Killing of Dutch Soccer Linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen

Killing of Dutch Soccer Linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen

For the purpose of this article I will refer to Football as Soccer so as not to confuse our North American friends. I don’t believe the sport of Handegg is worthy of a name Football, but that’s not the point. The point is – The Netherlands is a country badly run down by out of control immigration, but no one is allowed to say that out loud because Zionists are ever so watchful and will character assassinate everyone who speaks the truth. But here on Best Gore, I either say it like it is, or not say nothing at all. The time for political correctness has passed. Now it’s time to call a spade a spade and this is exactly what I’m going to do.

41 year old Richard Nieuwenhuizen of Almere in Holland was a linesman at an amateur soccer club SC Buitenboys from Almere. He was married and had three children. On Sunday December 2, 2012 he was kicked to death by two Moroccan and one Antillean youths (two were 15 year old, one was 16). The beating took place right after a game against an Amsterdam amateur youth club Nieuw Sloten. Richard Nieuwenhuizen was a big fan of soccer and volunteered his time as a referee at the SC Buitenboys club.

The piece of shit immigrant kids attacked Richard Nieuwenhuizen and kicked him in the head and neck. He was able to escape briefly but the whole team then caught up with him and beat him up again. He was battered so badly, he had to be hospitalized and fell into a coma. His body could not handle the damage to the brain and internal organs and on the following day, the linesman died.

The police arrested the attackers quickly but were shocked to find out that none of the youths expressed any remorse.

Because Holland is heavily brainwashed by Jewish propaganda, nobody is allowed to say it like it is, lest they will be called bigots and racists. Zionists are making it clear that truth is the new hate speech and everyone daring to speak it will become a target for prosecution. Murder of Richard Nieuwenhuizen however opened a whole new can of worms and some publications are saying that enough is enough:

The fact is – Richard Nieuwenhuizen was killed by immigrants from incompatible countries.

Best Gore member H.Thompson is from Holland. I would like to quote some of his thoughts on this murder:

There is a lot of publicity concerning this murder. This is, of course, because a much bigger problem is brought to light. Part of the problem is that, with the new “freedom of speech”, it’s frowned upon to say what is true: the truth is that AGAIN, foreigners eg. coloured non-westerners did it.

Once more, a friendly, traditional part of our culture is being threatened by violent ethnic groups of Muslims and Blacks.

The fact that initially there was at first some confusion whether it was two or three Moroccans that killed Nieuwenhuizen is because of this forced unwillingness of the media to be open about the ethnic background of the murderers.

Now discussion going on about the influences of Moroccans and other aggressive non-Caucasians in our society as well as the unsettling decrease of respect annex increase of violence amongst citizens. I doubt whether it will go any further than some fearful talking, though. The age of hypocrisy and cowardice is here allowing the savages to do as they please.

The killers were players for Nieuw Sloten who didn’t like the decisions the linesman made. Because of their Muslim background and how spoiled they are by the host country, they don’t like people who are fair. Instead they anticipate everyone to favor them on a sole ground of them being a visible minority.

Islamic brethren of murderers who were identified as Soufyan Babou, Yassin Dardak and Daveryon Blasse want their comrades immediately released from jail. They don’t disapprove of the killing, but believe that locking their friends up is “racist”.

Two of the killers attended Huygens College in Amsterdam-West. Because some fellow Islamists also attending the same college praised Richard Nieuwenhuizen’s murder on Twitter, they were expelled by the director. Glad to hear not all Dutch people are brainwashed sheep.

Dutch portal Costa Connectie published names of all attackers who contributed to the murder of Richard Nieuwenhuizen, although only 3 named earlier have been found guilty of it. Here’s the list:

Soufyan Babou
Daveryon Blasse
Yassin Dardak
Danny Faber
Fady Fayed
Rheza Firmansyah
Ismael Ikhouane
Demian Jibodh
Othman Karimi
Serkan Kiran
Wouter Mirck
Younes Roubion
Mandeep Singh
Terrence Stuurop
Kemal Arif Tasli

More thoughts on the issue by Best Gore member H.Thompson:

Amateur soccer is Holland’s most popular sport. 33,000 amateur matches were cancelled the following weekend because of Nieuwenhuizen’s death. A silent march in Almere in his memory, attracted 13.000 people.

Needless to say that this was about more than one man’s death. It was already known that amateur sports like this are not as fun as they used to be (I got this from the mouth of soccer players themselves) because of the Muslims now attending the clubs. Violence and aggression have increased dramatically.

But of all different ethnic groups in Holland, it is the Muslims – especially the Moroccans – who bring in their (lack of) morals and are responsible for increased disrespect and violence. Whole country notices and knows that. Yet, with the new “freedom of speech”, it’s taboo for even the mainstream media to mention that these perps were Moroccans. I noticed it even when I Googled for info.

In the sixties, lots of foreigners came to Holland to earn money. Spanish and Italians, and also Turks and Moroccans – for the most part. The Europeans mostly went back to their home countries after having made some money. But the others stayed. They had the habit of claiming government allowance for their lots of nonexistent children in their home countries. Also they imported their parents and family members into their new host country and claimed their allowances too. And then just kept breeding. Now there’s the third generation of them yet they still don’t speak Dutch very well.

Many Dutch natives are under the impression that it’s easier to get a job if you’re not a native Dutch.

