Las Vegas Cop Executes Man Actively Stabbing Himself

Las Vegas Cop Executes Man Actively Stabbing Himself

On July 11, 2017, a Las Vegas cop named William Pollock shot dead 27 year old Caleb Edward Blaylock who was having a mental episode and reportedly tried to carjack a pickup truck while brandishing a knife.

The cop’s body camera footage shows the cop went into the encounter with an intent to kill. He was still driving, but was already holding his gun in the hand ready to fire. Of course, he knew he had his camera recording so he turned to the variety of the trusted “fix all” line the cop use in order to justify executions: “Stop Resisting“. Only in this case, the mark was still far away, so the cop dropped the “resisting” part, but the intent remains.

The cop can also be heard telling the dispatcher that Caleb Edward Blaylock is “actively stabbing himself“. As we’ve seen way too often on Best Gore, in a police state, cops enjoy killing citizens and can’t stand other people taking the joy of killing way from them. That includes the victims themselves. When cops are called to help a suicidal person, or any person in need of help for whatever reason, the moment the cops arrive, that person is dead. In police states, cops don’t help. In police states, cops execute.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police released this body cam video and included stills of screenshots that are meant to justify the execution of Caleb Edward Blaylock. And I can see how to your regular sheeple this would work. But looked at from the perspective of an aware person, one can tell that the victim knew he was as good as dead once the police arrived, so no matter what he’d do, they’re gonna execute him. So he went right up to the cop in order to not needlessly put off the inevitable. Afterall, USA is a country where a citizen is executed by a cop every 8 hours.

Needless to say, aside from scoring a new notch on his belt, William Pollock also earned himself a paid vacation time for taking yet another life.

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183 thoughts on “Las Vegas Cop Executes Man Actively Stabbing Himself”

      1. What do you mean he was no threat to the cop? He held the door and was coming near him with the knife. The cop even told him to drop the knife repeatedly before firing. Most cops would’ve already shot him dead, so this is a good cop.

        1. So hit the gas and reposition the vehicle to a safer area. Then attempt to exit and subdue the suspect. Let me remind you guys again, the cop PUT himself into the danger, he should have kept his distance. Cmon now, I knew I was going to get flak for my comment. But really, there was no other way to handle the situation other than to headshot the guy? Where is the training and tactics? Even common sense? If the man was such a threat, maybe rolling up on the guy and placing him at your doorside might not be the greatest move. You guys are all entitled to your opinions of course. I do not disagree that the man needed to be stopped, but was the amount of force used necessary? I really don’t think so. This should have had a better outcome. It is sad really. Trust me I don’t have much sympathy for the perp as yes he created the violent situation. But I feel it could have been handled better. What do cops in countires that dont carry guns do when there is a guy with a knife? Hell the officer could have even struck him with the car from the get go, boom suspect down, secure the knife and everyone walks away alive. Forgive me dear friends, but I don’t believe ALL situations involving weapons call for deadly force, less than lethal force was not even attempted here. I may lose some reputation points but im holding to my opinion. Im not going to respond to any other comments below this one, as it seems most people have no real argument and instead throw insults. Which is fine I can take it. I may not agree with it but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

          1. My thoughts exactly. Yes the guy came with a knife but why get so close in the first place? And why not use taser which they usually so love to use? Stupid!

          2. Your a fuckin tard. Read what you wrote. The guys in public armed with a weapon with the intent to harm himself and/or others, and a cop is supposed to “reposition” himself? Get the fuck outta here.

          3. Im not going to explain myself any further than I already have. Clearly there are some here that are not listening to what I am trying to say. I will leave one final thought. Cop in car vs guy on foot with a knife…who has the advantage? Im sorry that the guy was armed with an extra dangerous super assault rambo eviscerator special edition blade of the fucking apocalypse. The cop signed up for the job. He knew the dangers when he took the job. You don’t get drafted into police work. There is noone forcing you to do a job that puts you in danger. You willingly accept it. So what he could have got his arm poked at the very worst. Like I said, hit the gas and reposition. Seriously hope none of you people ever encounter a similar situation with someone you know or love. When a cop blows one of them away needlessly when other actions could have been taken to prevent loss of life, I want to see what your thoughts are then. Police are supposed to be a life saving organization not a life taking one. Im sorry some of you cannot understand the simple fact that from the get go the cop fucked up. He compromised himself by driving up next to the guy. I mean it just seems like common sense. The cop is no hero for killing this guy. So he tried to jack a truck holding a knife, nowhere in the article do I see anything about anyone getting injured. Only one being injured was himself. He needed mental help but instead he got a bullet.

