Jews Rejoice After Executing Teenager in Cold Blood

Jews Rejoice After Executing Teenager in Cold Blood

19 year old Palestinian Fadi Alloun was being chased by a mob of blood-thirsty Jews who invaded his homeland and oppress his people. While shouting racist slurs, the mob called the police to kill the teen, who were happy to oblige, and executed him in cold blood. They later said Fadi Alloun had stabbed a Jew, but provided no evidence of his connection to any stabbing. Fadi Alloun was unarmed when killed

The incident happened on October 3, 2015 near Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem. Jews who witnessed the execution rejoiced at the sight of the executed teen.

Al Jazeera published an interview with the victim’s family member, who said:

The Israelis are shameless liars. Alloun never stabbed anybody. He was the one who was attacked while on his way to work in Jerusalem at a bakery…

Can you tell where the US and Canadian cops who are sent to receive training from Israeli Khazars by such terrorist groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, get their “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality from?

Another angle of the attack:

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      1. Well those fucks crucified Jesus Christ so what the fuck ? Anybody else that they kill is just a little extra icing on the cake !! By the way I do not like bagels and loks OR kufilga fish at all !!!! Just sayin !

  1. Ohh of course, they can go out about shooting arabs for invading their pathetic rogue state, shouting racial slurs, and get away with it, because “israel has the right to defend itself… harrr harr harrrr…” while here in Europe, we’re under heavy attack from the second muslim invasion in a thousand years, and we cant lift a finger on it or we’ll face jail time and MSM coverage and attacks…

    1. If you think about it, why do so many people worldwide hate so many groups? Its inevitable for people from all over the world to start emigrating to different regions of the world. People are just too stuck up thinking about their country and their patriotism. Its differences that divideds us and causes war. In 5,000 years (if we dont blow ourselves up) i bet you the world will be a race with interstellar travel (if mars goes good) with one language and hopefully an egalitarian society, no nwo. Humans are humans, someone from Guyana is no different than a north korean, its all in our heads.

      1. That mentality of your is exactly what makes us no different than wild animals. Knowing that, how can you call us rational when we dont draw propper lines and follow our heads for once? We’re naturally born different to bring bio-diversity to the world, and the universe alike. We’re all human, no one denies that, but whats the point really? Cats, lions and cheetas are feline, horses, zebras and donkeys are equidae, and dogs, wolves and hyenas are cannine… yet they are naturally all different, so whats your freaking point? Its us living in one planet with several cultures that makes this planet rich, and even i myself, called a misanthrope by many, admires that from this damnable planet.

        1. @DK, sorry to be picky here but a hyena is like no other animal, is it a fascinating animal most closely related to a mongoose. The one most of us know, the spotted hyena, the ‘laughing hyena’ is remarkable in the fact that the female is bigger and she has a mock penis! If you have time I fully recommend learning a bit about the hyena, many incredibly interesting facts about the spotted hyena. Again, sorry to be off topic, but I never miss the chance to tell people to *google* info about the hyena. 😉

      2. @Sixinchslicer,

        ?If you think about it, why do so many people worldwide hate so many groups??

        Its called tribalism and is innate to most living creatures because it aids our survival.

        Dolphins do not swim around in groups just because they like each others company, goats do not group together just because they share a common love for eating grass etc, they do it to ensure personal/group survival. Some creatures even violently reject members of their own if they consider them to be dangerous to the group on the whole.

        As you can see this isn?t just about people being too stuck up thinking about their country and their patriotism, this is about biological survival of the group and like it or not human beings as a single species are comprised of many subspecies who all have their differences to one another and these differences cause change to the group when amalgamation takes place and whilst some change can be positive it can also be negative as well.

        This leads me to your last point,

        ?Humans are humans, someone from Guyana is no different than a north korean, its all in our heads.?

        The above cannot ever hold true because some groups( due to evolutionary adaptation) are ill suited to survive in certain environments.

