tough place. There are a whole lotta lifers there, and many of them would be willing to do a job like this for very little money.
      You can feel the evil at Columbia Correctional Institution, it is satans’ playground.

  11. Dahmer should of stayed with God. It’s ironic how his murderer/assassin/executioner referred to himself as Jesus. I find it hilarious. What a unexpected twist of fate. What he was attracted to was what ultimately led to his demise.

  12. I’m a tall, mixed asian gay man with an ok physique who would have definitely gone home with Jeffrey thinking I was going to get some hot bootay!! Here’s totally my type. Shoot, I could have died! But then again, I would probably never set foot in Wisconsin so scratch that thought.

  13. I would 100% willingly get down and dirty with him. I feel like he’d be hella into bondage and dominance and stuff. Like damn. Honestly my favorite serial killer. Too bad he’s gay…. and dead.

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