Lake County Cops Break Inmate’s Neck Then Drag Him Around Jail

Lake County Cops Break Inmates Neck Then Drag Him Around Jail

51 year old Eugene Gruber was reported drunk, hostile and uncooperative after his arrest on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges, when he was taken into the Lake County, Chicago area jail on October 31, 2011. The following day he was paralyzed, with a broken neck and barely registering pulse. He complained for hours that he couldn’t move his legs but paramedics were not called until the next morning. He has never recovered from his injuries and died 4 months later at a Chicago rehabilitation hospital.

In their daily report, officers handling Eugene Gruber mentioned that they pepper-sprayed him because he was combative and threatened violence against guards. What they didn’t mention is that a physical altercation involving an officer taking Eugene Gruber down with a neck twisting maneuver took place inside the cell with no cameras where the alleged pepper-spraying took place. After that, the paralyzed inmate was dragged around the jail like a sack of potatoes.

The Chicago state’s attorney’s office initially declined to press charges, alleging that they found no evidence of criminal intent. But then the video leaked and in it you can see quite clearly the officer get him in a choke hold and lift him up. 187!

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  1. I never,ever seen this poor man being combative whatsoever. So why the fuck were they so rough with him. Breaking his neck, dragging him around like a dirty rag doll ? C,mon man, WTF happened to TO SERVE & PROTECT ? This video is very upsetting to me, that poor dude did not deserve to suffer like this, than die 4 months later. R.I.P. πŸ™

    1. all of it boils down to ONE PERSON and one person only

      not the dead inmate and not the cops , but rather the crooked warden…

      those cops are nothing but lackwit lackneys answering higher authority

      crap like this happens EVERYDAY in prisons

        1. @scholar na it isn’t always the wardens fault, I say it’s the officers fault because they are a bunch of pieces of shit that think just because they have a badge they can do whatever the fuck they want and know they wont face consequences if they get caught. Lets play a game if you were a judge who would you believe a 2 year on duty cop or a convict..?

      1. That and the fact that 95% of them are either the losers that got beat up in school or the bullies who did the beating up in school. There are definitely good cops out there but they are unfortunately too rare to find. It’s cops like these here who give them all a bad name. When it comes to police officers, the bad greatly out way the good.

    2. Too bad we couldn’t see what happened prior to all of this. It’s a moment in time taken out of a much longer moment that led up to this. I am truly sad for this man and his family, honestly. But I must say that of all of my dealings with the police, I never once found myself in a jail cell getting choked or pepper sprayed or slammed on the ground. What I mean is, I try to avoid situations that would put me in such a scenario as does the majority of society. Sure, there are times when bad cops single people out and fuck them over (like Mark Marek) or even kill them (like Rodney King and many others) but that doesn’t mean all police officers are evil, murdering pieces of shit. Sometimes they save your fucking life or your kid’s life.
      Cops can also use excessive force sometimes, we all know this fact. But I’ve said it before, if the cops should use force to stop a threat and they don’t, they end up getting killed or their partner gets killed, then we all watch the video of their failure to act and we call them pussies and say how we would’ve been so hardcore and killed the guy. It’s different when YOU are the one dealing with the shit and not sitting in front of your computer. (Again, yes I have been in combat in the military – I have to say this because ppl will no doubt say ‘Oh and I suppose YOU know what it’s like?’)

  2. It’s strange how all these “physical altercations” and “maneuvers” seem to always take place off camera. Then we’re only shown video footage of a totally compliant and cooperative inmate. Very strange.

    1. Yeah I thought that for legal reasons whenever an inmate is being uncooperative and they need to remove him from his cell or whenever they refuse to do anything they videotape the situation. It covers their ass so no prisoner can lie and say they were hurt if they weren’t and it forces the guards to be honest.

      1. Unfortunately even when cops are being video taped on their turf they still lie because of how rare it is for videos like these to get leaked and they know they can get away with it but better safe then sorry. I’m sure they’d rather do their deeds without cameras present so that they can make up their own story on why an inmates face is busted up or in this case, why this inmate mysteriously has a broken neck. It’s disgusting what authority figures can get away with huh?

