Khojaly Massacre – 1992 Killing of Azerbaijani Civilians by Armenians

Khojaly Massacre - 1992 Killing of Azerbaijani Civilians by Armenian Soldiers

Khojaly Massacre - 1992 Killing of Azerbaijani Civilians by Armenian Soldiers

The Khojaly massacre was a mass killing committed against ethnic Azerbaijanis during the occupation of Khojaly on the night of February 25-26, 1992 by the Armenian armed forces with the participation of the 366th motorized infantry regiment of Russia.

As a result of the massacre, 613 Khojaly residents, including 63 children, 106 women, 70 elderly people, were killed, 8 families were completely destroyed, 25 children lost both parents and 130 children lost one parent. 487 people, including 76 children, were wounded by enemy bullets. 1,275 people were taken prisoner. The fate of 150 captives, including 68 women and 26 children, is still unknown.

Coverage of the Khojaly genocide in Azerbaijan is mainly associated with the name of the National Hero of Azerbaijan – Chingiz Mustafayev. The most important part of his short-term military journalism career was filming the atrocities committed in Khojaly. Some of it is included in the documentary video below.

Seven Azerbaijanis considered national heroes took part in the defense of Khojaly. Among them, Shohrat Hasanov was killed in the battles and was posthumously awarded the Medal for Courage by the President of Azerbaijan. Allahverdi Bagirov rescued 1,003 Khojaly prisoners from Armenians in three days through Armenian Colonel Vitaly Balasyan.

At present, the recognition of the Khojaly genocide has been identified as one of the main directions of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. Apart from Azerbaijan, Khojaly is fully recognized as a genocide by Pakistan and Sudan. Mexico, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djibouti, Peru, Honduras, Panama, Jordan, Romania and Scotland recognize the tragedy as a parliamentary massacre. In addition, 22 US states have adopted a document recognizing Khojaly as a massacre.

In Azerbaijan, the massacre is known as “Khojaly genocide” (Xocalı soyqırımı) and “Khojaly tragedy” (Xocalı faciəsi).

Props to Best Gore member @zodiacbeys for the video, who noted “Armenians are not so innocent…“:

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        1. Who said they did nothing wrong?
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          Facts first. US forces were sent My Lai expecting to interact with battalion size VC forces. They were told that everyone there is VC and will kill them them on sight.
          The paddy squatters, however, had pulled out and taken defensive positions 150 west of My Lai and the most up to date intel did not include this fact.

          As for the massacre that ensued, you’re righ, it was very wrong. If you will read again, you will see also that I never said that I feel it was justified simply because subsequent sentencing was light.

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          Upon realizing that they had fucked up it was only about 5 or 6 individuals that continued the killing. Still not justifying. Just pointing out that most were not actively engaged with villagers.

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  2. I can view most stuff and feel detatched enough from it to be too bothered or disturbed. When I see kids in this state I feel duty bound to be angry however. Not at the politics but at the guys on the ground who did this and who felt such a connecton to evil that they could happily embrace it enough to murder infants in their mother’s arms. This for me shows the dangers that face us all. Could such hatred and murderous disregard for humanity happen in the west as a result of the race hate war currently being organised to defeat Trump? What makes westerners think they are immune from the instilled hatred turning to unimaginable heights of barbarity as in mexico or syria? I honestly can see the deep hatred manifesting itself in absolute slaughter if it continues or ramps up.

    1. @charge61. Well, as a US born westerner who was tortured by my parents i can’t answer that. I can say that anyone can be angry about it. Not much good it does. People need to help. Or sit back & watch videos of torture & complain. Organizations exist

    2. @charge61. Well, as a US born westerner who was tortured by my parents i can’t answer that. I can say that anyone can be angry about it. Not much good it does. People need to help. Or sit back & watch videos of torture & complain. Organizations exist

  3. Nice. I appreciate the informative article. I remember spending a month being forced to learn about Armenian genocide but never got to see much context. Nor than I ever gave an absolute shit about it.
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  6. These numbers are absolutely retarded, whoever wrote this managed to mix up the number of people who died for hypothermia (613) during the rout and the number who were directly killed(~400), also the author lumps in military casualties with civilians (for some reason).
    And as a cherry on the top the 150 missing civilians were never confirmed “captured” by the armenians, their bodies just weren’t recovered, and if you know anything about the Kodor mountain range you know that bodies are being discovered TO THIS DAY.

  7. I don’t think that the Armenians actually were responsible for this massacre. I think that it was the Jews posing as Armenians. This is what the Jews do. They never take responsibility for any atrocity that they commit. They always blame somebody else outright, or they disguise themselves as somebody else and then commit the atrocity.

  8. figured there would be some blood around the bullet blow out holes.. like we see daily in the real world and movies.
    apparently the little rigor mortis kid that’s picked up by the arm has no weight… like a doll.
    seems like the birds and wild animals didn’t want a little food on this cold february day.

    1. Nah not really. The vid was filmed at least half a day later (massacre was carried out in the evening/night during the azeri retreat from khojali) + subzero temperatures. Not surprising there’s not much blood left.

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