Props to Best Gore member H.Thompson for the pics and his thoughts:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Killing of Dutch Soccer Linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen”

  1. This is what’s happening all over EU, UK and soon the US. The spread of this ‘disease’ is sickening and taking over, killing every thing they fucking touch. They are filth and such should be dealt with. Wake up white people…as ole Danny boy would say. R.I.P Richard

    1. Just wait; there will be retaliation – it’s already starting to happen. Us whites WILL take back our countries and we will be able to live as human beings, not animals which is what ‘others’ are trying to turn us into.

    2. It was reported yesterday that London is now only 45% white British, the English are now the minority race in their own capitol city. Also it was reported that white British children are no in the minority in all primary schools in the second city of Birmingham.

      1. Which coincides with the decay and rot of those two cities.

        If it wasn’t for Poland and their Women, England would probably not be a Caucasian Country anymore.

        I cannot believe the English just take this bent over.

  2. Immigrants, fuck me, the end of civilisation. the more people I meet the more they cast upon me their sense of right and wrong. They say that the west, predominately the English, have invaded many a country in their time, and their right, however, the English actually bettered the countries that they were in and it was the past generations that did this therefore the current immigrants are actually emotionally imbalanced morons.

    There is a huge difference in what the English did in bringing reasoning and investigative protocol to countries rather than what the immigrants did in bringing in crime and more crime.

    Our countries tell us that immigrants have enriched us somehow when all they have done is drive down wages and increase the crime rate.

    The Zionist Jews have a lot to answer for and I hope that one day they meet a far worse fate than what Hitler planned for them.

    1. All these immigrants finger fucking the european countries and the US makes me respect the Chinese and Japanese more. They dont let just any person live in their country that wants too and outsiders have to be productive members of their society to stay. They may get fucked by their government, but at least its theirs and not done by these savages who dont belong there.

  3. Perhaps it’s time for Dutch Caucasians (And this goes for Caucasians all across the globe) to stop being docile pussy’s.

    Perhaps it’s time you answered violence with violence.

    Perhaps it’s time you burn down Mosques, assassinate Muslims in the street, and aim at the people of your Governments. Find out where they live, and attack them there. Attack your police, who have become agents of the oppressors.

    Do not obey a law that is there to oppress you, that is not being followed by others. Do no let it dictate what you can and cannot do. Break the shackles our oppressive Governments have chained us with, and roam free, or see the very Society, the very Country your ancestors fought for reduced to nothing but ashes.

    If you die? So be it! Think of your children, or your children’s children. It’s for them. Their future, if things are left as they are, won’t be safe anywhere. One life, for millions of others. One fire gives warmth to many, and if fed right, can turn into an inferno!

    Shall we become the new Jews? Being hunted down like dogs and killed? Prisoners in our own Countries? Our wives, daughters, mothers, aunts all raped brutally, over and over? Is this what we’ve come to, Caucasian men? Is this really what we’ve come to? To allow such indignities, such gross, soul-crushing humiliation to be visited upon our women? While we stand by and watch and do nothing? Is this cowardice all that really lies in our hearts?

    Guess what – We don’t have anyone willing to stand up for us, because every single one of our Countries are going through this.

    We are Caucasian. We need no help from anyone but our brothers and sisters all over the globe. We are Legion. We can blot out the very sun shall we wish it.

    Perhaps it’s time for Caucasians to rid their Countries of the rot and decay sicced upon them via traitors within our Countries and Governments.

    Who am I kidding? Caucasians are docile. They are good little lambs. Just accept your slaughter. Just accept the rape of your daughter, the beating of your son, the murder of your family.

    You got no fight in you, and it’s shameful. No heart, no pride, no dignity. We’re cowards. Born and bred to be cowards. Our ancestors would slit our throats themselves if they could see the indignities we’ve allowed to be visited upon our people.

    Where I’m from, we just had an Algerian Muslim man arrested for raping 8 women.

    I live in a small part of Canada. A very small part.

    You’ll probably see me in the news soon, because quite frankly, I’ve lost hope in my race. But before I go, I’m taking others with me, namely Muslims and African invaders and any who give them safe harbour.

    May my forefathers bare witness.

    1. Personally, you sound like the voice of rebellious dogma; “rise up, my fellow white men, and slaughter them all, for the sake for our own future.” Makes sense. If something threatens your existence, you either eliminate it, or be eliminated by it. Slaughter them all universally, good and bad, old man on retirement, young teenager mugging a woman, newborn baby for a just graduated Bsc degree major. Rend their flesh from their bones, since, if history has taught us anything, its that violence has always been the main engine of change. Why deny your primal roots?

      1. There are causalities in any-war. It’s an unfortunate fact that is unavoidable.

        But, it wasn’t us who wanted this. It’s not us pushing it.

        It’s your people, and those Liberals behind you using you as weapons.

        See, right now, it’s our old men on retirement, our women, our newborn children, our University graduates being raped and murdered.. By your people. Everyday.

        I can name you names if you want. I don’t forget the victims. I never will.

        And we take it. We have no other choice.

        So don’t come crying to me about this garbage.

        And as I’ve said repeatedly – We are left with no other avenue but violence. Our Government and politicians and your people have taken our voices away from us. When we stand up, and we speak about such things, we are labeled racist, character assassinated, fired from our jobs and have our entire lives ruined.

        What other option is there?