        Many Sub-Saharan Africans for example existed for a long time as isolated tribes of hunter/gatherers when the rest of the world was organised and economic and this meant that their biological evolution stayed attuned to the parameters necessary to survive in such environments. The more organised/economic parts of the world however drifted away from these early stage biological parameters to those that favoured intellectual growth and creativity.

        The above is why those of Sub-Saharan genetics tend to universally struggle at academics but excel at physical sports and also why differences can be negative to the group because there are not enough sports teams around to accommodate their numbers and so when a lot of them fail academically and are unable to survive they turn to crime instead and/or burden social support.

        My point, humans are most definitely not just humans when it comes to amalgamation of tribes because evolution has made it this way and evolution is not racist therefore some tribes will bring positive change to a group whilst some tribes will bring negative change.

        The conclusion, when you get past the racial insults you find that ?racism? is not only natural to us but also positive to group survival.

    2. Europe is finished…these Muslim animals have now invaded areas where people there are still being politically correct as to not offend. The only way to deal with Islam is to irradiate it … Even Israel is too kind on these filthy Palestinians, who btw are an “invented people” who are trying to steal land from the Jews!

    3. Europe now is finished (almost too late)…these Muslim animals have now invaded areas where people there are still being politically correct as to not offend. The only way to deal with Islam is to irradiate it … Even Israel is too kind on these filthy Palestinians, who btw are an “invented people” who are trying to steal land from the Jews! …

      1. Trying to steal land from the jews?… Since when was Israel a jewish land? Its not even mapped on the antient Khazaria Kingdom territories, wich are the jews of today, and israel never belonged to them in the first place…

        In 1901 the swiss zionists begged for UK to allow them to have their very own state for them to settle on. They were given two options, either set in Palestine or in Argentina, and in 1917 the Balfour declaration was signed, allowing them to steal the lands directly from Palestine’s hands. The first settlers arrived on the first 30 years and in 1948, after WW2 ended, giving them the justified event for them being “prosecuted” in Europe, the rogue state of israel born right under palestinian’s noses, like a virus that would spread on the following years after that.

    4. 100% agreed @Der Kopfsammler…
      You can’t lift a finger against a Jew (at least, here, in Europe, and particularly in France…), otherwise, you’ll go to jail for quite an amount of time.
      It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s just that if one of them was in fire, and I had a glass of water, well, I’d drink it…

        1. Thanks @tas tiger 😀
          I mean, how much longer will they play the Holocaust card? Whenever you say something bad to a Jew, they be like: “You’re anti-semite, you’re on Hitler’s side (my mum is half German, I’ve heard this one soooo many times…), remember the war? We’ve been killed by millions, we’ve always been hated, omg, it’s awful, and blah blah blah…” If you’re being an asshole, I’m gonna tell you. I don’t care if you’re French, Spanish, English, white, black, yellow, blue, Catholic, Jew, Muslim…There are cunts everywhere, like there are good people everywhere…I’m not anti-semite, but I can’t worship everyone either…

    5. Rebellion is the right answer..
      When you all there will rich a none reversible point and wilk have their families and houses in serious danger… If all ov you aint rise up in rage…you are all gonners…
      That’s how the elite= rich people and cooperations and corrupted governments making you busy for years to come , so life in their palaces will keep quiet….
      When you will figure out what they have done to you , it will be to late..
      They will be resting in peace..
      And you will to weak and old to be heard…. And got no one to punish…

      1. @Grendel it is called a Schilock nose……… typical of jew mother fucking nose. Swollen, bulging, gargantuan, monstrous, crooked, disfigured, opprobriously-gigantic, lackadaisically-peeping-into-the-jew’s-mouth….. that’s what it is…..!!! 😉

          1. How much time will they play the Holocaust card anymore? I mean, as soon as you say something bad to a Jew, you’re anti-semite (having my mum half German doesn’t help, too, but all German people are not anti-semite, this is a clich?…). Anyway…it’s always the same: “We’ve always been hated, and you must remember that millions of my people have been killed during the war by Hitler and blah blah blah…” I know, ok, but if you’re being an asshole, I’m gonna tell you, I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow or blue. Catholic, Jew or Muslim…French, Spanish or English…There are assholes, and good people in every country, every religion…I don’t like everyone, and I don’t love everyone. Just like the rest of the other people on Earth…..

