Jewelry Store Security Guard Killed in Cold Blood by Robbers

Jewelry Store Security Guard Killed in Cold Blood by Robbers

CCTV video from inside a jewelry store shows a group of robbers shooting a security guard in cold blood. As he was squirming on the ground, one of the robbers then delivered a coup de grâce type of shot to finish him off.

The finisher took the guard’s shotgun, but ended up leaving it on the counter after the robbers took off.

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        1. @Siniko, Aussies are know for having a generally ‘laid-back’ attitude, when people come to Australia they ALWAYS say they had a good time. I mean like celebrities etc. they always say they are surprised how good it is here. It takes such a long time to get here which is the only thing that can turn folks off (from visiting) I live near Perth, Western Australia. Perth is the most isolated capital city in the world, it is 3937kms away from Sydney! So quite often visiting bands and/or singers etc. skip coming over! 🙁 We are a very clean/green country. You are in Hawaii, right? I have the opinion you Hawaiians are very cool, laid-back people too?

          1. @tas-tiger to most people from outside of Hawaii, we are all mostly laid back. But when you live here, you notice that the pace of life is much faster on Oahu than the neighboring islands, mostly because Oahu is the most developed island with the highest volume of people moving through or settling. Having grown up on Oahu, I visited a few of the neighbor islands and was almost offended by people I would talk to because they would respond to me very slowly. But it wasn’t from disrespect. It’s just because the neighbor islands move as if time is stuck in molasses. We try to keep up with the rest of the world, but we don’t want to destroy the awesomeness of living in what, despite the ridiculous cost of living, really is paradise. And I am “Hawaiian” by residence, not by blood, just to clear that up.

          1. Do not confuse intuition with knowing things that aren’t real. A human is allowed to recognize commendable qualities in another without romantic feelings attached. But you are from Brazil, right? I guess that explains the depth of your understanding of the interaction between a male and a female when not just driven by the urge to jizz.

          2. I’m sorry, that really came off as hostile, when I actially wanted to sound like a smug prick. Text does not convey my attitude well..

          3. @jose cuervo, you may be a very “intuitive person” but not online you won’t be, sure I like Siniko, but he lives in Hawaii, I live in Australia and you are in South America. I said nothing even flirtatious to him, I told him I like his comments. It wasn’t even a situation that called for any intuition.

          4. Ok, sorry if it was unconvenient. It meant to be just a joke. And @siniko, i was ready to pick an online fight with you for your first mesage. But i consudered the second one a reconciliation, so thats fine. Just to mention, i am way above regular Brazilians, dont use that as a parameter.

          5. Yeah, I can be crass, but for that, I will not apologize. Besides, where would we go if we did argue about that? I said something based on something I don’t know for a fact about Brazilians, same as you said something about our interaction you don’t know for a fact. We both would be wasting space on something extremely trivial, either way.

    1. Security guards should really be behind some kind of armored protection. Otherwise they are completely useless to deter this kind of robbery as this video and countless other real life examples attest. When has a security guard ever been able to use his gun? Almost never.

      1. If I were the security guard, I would hope they had stolen the frickin key to infinite wisdom and wealth or something. I would very much like to know I had died on the job for something more than next month’s rent for some scumbag’s slum apartment and five pounds of rice for his ratty kids plus one hit of opium to help silence the nagging conscience that berates him for killing someone in cold blood for meager wages.

  1. The illusion of control.. You spent your life building a future then someone you’ve never met ends it without even a flicker of remorse. I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the world, why such horrific things happen to good people and can’t believe in a God after all I’ve seen here, it’s just chaos.

    1. I figure the illusion of control is good, even works sometimes. Same with the illusion of God. There really are some great people, there are also sadistic, rotten cocksuckers. Life is what you make it, lotsa chaos indeed. I am going to enjoy very rotten, perfect, lousy fucking second until I drop dead, sqeeee.

    2. The lack of control does not suggest the absence of a higher being. And the presence of a higher being does not have to imply full control of all things. Chaos is a flame through which the strongest iron wills are forged, I would imagine. We die senselessly at times, but his senseless death made me value my life much more. Hopefully, he died having valued his life at least that much.