            I’ve spent enough time arguing my point. If you are not with me that is fine. But don’t be a fucking douche and start insulting and name calling people when you have nothing left to say.

          4. Too bad you forgot that cops are not babysitters, if you have mental issues cops are not supposed to fix them…Yeah the ”Could” have done better and bla bla bla like you see in Swedish episodes were 3 female cops stay there like retards and cant stop a single guy while he even throw rocks at them possibly hitting them on the head and kill them but honestly Police is Police in the end…they tell you to stop and you stop and thats it…

            There is no way around it, thats how it should be and i repeat that if you have mental issues thats not Police job, you shouldnt be on the road with a knife potentially harming people…

            I wish more people would understand that so they stop acting as monkeys…

          5. i’ve got to agree. Dude was stabbing himself, and nuts. The cop made the right choice. he charged him. really. dude had no choice. He actually sounded like he was perplexed that the guy was stabbing himself. Really his job too, is to stop the dude, from coming up on my wife, or kids. Thats a real shame the kid was crazy. .. and white btw… but its menal health needs worked on in America.

          6. @AppledicticPrinciples Well said. The cop is the one who continued to close the distance between himself and the suicidal man, clearly visible to anyone who watches the video. This is how cops help — they shoot suicidal people. Fucking pigs!

        2. I agree. He was right at the door with the knife and he had his arm back like he was ready to swing. You have to assume if he is willing to stab himself then he would have no problem stabbing somebody else. Just cause the guy is “mental” shouldn’t give him some kinda “pass” cause he is just as potentially dangerous as anybody else doing the same thing.

        3. Can’t you obviously admit that this happy trigger cop cunt needs to learn what cold blood keeping means?
          If a professional peacekeeper can’t neutralize a knife holder (who’s only stabbed himself) without killing him, what’s the use of keeping this shit alive and make the tax payers maintain his passion for mayonnaised burgers?

        4. That’s BS! Sorry but the cop placed himself in that situation! There is no reason for the cop to roll up on him like that other than with the intent to kill him! He didn’t want to help this man that was stabbing himself, he wanted to kill him! Kif this was a competent, trained, compassionate cop he would have kept his distance and tried to talk the situation down and used less force to take him down! This crap happens all to often and I’m sick of it! This idiot cop drove right up to him so that he was face to face with the guy wielding the knife ON HIM SELF and then killed him!! This incident was murder!!!!

          1. @DianeWTFdidIjustwatch Damn straight! The cop drove up to the man not once, not twice, but a total of three times. Even after he closed the distance – and placed himself in immediate danger – he could have simply driven his patrol car out of harms way, but that would have been too easy. Nope! Instead, he had to shoot the guy five times. This is why most people have little respect for law enforcement; they pose a greater threat than the average citizen. They even kill people who have no weapons, and who are wearing nothing more than their pajamas.

      2. Dude he needed to be disarmed. Come on he had a knife holding the door. Could the cop have stayed back, waited and hopefully subdue him when back up arrives?? yes. But the guy had a knife and could’ve killed others. Mental issues or not this guy was a threat!. Finally the cops have one video. Cops are gaining ground lol.

      3. You stupid libturd and troll!

        Fucking piss-sipper was holding a knife and cumming towards the cop by holding the car door.

        What do you expect? That he kindly ask where the next McDonalds is??

        I drop a cold pressies inside your mouth.

        1. Ya know. I kinda liked you man. But literally all you do is insult people. This is why I hardly give my opinion on topics such as these. Because all it does is spawn hatred and bullshit. So I tend to keep my opinions to myself and just enjoy the gore.