    1. How old are you Obli? Just curious. I’m 47.

      I don’t plan on getting arrested any time soon, but in a police state such as we have in the USA, you can end up being ran over by a police car after being stopped for not wearing your seatbelt, you can be anally probed twice- then be given a high colonic and even though they found nothing after three invasive procedures have a fourth search of your colon and all because you didn’t come to a complete stop in the state of New Mexico.

      This man being a 51 year old drunk is NOTHING to be concerned with, compared to being concerned with police officers who are nothing more than sociopathic psychotic bullies. I’d rather live in a world with a bunch of irresponsible overgrown baby men than to have to live in a world where it’s ok to commit murder and assault provided you have a badge (what?! Their mom didn’t love them enough so now they get to snap people’s necks?)

      This sickens and saddens me deeply.

      How are they better human beings? How do they deserve to be violent but anyone else doing what they do would be held accountable? Their excuses are shit. One guy in cuffs mouthing off to over half a dozen cops. Big deal, they should ignore him, lock him in a holding cell. But no, they can’t handle it by god their egos can’t handle it. it feels too satisfying to show these lower life forms whose boss. They get off on it. They get off slamming people’s faces into cement. They get off on what they do and like sex addicts or any kind of addict for that matter they seek out their ‘fix’. We aren’t talking healthy people. We are talking about text book sadists who enjoy watching people suffer, some of them probably get sexually aroused by it, they enjoy when people are helpless and powerless in a VERY non consensual way. It’s sick. Even sicker they get to get away with this shit and at the same time get to play the hero role and get automatic respect just for wearing the uniform, not for being required to actually possess integrity or to stand for anything.

      The citizens have become the enemy. The cops do not serve and protect the citizens the cops serve and protect the government, the system, the establishment. It’s practically NEVER true when they claim self defense or that their lives were in danger but the brainwashed people are programmed to believe cops are the good guys not to be questioned after all they risk their lives protecting society right? why wouldn’t serial killers, predators, sociopaths, etc., set out to be police officers, after all, they get to terrorize people legally and even earn a paycheck doing it. Pedophiles seek out circumstances that allow them closer to children, trusted positions. Nobody dreams of being a cop because they want to help the world be a better place. It’s an ego thing.

      One of the situations in my personal life that has certainly had an impact on my perception of police, many years ago my sisters 22 yr old boyfriend was emotionally unstable and depressed and shot himself in the neck in our driveway. My father heard the shot and ran outside and put his hands on the young mans neck holding the wound as closed as he could though he was losing a lot of blood. Police arrived before emergency techs and pulled their guns on my father screaming at him to move away from the wounded mans body. My father who was clearly unarmed and whose hands were clearly in a safe place due to the situation attempted to reason with the two cops, saying: “I’m holding his wound to try to hamper the bleeding, it’s a major artery if I let go this kid is dead for sure. The police answered by screaming if he didn’t move away and let go they were going to shoot my father. Reluctantly my dad let go and of course the young man quickly bled out. My father was deeply torn up and felt the man may have had a chance of surviving had he disobeyed the cops cruel and inhumane orders. Who were the cops protecting?! WHO?! If they are protecting themselves from harm then maybe they shouldn’t bother showing up in the first damn place!!!!

      It defies reason. It defies humanity, it defies everything that makes sense and goes against every principle you would want established in a healthy culture.

      1. I’m sorry that happened to your family. Sadly its not an extraordinary story and is quite common. I remember reading something that rung true.. 80% of cops are psychopaths who thrive on using their power to humiliate and harm. 19% of cops are jaded and just don’t care about anything at all. The last 1% are the rare, almost extinct social worker with a badge type who truly think they can help people.

        There was a story not too long ago about a Texas state trooper who during a routine traffic stop of a woman and her daughter performed an anal and vaginal cavity search because he believed he “smelled marijunana”. After a search of thier car turned up nothing he called a female trooper and in full view of the road she snapped on a glove and shoved it in the woman’s ass then vagina. (Not to mention how WRONG that is on many levels but also how disgusting, everyone knows you don’t go from ass to vagina). They then proceeded to do this to the daughter. Of course nothing was found. They were suspended with pay but reinstated. It has come out that this was not an isolated incident but rather a common occurrence. No warrant, no probable cause, just a quick “do you have anything on you, mind if we check” then a cavity search in full view of the road and traffic. Sadism at its best.

