John Cantlie Is Back in Tank Hunters Video by ISIS

John Cantlie Is Back in Tank Hunters Video by ISIS

What the eff? John Cantlie – the alleged hostage of the Islamic State, who has been the mouth of ISIS during the late 2014 and early 2015, is back with a 47 minutes long video titled “Tank Hunters“.

As the name implies, the video deals with mujaheddin squads taking out US tanks given to Iraqi army. It was filmed in Mosul, Iraq.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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66 thoughts on “John Cantlie Is Back in Tank Hunters Video by ISIS”

  1. First of all, the majority of the tanks shown in this footage are M113s, these are nothing more than infantry carrying vehicles with a 50 on the top (the rectangular looking ones) and Russian made death toaster BMPs (these are the flat ones with the small turrets on the top and has a weak spot with the fuel doors on the back). Second of all most of these tanks look abandoned because in the event that you face an enemy force and you are outmanned and outgunned you break contact (retreat and re evaluate and then return fire). Obviously no one was in these tanks or doing their job. The only time i saw an M1 Abrams (not M1A2) get kind of damaged was at the 26 minute mark when it gets hit with the kornet missile. But it is still driveable due to the AFES system. That extinguishes fires automatically but obviously they wont show you that part or these tanks are not being taken care of and having maintenance being conducted on them. And to say that some fucker ran up to it with a grenade and destroyed it is so laughable i cant even believe they put this shit up. There is a video online of an Abrams rolling over a VBIED (vehicle borne ied) and goes over it like its nothing. You are telling me a fucking grenade destroys it? Oh and they destroy a T-55 at the 28 minute mark. I can kill one of those things with my eyes closed. Fuck off. Hey Daesh fuckers, let me see you fight a squadron of able bodied American soldiers. You wouldn’t last a second. An Abrams was never destroyed in this video. This video made me furious because of the incompetence of the Iraqi army and the sheer stupidity of everyone who believes it. Ps, i cant wait for John Cantlie’s execution video

    1. Cantlie is being forced to say these things by his captors. He doesn’t believe this ideology or tactics for a second. It’s simply keeping him alive for now. Until ISIS finds no use for him or he is rescued which is highly unlikely. Poor guy.

      1. tbf, the American rolled over the iraq army in a matter of weeks.

        A guerilla war is the only thing Isis or any of these islamic organisations is truly capable off, against any decently trained and organized army and without hiding behind civilians they’d get flattened in days the way they operate.

        But that’s what they want, US and European boots on the ground so when we shoot at them we’ll inevitably kill civilians and then they can cry in their propaganda pieces how we’re killing innocent muslims, they don’t want to defeat the west at this point they want to turn the war into “the west vs islam”.

        And honestly at this point I’m willing to give them what they want, I suppose it’s a matter of time before western governments do to.

    2. haha yea,, most of the footage is cut.. this is just propaganda. haha. he destroyed it with a Molotov cocktail.. right. these are captured tanks and fireworks at best. even so. these are old tanks. wait till the American’s roll out the new design. invented in the late 80s. Its called the m719 Hellcat (stealth) radar the whole works. Takes a crew of 3 and is gigantic. Still this new release m719 tank is 30 years old already. Don’t even know what they are inventing today.

    3. wow you weak pussy americunts are soo tough behind an m1 abrams tank against lightly armed militants. you know back in the good old days when war was fought face to face, the muslims fucked you cunts over. we conquered the roman empire, we won 7 out of the 8 crusades (you guys won the first one), we conquered spain for 800 years, we conquered parts of south east europe and we islamised bosnia and albania.

      you know what, i am more of a warmonger/hawk then jeb bush, lindsey graham, john mccain and hillary clinton put together. i wish you pussies would invade iraq again so this time you guys would get bogged down, drained, and ass kicked in iraq and as a result america collapse.

      1. @anti-jew Dude if the US Military actually battled you fucks on the ground today, Mosul would be taken in one day. You pussies fight dumb ass Iraqi soldiers who are cowards and arent trained right and are complacent and undisciplined. Hell, we wouldnt even need air support and we will still destroy Daesh but the US govt doesnt want another war. Crying about bring our soldiers home. They signed the dotted line. So fuck you

      2. yea anti-kike…the world trembles at your tough ness…. everyone is so scared.. boy you guys really took over…..i suppose we should all bow down and pray to the east now…Why don’t you stop poking the bear, before your ass gets what Germany got. in ww2 . fire storm. When they don’t care about civilian casualties. keep pushing and the white man will flex again.