          1. I still like you my friend!

            Yeah, I enjoy the gore, too.

            But don’t insult me! It is these naive sheep who watch CNN and their brainwashed brains, that destroy our country,

            So nothing wrong by waking them up, TRUMP style.

            Its all for the LOLZ, brother.,

      4. How about we let that savage stroll down your block where your wife and kids reside and give him a time out while wielding that knife, SOMEONE called 911 you moron and asked for assistance, the cop didn’t just “put himself” there, he was protecting himself and the people who pay taxes for his bravery! First to criticize and first to call for HELP, get a life loser!

        1. Ok I lied ill answer this one, only because I want to clearify. I did not mean the cop came out of nowhere and put himself in the situation on his own free will. That is not what I was saying. I was saying that he put himself into the danger by putting the man beside his door, trapping him and forcing a deadly situation that could have been avoided had the officer positioned himself in a safe postion from the get go and then exited his vehicle to attempt to apprehend said suspect. No fucking shit someone called 911, do you really think im fucking retarded? Maybe look past your own bullshit and try to understand what I am saying.

      5. This is America’s way of population control. We’ve got many retards in this fucking country, and the world. Like my Dad always said when he whipped my ass, can’t follow simple directions you pay the price.

      6. I know this convo is old so you might not see it, but worth noting. I Fucking can’t stand when you dip shits use the argument that the cop “put himself into the danger zone” as a means to justify blaming the cop.

        I am not saying all cops are great and good, but that is what they are paid to do. To put themselves between the threat, and the rest of society. The dude was clearly a threat to both himself and others. The dude had already tried to car jack someone at knife point but it was a large man not afraid to get himself and his truck out of there ASAP. The second the officer interdicted he very clearly tried attacking the cop with the knife. What happens when the next car he comes upon is a soccer mom with her kids in the back and she panics scarred shitless and can’t get away, so now this dude has a car full of kids to attack, or their mom is now stabbed and left on the road with the kids still in the car. It won’t mean shit to this guy. So ya, the cop is expected to interdict and place himself in that danger zone you stupid fucking cock suckers!

        Ya, the cop had a gun and perp didn’t, police encounters are NOT supposed to be a “fair fight.” Just because the guy doesn’t have a gun doesn’t mean the cop shouldn’t use his either to keep it fair.

        Y’all are just a bunch a cry baby fucktards

        1. Let’s all take shit on police and thank your God you are never in a situation when someone my threaten your life and let’s see how you react. Humans have always been Killers, fight or flight this guy fought and he died. We all come to this sight and Witness human brutally at it’s finest and you seem surprised that a stupid man with a knife coming at a man with a gun is shot and killed. Yeah let’s all feel bad for dead guy. And let’s all remember never bring a knife to a gun fight!

      1. I side with you @refuse2renig as what was he doing driving up to the dude with his door open , gun out while discussing it all with dispatch? if there were other people in immediate danger of him surely he would have laid back and awaited backup like it was hostage situation. seems to be in a strip mall I guarantee there’s all sorts of cameras I would like broader view. guy stabbing himself? you kinda just let him do it. very least put the car in park, exit and draw your weapon. him driving up like that looked outrageous to me like he was balancing Big Gulp between his legs, ran out of hands

  1. From a legal perspective, this is going to be one hell of a case… I mean, he did stop the stabber by shooting him, technically… he also killed a victim… it all seems like one of those “go back in time to kill your granddad” types of paradoxes

    1. I think you’re right. That is a paradoxal situation…
      I think they’re both wrong in their own way.
      But what should the cop do? It isn’t certain that the guy would have stabbed the cop, in my opinion…He was just suicidal.
      Self-harm is NOT the same as hurting someone. Nothing tells me that he was going to stab the cop. But we never know…
      Oh, wait, now, we do. Thanks, cop 🙂
      I have nothing against cops when they do their job. He did…
      Mindfuck, though……