      1. I appreciate the sentiment that we wouldnt feel so good if it wasn’t for pain but how could a loving God condone the things we’ve seen? The baby we saw yesterday murdered before making his first decision, is that part of God’s great plan? Making imperfect people then torturing them for being imperfect, the hole thing is senseless and it’s the closest we as a species have got as a reason for our existence. Living things are created from nothing onto this plane of existence, so there has to be something more

        1. God does not do those things. We do. We choose to be the evil that we commit everyday. No devine power put the thought or will to do evil in our heads. So why is that divine power suddenly responsible for stopping the bad shit we as humans do? Trying to pin the wrong in the universe on either the existence of a cruel God or the lack of a god at all is still an example of the illusion of control. Existence is chaos when left unchecked. It is a testament to the strength of humans that we were able to craft “stable” environments for us to grow up in and a standard by which we can compare our safe lives against the existing chaos that is and always will be the universe. If born into utopia, we were, what point is there to consciousness and thought? We would be in bliss and like children trapped in eternal wonder, would never fully appreciate what it took for us to be there in the first place.

          Of course, like any biblical interpretation you would get from any random church denomination, this is just my own view of it. Doesn’t make me right, doesn’t make me wrong.

          1. Hey buddy I hope this reply doesn’t come across as an argument, just explaining my point. I’m not using God as a scapegoat for our sins, I’m questioning how can a loving God create a world like this? Children murdered before they go against his will, others burn in hell forever for not having heard of him. That doesn’t sound like the work of a perfect divine being, it doesn’t even sound like the work of the most evil human that’s ever lived. Given the traditional teachings of each God, I hope one doesn’t exist because they all condone a phenomenal amount of suffering. If he didn’t have the foresight to make us perfect then maybe he should question himself instead of torturing us eternally for not being able to bend to his will. None of it adds up and yet I’m still too afraid to seek non-existence 🙁

          2. @disenchanted1 hey man, I was not coming at you for an argument. I was simply providing one angle of perspective. That’s what I come to this site for: seeing different angles and perspectives. Me stating what I stated was prompting you to defend your views to the fullest so we can hopefully both grow from the sharing of it. You didn’t bring some childish subject up, so I wanted to interact.

            God can exist, but I haven’t personally met him (or her, or them) but whether or not he does, we as humans should be responsible for these things. We were provided with the means to help ourselves. If an animal in the wild breaks a leg, what do they do? Often crawl into a space and die from something that we humans have learned to fix. We have great minds devoted to researching new medical procedures to fight the diseases and ailments that we face. We have scientists who study the layout of the lands to determine where earthquakes or landslides may occur. We have all sorts of humans who work to counter “acts of God”. They are not always successful and despite their efforts, people are still lost to these things everyday. But some things are hindered by us and that feeds the failure. Humans choose to redirect their funding for studying these helpful, life saving things in pursuit of funding destructive means such as weapons and machines that are designed to make humans more efficient at causing death. If God is a destroyer, if God is a healer, if God is a creator, then I don’t see why we need to look to God for all those things because we as humans can provide that for ourselves. Maybe there isn’t some great cosmic force out there, but rather the essence of his(or her, or their) presence shines through the great things that human minds have revealed. I find that form of God far more acceptable because that means god actually suffers down here with us. God can do nothing sitting on some throne in the clouds and so we humans must represent this. We are capable of great evil, but a simple choice is all it takes to turn our intentions from deviant to divine. I say this because I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for ones actions, and we vile, yet beautiful creatures (who should not be exalted above any other creature existing here) need to stop pinning it on cosmic forces and choose to make the changes that we know need to be made. Of course, that falls into the illusion of control, but the entire foundations of our societies both civilized and savage are still based in some sort of controlled explanation of the chaos we cannot change and will always live in.

            I hope I made sense with that. Once again, not trying to change your view, just giving you mine.

          3. @siniko That is such a beautiful statement. Very logical and I very much agree on what you said. So, does this mean you are an agnostic? Or an atheist? I really appreciate that you did well in explaining that.

          4. @stacie-jaxx I was raised in a strict Catholic upbringing but I turned away from being heavily influenced by religion around the time I dropped out of high school. Since then, those foundations that are built by a church upbringing have turned into moss covered ruins, but they are still there. I often find myself referring to those old teachings to explain what I believe to be “God”, but I learned enough to know that not all things work like the Bible tells you. I am certainly not an atheist. But I also do not subscribe to the stereotypical depictions of God nor do I believe any one religion is necessarily right or wrong. I believe that path to spiritual enlightenment is a personal journey that will not directly mirror someone else’s. I don’t believe in limiting a supposedly omnipotent being into one generalized means of access.