        1. Thanks gos15. Yes I was aware of that and several other similar cases. I’m very concerned about the police state. What I want to know is what are we the people going to do about it. What can we do about it. Whatever can be done should be. No I’m not talking violence or illegal anything but we need to be doing more than thinking and talking about such issues. I do believe that more people are starting to see what’s happening around them. The veil is dissolving around the illusions that have kept people totally asleep. Reminds me of the movie ‘they live’ LOL.

  3. It’s his own fault. No one gives a fuck about your rights when you get aggressive with them. People are under some illusion that it’s safe to argue with or fight with cops. They’re just people and they could fuck you up if you piss them off just like anybody else on the street. A mouse shouldn’t fuck with a lion. There’s the way it should be and there’s the way it is. They carry guns and are legally allowed to use violence against you, maybe they’ll break a rule when nobody is looking. You’re taking your chances if you act up with them and piss them off.

    1. No sir they are required to act professional no matter what,a law enforcer should never hurt a unarmed man nor break the rules at all.fuck those cops there familys and even there god forsaken dogs cats and hamsters

      1. Well, you’re talking about how they should act, I’m talking about how they do act. Just because they should follow the rules doesn’t mean they do. You have to deal with what people really act like, not the ideal. And those cops might be bastards that’ll fuck you up and lie about. So what I’m saying is, don’t count on the rules to protect you. You have to look out for your own safety and take into consideration that cops beat the shit out of people and kill people all the time, so that’s the reality your dealing with, right or wrong they do it, so it’s smart to not act up while you are in their control.

  4. This just shows you that pigs everywhere think they are God…and can do whatever they want whenever they want…i didn’t see this guy aggressive or anything like it…but whose to say he wasn’t..ive seen drunks switch up in a second and become monsters..i hope his family sues…

  5. Wow! If this isnt typical, I don’t know what is! I can’t fucking stand cops. Let me rephrase that. I hate MOST cops. I have came across a few decent ones in my day.

    I don’t put up with their shit. I got pulled over once and the cop INSISTED I was on my cell phone. Let me add this – I told him to search my fucking car and I bet you won’t find a cell phone because I left it home that day. He still swore up and down he saw me talking on my phone. I told him “If you really thought I was on my fucking phone, you would have wrote me a ticket, or searched my car by now. Clearly you were fucking bored.” Considering NY has a tight cell phone law. Lets just say I won that battle. Prick. That was a little irrelevant. I just hate their fucking power trips.

    1. My 3 year old daughter saw a cop car and said “Zena shoot cop in face”… A little blonde hair blue eyed toddler says she wants to shoot a cop in the face. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. I never taught her that, but I did teach her not to trust cops. I don’t know where that came from but it gave me a good laugh.

        1. Yeah, and not to mention some old person driving slow in front of us turned off without a run signal and she immediately yelled “asshole!”. Lol or the time at the park when we were playing soccer and she saw an empty bottle someone left behind and she picked it up, threw it and said “douche bag!”.

          Lucky for me she only does this when I’m around and not around school but little kids cursing is one of the funniest things ever.

          1. Hahah, I totally get what you’re saying! I encourage my daughter to speak her mind. She knows there is a time and a place for everything. I love the looks I get from the typical “mother of the year” whenever they hear my intelligent, outspoken daughter open her mouth. She really tells it like it is, lol! Can’t be mad though. Kids have to havea tough backbone to survive.

        1. Oh well. I guess I tore thru his room and violated his privacy for nothing. I can’t believe you’re 31. I’m 36 and definitely not passing for a teenager. Your really look identical to my son in your picture though. That’s crazy.

    1. Ill blow yours..if you’ll blow mine too…fuck am i saying..if i had a gun id gladly eat myself..quick and clack..BOOM..9 yrs and that’s most likely what I’ll do…that or a train…but seriously..get some Sun bud…pop some melatonin and take a nap..sleeps the cousin of death..and less permanent…

  6. Good FUCKING riddance, Bastard should off stayed out of jail and none of this would off happen!
    Good job Correctional Officers!!
    One less Scumbag in this world full of Scum!!!
    But come on MAN 4 months before he croaked….well at least we can say he died fighting…..HA!

  7. Seems like they downplayed the severity of what had happened to him so much that he didn’t get proper treatment right away. Fuck what they did to him beyond the curtain, but even more so for what they didn’t do for him after running a train on him.