    1. I’ve been challenging the people for a year to provide me proof that good cops exist in police states, and nobody has been able to come up with anything that’s reasonably recent. The fact that there may have been good cops 15 years ago is invalid now. A lot has changed over the years. I want to see a reasonably recent (last 2-3 years) example of a cop arresting or killing a cop who abuses his position of power, instead of arbitrarily arresting and killing citizens and covering for one another because that’s the way for them to get away with murder. Show me evidence of a cop doing the right thing in the face of injustice, a cop who serves and protects the community even if it means protecting them against other cops, a cop who would testify against terrorist cops in the court of law, a cop who doesn’t live by the ideology that a cop’s life always comes before the life of a citizen, and I will publicly acknowledge that good cops exist. This challenge has been out there for a year, but nobody’s able to provide evidence of good cops existing. I can provide you with hundreds of videos proving the existence of bad cops. But can you provide one proving the existence of good cops?

      1. I was a deputy sheriff until about 16 years ago, then I quit. All the good cops I knew, including the good sheriff, all quit and went on doing something different for a livelihood. Some are now home builders, some are Realtors, some doing Internet businesses. All the good cops quit. Now, all the bad cops are giving the other 1% a bad name.

        1. I hear ya brother.

          I don’t understand why he did not wait for a secondary, let alone get out of the unit. Everyone gets taught staying in the car your a dead man. He could have, should have got out, utilized less lethal if anything. I know for fact LVMPD has bean bag shotguns in every unit trunk and large oc spray in trunk.

          He put himself in a heck of a spot driving up like this. If the guy had been also armed it could have went south even more.

          When I see this I see suicide by cop.

          1. why is it the cops job to risk himself more than he needs to so he can get his bean bag shotgun? fuck this guy he is stabbing himself and then lunged for the cops door

        2. I am a cop here in FL.

          Beware what you say. I am a veteran and there are only bad people outside.

          So continue build homes and eating pizza. Let the “real” cops risk their lives for you.


          1. Fuck you piece of shit cop. How many innocents have to killed. They all say the same. I feared for my life so i had shot. Bunch of faggots. All the same maricones. Go fuck your mother retard

      2. Of course I can’t. I’m from Brazil and according my own experience good cops are as true as Santa Claus. I have two school mates that just started as a cops. It is unbelievable how few months wearing uniform can change a person. Both of them are now stupid arrogant jerks.

      3. I believe you posted not that long ago a video from India of a cop talking a kid out if suicide and even hugging him. Come on mark. Everyone knows there are bad cops out there, but many good too. Just people never video good ones. But you really try to show how all are bad and murderers, like this one, but I see this mother fuckers going right at the cop. Seems like he tried to carjack someone and when the police showed up started “stabbing himself” faking it so they would think he was not a danger to anyone but himself. Why is him having his gun out wrong when you know the guy had lunch a knife. Be ready in case. And all you fuckheads saying he didn’t need to approach him, so let him just go and stab someone else instead. Ya ok. Good plan. And the fucking idiot that said he needed restrained and disarmed not killed, have you ever been in a knife fight? It’s extremely rare not to get stabbed. Even if you win the fight you are badly hurt.

          1. True. And as I was then. But let’s be real, this was a real threat. 75-80% of these mark I agree it’s a trigger happy cop, but if you really think you will get into a knife fight and be ok after, it is extremely rare. Even if ya win the battle, you are ducked up as well. This one i think was a real threat and justified. If he hadn’t had his fun out, he may have been the one on this site. But believe me I don’t really favor cops. They are 98% of the time just fucking with people or trying to ruin your life.

      4. That won’t fit your requirements but I hope you would like to know about. In Brazil (2011) a pack of cops were called for a minor who was armed and robbing people in the area. After surrender, and obviously disarmed, the boy (POS) was shot point plank by one of the officers who was clearly in the mood to finish the job. One of the cops intervened in the Devils behalf by shooting almost in the other cops head. In the end, they all filed a report saying the Devil shoot at them. All officers were investigate, but I guess no one was arrested .

