Jungle Justice Imposed on Local Gang Member in Nigeria

Jungle Justice Imposed on Local Gang Member in Nigeria

Brutal public lynching in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. A member of a notorious local gang known as the “Scolombo Boys” was caught by an angry crowd after a robbery and brutally beaten and set on fire.

Residents of the area turned it into a regular old block party, with kids and laughs and even a clown making balloon animals. Good times.

Mad props to my Dark Queen of Gore, @african-angel, for the hookup.

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    1. Those Africans are happy gathered around to celebrate the Scolombo barbecue! Look at that happiness on that girl’s face attending the block party. All thanks to that Scolombo boy. It was good times indeed!

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  6. Attention African Americans who refuse to work and pull your own weight: Your ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ bullshit doesn’t work in Africa, the cradle of filth…er, I mean civilization. It seems that some African Americans have it pretty goddamn easy here in the U.S. with the Gov’t hand-outs, free housing, free education (that they squander) and all of the benefits given them by the Gov’t.
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  7. Well sheeeeeit! I was born about an hour’s drive (maybe 30mins now that they’ve built some pretty impressive highways in that area) from where this happened… Thankfully my Dad had the sense to marry a white lady and we got the fuck up outta there.

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