  8. Off topic in response to the daily B.S. that has been going on since Mark’s absence…..
    I have noticed that new alike old members are having a blast with they’re comments of grieve and insult and I am counting the days that Mark makes he’s return cause a lot of us are going to be wondering why when we try to log on our comments wont be posted!
    The Site has turned into a frenzied whirlwind of want and need and a lot of the shit that’s going on now wont be happening upon Mark’s return.
    So enjoy people have a blast, all you of the past years know what I am talking about!
    The needy will be flushed as they’re true colors are being revealed……and so will the strong! For freedom of thought is so easily deleted by a couple of clicks…

  9. I made a comment but didn’t make it for some reason so i’ll make it again….
    Off topic I’ve noticed that a lot of us new and old members have been having a blast with our comments of grieve and insult since Marks absence.
    And I am counting the days for he’s return….Cause that day when a lot of us try to log in a comment we’ll be wondering “why isn’t my comment showing up “…..And the answer would be that none of the B.S that’s happening now will continue….Old members be observant of all the feeble and insincerity of what’s going on…..Its turned into a party of recklessness forgetting the essence of what this site was……..
    For the weak have infiltrated our glorious pass time with debauchery only known to them….and has infected into the masses of said site….So enjoy!!!

          1. Devil Metal, Metal to the fucking Devil
            with the Devil on our side we’ll be headbanging legends in life and death my friend….
            Its always a pleasure……

  10. I thought this guy was white..not a porchmonkey..why the fuck are they beating on him..I’m sure there’s some coons There waiting for a beating..lynching..or a good old butt raping..hahahaha……ooooooooO..yeah i went there..let’s see if ajay can stir up some controversy….or look like a nigger doing it..why??? Fuck you..that’s why… πŸ™‚

  11. His death was stated as a homicide but surprise, surprise the district attorney says its not criminal or liable …the asshole that broke his neck still has his job but they fired the nurse…there was no injury report the day this happen…his sister is atleast suing them…oh the dumb ass sheriff said he would spend a week in jail as good faith until his attorney advised against it…I guess to show his correction officers were not going to break his neck…I hop who broke his next will one day end up on this site…btw how do you change your avitar to a photo….

    1. @mike11111, let me get this right, you are saying that they fired the nurse for not making a report but the cop kept his job for breaking the neck of an inmate?

      There is something seriously wrong with this picture!

        1. Typical police business at its best…get the nurse fired…i hope she gets hired on at the local er and one of these pricks in the videos gets shanked..instant karma for babygirl…and this dude who they essentially killed…fuck em..

  12. Very often drunks are combative. I guard at our lil jail but have no authority like a cop I basically just observe and monitor the prisoners and log it. Most of the time they are lippy and warned not to fuck around . There are cameras too . Usually the fighting happens before they get brought in so all I get is drunks yelling at me calling me white asshole and shit. I just say well I’m not the one behind bars am I? Been times where i wanted to be mouthy back but gotta be professional haha.

      1. Nah I’m armed only with my wits and cat like refelxes lol. I’m not like a jail guard you see on TV , its just a small 2 cell reserve detachment. I have first aid training which is required. I feed em through a slot in the door. When they are released and booked and searched a cop or two does it. If they fight I can help if needed if they try to run I can stop em. The times I’ve been there they have been mostly cooperative. Usually fought on the way or at arrest lol. They get loud and obnoxious though. And try to demand food and coffee and phone calls. Then they pass out. One of these days shit will prob go down but I’m always ready mentally and in fit shape and am hyper vigilant anyways .

        1. Lets make a fun game out of it and all guess what happened. I want to believe its something totally bad ass, like tax evasion or insider trading, but my gut tells me it’s indecent exposure at an old age home.

          1. totally badass??? …like tax evasion?? or insider trading??
            badass is TRADING your insides!!
            like standing in the middle of wall street, singing john mayer’s “your body is a wonderland and then drenching it with piss

          2. Solid guess @SOS, but I’m thinking Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, while tied upside down on a tree, got me so far, while masturbating himself into his own face.

          3. Jesus had it easy being crucified right side up. At least he didn’t have to worry about getting poop in his mouth. And those nails kept him from getting any unsightly rope burns.