        The good cops you are looking for are not in the media. Exposure in being a ‘snitch’ can lead to deathly retribution. They mostly report corruption in anonymous manner and away from the media to avoid discrediting the hole police department. I accept that is not only natural for one individuals to abuse power, the hole system is flawed and prone to corruption. Yet, not the hole basket is rotten, and there are various different levels of misconduct. I would certainly agree they are mostly trigger happy in USA (yet, I strongly disagree with you on the Las Vegas cop) shooting at dogs, misusing dogs and tazing old ladies, but they do have a very unique, stressful and demanding kind of job, not to mention they also have to care about hostages and bystanders when the other side doesn’t give a f***. Each country has its own problems… How can I criticize a cop in Brazil who earns shit and literally goes to war with only a revolver and shit cars, or UK where they are not even trusted to carry a gun? I would say fuck it if I was ever needed (like women firefighters stay behind 😛 ), yet they risk their lives and face the danger in the most incredible ways. How many dead cops have we seen here? I would say they are overall corrupt, but still deserving of ‘some’ respect.

      1. So senseless.Also,I don’t know if this is my O.C.D or not,but I’m fairly positive that it’s illegal to shoot from a moving vehicle,which I guess the pig didn’t technically do,but he had his gun drawn the entire video and whilst operating his patrol vehicle,which I think is irresponsible at the least.

      1. Right, let’s just ignore the fact that the guy came at the cop with a knife and ready to stab him. I know you don’t like cops, but get a fucking brain. Funny how I’ve never seen a single video of a cop shooting someone who was listening and obeying every command. You only see “police brutality” where these dumb fuckers are acting up, running around disobeying the police. Every single video of “police brutality” that I’ve seen, they have all deserved it.

        1. Is your brain having difficult time processing what your eyes can see? It was the cop who came at the guy with a loaded gun. The victim did not go out of his way looking for a cop to stab. To the contrary, the cop went out of his way looking for a guy to execute. And that’s exactly what happened. In no civilized country do the cops execute citizens like that. You bootlickers need to pull your head out of your ass and see the world for what it really is. Nobody got hurt or killed until the cop showed up. Cops with a hammer who think every citizen is a nail are a problem. Retarded bootlickers who worship the police state are second worse.

    1. I recall a instructor would joke all the time to us it is illegal for one to try to kill themself but legal to kill themself.

      This same individual later on down the road when he retired I found out in the 1980s had several cases/situations he commanded where persons were threatening suicide.

      All he had used the loudspeaker and told them he hasn’t got all day we got better things to do, shift b wants to go home. If your going to do it then do it before I come up there and do it for you.

      From my understanding the person’s ended up self inflicting themselves with a gunshot after this.

      He had a very sour attitude toward people, dogs.

      He had also prior to being in law enforcement in the 70s was a animal control officer and would drag dead dogs behind the truck tied to the ball not wanting to pick them up up and over the tailgate lift. I had asked him about this once before he left this earth and he just laughed very hard and commented “you couldn’t get away with that these days”. This was back in the 90s.

  2. I love Las Vegas , best days of my life were spent there. I wish his camera would have caught some mountains or some of that red dirt. I would never go back there now , I would only want to walk into my grandmother’s home and watch Brady bunch and dive into her gorgeous pool. and visit circus circus and ride gocarts in ‘old las vegas’ and walk to 7-11 and retaste that first ever sip of dr pepper. their blocks are so long there I nearly died walking there lol what a trip oh and then riding the horses to jack in the box and making them hit the bell at the drive thru with their hooves and first time ever seeing scanners at grocery store was like scene out of Jetsons for me and all the music hit out west first as I would come home and few weeks out would it then be popular here and I can’t hear 38special without thinking to plane ride and that descent into town and those remote times we’d fly in at night and see all them lights? mind blowing what a great town and what a great gramma and grampa and grampa ha, yes the rare remarryer but he wasdead and before he died he lost his mind and thought I was a boy . so sweet. but that house? like a mansion in my eyes and wasn’t so long ago I found it on Zillow and it made me smile inside and out. and I haven’t been out there since 6th grade but I remembered the address as I wrote to them so often ” I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits..” was exactly how every one was began ah yes. Las Vegas. great town and my grandpa would park his car alongside runway and watch us fly out. fucking awesome. he was mobster for real so he would not have liked this post he was anti-law 24/7 just like them lights. the end

      1. aww thanks plaster because I read that and it’s like geezus crazy lady fasten your robe. take the rollers out of your hair. secure your box of chocolates, turn internet OFF and tune into your bevy of daytime ‘stories’ and by all means don’t forget to feed your eight cats!