        And in any man – Should your family be in danger, your natural instinct is to strike at that which endangers it.

        My Family, My People are in danger. From your People, from Islam, from even our own traitors in our own Countries.

    2. @silenced,

      I find the paragraph ‘You?ll probably see me in the news soon, because quite frankly, I?ve lost hope in my race. But before I go, I?m taking others with me, namely Muslims and African invaders and any who give them safe harbour’,
      to be frankly quite worrying.
      This site has come under scrutiny and continues to do so. Mark has already been threatened with prosecution.
      Your just bringing a ton more shit to this site with words like that.

      1. He has my consent (not that he needs it) to remove that if he so wishes.

        That said, it’s only bluster. I’m far to intelligent (Well.. I like to think so..) to do that.

        It would be a pointless action, capable of being used as propaganda to further hurt my people, and dilute the message carried by those like me, who have the same wisdom.

          1. What bluster usually does – Nothing.

            Pent up frustration looks for a release -at that point, that release came in the form of typed-bluster which is to say; loud, obnoxious nonsense.

            Now that we have that settled – mind letting me know the nature of your issue(s) with me?

            I get the distinct vibe you dislike me.

            Which is fine, but I’d appreciate some reasoning. Just so I get to know what it is about me that upsets you so.

            Or don’t. Your prerogative.

          2. I don’t think I have given you any reason to think I like or dislike you either way. I’ve questioned a couple of things that you have written, which considering how many posts you’ve left says nothing.
            I can’t really tell how you are, it’s a gore site but I don’t recall seeing you comment about the content of a single post unless it’s to write political discourse.
            I’ve not really seen you respond to other people’s posts unless again it’s a political dialogue. So that leave’s me unable to form any personal oppinions about you other than your politics.

        1. No no.. I definitely get the distinct sensation that one of my posts contained a segment that upset you. Meh. I apologize.. but, in my view, what I type is truth.. Therefore if you’re offended.. well. Still, I do apologize. Words can be as sharp as knives if you let them become so.

          As far as my posts, I generally only comment on posts that spark my interest.

          Gore – I’ve been looking at gore for a long time. There’s nothing really fascinating in it for me anymore. What I enjoy more are the stories.

          This person is getting his head cut off with a chainsaw – Why?

          My interest in this site actually started with politics, I was browsing this site when a post went up talking about an issue that interested me (Multiculturalism’s decaying of Denmark) and I registered.

          I am a wordy fellow – One-Liners are never really my thing unless it’s a topic for which I have little interest.

          Not to worry, though. You won’t have to read (Or skip, as the case maybe) my posts much longer – I’ll move on, somewhere else in the vast world of the Internet. I just hope I leave something behind.. Even if it’s just a curiosity about the things that we, as Caucasians (Whites, Europeans.. whatever you prefer) face today and in the future.

          1. @silenced,
            if I remember I responded to one of your comments and fiend misunderstood and thought you had insulted me.
            She realised she had misread what you said and apologised. I had understood what you said and hadn’t taken any offence to it.

  4. “The police arrested the attackers quickly but were shocked to find out none of the youths expressed any remorse”…. Deport them and their families back to their country of origin…see if they express any “remorse” then! Immigration laws will change when the citizens demand it… R.I.P. Richard

    1. No. To think this is to be naive. You believe our Governments represent the people. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

      In some places in Europe (Might be everywhere) you cannot even fly your own Countries flag (it must be the EU flag). So no National pride, no racial pride.. no pride at all.

      Most people are against immigration, but it doesn’t matter. Their Government keeps stripping away their identities.

      There are only two things that can rid our Countries of this problem:

      Our Women waking up (They are severely brainwashed. For every 1 of gunkgirl, there’s a thousand other Caucasian women on the opposite side)

      The unity of our race. (This would lead to revolts, and the eventual over-throwing of our spineless, weak, cowardly Governments).

      Neither of which is going to happen anytime soon (Or at all).

      You have to understand – Caucasian Men and Caucasian Women are like oil and water today. We don’t mix. Our women might as well be African women they have become that foreign to us.

      Our birthrates world-wide are low. Our marriages fail. Infidelity, Divorce etc. are rife among Western Countries. In summary, our Family Unit is completely eroded.

      This stuff will continue to happen in Europe, but it’ll get worse. Remember – the home of the EU (Belgium) is quickly becoming the First Caucasian European country to become Muslim dominated.

      1. @Silenced, thanks for picking me out – I think! I don’t know if you are black, white or brown with yellow spots, but it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I am treated with respect, I have no qualms against you or anyone else.

        When I first came to the USA I had had few experiences of blacks, muslims etc because where I came from was very sheltered. Now I do have those experiences and I don’t like what i’m seeing.

        For instance the city where I live has become divided; there are areas for blacks, areas for whites, areas for muslims and so on. There’s no integration and therefore the kids are growing up believing that segregation will become the norm and we will have our own apartheid. I personally think that’s what they want to take over city by city and country by country and become the dominant race/religion.

        1. I’m Caucasian, gunkgirl. And what I was saying was that – For every one woman like yourself (Who sees and knows the truth that is ‘multiculturalism, multiracism, Africans, Muslims etc.’ there’s a thousand brainwashed liberal Caucasian Women on the opposite side, who worship the Negro, who defend Islam and Islamist.

          Until those women wake up and join the real world, no progress can or will be made.

