Killer Feeds Snitch Bullets Somewhere in Bahia, Incriminating Evidence Caught on Film

Gun Jam Somewhere in Bahia, Incriminating Evidence Caught on Film

Wow! That must be Salvador again… or somewhere in the state of Bahia. He [cameraman] warned the guy to flee, tells the deader than dead guy’s lady she has nothing to do with the deed and proceeds to empty the gun in the [maybe] already dead guy’s face.

The reason behind the careless unloading of a clip are reasons for snitching. The gun seems to run out of bullets again; They are very insistent in filming everything… stupid [cameraman] films his own tattoo; they here looking to film the dead guy’s guns, but after the lady run away they seem to be leaving too.

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  1. “Empty the guy in the guy’s face”?… lol there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere.

    If there’s one good thing I can say about Brazil it’s that atleast the snitches get what they deserve.

  2. It’s a well known fact that hand guns work best when fired on their sides..
    They work even better if you can turn them completely upside down..
    Although, there are very few people who are capable of the 180 degree “nigger trigger pull”.
    I’ve even heard that there’s a whispered secret amongst certain circles, that the absolute elite nigger trigger pulling piss-toleers are even able to shout really hurtful & quite nasty obscenities at their victims as they perform the 180 degree nigger trigger pull.!!
    But, alas… The likes of us shall never know.
    Obviously I’m making an assumption with that last statement…
    But I know I’m safe from that shit since everybody in my town is white.!.. And also Civilised.!

  3. The weapon did not IA, (Immediate Action being the proper term for jam) it simply ran out of ammunition and was left in an ‘open bolt’ state. This is so you

    1) know the weapon is out of ammunition
    2) can change clips, press the button and start firing again without having to re-cock the weapon.

    Both of the above are most likely lost on this bunch.

    I was hoping we see the classic a ‘Magazine Slap’ a la Magnum PI when he changed mags but seeing how much this golliwogs flip-flop wonders know about weapons he would most likely run out a buy a new ‘pistola’ that works rather than just reload with another clip.

    I counted 15 shots most likely a sub-9mm sized round.

    1. actually, its a “baiano” expression, ppl on that region (northeast) are total animals, dont get wrong about brasil, not all the places are like that, as proof of it, mostly the videos from brasil, on this site, are from northeast region. But, answering your question, he says “ola(wich on this case would mean something like “look here”) para o video ai.” Stop the video now”

    1. Ahh. well let’s see, chit man………..Iz killed hims once already ….so now Iz kill hims again…… now Iz kill hims again…….n nowz I chootzz hims again………….Uh Oh…. no mo bullitz ! WAAA ?

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