        1. Doesn’t sound crazy to me. But you could go there and gamble in the casinos and maybe win a million dollars and then send me some of that loot. Why don’t you go visit for fun?

          1. everyday @piggray thank you. and Bobby I wouldn’t go because I can think to Vegas and have nothing but fond memories and warm feelings. going there would make me feel sad and I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to feel sad about Las Vegas. nothing would be fun about adult trip to Vegas I can go to Detroit if I want to gamble and I wouldn’t ever play slots but if I ever win millions playing blackjack I pledge to you greatest horn EVER

    1. The maniac with a loaded gun and an intent to kill approached him in a threatening manner. He was fully justified in defending himself by grabbing the door and pointing the knife at the cop. The cop committed murder and should be locked up for the rest of his life. The video leaves no question about that.

    2. Yeah that frame at the end of the video speaks volumes. It did seem that that guy was gonna stab the officer. Justified killing?
      Maybe, maybe not.
      But it sure seemed like a deadly knife.
      Maybe there should be a law that prohibits cops from shooting someone lethaly unless deemed necessary.
      Aim for the legs or arms or something.

      1. Why can’t they build a gun/taser all into one unit with a switch that activates one from the other? It only takes .05 seconds to push a button. This would greatly cut down on murder by cops.
        (You heard it here first)

        1. ever see that show on discovery channel that had weapons of the future where they’d demonstrate guns that shot out nets like Spider-Man instantly trapping the villians and various other futuristic weaponry? was rather neat stuff , was on years ago

          1. In india the cop would just whack this poor guy a few times with his police stick called the lathi and subdue him before taking him to the station for a few more whacks.
            But no killing, only a good kicking.

  3. C’mon Mark!…

    Couldn’t you see that the saintly cop was protecting and serving his fellow citizens by trying to deflect the knife stabs with the bullets in his gun?…

    Shame on you!…

  4. Stop! Bang bang.
    Don’t stab yourself! Bang bang
    You’re going to get hurt! Bang bang
    I’m here to help you! Bang bang
    Bang bang bang bang

    Great job. Cop definitely stopped the psycho from hurting himself, by killing him.
    Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette or kill a few psychos to stop them from hurting themselves.

    1. @Yaara64.
      This logic is unassailable. Let’s expand to apply to people driving their car too fast, “publicly”. They can hurt themselves and yes, they can “be a danger to others.”
      Are you suggesting that the police drive up to the offending speeders and shoot them on sight? Where would you draw the line with the ‘shoot first, fuck the questions’ policy?
      And yes I see that there is a huge difference between this guy and someone speeding in traffic. My point is that your logic, when applied to the above video, draws a straight line connecting both scenarios. It’s only a matter of time and blind public acceptance until both scenario are seen as justified.

    1. Police in the U.S. generally have very little education in their chosen field compared to almost every other vocation. Example. A surgeon will spend as much as 12 years studying the field of their choosing. Post-grad Internships and Fellowships add to the years spent mastering their craft and saving lives over the course of their career. In contrast, an Assoc. Degree from any Community College gives one eligibility to carry a gun and take lives with absolute impunity. What’s more is that one of those two years is gen course study that has nothing to do with law enforcement.

    2. I second that.
      Coppers over here, although hamstrung by red tape dished out by the EU, do try to solve situations like this one in a calm manner.
      Only in the gun fucking crazed U.S will you see shit like this taking place.
      Like I’ve said over and over again, those lunatics posing as Police in the States, do nothing to warrant being called Police. In fact, they do the exact opposite every time they don the uniform.