    1. @vegasnegas111 You sound like a real great person, ain’t ya? How about sucking a cock, just slightly bigger than your Schilock nose, you mother fucking scum of the earth…
      Hey, now now, don’t get mad! I was only playing…! Don’t be serious…!!! I was only joking, and jokingly you can suck a lot of cocks…! 😉

      1. I’m not even jewish. Lmao, fuckin’ morons. Ya’ll are probably so poor that bashing jews online is your way of feeling superior. Go back to your desert nest, paleshit.

        PS: You obviously love cocks for some reason since you keep mentioning them. Why not suck your mom’s hairy pinto penis instead of complaining that you cannot fulfill your sexual desires to me?

        1. No, bashing Jews on line doesn’t make me feel any “superior”…As I wrote it (but you probably cannot read, so I’ll be nice, and sum it up for you…), if an asshole is an asshole, he can be ANYTHING, origin and religion put apart, I’ll say it.
          It just happens that there are more assholes inside the Jew community, that’s it. I’m not gonna censor myself because of someone that just insulted me a “pale shit”, and a “fucking moron”…Now, go back to where you belong, I’ll go back to where I belong, and everything’s forgotten…

  2. Any love or tolerance I might have had for Jews ended when they took an innocent preacher who taught love for one another, and beat, whipped and crucified him to death. That was 2000 years ago, and the worthless scum haven’t changed a bit.

    1. I just read your post after making a similar one xizang. Yes, these Jews are simply hypocrites to their master’s teachings. (Jesus)

      However, I don’t hate the Jews. I won’t become a sounding board towards their own vision of humanity. I simply want Israel to relocate under the Mediterranean Sea.

    1. @dbk1892: I know right, how much longer are they gonna play on the Holocaust card? I mean, fuck…It wasn’t right, ok, we all get it. Hitler was a bad guy, and so on…But how long are we gonna have to live in the past anymore? If you say one wrong word to a Jew, they’ll just answer: “Don’t talk to me like this, you’re anti-semite, and I bet you’re on the German’s side, ( my mum is half German, so I’ve heard it so many times……..), remember the war, the gas chambers, and all that? We’ve been mistreated for so long, man…You can’t continue to hate us forever, and blah blah blah…” Enough, now. I’m not anti-semite, but there are some people that I don’t like…Some are French, some are Spanish, some are black, white, yellow, blue, Jews, Catholics, Muslims…I’m not racist: there are good and bad people in every country, every religion…I can’t worship everyone…

  3. Hey jew bashing is the most fun thing ever but where is the effen popcorn?

    what you see is the jew boys pointing this little bitch out after he stabbed a little kid. And that was after he stabbed his own people thinking he was a jew too. That guy died. SIlly stupid bitch, the israeli piggers asked him to put down the knife. He threw it at them instead.. The the piggers shot his ass all the way back to Aza haha!

    1. You were there @hesitate to hate? Have a video you’d like to share proving your little made-up story? Like many news stories – it must be seen in its entirety to be believed. Nice try once again to whitewash the truth of brutal jewish tactics.

  4. I?m not sure whether these garden variety Jews are just fanatical fuckwits devoid of logic or psychopaths who revel in their greed and assumed power over others, its probably a combination of both no doubt.

    From a rational perspective it is fine to hate Arabs if those Arabs are the foreigners in your land but not when you are the foreigner in their lands.

    You would look a bit silly if you were to voice an hatred of chinks whilst living in China because it is you who does not belong to begin with hence it is you who is the problem.

    The above position is where the Israeli Jews sit, they hate the indigenous inhabitants of the lands that they are foreigners in and in doing so prove that it is themselves who are the problem.

