Kurdish Teenager Killed by Stun Grenade to the Neck – Adana, Turkey

Kurdish Teenager Killed by Stun Grenade to the Neck - Adana, Turkey

15 year old Kurdish teenager, Ibrahim Aras was allegedly killed by police in protests over the proposal of new military posts in the southern Turkish city of Adana. The demonstrations are by Kurdish nationals who believe that the opening of these posts are a threat to the peace process between the Turkish Government and the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK).

The PKK are a political/military organisation which have been in a constant armed struggle with Turkey for the last 30 years regarding political rights and oppression by the Turkish state. Protests took place on Sunday and on turning violent, the police responded by firing stun grenades into the crowds.

Eye witnesses claim that the teenager was hit in the neck by a stun grenade aimed directly at him by Turkish police. The force of the grenade hitting the boy and exploding on impact shattered his skull into a hundred pieces, leaving his brain matter over the road for all to see. Although the official Anatolia news agency report has blamed the death on a handmade explosive device the boy was handling accidentally went off in his hands. Pretty messed up if you ask me, like I have said before if you’re going to go into a battle zone you best be prepared for bad stuff to happen.

Protests are often seen by young kids to go out and cause a bit of mischief which they obviously get a real kick out of, but when you see your friend destroyed into a headless bloody corpse I wonder if they will all be rushing out again soon to the next one. And was it worth it in the first place? Running around attacking the police better known as the henchmen for the state and being labelled troublemakers by the MSM (mainstream media) isn’t the best way to get your point across. The media has a massive influence in making you look like hoodlums for fighting your cause. There are other ways to accomplish your goals because unless you have a dedicated revolution on your hands the police sadly, will always win. This doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t fight for what we believe in we just have to be a bit more savvy in the way we go about it.

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        1. @The Judge

          Great first post, thank you.

          Stun grenades are classed as ‘less-lethal’ weapons.

          They have killed quite a number of people, usually as the result of ignition of materials but, also, through explosive force e.g. In February 2011, a North Carolina SWAT police officer was injured at his home when a stun grenade accidentally detonated while he was attempting to secure his equipment.

          He underwent emergency surgery, but later died of his injuries.


    1. I’m inclined to believe he might have had a home made explosive I had a stun grenade go off on my Duty belt once and it only stung a bit and didn’t so much as tear a fiber of my pants. To do that much Damage is a far stretch. Even had a flash bang go off right as I threw it and just startled me but no injury whatever did that to Him was most likely a improvised pipe bomb (a damn big one to Reduce flesh and bone to soup. But stranger things have happened. Anyone seen the protests and anger at the Cops that shot the camper in the back the (booya rectal wart) that was such a “Threat” Trigger happy morons and of course they justified it but video doesn’t lie they Murdered that Guy flat out.

  1. @Judge excellent post. The Kurdish situation promises gore for years to come Turkey is their biggest obstacle to statehood so it will probably get much worse before it gets better. And the cheap broken Kurdish pottery like skull is like LOOKING at classical music. congrats on your first post bro!!!

    1. Cheers mate, Really appreciate it! spreading gore to the masses is great!! The fight between them is quite unheard of but it’s been going on for so long? I guess we only hear about what they want us to untill we start reaching out ourselves. Always a good thing!

  2. @Judge, nice first post, well done.

    I’ve always said that the best way to protest in a capitalist society is by hurting the target’s profit margin.

    Let’s say that you dislike a particular organisation, a big brand electronics retailer for example, and you want to protest them, the worst way to go about it is by holding placards and looking angry because they will simply ignore you, the media doesn’t care because they are on the side of big business and the general public don’t care because the world is full of crappy organisations.

    You could always do a violent protest but the police and/or army will be turned out on you therefore violent protest is sometimes a necessity for revolution to take place but not so effective against the individual target.

    The best course of action, provided you can get enough people to follow the idea, is to simply deprive them of their life blood by not giving them any business, take away their profit and you take away their power, with the ability to communicate to a wide audience very quickly via social media a good idea can create a lot of ripples and with enough ripples you can effect change on any organisation, particularly those that require open market consumerism to survive.

    To effect change on governments simply stop being so compliant, they can’t arrest everyone if the group is large enough and stop doing business with companies that work with the government, the government doesn’t care about you but they care about their own business interests, hurt their business interests and you hurt them, of course if all else fails a direct revolution is needed but there are many steps people can take before that stage.

    1. That’s a great way empty and thanks by the way. A complete boycott of their services is absolutely the best way to bring them down. They feed off of us and they seem to forget that they need us much more than we need them. Unfortunately too many sheep will undoubtedly keep using their services rendering the boycott unsuccessful. If only everyone was as like minded as someone like yourself I bet they would be begging for mercy as they watch their system crumble around them!

