Jihadists Wearing Body Cams Launch Attack on Outpost in Aleppo and Die

Jihadists Wearing Body Cams Launch Attack on Outpost in Aleppo and Die

Group of Jihadists launched an attack on a remote outpost near Aleppo in Syria, but despite being poorly manned, the soldiers returned fire and eliminated the attackers.

Asde from bed sheets, the jihadists wore body cams so the footage contains both first person view of the assault, the getting shot moment and the aftermath filmed by the soldiers.

Props to Best Gore member @papagaj for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Jihadists Wearing Body Cams Launch Attack on Outpost in Aleppo and Die”

  1. Wait, how did the jihadist got the video back? Wasn’t the one who got the camera shot dead and the camera taken by the other guys (who I think are american otherwise please correct me)?

    1. The bad guys are ISIS – organized, funded and trained by Israel and the USA. They’re nothing but a proxy army the US is using to try to take down the Syrian government.

      So they had the bodycams. They got themselves killed. And Syrian army troops (backed by Russia) defending their own country plundered the dead ISIS bodies, found the Go-Pro cameras and edited in their own footage to complete the movie. I like seeing dead bad guys (ISIS).

      Rumor has it that Obama’s hiring replacements. If you need a job and you don’t care if you live or die, there’s a job waiting for you!

      1. I’m so glad the BestGore community, for the most part, are people who use their logic and aren’t brainwashed shills like every other gore site, particularly LiveLeak. Fuck me that place is bombarded with shills and the retards who read those comments don’t know any better. Fuck ISIS and the Jewish/Saudi pigs who fund them as well as those Yid Hasbara trolls who whitewash their crimes.

        1. Saying the Truth in today’s western world can get you

          ostracized and mocked by society,
          hated by majority of sheeps,
          fired from job,
          house doxxed by mobs,
          false assault/rape charges thrown at you,
          called racist/rapist/misogynist,
          blacklisted by employers,
          jailed and even killed.

      2. Look at the top right person of the video. There’s am ISIS logo. As well, there are Qur’an verses and songs. How can this be a rebroadcast of ISIS body cam footage. This video must have been recorded and distributed by ISIS.

      3. That is the dumbest military tactic in the world. Attacking a protected position from an open field! You might as well walk up to them and ask them to shoot you. If you’re going to jump out of the truck at least park it parallel to the house and use it for protection.

    2. I’d like to nominate this film crew for an Emmy! Best dead acted, best camera man, best director, on the best budget! Now you can all stand up and take a bow! C’mon stand up and take your bow! Oh wait a minute!

  2. Hahaha brilliant they can only torture innocent scared folk when up against trained men there literally fags …

    I’m tired of Isis notice the American saw machine gun , fucking traiter yanks and there Saudi Jew handlers I hope putin fucking crushes you all

      1. This makes it really hard for Americans like me. I’m a patriotic American military veteran. I believe the USA should be focused on defending the homeland – NOT invading and attacking other nations (on Israel’s behalf). So on the one hand, I support my country. On the other hand, I have to support what’s right. And in the case of Syria, Russia is right and the US is wrong.

        How is it that I catch myself cheering for the other team and against my home team? Maybe because our “leader” Obama is not on our side?

        1. @Xizang I don’t cheer for anybody. I didn’t get all excited over the announcement of bin Laden’s death as I saw a bunch of Americans doing. They seem as crazy as jihadists cheering over 9/11. America does a bunch of fucked up shit. But I don’t want it destroyed. (and yeah, America has done shady shit like perhaps having a hand in our on destruction at times) but I like having a good life. Is that selfish? Yes. Are we all selfish to an extent? Yes

          1. The debacle surrounding Bin Laden’s death was a bit odd don’t you think?…..Seems like we are being manipulated and hoodwinked whenever it’s required….I’m certain that to the governments the average person isn’t worth shit and is dispensable if required in the grand scale of things………and yes, we are all fuckin selfish, thats the normal Human condition

    1. Many of them are white guys from the USA and Europe. Very few are really muslims. ISIS is really a hired terrorist organization composed of mercenaries who couldn’t care less about Christianity, islam, right or wrong.

      1. @xizang I used to think people who said that shit were crazy conspiracy theorists, but since I started watching these videos I changed my mind. I just don’t understand why other people aren’t getting this. To be honest, I’m scared about the future of this country.

  3. To all of you half-brained idiots who truly believe that the US and Israel created ISIS and are supporting ISIS (even though evidence would suggest otherwise), you are a waste of oxygen and have no clue as to what’s really going on. Hang yourselves.

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