    Why do the immigrant Jews hate the indigenous inhabitants of their host country?, because they have a book of fairy tales called the Torah and are brainwashed into believing the insane ramblings inside. Much the same way as the Muslims get brainwashed by their book of fairy tales called the Koran and equally hold a disdain for the indigenous inhabitants of their host countries.

    The Jews shout ?terrorist? quite a fair bit in this footage but who is the real terrorist here?, that would be the Jews because they are the unwelcome immigrants here and it is the Jews who impose themselves and their beliefs on the indigenous inhabitants of that land.

    If we hate those unwelcome immigrants who impose themselves and their beliefs in our lands, the Muslims ect, it would be hypocritical of us not to view the Jews in Palestine the same way.

    To conclude then, the attacking and shooting of the Palestinian in this footage by the Jews is clearly the actions of a terrorist group and their rejoicing after the fact is no different than shouting ?Allah Akbar?.

    1. That said, most of the land people live in now, was at some time inhabited by someone else. It sounds like you are in England. Modern Britons are descended mainly from the varied ethnic groups that settled in the British Isles before the eleventh century. When they defend themselves against jihadists are they terrorists too?

      1. @hesitate to hate,

        ?Modern Britons are descended mainly from the varied ethnic groups that settled in the British Isles before the eleventh century. When they defend themselves against jihadists are they terrorists too??

        You reach two points on this one and combine them both when both exist in different times.

        The English of the day were right to oppose the Normans when they invaded and right to wish them gone shortly after the fact, just as the Saxons were right to fight against the Romans.

        In the above, both the Normans and the Romans were ?terrorists? because they were invading foreigners and imposed their opinions and beliefs on the host country.

        The England of toady is of course a combination but that does not distract from the fact that Palestine is not.

        Palestine is today, not a thousand years in the past, that is your answer.

      2. @HH

        I’m in the United States, and most countries aren’t funded by the U.S.with $600B in fiat currency, along with state of the art weaponry like Israel has.

        Unlike the eleventh century, everyone in the United States, including it’s own native citizens, are potential terrorists. Unlike the eleventh century, you had no satellites, high speed data transmission OR A FILTHY CORPORATE MEDIA, to promote it’s Zionist agenda upon it’s potential customers. In short, the eleventh century was much more undeveloped, as opposed to today.

        When Israel murders innocent Palestinians, this is not a descendant issue. This is an issue where a country the size of Wisconsin, who has the fourth most powerful military on earth, attacks an already established Palestinian community.

        If you want to call up a real terrorist before many countries became developed, you may want to research Christopher Columbus.

        Of course, you now how the United States treats this “Treasonist Spyrochete.”

        1. “Unlike the eleventh century, everyone in the United States, including it?s own native citizens, are potential terrorists.”

          Depends upon your definition of “native” citizens… They definitely aren’t Asiatic…

  5. Ok people…Do you REALLY think it’s just the Palestinians oppressed and controlled?
    The insidious, sneaky, vile underhanded jew will never stop until they oppress and control the entire planet…They will eventually betray their non-jew allies who are playing right into their hands by blindly buying into the “sympathy” artifice…True fucking EVIL!!!

  6. …and now a few jewish jokes:
    Q: Why do Jewish men like to watch porno movies backward?
    A: They like the part where the hooker gives the money back.

    Q: What’s the definition of a queer Jew?
    A: Someone that likes girls more than money.

    Q: What’s the difference between a Catholic wife and a Jewish wife?
    A: A Catholic wife has real orgasms and fake jewelry.

    Q: Why do Jewish men have to be circumcised?
    A: Because a Jewish women wont touch anything unless it’s 20% off

    Q. What is the difference between a crucifixion and a circumcision?
    A. In a crucifixion, they throw out the whole Jew.

    Q: Where does Moshe hide money from his wife Sadie? A: Under the vacuum cleaner.

