Juden Put Pork on Face of Palestinian Man They Wounded

Juden Put Pork on Face of Palestinian Man They Wounded

To sum it all up:

Don’t let the Zio media and the army of JIDF shills trick you into believing otherwise.

Two things Juden are good at, is creating fairytales about the Holohoax, and causing indignities to the dead or wounded. Video below is evidence of the latter. Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the hookup:

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158 thoughts on “Juden Put Pork on Face of Palestinian Man They Wounded”

    1. They kill handreds of innocent people everyday and they wonder why people got stabbed.
      If my father or my brother or anyone from my family got killed by someone i will seek revenge , thats normal.
      People will continue hurting jew as they hurt them too.
      I have a palastinian friend on Facebook he told me that they killed 3 of his brothers in the last war in gaza and he swor to me that he will get his revenge sooner or later.
      Israel should get the fuck out of there and leave palestinian land to their real owners.

      1. @ Mr Moroccon. I completely agree with you….as per usual. What I’m not understanding (and someone help me out) is why the paramedics allow (A.) The man to put pork on the other man’s face and made no effort to even remove it (B.) Not help the fourteen year old boy in the other video. But were really concerned with crowd control. I couldn’t stand to watch it but I did. As he was crying out, no one gave a shit. These are adult wars. Leave the kids out of it.

        Yeah? No?

      2. Moroccan Boy, where did you get this info from?
        I can you come with a statement that Israel kills hundreds everyday?
        Do you know it for sure?
        Do you have a proof for what you wrote?
        I assume not…. You can’t get a proof for something that didn’t happen.

        1. It’s nose beast shoshana once again ready to lick up with her hairy ass tongue Muslim wounded animal…why are they even wasting a stretcher on nose beasts friend over there choke that Koran sucker with ham sliced off shoshana inner thigh…

          1. @souldeath, do you actually read @Shoahshanas comments? This person is a rabid Jew hater, ‘she’ has never deviated from this, ‘her’ name is just one more way that ‘she’ takes the piss. If she changed her name, you would be agreeing with her!

          2. @trainwreck, hey girl, glad your back. I just don’t get why people think Shoahshana is a real Jew? It’s a made up name FFS, I’m not really a Tasmanian Tiger!

    2. Hahaha!!! I’m a jew, are you scared of me? I’m so powerful, hahaha!!!
      I’m going to steal all your money and suck your gentile cock!!!
      u know something? people like you make me very happy because of your hatred. if you hate jews then you are scared of them which makes me very powerful. Your hate only makes us stronger!!!
      By the way, now I’m going to kill me some Christians and make Matzot out of their blood…hahaha!!!

      1. Fail troll is fail. If i shouted “HEIL HITLER!” in front of you, you would just piss your pants. “OY VEY! Remember the Gazillion!!” 😆

        But im glad that its making you stronger, once they fall all on you you’re gonna need all your strenght, and we do love a bit of challenge, otherwise exterminating you parasites would be a bit boring. 😛

        1. Hahaha!!! you will never defeat the jews…there’s a reason why so many had tried before without any much success..well, I guess I should go now and leave you with the hard truth that the jews triumph everywhere…I am going to kill me some muslim now and take your money and thinking about taking over the world!!! Hahaha!!!
          Hitler tried to kill us and look what happend to him…the arabs are trying for more than 60 years now..and they are failing miserably…oh well, the hard truth starts to sink, ha?

          1. A jew telling a “truth”… LMAO! Nice oxymoron. 😆

            You know whats the difference between back then and today? Is that today people knows the truth. You keep ignoring that fact and that will be your very own downfall. 😛

            “Hitler tried to kill us” – You believe in your own lies then? 😆

    3. What’s with all the snack bar terrorist lovers bitching about this Jew shit? I guess everyone’s in love with the Muslims now? Not that I give a half a fuck about a Jew but they don’t blow themselves up and slice off people’s heads, they just shoot snack bars which is just fine with me. Just a little sickened by the Muslim sympathizers out there.

  1. LMAO !!!
    Porked his face and his pie.
    Seems they can do the same thing to the next Jew they fuck up…and they should use that very same pork only put the one with the pubes stuck to it on the Jews face.

          1. Now you know where the saying “blood sucking Jew” came from….. Or was that vampires?? Hmmmm oh hell what’s the difference…… The fuckers will suck anything they can from someone 😉

          2. Thanks, I haven’t seen that one 🙂 I think I remember seeing the title but I never actually opened the post, there’s just so many of them. Anyway I’ll leave you be before I get the urge to sing to you 😉

      1. Wonder how old Caste breaking is and who it originated with ?
        I know the British employed it in India against both Muslims and Hindus and I’m pretty sure We did it to the Moro warriors who were some pretty bad ass Muslims in the Philippines “The 45 cal was brought into service because the army issue 38 cal revolver wouldn’t stop them” So now I can add the Kikes to that list as well….personally I think some pig or cow hide or flesh breaking your caste / religion is fucking ridiculous but to these folks the shit is real.

