Karma? Young Man Beats His Father, Then Gets Beaten to Death

Eyes Black and Swollen from Severe Beating

On Thursday March 28, 2013 police responded to a drunken fight complaint in the Favela Bairro in Riacho dos Cavalos (Horse Creek), state of Paraíba, Brazil. When they got on the scene, they found 27 year old Adenildo Oliveira da Silva unconscious on the ground with eyes swollen and discolored. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

As a strange twist of fate, the victim was arrested a week prior to his murder for beating his own father almost to the brink of death. It is as if Karma herself sent a punk to return the favor he had shown his father.

Suspected murderer is one 26 year old José Filho Fernandes. He’s been avoiding justice but police are after his ass.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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116 thoughts on “Karma? Young Man Beats His Father, Then Gets Beaten to Death”

        1. I live no more than 30 minuts away from mexico and the drug cartel for a fact coiuld careless about any idiot. they are all about money!. Will the USA ever stop the Movment??? The awnser is No. But yeah, Cartels have nothing to do with this.

  1. No respect between brazilians. All in the town I was raised respected everyone, even the people you didn’t respect. You had a problem you’d tell them and you’d arrange a fight between families. Every male in town showed and the strongest from each family smacked each other around, showed real class. Win or lose you had respect. Never would one strike their father. Brazilians are crazy.

        1. First of all, don’t address me is such a way. We are not friends. If you want to discuss something with me, don’t say anything like “pseudo-patriotism”. It’s clich?d, so save this crap to yourself.

          What do you mean by “Brazil is disgusting”? You really think so? Then I can assume you calling yourself “brazilian” is just self mockery.
          I agree that lots of bad shit happens here. Like I said, shit happens everywhere. Or would you think it would be fair to, for example, say all japanese are blood thirsty barbarians just because of what a bunch of scumbags did to Junko Furuta? Or to say all american families are composed by perverse and evil people because of what Gertrude Baniszewski, her kids and other kids from the neighborhood did with Sylvia Likens?

          I will say one thing to you: changing one’s nationality is a right that is guaranteed by the International Law. So, if you think this country is shitty, you are free to move anywhere and become a citizen in there. Maybe you can be happier that way. And I’m sure nobody would miss you here.

          I know this country, and many others around the world have lots of problems. But just keep saying it and doing nothing about is a waste of time. The likes of you have no right to talk about decency to anyone.

          1. You think it’s easy to move to another country? The only reason I haven’t moved yet is because I don’t want to be an illegal immigrant. If there was a way I could live legally in another country, I would leave the disgusting Brazil and never come back. You deserve the country you have. “People” like you think we should all ignore the problems and pretend this shithole is heaven on earth. Hope you end up here on BestGore as well, that will teach you how great Brazil really is.

          2. @butt-gina: It depends on where you go. Some places smell really bad, I will say it.

            @Brazilian_NOTDASILVA: I sincerely hope you can do it soon. I don’t have any bad feelings against you, since I don’t even know you. I hope you can be happy in your new country.

            About deserving the country I have… maybe I really do, since I didn’t choose it. I never said Brazil is heaven on earth. This country has LOTS of problems. stupid drivers, corrupted politicians, stupid people… if I were to enumerate all, I would be here writing all night. But I do think it can change for better with hardwork and willpower. After all, no problem is so bad it can’t be solved, as long as we are alive.

            And about the last part… don’t wish for another what you don’t wish for yourself.

  2. I wonder if he was aware of this twist in fate as his face was being smashed in, I wonder if the irony of his fathers plight dawned on him has he lay there with blood in his eyes and shit in his pants.

    Do you think he appreciated the humour that such a parallel situation would bring?,
    Do you think that maybe he found solace in the fact that he would not have to change those shitty pants?

    1. yeah i doubt it as well – he probably was a hot tempered individual who got into more than his fair share of fights and people like that generally dont think about karma, actually they generally dont think about much other than pounding the poop out of people and umm boobs..lol

    1. @killthefilth, do any kids respect their parents these days? My kids are in their late teens and although I doubt they have any respect for me, my son would never beat the crap out of me…I’d ground him if he did.

    1. I swear @mouse it’s like you say all the things that I think. Your like the male version of myself. Complete with tranny porn obsession and two cats.
      What are their names and breeds? I love kitties.

  3. You would think the father would have been the mature one in the situation and could have found a better way to handle the situation. I know clearly if this kid wants to be an arsche and decides to lay his hands on his father he deserves to get his ass beat back, but I am sure his father doesn?t look this bad either. It is a shame but like the title says karma is a bitch.