  7. First up here’s how the UK’s Guardian newspaper reported the story:

    Two Israeli men killed in stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s old city
    A Palestinian fatally stabbed two Israelis as they walked in Jerusalem?s old city and seriously injured a toddler and a woman, before he was shot and killed by an officer on duty, in the latest in a series of Palestinian attacks.

    Moshe Edri, the Jerusalem police chief, said the Palestinian ?stabbed an Israeli man, his wife and the toddler? multiple times in an alleyway before stabbing another man.

    Both Israeli men died, he said, adding that the mother and the toddler remain in serious condition.

    Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the Palestinian attacker took a gun from one of the wounded men and opened fire at police and tourists.

    The Palestinian attacker was then shot and killed by an Israeli police officer who rushed to the scene. Police later identified him as 19-year-old from Al Bireh, near Ramallah.

    Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, issued a statement praising the attack.

    1. There are a lot of people, especially BG members who don’t believe MSM. No matter what the story is that they give us remember some of MSM and higher-ups stories made up after police brutality videos are published… And are you really going to buy into those media sources that go along with the “official version” of edited stories like 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook and let’s not forget the great holohoax.

      We have to accept that we’ll never know the real full story on most events, it’s just best to be aware all is not as it seems or is told to us. Even declassified info cannot be completely trusted as it usually includes someone’s account of what happened and often heavily redacted.

  8. Again.., I hope that Dirty Scummy dick nose Jew Pig Dies a Slow Painful horrible disease ridden death, for killing a teenager who was approaching him for help., what a despicable goofball., dirty SOB., should have been aborted a long time ago.

  9. That fake “sidebars” that they add to vertical videos just make them worse. Only emphasize the fact that you are looking through a keyhole. As for bloodthirsty Jews, am told also that they not only killed Jesus, but they drink the blood of babies, have horns on their heads (they wear those funny hats to cover them) and are child molesters. Aside from that, they are decent enough.

  10. Why do Israeli kikes sound like donkeys when they yell? I just wish I had a bulldozer so I could drive through the streets squishing them and giving them something real to shout over oy vey!

      1. Here’s a banter

        The Frenchman says: ?I am ?ot, I am tired and I am t?irsty. I must ?ave some French wine. ?

        The German pipes up, saying: ?I am hot, I am tired und I am zirsty. I must have some German beer.?

        The Jew says: ?Oy! Oy! Am I tired, am I tirsty! I must? I must? I must have diabetes.?

  11. Here in France, you cannot even talk bad to a Jew…For example, if someone’s being an asshole, I’m gonna tell them, because there are assholes everywhere, they can be white, black, yellow or blue. Catholic, Jew or Muslim. French, Spanish or English…I mean, how much longer will they play the Holocaust card? Whenever you say a bad word to them, they start: “How dare you? I knew it: you’re anti-semite (my mum being half German doesn’t help, too, but it’s a clich?: she isn’t anti-semite…). You must remember that millions of my people were killed during the World War. We have always been hated and mistreated, and blah blah blah…” Come on…I don’t like everyone (origin and religion put apart…), as I do not hate everyone…That’s it…

  12. Hitler was a great man we should of let him finish the job nobody else had the balls to start. Read up on the lies we are all told about hitler and the nazis. And remember that history is told through the eyes of the victor!

  13. Got what he deserves.Both Palestinians and Jews are stupid. Palestinians are the Terrorists who come to or already are in Israel, Some of them chose to go to the street kill a few Jews and then die as “Heroes”. Some of Technics i have seen lately is: Stabbing(Most common), Shooting, Stomping, Punching (Firsts and other Objects), etc… 90% of the times they (The Palestinians) plan it as 1 or 2 people mostly, tell someone to start recording IMMEDIATELY after what they have done, and they all the fault is put on the Jews. or some smart ass Jews record how they are being killed/beaten/shouted or just them laying on the floor dripping blood. The end is the same all fault put on the Jews. Good job Hamas, Nice brainwashing done to the Palestinians, and good job Jews on being retarded.

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