          In a sense, our own women (Caucasian) have become our prisons, our cages, tools of our oppressors. They have betrayed us and continue to do so, at their own peril and the destruction of their own race. They are smarter than that, or so I always thought.

          Africans behave like Africans no matter what Country or Culture they infiltrate. Muslims behave like Muslims no matter what Country they inflitrate. Doesn’t matter if their Asian Muslims, Caucasian Muslims, Arab Muslims, African Muslims.

          Both these groups have built nothing, and will build nothing. Islam for example, ruined the entire Middle-East, which was once a beautiful place. Once Islam set in, it regressed their entire way of life, and stagnated their progression and civilizations. They are stuck in the year 900.

          The amount of cities sacrificed to appease the liberals and their poisonous dogma is endless, and continues to grow.

          We cannot rid our Countries of the pollution without first ridding our Countries of the polluters. Unfortunately, that means openly and violently targeting our Government officials and politicians, as they have taken our voice away. They have left us mute, but not deaf, and not blind. We see reality. We hear reality. We live reality.

          Take away our voice, and you leave us with only one avenue left – The path of violence.

      2. Or not at all? Let me make one thing clear Silenced. This war will not end the way the Jews have imagined it, with the extermination of the Europeans… instead, this war shall witness the complete extermination of the semitics people, all of them! After what the white race has experienced and subjected to during this century of filth, We shall chase the spawn of satan to the ends of the Earth if we have to, we’ll use nukes to turn Israel and every single nation that our enemies call home, into the world’s biggest glowing glass parking lot.

        … and the EU politician scums and the liberals and marxist and feminist will all be strung up from every street lamp, tree branch, and stop sign and infront of public latrines.
        I’m getting into a very high position in the military, and I’m preparing my mind, body, and weaponry for this day of reckoning, when we will wipe away all of this rottening decay.

        So I say, if a Thousand Richard Nieuwenhuizen has to be killed… if a thousand Autumn Pasquale have to be murdered by subhuman primates for her bike… if a thousand Kayla Rollands have to be shot and killed by pickaninnys, for our race to wake up to it’s situation… Then it is worth it.

        Intill then, Richard, is just another casualty in this on going war of extermination.

      3. @Silenced, You can think me naive or what ever else you like but NO, I don’t believe our government represents the people, thats the problem! I believe we must find people that truly represent us and our views. Silenced, I won’t get into the whole Caucasian men and women thing again, you and I have covered this ground on a different post before… I’m not a “failed white woman”…remember? I haven’t dated outside of my race! You and I share some beliefs, but don’t agree on everything. Your entitled to your opinions as I am mine. Right?! 🙂

        1. I’m not attacking you, though. I’ve made my opinion about you (As much as one can be garnered from brief interaction) known. I don’t have a bad word to say about you.

          Most Caucasian women however, don’t feel the way you do about certain subjects because they’ve been brainwashed and socially-engineered to ‘tow the party line’.

          Those are the Caucasian women I’m talking about, not you or anyone specific, really. When I’m talking about specific people I put their names in any posts I wish to address them in :).

          Regarding the Naive comment, that’s simply because 80% of Caucasian Americans banding together and protesting immigration won’t change anything.

          There was a pool recently where 93% of Danes opposed it. It mattered none. It would never be put to a public, official vote because the vote would be overwhelming anti-immigration. Same reason Britain will never allow a vote on membership of the EU.

          The peoples voices don’t matter unless they fit the agenda of those in charge, then they are amplified.

          The only way to stop this disease at this point (And let’s be honest, that’s exactly what it is) is by eradicating those in our Governments now.

          In America, the ‘anti’-Immigration party (if you can call anything that) would probably be Republicans, and to be honest, after losing to Obama a second time, they’re probably going to change their tune.

          Meaning a huge swath of Americans (Mainly awakened Caucasians) will now have no party to vote for. (My personal opinion is both Republicans and Democrats are garbage, with Democrats being worse garbage this era)

          Without a violent upraising, this type of stuff will continue to spread, continue to fester and continue to blanket the entirety of Europe (Again, Belgium will be the first Caucasian European country sacrificed to Islam, won’t be the last though).

          America has a whole other set of problems but both come from the same point – Multiculturalism, Multiracism, Race-Mixing, Political Correctness, and the word ‘Racist’ being deployed as a tool of oppression and an erosion of Free-Speech.

          These policies are genocidal, with the last two being tools to take away our voice.

  5. don’t have a cry about football violence and try to make this into some bullshit immigration problem. football is violent. it starts wars. people die. get used to it or fuck off and go knit a jumper.

    quite simply, stay in your own country and kill your own people.

  6. thank you H. Thompson. this is not the world envisioned by our ancestors, nothing close to what they fought for…i am sickened and angered every time i turn on the fucking news. us whites are being brainwashed into believing that we are the problem, that we are the enemy of mankind.

  7. Jews have come to control almost the entire Western media, and heavily influence even those outlets that they don’t own outright. Look in up; at the top of every major media corporation you find a Jew. They, and the politicians they control through their enormous political contributions, set the political and cultural agenda and dictate what is or isn’t spoken of in the press. You simply will never know about the hugely disproportionate share of crime committed by blacks and Muslims in Europe, for example; such facts will never appear in the media.