    1. No, they get th at from the bible. Or Torah. However, if they read the rest of it. God said what I have made clean you can eat. Meaning pray over your food. Sad these people can’t read or choose not to. It’s their book, ya think they might want to read it from time to time.

      1. That seems to be a trend in religions. Take things and twist them how you want them and say it’s God’s word. I would think, going by their particular beliefs, the fact that he’s even holding it seems just as bad.

          1. Too many idiots involved in religion and they’re idiots because they’re followers. They question nothing and follow blindly and can’t think for themselves…it’s sickening.

          1. Usually once or twice a year, but I always nurse him back to health. He sleep a lot more now that he is older, i miss him running around the house and picking on all my other pets but he still beats up my other cat when its dinner time.

          2. Aww that’s such a cute kitty @ladybug!… But mines cuter…

            Hey if I may, there’s something I’ve been wanting to know for a very long time… Who was the lady in your old avi?

          3. @Ladybug

            I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often. I thought his eyes looked different colors but it was difficult to tell, how pretty! It is really sad when they get older 🙁 my oldest are 5 now and I get a little depressed thinking about it lol. They’re still really playful luckily and one of them gets high when I clean with bleach. He literally goes crazy, it’s hilarious.

  2. Wherever Jews have migrated around the world the past 2000 years, they’ve managed to piss off their neighbors. End result: NO ONE likes Jews. Though some of their women are extremely fuck worthy.

  3. Not surprising from a people who spontaneously goes out in the streets in joy when children and civilians are killed during bombardment. Can’t wait until ISIS slits the fuck out of their jewish throats so I can hear them die gurggling in blood. Wait, I forgot Israel and ISIS are friends, they heal wounded jihadists and probably finance them, ISIS will NEVER dare a move against Israel and they have never showed hostility towards them and vice versa.

    Our only hope is that the international coalition friendly fires Israel (then appoint Stephen Harper (Canada) to say sorry). Another solution is that Russia goes full Putin in the Middle East, bombarding 73689525 targets in 24 hours including Israel. Either way, you can’t escape your fate, dick butchers.

  4. You Dirty JEW BASTARD, YA!!! Think it,s funny eh? You wait until all you babies end up being Cyclops, you inbred, useless, foreskin snortin fuckers. Mother Russia will teach you respect, with endless missiles driven up all your loose arseholes Your time is up , and you know it! Sucks eh? 🙂

    1. Hey @thedre what’s up man ? Is everything alright ??
      I’d left a comment for ya about a post or two sometime back .Hope you ‘d the time to see it.
      You might ask what was that about well then I’ll have to tell you to check that out and revert back.

  5. Once I heard an official from Kikecuntry state, that they need war, that they need to be hated…
    Israel has what they call the “Samson Doctrine”, a last resort protocol in case it faces immediate annihilation. It involves the use of the “secret” arsenal of about 300 to 500 nuclear warheads (some of the are MIRV) (financed by the US) with certain delivery systems like intercontinental, mach 10 rockets (which are almost impossible to shoot down atm) or the dolphin class stealth submarines (delivered almost for free from Germany). Further it entails the deployment of several chemical weapons and even ethnically specific bioweapons, which only kill a certain group of people with the respectively predefined genetic attributes. The Samson Doctrine will be unleashed on the whole world, including “allies” of Israel, and its not that farfetched, that its gonna happen in the future, cause it only takes a relatively small nuclear device to endanger the existence of this artificial state, which is led by utter maniacs.

  6. Nothing is worse than a country land who belives its own lies.
    so the arabs are telling “them jews! they killed an innocent kid! omg!”

    what they didnt tell you is that the kid was stabbing old people and a 13 yrs old kid just a second before,
    same sht here,

    they believe thier own lies, maybe the Europeans will eat that crap of BS but we dont.

    We know Arab’s true face.
    and wait till they get to Europe. in the name of allah will destroy anything good left.

    Europe is dead, it grew its own cancer, now, in 5-10 years, its legacy will be all that remains, for years the Europeans hated Jews, hated Israel, hated America (to some degree), they always supported the arabs, they welcomed the arabs, gave them shelter and welfare, and now, dear Europeans, its payment time, time to pay for this. What are you going to do ?
    Deport them ? lol
    Kill them all ? lol
    Reason with them? lol
    Let the assimilate? lol

    Good luck! hhaha

  7. What is with kikes and their blood thirsty obsession with cannibalism? I mean, We get that they eat foreskins and all (which is the reason they cut them off in the first place). But it seems like this kike was hungry, pulled the Palestinian guys pants down, found his foreskin was already missing, got mad and decided to use the fork to eat something else.