      1. Ex wife has abused the abuse laws…nothing worse when women use the laws meant as shields as swords…I am just glad I am pretty good size and no one fucked with me..actually some of the officers belong to some of the chicago gangs…I did almost get in with it with some wanna be that wouldn’t get off phone..they put you in a cage (bull pen) with 4 phones on each side but they control if they are on or off…they had 2 on one side and 1 on other..if you don’t bail out by 8 pm you stay the night…no one was telling this punk to get off phone..I finally yell dude this isn’t phone sex..get the fuck of the phone…the brothers just all look at me…lol….not that glamerous as tax invasion though…

      1. Hush and get back in your little closet, slave.

        But seriously.. The cop was my ex’s friend and he called me a “C word”. You know that deserved a punch to the face.

        If this double posts.. Ignore it. Kept filtering me out because I said the actual “c word”.

          1. Who gets hurt or emotional about their friends break ups? If a girl breaks up with me I barely even care. Grow a pair dude. Some cops are just begging to be punched in the face.

        1. After you are done with probation..send him a message…only a cunt would press charges…I dont ever go to the police…I had a fallen out with guy in costa rica…he sent his big fucking body guard that’s on roids to bar I was at…the nigger punches me in back..I was talking to bartender..I turn around and bam a blow to the head knocks me on floor..he kicks me a cracks 2 ribs..I pull out my lock blade and he runs out and gets in car and leaves..didn’t even think about calling cops…forget karma or the police when you can take care of it and it’s faster than karma

          1. Oh! I love cupcakes, the rat poison gives them a little extra kick, think you can hook me up too? I would never call you a christmas πŸ™

          2. Never call the cops. Ever. Never talk to the cops either. After the accident I was in the cops wanted to press agg assault charges against the driver, my fianc?e. When I woke up from being in a coma and five mins later a cop was there trying to ” take my statement”. I just said I don’t recall to everything. Like why the hell would I give a statement, no matter how much I get pissed at my bf I still wouldn’t get him locked up.

            Plus Everytime someone calls the cops they end up dead, arrested, or something along those lines. 600 people have died in the past few years from being tasered alone. Bringing cops into a problem will make it worse. Deal with your shit yourself.

  13. Eh, as sad as it is to see, it happens all over this shithole nation all the time. Back in the good ol’ days, you actually had to have qualifications to become an officer, now if you have a GED and can make a 70% on a civil service exam, you are now a cop! Woohoo! Not quite the people I want “protecting” me when they can’t protect themselves.
    First time posting…sorta, I do love me some cupcakes. Long time lurker. Love the site!

  14. I’ve been in Lake County Jail. It’s just outside of Chicago. It was all because I forgot to pay a speeding ticket. I got a speeding ticket for going above 25 mph. They consider it reckless driving, but I was not driving recklessly. So the problem I had once I landed in jail was they didn’t want to give me my script Ive taken for years, Oxycontin. I got into a fight with a guard. It did not turn out too well. some fuckin country we live in. It’s turned into a police state night mare. I’ll not soon make that mistake again!

  15. Cops run into soooo much trash that sometimes they snap and come down hard.. I don’t blame them one bit all you people are talkin out your ass.. Put yourself in a pigs shoes and you’ll be beating mother fuckers down.. Sometimes people get what they deserve..

  16. I don’t really see the cops doing anything other than dragging him round, which they would do if he’s pissed out of his head, I think it’s a combination of his inability to do what they say, since he’s drunk and several cops all pulling him in different directions

  17. First, I think these are jail guards and not LEOs. In other words, they didn’t have what it took to be a cop.

    I never really saw him being combatative, so I have a hard time seeing how they justify using enough force to break his neck and then just let him fucking sit there until he was almost dead. We all know jail guards are kind of stupid, but come on. And as we can expect, the prosecutors, police, and lowly jail guards all look out for one another. You or I break some dudes neck, and we do serious prison time. They don’t even get a reprimand.

  18. I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, and can tell you with first hand experience that the law enforcement here doesn’t fuck around.

    My friend’s dad was a police officer serving a warrant in 2001. The recipient of the warrant was at his apartment when the cop came to arrest the guy. he pulls out two revolvers and just shoots through the door several times. the cop died.

    The cops then arrive on scene and just light the guy up.

    Extra judicial corruption is what MADE Chicago.

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