    The political power of whites is steadily eroded by immigration, as the immigrants faithfully support the political parties controlled by Jews. And the whites simply never can figure out why their wishes for less immigration never happen.

    I’ve always suspected that’s why Asian countries are usually so adamantly opposed to rampant immigration, and why countries like China so carefully refuse to kowtow to American demands for greater “human rights” and integration into the Western political sphere: they simply don’t want the same thing to happen to them.

    1. What confuses me about this is simple –

      The only thing keeping Israel kicking is the United States and it’s Allies.

      Yet the Jewish policies in the United States (and it’s allies) keep eroding it’s strength away.

      I mean, we all know what happens when the Caucasian population plummets.. Detroit’s, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, New Orleans etc. start popping up every-where.

      And why support the massive immigration of Muslims to Europe? (And Canada etc.)Only thing I can think of is weakening the Arab states in the Middle-East, opening up an easier land-grab for themselves in the future.

      It’s an awful gamble though. It was Caucasians who saved them in WW2, and it’s been the Caucasians saving them in the New World since.

      Get rid of us.. and I’m not so sure the Jews are going to like the way the world is developing.


      Honestly, this Islam problem could open up doors for better Jewish/Caucasian relations.. Yet they insist on their insidious dismantling of our people and Countries.

  8. Ahh those fucking muzlims again, even l as a semi-chistian cannot tolerate them. They are not happy killing and raping their own in their shitty countries, what the hell, now all Europe seems to be run by this scum. If l were a muslim inmigrant, l would forget completely About my roots, would complement hard work with proper education, and would spend my money and time among hot women and smart people. But apparently all this idiots can do is pretend they are the masters of the fucking universe. I truly believe muslims are the spawn of Satan, if they want to behave like animals, for God’s sake, let’s treat them like fucking animals and put them into an eternal sleep.

  9. Dude, you should seriously get your facts straight. I am from Holland, and the zionists have nothing to do or to say in my country. It’s getting boring actually, you, blaming everything on the zionists, even if you don’t know much about a country. No, I am not a jew.

    1. Just because you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You sound like a perfect victim of their schemes. You don’t believe they exist and voice against those who know they do. People like you make it easy for the Jews to manipulate the masses. You are the halt of the progress.

      1. @slicer:

        I have to agree with Rumpo on this.

        Well, we all see them and know they exist, because there are several well known Dutch Jews on television, practicing law and in politics and such. But they are still a minority here in the Netherlands. There are less than 50.000 Jews in the Netherlands versus well over 800.000 Muslims. What do you think is the bigger problem for us? Most of the Dutch Jews live in Amsterdam and are not spread out over the entire country. I would almost say it’s rare if you see someone wearing a kippah on the streets.

        Jews are often shrewd businessmen and brought us many nice stores like V&D, Hema, P&C and like I said before there are several well known Dutch Jews. But they don’t force their religion nor their customs upon us. They live their lifes bothering nobody else. There are no radical Jews
        here with those silly payotes protesting. You don’t see groups of Jews on the streets insulting or beating innocent people up. No Jew ever insulted my girlfriend or have been a threath to me or anyone I know. Jews are no threath to the Dutch society in those ways.

        Most Jews contribute to our society in some way without pushing their religion or other shit. Muslims on the other hand cause a lot of problems and don’t fit in well in our society and are known to come here for welfare and others benefits of our system.
        If the Jews had a lot of power here, there probably wouldn’t be as much Muslims as there are nowadays.

        What schemes do you think they have ready for us? Making money of us? Everyone does or wants that as long as they work for it, fine by me. Spreading fake news about Israel and Palestine? I really don’t care who wins that war, because they ALL act pathetic over there. More political power? In the Netherlands you get fucked no matter how or on who you vote. Politicians lie no matter what their religion or ethnic background is. I would like to hear your opinion on how and why they manipulate us.

  10. Such a sad and sickening story, by the way I’m not a hundred percent sure about this, but apparently one of the victim’s sons was actually there when all this happened and saw his father being beaten to death over a fucking game of football. Whether that’s true or not, this story is really sad and I hope the people responsible suffer a lot. It’d be nice if they’re sent to prison ad beaten to death there, a very appropriate punishment in my opinion.

  11. This incident is only the icing on the cake.

    Muslims have been terrorizing the Netherlands for a long time now. If that’s not enough for us, we have shitloads of polish and other east-european filth in our country. They insult our females for they way they dress and will get physical if you say something about it. They steal in shops, beat people up and are mostly annoying. Most crimes committed in the Netherlands are committed by foreigners.
    I worked in an electronics store and most thieves caught were muslims, polish scumm or other foreigners. Some as young as 12.

    Look at K1 fighter Badr Hari. Another example of a piece of shit. Molested several people and still trying to act like nothig happened and that he has a hard time being locked up. Fuck him and his bitch of a girlfriend who acts as a dumb fuck.

    These idiots will be out of juvi very soon as they are all minors. No harsh punishments here unless they will be trailed as adults. But they probably had a bad childhood and such so it’s really not their fault.

    The only one in politics over here that sees them for who they really are is Geert Wilders but do they listen to him? Offcourse not. He has been called racist for speaking the truth.

    I can’t even remember how many times muslims called my girlfriend whore and other foul things and they are always in a big group so you can’t do anything or you will get fucked up just like this referee. Three companies I worked in got robbed / burgled by foreigners, my sisters house was also emptied by some fuckheads from marocco, i’ve had several nasty encounters myself and hear the same from other people.