  4. My dog is a bad ass (her name is Karma).

    Buddhism is one of the few religions I have any respect for and it’s a common misconception for people to think of Karma as a system of punishment for our wrong doings but that is not what the concept of Karma is.

    Every action has a consequence, the action itself is Karma, the consequence of said action is called vipaka. If you jump off the top floor of a high rise (karma) you will end up splattered on the sidewalk below (vipaka).

    Cause and effect, not punishment and reward. I’d call this a case of irony.

      1. I guess that’s debatable but I do agree. I view it more as a philosophy than religion but I suppose it is both. It contains explanation to the origin of existence, morality and rituals. On the flip side it does not ascribe to the belief of an all mighty creator which people take to mean that it can’t be a religion but this is a very narrow view of the definition of religion. By the definition of religion, Buddhism is indeed a religion and 360 million people as of 2000 identify their religion to be Buddhism. However I understand where you’re coming from with your comment and do agree.

        Props on catching the Monty Python reference, I love that movie. Now bring me a shrubbery!

        1. very good sirs. Buddhism is a philosphy first and religion second. and Buddhism is the only major organized “religion” that i think hits closest to the truth. i’m not Buddhistmyself, but a lot of their philosphy towards consciousness and the continuance of that consciousness is close to my own views. there is no god, only energy and we are all energy. i will not be reborn as obliterator but the energy that powers me now will transfer to power something else.

        2. “It contains explanation to the origin of existence, morality and rituals.”

          Therein lies the problem, to try to explain the unexplainable is to make assumptions, assumptions cannot ever be held up as fact and therefore cannot ever be passed on to others as truth.

          I like Buddhism myself, it is a peaceful system of living, I cannot think of any problems related to it and it promotes self moderation and self discipline, you could call it a system of living based upon a non violent mode of conduct.

          We human beings are always trying to fill in the gaps, we hate the unknown, we want to understand everything about ourselves and our existence, an impossible task but never the less we try, and in this respect we have created many systems of living be it religion, philosophy, psychology, morality, the list goes on.

          The end result is that we are no closer to understanding our existence anymore than the first of our dreamers, over time a lot of these systems were hijacked and changed by the various generations, adapted to the way of living of these various generations, witches, good vs evil, changelings, demons, the list goes on, these systems morphed with the ever changing way of life.

          Buddhism however has more or less stayed the same, I have no problems with it, its a good system to live by, as long as you remember that it is not the absolute truth, just a theory of the truth, if the truth could ever be fathomed that is, or indeed if the truth can ever exist.

        3. @Caerbannog

          One that looks nice, and not too expensive!

          Yeah, I also view buddhism more as a much-comprising philosophy – or rather a way of life and a lifelong study- than a religion. There are various definitions of religion; some involve a god-image, some don’t , and then there’s monotheism and polytheism. To me, religion would involve a god-image (or more than one) and worshipping thereof ( whether that makes me narrowminded or not.) . Buddhism to me is not about worshipping anything , but on practise and on understanding the teachings . Btw, Tibetan buddhism does involve lots of deities , due to its animistic origins. I think the Buddha might say it’d be more important to take refuge in the Three Jewels – the buddha, the dharma and the sangha- than to think about whether his teachings are philosophy , religion or anything else.

          Here’s a link to a very interesting documentary about the Bardo T?dol – the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It explains the (Tibetan) buddhist view on what happens when we die and what our consciousness experiences after our demise:


          It would seem that the dead man in this post will meet with some demons, and may reincarnate in unfortunate circumstances due to his prior actions.

          I’d like to talk further about this, but I’m tired and all this has inspired me to go watch the Holy Grail again, right now.

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      1. That movie gets on my nerves and I’ve never even seen it. I’m from Philly and they can’t go two minutes without a Rocky reference. It’s been 37 years and everyone acts like it was yesterday.

  5. Ah, nothing makes me more gratified than seeing the beautiful works of karma unleash its splendor on this useless piece of shit fuckboy. I’m sure the father deserved to die just as much as he did as well. At least maybe now they can have some quality father/son time in hell. Resolve their issues. See where it all went wrong.

        1. @broke
          oooooh!! lucky, lucky! does he get a prize?? perhaps a stylish new set of dasilvaware?? or perhaps a dasilva plated beer stein with ‘100’ engraved upon it! this is kinda like price is right! Who wants to be bob barker??? YAYY!! im so excited!!

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