    1. That something else you’ve mentioned ……..must be the shit that kike might have had forked out to eat.
      But I wonder if Kikes really are cannibals or you’ve simply exaggerated cause you hate them all .
      But if you’re a Jew already as you sometimes claim to be an ” Israeli Jewish Beauty ” @Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelsteinthen ………what’s that fire in you that’s so falred up to go against one of your own . To me its a mystery though .
      In some of the older posts I’d posed a question which went unreplied .
      Anyway I’m hoping you’ll spare some time to answer this .

      1. @blucon

        Well firstly I can only laugh if you actually think that I am a kike. Ever heard of satire? Goy gevalt…..

        Secondly, I never know when someone replies to a comment I make as I don’t receive notifications or anything for it. I have to manually check if anything has been left (if there is another way to find out if someone comments on your comment than by all means let me know! 😛 )

        1. @Shoshy (haha) I’ve got you from the very start, I believe people are reading your name and not your comment. It doesn’t matter what you say in a comment, someone calls you a filthy Jew, it enrages me, I would have used a different user name by now (you shouldn’t fucken have to, though, people should just read your comments properly) You have made yourself very clear on the subject, and people think YOU are a Jew!

        2. But what’s that claim you make about your being ” isreali jewess beauty “. why can’t you drop that and stop misleading all the way through . You probably may not be a kike and I am not even saying that I either am going by your avi or your suggestive name .
          What I have been reading in between the lines from all of your comments so far is that you come about though a JEW hater but there is some inherent side of you which has a little leaning for ’em .And I am not saying you’ve any denial point to make there .
          We’ll accept it as you come in part or as a whole.

          1. The pic @Shoshy uses is of a very ugly Jew woman, it’s just part of the ‘joke’. It’s all sarcasm. Do you understand now @blucon? She’s being sarcastic.

  8. fun fact. it has always been a canaanite/hebrew/ judeah/jew land. 1900 years ago the Romans renamed Judeah IsraEl to Philistia, from the canaanite name; Philistine, the Hebrews long lasting enemy.
    The Romans knew well that the name did not suite the jews good.
    egyptians and so called arabs had lived in Philistia along with jews for centuries, but there were always devoute muslims who took allahs words literal(like its intended), so killing of jews and christians have always been with the land from Salahdin took over jerusalem from the Byzantine Empire..and when the jews got slaughtered out along with polish, slavic people by the Nazi.. the UN gave parts of Philistia too the jews of Europe and it became IsraEl again after 1900 years without it name.

    the liberals/ socialists/ muslim/ atheist blame Israel for defending itself daily from Mujahideen attacks. where are the evidence for that zionists dress up like young muslim kids who cream “allah akbar” while stabbing families with children, throwing stones at Israeli vehicles, pretend playing dead, create media cover up scenes, always have ambulances ready for the camera, sending children on roof tops for israeli anti-rockets?

    there are none. because these bestgore publishers deny knowledge, history and the implication of Islamic doctrine.
    Hamas(Muslim Brotherhood) is firing rockets and slaughter their own muslim children for their Islamic Agenda.

    Read your fucking Quran, idiots- the muslims got you on their side- and you white people fall so easly for it.

    1. Those ” Rockets ” are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Iron Dome takes them out with ease, to the point of Israel actually praying for more to be fired in their direction, legitimizing further incursions into Palestinian land.
      Propagandists are hard at work on both sides, always have been, always will be. And as ever, the mainstream media will always push home the side of the story that fits their agenda. Nothing new there either.

    2. show me these attacks. show me the rubble and the bodies. ah…you cannot. because there are no such things. for if anyone so much as tosses a rock in Israel’s direction, it is national news for two weeks. and you speak as if the Pols and Jews made it out equal. but who cleaned up Warsaw? The Jews or the Pollak Farmers? the allies, or the farmers? where are our national days of fucking mourning and our wailing walls?

      1. There’s plenty baldy, you guys just bend over backwards to call it fake and grasp at invisible straws to discredit the sources. You are beyond hope unless Jesus himself bitch slapped some sense into you, but even then you’d probably kill yourself for having a Jew touch you hahahaha. You do know that every knee WILL bow and every tongue WILL confess that Jesus is Lord. Oh the look on your faces on that day , and you’ll have no excuse. I really do, jesting aside hope you guys open your hearts to the truth someday before its too late.

  9. I had to axe myself what was worse. Slitting a babies throat in his crib or putting pork on the face of a terrorist and I chose A. Just think all my SS out there, if all dead sand niggers got covered in pork, they might stop fucking around. I’m all for it. If an Israely shoots someone it’s murder. If a Palestinian lobs rockets and stabs an Israely, the Palestinian is he victim. The collective stupidity here is at levels I haven’t seen silnce my visit to Palestine.

      1. Am0ur, the rest of this particularly rude comment has quite good spelling, could it have been some sort of ‘spell’ check thing, arg! you know one of those smart phones that pick your words for you, lol, can you tell I don’t use one? 🙂

  10. I like referring to them as “juden” however an even better term for them is something I learned of when i read either himmler speeches or maybe Hitler. It must have been a popular term back then. JUDENLOUSE, literally “jew lice”..

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