    Why our goverment chooses to spoil these fuckers is a complete mistery to most people.

    We just love integration in the Netherlands.

    I do have to say that in general Chinese an Japanse immigrants in the Netherlands are hardworking people who don’t bother you. These people are welcome here. These people know how to behave.

  12. @Darkone76,

    Nicley spoken,its exact as you say man….
    Im getting tired of those marrocans and east european scum so bad.This cant go on…but who,s gonna do something about this.?Our goverment.?Like you say….we love the integration here in the Netherlands.

    R.I.P Richard.!

  13. I know that muslims are invading western countries (Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal. etc…), but i believe that we should stop being pussies about it. Some 400 years ago the same countries i mentioned above, set sail for lands that they “discovered” and enslaved, killed, and raped the native inhabitants of their host lands. Moral of the (hi)story is that every fucken race in the world has, at some point or another, been enslaved by another. GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

    1. Slaves? Who’s talking about slaves? They have nothing to do with the issue a lot of people here are talking about. The problem is Muslims (amongst others) coming to civilized West European countries and not willing to adept to the norms and values of the country they are in.We don’t want muslims telling us how to live our lives and be bothered by their obnoxious ways and behaviours towards woman, gays and non-muslims to name a few. Ever heard of those idiots who want sharia laws for our country? Is that what you want? Grow a fucking beard and the women fully draped so they look like tents?

      We enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom in the Netherlands that is (or was) frowned upon by most other countries, like gay marriage, abortion, legal prostitution, easy drugs policy, euthanasia, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and many many more. Muslims come to our country are being overwhelmed with all the freedom and can’t cope with that. They rather be stuck in their islamic ways and customs. Which to an extend I can understand, but I am not willing to accept or understand that they want to change our ways and customs. It’s our country, adept or get the fuck out and practice your bullshit in your own country. If you want your women to dress up like fucking tents fine, go ahead, but don’t make us do the same thing! I happen to like miniskirts on pretty ladies! If you don’t like our ways and customs, why come here in the first place? To fuck it up for the rest of us? A lot of them can’t even speak (or are not willing to learn) the Dutch language.

      Face it, integration is a FAILED experiment. We need harder punishments for crimes against our freedom!

      Like I said in the previous post on this topic. I don’t hate all foreigners. I gave the example about Chinese and Japanse people living in the Netherlands. They are not forcing their customs or religion upon us. I welcome all those who are willing to work hard and learn to speak the native language, even Muslims. But not those who come here to get welfare and corrupt the system or force their religion upon us. Freedom of religion means just that. You want to be Muslim, go ahead, but keep it to yourself don’t force me to be like you. I don’t believe in any god whatsoever, as I think religion is only good as an excuse to wage war upon people who think in a different way.

      Think about it. If I draw a picture of Muhammed fucking a dead pig and release it on the internet as a movie or shit, the Muslim world would go on a rampage killing innocent people. I don’t think I need to name examples here, do I? On the other hand, if I do the same but with some Taoism figure, I dont think Chinese would go on a killing spree in many countries killing civilians because of it.

      South park comes to mind with several episodes, Jesus, Bush and others shitting all over eachother, super best friends and Tom Cruise the fudgepacker wanting Muhammed “powers” to never be ridiculed again. They even had to censor Muhammed in the latter. No religion did shit, except the Muslims. Same can be said about Lars Vilks’ drawings.

      Muslims were guilty of this crime. No other way to it. For a big part the parents are to blame for the way they raise their children. They expect other people help raising their children “on the streets”, but that’s not how things work here. Most bizarre thing is that one of the fathers of the perpetrators (Yassin Dardak) does exaclty the same thing as this man did, performing the duties of a voluntary linesman at a soccer club.

      As far as colonization is concerned, In my opinion the Netherlands are in some way still sort of responsible for the people in those countries, Indonesia, Suriname, South Africa and others. We conquered those countries and bled them dry during our Golden Age and some much longer. As they are part of Dutch history people from those countries will always be a little bit Dutch to me.

      What happened 400 years ago during the colonization has absolutly nothing to do with this. It would be better if they tried something like that. That would give us a reason to make a parking lot out of their country. Now our goverment acts like a little bitch allowing this shit to happen.

  14. It’s very simple.Muslim authority figures are using the political correctness and do-gooder mentality, which is rampant amongst Western European countries now, and this has fooled pressure groups and some Governments, to lobby for the unlimited influx of immigrants into civilised Europe.Much of this in on the grounds that they are opressed or a refugee.It is the case that most of these people are the scum , who in their home country,are the ones who are the problem and the nation where they live, is happy to see them gone. Multiculturalism is the reason why acts like this are happening.Just wait until a Mosque is built or requested to be built near the the Basicilica of St Peter in Rome and the call to prayer snackbars out.

  15. I was in Amsterdam last month and I had some conflict with 3 moroccon bastards, since they were completely drunk I easily managed to defense myself, I can say that Holland is invaded by Moroccons and Turks, what a shame.

  16. Don’t really agree with Thompson about not being allowed to speak your mind. Where I live we openly speak about deporting those shitbags to their own countries -or better yet, let our friendly German neighbours handle them. I’m sure they’ll remember what to do with humantrash.