          5. @Siniko hey man I’m sorry I’ve been meaning to write back to you it, it was just a bit daunting because you left such a beautifully worded reply. It got me thinking about how I’m blaming my circumstances on external forces and other people to avoid responsibility for my own life and I owe you thanks because even for a short while, I’ve been trying again.

        2. I wrote you a very long reply. Unfortunately, my computer faced a blue screen of death so my long reply is gone, so are the other things I was working on…sigh.

          I was raised a Catholic at birth too and delved into a lot of things before I settled down to be an atheist. I don’t think I can ever go back to being a ‘believer’ or a theist, though. The reasoning behind it no longer makes any sense to me.

          Despite our different views on spirituality, I agree on what you said. I think we alone are responsible for whatever actions we do or the ultimate chain of events and repercussions of every decision and every choice we make, not because a higher power makes us do things according to a Divine Plan or anything similar. Besides, isn’t it a little conceited for us humans to be god’s chosen beings? Why would something so great that created an incomprehensible fiddle with our mere affairs that do not affect how the universe works in any way? It doesn’t sound very reasonable to me.

          Also, I think chaos and order are just terms we coiled onto occurrences which are against or for our purpose.

          I hope I made sense. I wrote this at almost 4 AM and I was trying to get projects done so I may be all over the place with my response lol! 😀

          1. You are coming through very clear. Like I said, the journey to our own enlightenment, be it spiritual or psychological, is an individually exclusive one. I have spent a lot of time pondering these things and have tried very hard not to replace the knowledge I don’t have with the explanation of something I will never fully understand (the standard by which most religious people live their lives).

            And don’t worry, more than half the time I reread what I write, I realize the scattered nature of my thoughts. That’s mostly due to the fact that I have to get the though out while it is fresh in my head before my low capacity for attention causes me to lose focus. This is why I used to start what I thought were really good responses to some of the deeper stuff written here but I end up deleting it halfway through because the motivation to share the thought dissipated too quickly.

          2. You are sooo eloquent and that’s very admirable. Are you going to be @empty-soul‘s successor? Hahaha! Peace, empty! 😀 I think the whole religion itself is fairly easy to understand, no matter which perspective you’re looking on – whether its the bad or the good side of it. God, as interpreted by religions, however are a bit too contradictory within itself that I think it is somewhat hard to understand. I think the concept of a supernatural being is hard for me to accept and understand. It seems simple yet so complex at the same time. And I do share the same sentiments as you. I did spent a lot of time on what people would call as ‘soul-searching.’ Years and years, really.

            Hahahaha! Attention has been, is, and always will be a problem for me too, @siniko. Everything I ever pursued in this lifetime since childhood (except for going to Law or Med school lol) has been the same though I just jump from one thing to another and then back again. I’m beginning to think that it is the disease of our generation, and my peers aged 40 and above think so too. Though some would refer to it as a weakness, I think of it as otherwise.

            P.S. “God does not do those things. We do.” sounds like a quote from Watchmen when Walter Kovacs/Rorschach was talking to a psychiatrist about the first murder he witnessed. Or maybe you just penned that out…or maybe I am just seeing Watchmen in basically everything.

    1. Back in the mid 1980s I worked for a while at a Jewelry store on Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills and There were 2 of us, in suits with concealed 357s so we would look like sales people. We also had automatic door openers so we could see who was wanting to come in before we opened it.

      But as you can see, some people trust the police too much to keep them safe from shit like this. Funny thing, these guys looked like off duty cops, especially the way the guy removes and handles the shotgun and examined it a bit. Almost with a sense of impunity.

    1. Pass and dont look back.
      If you get shot, there wont be punishment for the killer. Even when there is, they stay very little in prison. As a matter in fact, there isnt much space anymore to put them. In other words, institutions are useless and you are on your own.

  2. If I was a security guard at a jewelry store I would not be right next to glass windows or a glass door, I’d have found a somewhat defensible position that way in such an event I’d might be given the chance to take atleast one scumbag to hell with me.

    1. Sounds great. If I was a security guard, I would hide in the bathroom and eat cheesies and snort coke with a Batman mask on and an iron codpiece. Bet everyone would be busting down my door to hire my ass.