      3. Didn’t the Mongol’s wipe the floor with you. And then some? You know you’re really not some big forceful army to be reckoned with. Thats why you people resort to outlandish claims and propaganda. Grasping for straws. You lose. Always have. Always will. Just a matter of time princess.

  2. You would have thought that he would be speaking Arabic by now given how long he has been over there. Perhaps then Mr Cantlie is just getting his own back on all those feckless, lazy Muslims who refuse to learn and speak English in his own country by refusing to learn and speak Arabic in theirs.

  3. Two decades ago, this guy was a motorcycle magazine journalist and keen track rider that I would chat to frequently. It seems really weird seeing him again years later in such a bizarrely different role.

  4. You can almost tell by the tone of his voice and his general look, that hes given up. Poor man.

    Also these ISIS act so tough, makes me laugh. They will be fertiliser the very moment the West decides it no longer needs them

  5. i wonder what atrocities he has seen? i bet they make him watch it all too. if he gets out alive he will have one hell of a story. im even thinking hollywood would try and grapple with a script about mr cantlie. which actor does he look like? i reckon christian bale is quite versatile he could play cantlie. or would they have a n1gger play the role just because that would be the ‘in’ thing to do these days. like the fucking star wars movies have turned to dinduism. whats next ? a world war 2 movie with a black hitler . . . would that make you progressives happier?

        1. i dont have a wife and not that bothered about that lifestyle im more MGTOW than the family man lifestyle. and for the next nobody who chirped in, im actually a very decent looking guy and have a decent sized cock, ive posted it here a few times before. but all that ‘muh dick stuff is for brainless fucking niggers like yourselves. im smarter than you, more handsome than you, i am in general more superior than you. and your jokes are shit. totally fucking shit. your comment was shit. you are shit.

    1. Now, now, guys. @haydolf_hittler is quite correct in that Hollywood does indeed cast black actors in traditionally white roles without reciprocation.

      Little Orphan Annie was blacked up, the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch was blacked up, even real historical people have been blacked up in the name of political correctness and Hollywood production and yet hardly anyone gives a fuck. “White-Wash” a character however and all hell brakes loose with media headlines being broadcast everywhere about “dat rasisisims and sheeeeeit”.

      Personally I am sick to death of black revisionist history. No, you did not build “dee pyramids an sheeeeeeeeeeeit” and no, you were not “Kangs and Queeins an sheeeeeeeeit”. Neither did you once rule the universe before “da whiteys an sheeeeeeeeeit” stole it all from you causing you to spend the next many thousands of years eating dung beetles, building mud huts and throwing spears at each other etc.

      Hollywood in my opinion then is psychologically bankrupt and dependent on controversy to sell these days and that is why we get nothing but remakes and race-baiting nonsense from them.

      1. New Magnificent Seven, remake of the amazing film with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Eli Wallach, features black actor (Danzel Washington) in the main role, but blacking up the classic was not bad enough, so they also forced a huge dose of female privilege propaganda in there. Fucking disgusting.

        1. Mark, the new Ghostbusters movie is complete feminist bullshit as well and so is the latest Star Wars stuff. I personally believe that Jason Statham is about as close as we are going to get to a Stallone/Schwarzenegger this generation. I also loved his Crank films as well.

          I am looking forward to the next Fast and Furious movie then despite these movies having no plot what so ever because these movies are all about the cock and balls(violence, fast cars and women).

  6. The most disturbing part for me is at 32:45 in. One guy in that whole shit hole country is working trying to clean up the mess and these fuckers got him. I hate the word hate. I HATE THESE COCK SUCKERS

  7. I highly doubt john cantlie supports these idiots. He’s just trying to survive. sadly i don’t think he’ll ever get out alive, he’ll either get killed either by ISIS or U.S or other countries fighging isis. you can tell that this was all scripted for him and he is trying to make isis look like they are competent and have teh ability to fight the U.S. in the end he also says that this is the fate of all iraqi soldiers fighting isis. This guy must have gone through hell in the past several years, he looks like he is starving to death. I can’t imagine how you go to sleep each night knowing that tomorrow isis might cut your head off with a rusty knife.

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