  17. Wow I’m really impressed with all the race hate speech around Europe. Sad indeed. Glad to say that, at least in my country we are harrassed not by muslims, but by this good old christian protestants. That we have mostly african and bolivian immigrants and til now is alright. That population is half black and I don’t need to be extra-careful around one and can go wherever I want. Crime is a matter, but not a matter of race. Sad for Europeans going down the toilet with the hate stuff. Despite the gore generalized ’bout Brazil, I see Rio much better than this nazi-like trash.

    1. Ahh yes, the brainwashed Liberal male, with his words of oppression; “Racist” and “Nazi”.

      In your view, talking about the face of a problem is racist. So, you’d prefer we didn’t talk about it at all. Sorry. We aren’t pathetic like you and your Country.

      Secondly, Europe is going down the toilet as you say, because of massive immigration from Africa, and Muslim Nations.

      They are responsible for the lawlessness of London, the decay of Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Canada and numerous other Countries.

      Attacking our freedom of speech to oppress the truth makes you look like more of a ‘Nazi’ than anyone who dares speak out against these insane, genocidal policies of Multiculturalism, Multiracism, Race-Mixing.

      You want real Modern day Nazi Germany? Perhaps you should ask Swedes etc al. why they are not allowed to fly their own Flags in their Countries, it must be the EU flag.

      1. The truth you claim it’s opressed are actually shallow opinion, misguided and taken out of historical and economical perspective. But the hate discourse is pretty much the same as the Nazi did. If you have a prob with the word I help you, Nazi Nazi Nazi

        The prob is not multiculturalism, as you can have races stuck in gettos, but to integrate cultures, and this is interculturalism.

        If you just fail that, it doesn’t mean you can bring out the racism to the issue, offending muslin and blacks as inferior race.

        1. I don’t have a problem with either word. Neither word offends me, or intimidates me. In-fact, I enjoy it – as the moment you Liberals pull it out, I know I got you.

          See, that’s the thing with you brainwashed lemmings – You can’t think for yourself. So you shield yourself around tools of oppression and erosion of Free-Speech.

          The moment we open a dialogue about this subject (immigration, Multiculturalism, Multiracism, Race-Mixing) you Liberals act like Kim Kardashian at an NBA after party – You jump out of your seats, give your best “Fuck Me” pose and scream “RACIST”.. Or, in her case “Dark Meat Enter Here!”

          In-fact, Nazi’s supported and were supported by Islam. Do you understand and see how uneducated you sound?

          But I get it. I’m White, Nazi’s where White. Ergo, I’m a Nazi. Got it.

          I guess I should tell my forefathers that. You know, the ones who fought and died freeing Europe (And Jews) from Nazism.

          See, the racist one here is you – You see a White Male talking about real issues besieging his home and Ancestral homeland (Ireland, Sweden and Norway for me – Canada living) and you immediately think “RACIST!” because I’m white and the issues I discuss involve people who are not White.

          But guess what – Those issues? They affect White People.

          This isn’t happening in Japan. Or South Korea. Nope. It’s happening in White Countries. You know, the utopias you Liberals get an erection (All be it, a rather small and weak one) about.

          You ever take a second glance at what some of your work has achieved?

          Come on my self-hating friend, I insist, just enjoy the view of Detroit. Or London. Take a peek into Oslo, or Stockholm. The last two look pretty good. They looked better before massive immigration, multiculturism and Multi-racism and race-mixing.

          Nah? Reality to much? Can’t compute?

          It’s laughable to me. No, really. I laugh at you.

          See – You’re from Brazil. Now, the thing about Brazil is this – It’s a shithole. It’s a 3rd World Country. But it shouldn’t be, should it?

          Why is that so, I wonder?

          You’ll point at everything under the sun, but eventually you’ll come back to the same reasoning you Liberals always do – You’ll blame the White Man.

          It’s not the White Man causing such an absurd crime-rate in Brazil.

          It’s not the White Man ruining and destroying once beautiful cities like Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, New York, London etc.

          It’s not the White Man going into Pakistan and demand they change their flag, like Islamist did in Switzerland.

          It’s not the White Children beating and stomping to death a Muslim soccer referee in front of his son.

          It’s not the White Man committing over 50% of the murders in the USA.

          It’s not the White Man turning Toronto into a shithole.

          It’s not the White Man driving the increase in Rape in Europe.

          It’s not the White Man calling for different laws, like Islamist in Britain, Belgium etc al.

          It’s not East-Asians, either.

          So yeah – go ahead. Blame the White Man. Oooh, the big scary White Man. We’re hiding under your bed, in your closets.. ooh noo.

          No. Start putting the blame where it belongs, Liberal. You’re Anti-White, Self-Hating gum-flapping is starting to fall on deaf ears world-wide.

          You want to blame the White Man? Blame him (or her) for building the biggest and at one point the safest cities in the world.

          Blame him (or her) for the advancement in Medicine and Science and numerous other things he’s been responsible for.

          After-all, we must put blame where it belongs, right Liberal?

          That’s another thing – You Liberals say you’re all about Diversity, but that’s outrageously hilarious.

          For diversity, dies a thousand deaths in Liberal policies (Multiculturalism, Multiracism, Race-Mixing).

          You wish to create one people, one culture, and one identity, or actually, no Identity.

          Can you imagine if all dogs where the same breed and color? All cats? All insects?

          The very notion is a crime against evolution itself.

