Kneeling Young Man Gets Executed and Falls Into His Grave

Kneeling Young Man Gets Executed and Falls Into His Grave

Kneeling Young Man Gets Executed and Falls Into His Grave

No backinfo on this one, but the language sounds more Spanish than Portuguese to me, so it’s probably not Brazil, but another South or Central American country.

The video shows an execution of a young man in the woods. He is shown kneeling as the executioner discharges several rounds in him, mostly in the back. The chap then falls into a grave, which he may have dug himself.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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109 thoughts on “Kneeling Young Man Gets Executed and Falls Into His Grave”

    1. Você não viu o medo no olhar dele? Ele pode até não está gritando, pedindo por clemência, mas olha o jeito que ele olha pro cara que vai executá-lo. Provavelmente, isso tem a ver com drogas.

        1. First guy wonders what passes on the dead guy’s head to be so calm, second one said that he had fear in his eye, he isn’t screaming, asking for mercy, but by the way he looks at the executioner you can see he is scared and that it probably has to do with drugs

          1. A lot of the people in these videos are innocent civilians. I don’t understand why these cartels go around killing civilians. What point are they trying to get across? It’s sad that people who want to work for a living and take care of their families end up victims of these demon spawn psychopaths.

    1. They’re all, “you got any last words you muthafucka?”
      He’s all, “Yeees, next time get a backhoe you assholes, it’s way easier. Burrito, burrito BURRITOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM

  1. Definitely Mexico and I always wonder why do they always allow them to get caught by these guys there dead anyways. Even if its police since they sometimes imitate them I’m going Tony Montana on these fuckers I don’t give a fuck. Its better to take some of these bastards with you then be tied up and watch your own death

    1. I can agree to that, but most of these idiots are just “halcones” or they’re sent unarmed to very dangerous areas to sell drugs, to their rivals territories. They’re less than simple pawns in the whole narco shit.

    2. Are they hoping that if they cooperate the killers might not actually kill them? Might offer the victim some sort of deal? Or maybe the victims are hoping that if they cooperate they will be rewarded with a relatively merciful execution instead of being tortured to death? This victim didn’t look too beat-up and he was dispatched fast and thoroughly… Otherwise I don’t get it either. I don’t get how they allow themselves to be captured and I don’t know why they don’t resist…If I were in that line of work I’d keep a cyanide capsule hung around my neck and go out fighting as the poison takes hold. I’d get off a few shots at least…I think.

      1. I have an even worse idea. Put him alive in a coffin and bury it.
        That’s the worse kind of slow death apart from drowning or burning.
        The claustrophia, panic attack, asphyxiation.

        Still, that woman from Kill Bill managed to get out, yay!

        1. Yeah… in a coffin, hands tied behind his back and face down. Just to make sure the fucker doesn’t pull out a kill bill kind of escape, in case he watched the movie enough to learn the technique, lololol

    1. Who knows, this motherfucker is begging them not to kill him, saying “please let me go, I swear I won’t do it again” and also saying he left his “morra”(slang for girl) alone and without food, I don’t know if he’s referring to his girlfriend/wife or daughter, though. His killer says; “This happened to you, fucker, for disrespecting us (‘la banda’). You know who’s the law here, did you hear puto?”. I’m pretty sure this fag has done some shit too.

      1. @D. Henker
        Thanks for translating this for us all.
        Yes know that you have made us understand what is gong-on, it makes sense that this kid must’ve screwed-up in some way, or another. But with that being said, was (what he did) was so bad that the Poor-Kid was made to dig his own hole, that be killed??? 🙁

        1. It’s not what he did, it’s what he would’ve done had they let him live and go back to narco activities. It was a matter of time for this young guy to become a merciless sicario. I’m Mexican, but these scum fucks are NOT my people, I could watch them kill each other all day.

          Cheers BG brother.

          1. Damn it but you are correct my friend.
            Like that scene from the Godfather where Don Ciccio refuses to spare the young Vito telling his mother “When he’s a man he’ll come for revenge”
            The red pill is a hard pill to swallow.

          2. @D. Henker
            I Hear you brother, and understand where you’re coming from. What you are saying is right on the money my good man. I Hope that You, and your family continue to stay safe and far away from those sick fuckers.

        2. The dre, to understand more latin america and its violence id recommend you to watch “our lady of the assasins” by Barbet schroeder i believe. The book by Fernando Vallejo explains the problem from within without really trying to think for them (he always write on first person). Now about Barbet as a director is the same dude who filmed Idi amin dada and made most of the footage we have from him today.

          1. @Surfer Chick
            Wow,,, that was very well said Girl.
            I Have become a Flat-Earther only after studying both The Globe-Earth Theory, and The Flat-Earth while remaining completely unbiased while studying them both equally. And the funny thing that most on here still don’t know is that when i first started looking into it, my plan was to debunk this crazy Flat-Earth Theory once and for all, and show their followers Tons Of Proof that we live, and have always lived on A Globe-Earth.