    2. This is probably where the store owner wants the guard to be.
      I do security work and at McDonalds they want staff at the door plus inside the store. We are not there at the door by our decision.

    1. I figured the one guy would have used the shotty to more effectively removed the glass from the cases, would have been quicker and he would have had access to more of the jewelry.

  3. ZERO fucks given.
    Did the first guy shoot him and then SPIT on him? Thieves are such pieces of shit!
    He let his guard down. They’d probably been watching him for days. I hope he had some good life insurance for his family.

  4. Sometimes security guards are in on the robbery, they tell their ‘mates’ about the store security, store lay-out, break times for employees etc. Well after they have that info they don’t need the guard anymore, more loot for them and one less person to blab. Probs didn’t happen here but it does happen, quite often the first person the cops look at, you have to have a good disposition to sit through hours of interrogation, many break.

      1. Exactly! Sometimes when 2 robbers are good mates and they ‘work’ well together, if they pull off a big robbery quite often one will murder the other to keep all proceeds for themselves. Even if they were originally thick as thieves! hahaha (thick as thieves means very close, very good friends, in case someone wasn’t aware, I actually wrote my whole comment around that saying) 🙂

  5. Given those who notoriously own jewelry stores, and my feelings about those in the security industry, getting upset up about this robbery and murder is difficult at best.

    In other words, I cannot get upset about a jewelry store owner that pays the security their typical low end wage for guarding gold, diamonds, and platinum. Obviously, the owner wasn’t there, which could implicate an inside job for the insurance. It’s been done before.

    If we simply stopped wearing jewelry of any kind, their businesses would be finished, and robberies for jewelry would be a thing of the past. Oh well, it was just a thought.

  6. Id want a small bullet proof glass cage with a hatch to sit in just sit there all day anything like that happens stick your gun out pop the fuckers nice and safe in there just to crazy in them countrys to be standing there for peanuts

  7. “Finisher” just wanted to help. He heard the guy moaning and helped him go to sleep. Then he made sure his buddies where safe by clearing the gun and leaving it on the counter for the owner. He even saw some items that needed to be organized in the glass shelf. Stopped to pick up trash before concluding his visit also. Jacket still white.

    1. Yup. It’s like he was the crew supervisor, just overseeing the job and rounding out any necessary corners. Given a higher staked job, this would be the guy spraying ammonia all over the crime scene and collecting all the gloves and ski masks to burn them.

  8. One minute you’re standing by the door, looking bored and hoping for some action. Next minute you’re Captain Idiot for just standing there and getting shot to death for not reacting quick enough when a gang of thieves approaches you.
    This guy forgot the number one rule that he was taught in guard school, “when you see a group of men coming to the jewelry store where you are working, shoot first and ask questions later.”

    They teach thieves to shoot first and ask questions later, when they see a guard.

  9. Ha hahaha one of the guy acted a real clown .
    Especially at mark 0.13 when he seems too restless when he ends up pumping few more shots and then looks undecided almost as to what to do next with the shot gun he grabbed . At one moment he seems to point it too and I thought he is gonna pull the trigger.
    The next best thing he did was to break the glass and go for the heist . Bizarre but nothing moved ;nobody saw ,not even the fired shots alerted anyone outside . It was like any other usual Business day with no inkling of the unanticipated danger

    It all happened so quickly …………….lucky the one who owns the shop wasn’t around or he would be dead too.

  10. That was indeed cold-blooded. I guess those losers don’t have enough education to get a job so they have to rob jewelry stores. Oh well, I hope they have sweet dreams at night!

    Hehe I just love passing judgement on the scum of the Earth, whilst living a very comfortable life.

  11. IT pisses me off they needed to kill the guard. They KNEW they were on video so why kill him in worry of witnesses? My guess is the shooter is much like a serial killer and get’s a rise, sexual gratification, or something far more twisted out of the act of killing. If I had a transporter like in Star Trek, I’d beam another guard into the store and have that guy kill the shooter. That person needs to be gone from our planet. He is pure evil.

  12. wtf is that ?
    look like some charlie chaplin movie .. nobody wear mask, nobody wear gloves, they didnt take the shotgun, they take only few things and they just go away eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssyyyyyyyyy

    as always, nobody saw anything and the police even with digitals and dna, camera and shit, cant identify those guys…

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