          Now – Please, for the love that is all holy, go back to your wife. The afrodisiac you hired for her is just about done, and she needs a cleaning, like the good little dog you’ve been bred to be.


          And Wicked Mama – the EU has been trying to remove National Pride at every level (Including Flags) from Europe for awhile now.

          You’ll have to excuse me – I seem to have lapsed ahead into the future for a bit there and got a glimpse at Europe.

          A time where Sweden was no longer Sweden, if you know what I mean.

          I’m not sure of your Politics (You seem Liberal to me, but I haven’t read much material from you, so I’m not sure) but that is where Europe is heading fast – A new USSR, subservient to Islam, sans any identity, whether it be Racial, Cultural, National, or Ethnical.

          All because of Liberal Lefties and their cowardice, self-hate and White Guilt.

          I view Liberals as Omegas. They’ve band together to take over the pack, but they aren’t leaders. They don’t have the stomach for it. So they kneel, and cower, and take our Countries with them. Giving them away to other Packs.

          Unfortunately, we have a lack of Alphas. We have Betas and Omegas leading us – The Alphas are thought to be extinct.. In reality, the Alphas are the citizens of each and everyone of our Countries, and one day we’ll bare our fangs again.

          And the Omegas will cease to exist.

          (I like that analogy. Let me know if it works :))

          1. Oh and as for me being a liberal, I would expect that you think anyone who picks you up on something you say is a liberal. Then you can conveniently ignore it because thier completely brainwashed. Very cosy.

          2. Yes, it was a mistake. It was in regards to numerous things I’ve read about the EU not letting their members have their flags anywhere in official meetings (Must be the EU flag), and articles where Swedish politicians where voting for the removal of the Swedish flag in Schools and Sports uniforms (iirc) for being racist. Muslims crying about the Swedish cross on the flag etc.

            Also had a Swede tell me you weren’t allowed to fly the Swedish flag. There you go, my mistake.. for now.

            But that’s exactly what the EU is heading for :).

            Regarding the Liberal comment, I think that because the only thing I can really remember you getting touchy about was a comment I made about White Females race-mixing with Africans, leading me to believe you fall into that category. Generally, that’s a category Liberal White Females fit snugly into.

            As far as differences of opinions and me being intolerant of them – that’s not true. It’s more like I realize and understand what a complete waste of time it is to discuss with Liberals this subject. You can’t force them to wake up, it has to happen naturally for them.

            I was a Liberal myself at one point. ‘Worshiped’ the African, as it were (never Islam though, was never really big problem when I was a kid). Listening to the garbage music, glorifying the garbage culture etc.

            But I was 13, and didn’t realize at the time what was happening to me. I was being socially-engineered via Media (TVs, Movies, Music, etc.) to think like that.

            And naturally, as I got older I started seeing, hearing and living the truth.. Which were the tools given to me to allow me to open-my mind to reality, and thus I was awakened.

            Forcing it will have the opposite effect, ergo I find it rather pointless to start a dialogue with Liberals. Most of the time it starts and ends with them screaming “racist!, Nazi!” etc.

        2. @silenced,
          I remember that comment, I questioned you because I thought you were being hypicritcal not because I was being ‘touchy’ about the subject. I do believe though by having such one track politics your mind is a closed door to any other factors that may be at play. Nothing is totally cut and dried but your policy of shrugging off anything that doesn’t agree with your political viewpoint as being ‘liberal thinking’ is not going to give you any balanced perspective on the world.

          1. I’m not blaming the white man from anything, as I tend to see the crime issue brought up by economical inequality.

            That’s what I meant when I clearly stated crime is not a color issue, but you simply ignored that. You simply ignored economical perspective, specially in the USA, a secular country where blacks and whites coexist for generations, with poverty remaining in a significant part of them, generation after generation… but it doesn’t bother you at all. You point out specifically what is supportive of your argument.

            Why would I blame an entire race if I see crime/violence as a consequence of economical inequality?? Go have a little Sociology 101, you’ll see the difference between this and “racial determinism”…

            When you cite “white” countries, you usually, forget Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece… the examples are Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, please specify your white man, obviously I’m not one of them… Which makes you very very close to Nazis, as they had their own “scale of whiteness” preferred germanic blond guys…

            The thing about America is that – is a shithole. But not because of blacks, or jews, or muslins. It is not the “White man”. It’s just people like you, not white specifically, but blacks, muslins, chinese, who perform the exclusion discourse.

  18. I live in Holland and the only thing preventing me from hunting these immigrant pieces of shit down with a shotgun is that I will be send to jail.
    It’s so typical that it’s immigrant youth that is responsible for this.
    If it was up to me, they’d all be send back to their own country. I don’t mind them coming here, but if they start killing people or disobeying the law in any other way they should just send them back to the dessert cave they came from.

  19. As a Dutch person, I completely agree with H.Thompson. Damn immigrants fucking up the whole country, calling us racist when we don’t share the same opinion with them. I’ll be moving to another country as soon as I have the money, so I can watch Holland go down by those immigrants..

  20. so fucking true what you have posted. i live in london and i remember this incident well. ive read about it watched the news countless of times over it but only today have i found out it was done by muslims! ive been A’dam 5 times and it sickens me on how many morrocos plague the streets but london isnt a haven, full of africans which you are right .. they just bring crime and poverty with them.

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