      1. @Empty and @Judge .

        Couldn’t free more fellas , it is the he and only way to truly fight back at the corporate thieves . Hence my aim in life to do just that .

        It would make me one very happy man indeed if more and more people began taking those steps away from the norm and used their initiative . It can be done too , no way is it an easy task but , it is more than feasible .

        We can but live in hope guys . 😉

          1. we will get there eventually. russell brand hit the nail on the head when he said these governments of today have had their day and people are waking up soon a revolution WILL take place worldwide and all the tyrants of modern day are going to get fucked up

    2. @Judge, ewestomper

      The beauty of the above process is that it can also be used to generate a market of indigenous job creation and boost GDP.

      Lets say you dislike companies that fire all the indigenous staff and shift the manufacturing abroad into third world sweatshops, if enough people refused to buy from those companies and instead chose to spend their money with the companies that kept their indigenous workforce you would force them to bring the manufacturing back or go out of business.

      A country that manufactures and buys their own goods reduces national debt and increases GDP whilst boosting indigenous employment levels which boosts consumerism in general which further boosts GDP and job creation so on and so forth.

      The reason why China and India are such economic powerhouses now is because every other country had their manufacturing done there in order to lower production costs whilst selling at an high price back home, all this economic action boosted China and India’s GDP and a country that manufactures and buys their own goods reduces national debt and increases GDP whilst boosting indigenous employment levels which boosts consumerism in general.

      However a country that abandons these principles, which is us in the first world, only creates personal wealth for the business owners themselves whilst the country itself slowly dies due to reduced employment, reduced consumerism and increased national debt.

      So it is clear what must be done in order to get our countries back on the road to success but, just like you said, how do we get the sheeple to do it?.

      There are a few ways but the best method is the shame tactic. You see charities employ this method all the time, “these children will die if you don’t give them the means to survive”, “poor old pooch the dog was badly mistreated until we came to help”, ended by the usual “just a few dollars/pounds a month will make sure that this suffering never happens again”.

      What Joe public fails to realise is that only a tiny fraction of the donation goes on the actual cause and the rest goes straight into rich peoples pockets so that they can have a new sports car and a bigger house.

      However the shame tactic works perfectly, therefore if you keep the message simple and concise, “Are you spending your way into ruin?, help yourself by helping your economy”, you will get it into their heads that helping their own economy is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

      At the end of the day that is all capitalism is, a market based upon supply and demand, shaped by consumerism and the consumers shape the market via their purchasing power therefore each and every consumer has the power to change the system if they work together in large enough numbers, those with the least power in society actually have the most power when working in unison.

      1. @empty

        Bro you never fail to say things in a way which explains things so clearly. Most people are thinking this but find it very difficult to explain well. You sir, should be the spokesman of the people. 🙂

      2. Most definitely agree and would add to your paragraph “However a country that abandons…” – the fact that the country ends up also increasing their own unemployment rates and increasing their population of people on social welfare benefits. The people who know how to work the social system pass this “knowledge” along to their children in many cases and laziness/usage of social system continues into more generations, making it worse for the middle class struggling to keep up; too proud to give up and jump on social programs. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s a shame that it makes the people who really need benefits look like just another group of lazy assholes. Pretty sad for a “first world country” that companies and government allow the country to go to hell in a hand basket over greed.

  3. nice post @ judge…
    police brutality again, im sure the one who fired that stun grenade will surely say that he does it out of self defense and he will easily get away with it..
    kinda expecting a massive wound in the neck. but i don’t see any neck at all.. no idea what a stun grenade is..

    1. If this is a stun grenade, they need to switch to bottle rockets and Roman candles! Ridiculous amount of damage! Blew his entire brain out of his skull. This is the reality of physically standing up to “authority”. I guess this is what it takes for people to wake up. Or are we just becoming more numb and condemned even further?

  4. @Judge, didnt know you were posting too, congratulations man, and a great post. I wonder if the guy was alive long enough after detonation to know what happened, or was his brain fucked straight away? Not a way I’d like to go, but then there aren’t many ways I would like to go.

      1. Here are lots of beheadings and dismembered corpses but I don’t know how to post them 🙁 btw I already make a fansign it was quick but I don’t dare to upload it it’s not my face I don’t want to be recognized 😆

  5. Hey @TheJudge great post! Will be sure to get some tips off you for posting!

    I could talk on and on about this subject. So many follow the same values yet can’t be brought together to a large enough scale to make an impact!

    Hope to get more posts like that from you, nice one!! x

    1. Thanks Danielle,

      I had a lot of support from the main guys here at BG! I encourage anyone who wants to post to get in touch and go for it. If I can help in any way just email me anytime! 🙂

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