Jihadists in Syria Display Severed Lower Leg on Camera

Jihadists in Syria Display Severed Lower Leg on Camera

Allahu Snackbar blah blah blahb Bashar, Allahu Snackbar. Yeah we get it. You get paid to blame everything in Bashar al Assad so that’s what you’re doing. Allahu Snackbar!

Video from Syria shows the Jihadists displaying severed lower leg on camera. Somewhere behind the camera they’ve already started up a barbecue. It’s gonna be a feast, Allahu Snackbar.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Jihadists in Syria Display Severed Lower Leg on Camera”

  1. I didn’t think it would possible to be disrespectful to half a leg but he manages to do it.
    Don’t’ carry it around by it’s big toe for gods sake, it already looks pathetic and your just making it look worse.

    1. yea it is fuck’d up… what if the guy wanted his leg back? …..but then i think its natural for numb nuts to poke and pick up limbs and dead things… like a kid poking a dead bird with a stick

  2. At least they managed to get a good helping of meat attached. I think this could make a tasty soup granted they added the right amount of rocks and spices of course. I’d try it but I’d surly barf if I happened to get a toe-nail in my mouth! 馃槈 Thank “Allah” for that meal! =/

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