            Boy was i in for a shock. Actually,,, it was the shock of my life. But after a few years of 7 days a week, and 16 to 18 hours a day did i realize and finally accepted that we do live on a firmament-covered Flat Immovable Earth. And it was only after being completely defeated in my mission to find some proven (what i thought would be evidence) facts did i finally come to my senses, and stopped fighting my inner self into accepting that they (These Flat-Earthers) were in fact correct, and that our Earth was indeed Flat.

            Furthermore eating Crow was on my menu for quite some time as i humbly asked for their forgiveness, and they were so understanding, and cool about it that it completely blew me away. So i signed-up and subscribed to Eric Dubay,,, Jeran Campanella,,, and ODD T.V’s You Tube Channels, and the rest,,, well like the saying goes is History, lol. I Was So Wrong to judge them before investigating all the proven-facts myself first. So that is one mistake that i never plan on doing again as Crow,,, well, let me just say that It really does Tastes Like Shit! 😉

            So Cheers My Good Best-Gore Sister. 🙂

          2. @Surfer Chick
            I Love your way of thinking, and your honesty Girl.
            Your open-mindedness is quite impressive to say the least.
            In other words,,, You Rock Man. 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s Mexico. Couldn’t make out much of what they were saying but these are the intelligible parts I understood:
    0:04 [Victim]: They’re/I’m(?) all alone, homie.
    0:08 [Victim]: I swear that I won’t tell anyone
    0:08 [Cameraman or executioner]: Eat a dick
    0:37-0:38 [Executioner]: So you learn / so you knock-it-off.
    0:40 [Executioner’s friend]: No no no, wait, wait.
    0:47 [Executioner]: This happens to you… For disrespecting the gang, ese. Now you’re seeing who the fuck is the law ’round here. Seen? You hear me? You listening, faggot? [*pokes the back of victim’s head with revolver*]
    1:03 [Executioner]: Stand up (?)
    1:03 [Victim]: I won’t do it again, I swear. I’ll get out [of town]. Real talk. *unintelligible* Leave my girl food, homie. (?)
    1:18 [*executioner shoots victim*]
    -video end-

  3. Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, whatever….I ask myself, does it really matter at this point? I mean, if it was Peckham or Utah that’d be interesting, but this is just business as usual in these South American shitholes.

    1. Most of the world don’t care about Utah or any other places in the USA. It’s a shithole with dumb fucks, ending up with Hillary and Trump as the best candidates amongst 300++ million inhabitants. And the best of all, most of the idiots demand the right to have weapons because THEY DONT TRUST THEIR GOVERNMENT.

      Well, before you laugh at Brazil, russia or Congo, get a fucking grip on your own fucked up world.

        1. I’m not getting into a discussion about which country is more fucked up than another. I just watched my new neighbor fuck up half of his lawn sprinkler zones removing some rhododendrons and ornamental trees. The water show was funny as hell.

    2. Dude, I dunno what’s worse; drug dealers and criminals slaughtering each other saving us the money of feeding another parasite in jail or having leftist terrorist organizations running around demanding things, destroying and burning cities down and funding their own controlled shitholes within important cities.

      1. Just rewatched. Believe I counted 12 shots. Don’t think it was a revolver. First few shots and maybe the last one or two did the most damage. For sure dead either 2 seconds after first shot or 30 seconds so not much more you can ask for if you end up on this website.

  4. This was awful and brutal (like most killings)
    To see a young life ended, just like an ant dying in the bush
    It makes you think:
    Are we really that different from that
    insect that just died today?

    He were once a ‘live’ thing
    Now he are just paste on the dirt ..

    See how meaningless life is, when you truly confront it?
    Here one second, gone the next ..

    I often try to imagine what goes through your head as
    you are kneeling in the forest, knowing you are living your
    last few seconds, and there’s nothing you can do about your
    soon to come death

    No money, no screaming, no begging
    You’re gonna die
    And you’re gonna die right now

    And that’s it

    I don’t know man, life seems such a bleak waste of time
    mother fucker, doesn’t it?
    Makes you wonder why the fuck we even live at all

    Sometimes I think it’d be better just to be a bee or moth or some
    shit, that just lives and dies and doesn’t even have to think about
    shit, or ponder
    It’s as if the poor little cunt-rag never even existed at all
    But ..
    He did!

    ‘Till next time .. Be good, Poonta
    Jonny is always with you ..

      1. At least they do not film it like it is a fucking commercial… By the way you are proving my point that religion is a huge problem in any way, shape or form. Also you know that mexico is something different with the violence than any other country? Very catholic very messed up. It’s a pattern in this.

    1. I agree, he’s so small and thin it looks like he is having to wear girls skinny jeans just for his pants to fit right. He probably dug the grave extra large to prolong his life by a few more minutes. He must have been terrified. i would’ve soiled myself in fear if in i was in that position.

  5. Definitely in this mexican shithole, the kneeling guy is trying to negociate his release appealing to being a member of the same gang, the gunman says “this happens to you for disrespecting -La Verga- (cock). The youngster in a last attempt to be forgiven, says he wont do it again and says please don´t let me leave my old woman (I guess wife or mother) without food, and even calls his soon to be executer “carnalito” (little brother) butI guess his fate was sealed before the video started

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