      1. Oh yeah…

        Those British police suuure know how to de-escalate a situation all right…

        Please tell me how they “de-escalated” the situation when it came to those Muslim gangs that were raping children…

        Bang up job there!…

        1. Different situation and you know it.
          Yeah, agreed, leftist tossers sneaked their way into positions of power and bottled it due to EU driven human rights laws and PC bullshit. That’s changing, slowly but surely, that kind of sickness is being driven out.

          This is totally different and would have been dealt with properly. Not by some crazed gun toting fucking pig put it that way.

          1. You’re right… just like they’re “properly handling” all those recent attacks by those Muslims that just love keeping to themselves…


          2. “Im not sure what you are arguing, the police on the line DID handle them.”

            How can you possibly know this?…

          3. You stick to the mainstream @gnat
            ‘cos that’s where you seem to be getting your information from. In other words, you believe everything you fucking hear. Pmsl.

            And by the way. Seeing as you’re the big fucking ten men saviour. What have you done in your locality to better things, apart from keep your gun fully loaded??.Fuck all I’d imagine.

            There’s words and there’s action, and I can proudly state that I go the extra mile day in day out to keep my locality just how we all want it.
            Posting leaflets, campaigning hard, staying cohesive and solid in the community, all in a day’s work round here.
            Let me know when you’ve lifted a finger, haha.

          4. I do the same thing and then some… I even provide shelter and food for the homeless in my county… but the difference between you and me… I don’t need the police to fight my battles…

            It is you that are taking the MSM line hook line and sinker thinking that the mud flow will never hit your doorstep… but are too scared to take up arm’s to defend your home… yourself or your country…


          1. and the the recent terrorist attacks yes the police did handle it, fast. unlike the shooting in florida which i mentioned, that took 2 hours.

  5. another fuckin dumbass suicide by cop so liberal hillary loving pussy canadians can post it on a website with big alligator tears – boohooooooo lmao – another useless dead piece of shit of the streets – well done Officer Friendly 🙂

  6. Mundo desigual… En América, Latinoamérica y en muchos otros países del mundo estamos llegando a un punto en el que las autoridades que en teoría son las que deberían darnos seguridad, son las que nos crean inseguridad. Por otro lado tampoco hay que “meterlos a todos en el mismo saco”; no todos son corruptos y/o malos; pero siempre habrá justos que paguen por pecadores.. Nosotros, los ciudadanos, de una manera u otra les damos el poder, las placas, las armas, y ellos las usan contra nosotros… Mad world…

  7. Well the cop asked him to stop, he didnt complied… He asked him to drop the knife, he again didnt complied… The knife guy grabbed the cop’s door and was getting ready to thrust him, so the cop defended himself the only way they know. What exactly is wrong with this picture? If you dont want to be shot, first, dont bring a fucking knife to a gun fight, and secondly, dont poke the bear… 😆

  8. Yeeeeah, I’m gonna have to go with the cop on this one. He was coming at the cop TO STAB HIM. That swing, the arc, and way he was holding that knife. If he WOULDNT have shot him he would have ended up stabbed. For once the cop was in the right and the ‘victim’ was in the wrong. Maybe he could have used a taser, but, *shrug* and this is coming from someone who has bipolar and mental issues myself.

  9. These fucking criminal we call police officers always need a reason to kill someone and these body camera are just them always say “It was in self defence” a person with knife vs a person in a car with a gun, the police officer could have driven away.

    I wish the video was of the dude stabbing the police officer to death because these criminals deserve that.

  10. Cops would do a lot better if they worked with the community, instead of seeking to rule over it with an iron fist. If they earned the respect of citizens instead of demanding it under the threat of violence, they might not fear for their lives. Citizens might actually cooperate with the and assist them. But as it is, a dead cop is a good cop, so I praise citizens who remove domestic terrorists from the gene pool.

    1. people would do a lot better taking responsibility for their own actions and quit fucking with cops who are everyday people – ur friends – ur neighbors – ur family – they are under extreme pressure with their lives on the line each and every call they go to. they aint social workers – psychologists – etc – they are there to maintain society from turning into complete anarchy – u dont like it? dont come running at a cop with a fucking knife 🙂 – once again – well done Officer Friendly – u get to go home tonight and see ur kids 🙂

    1. I’m the most pro-American blogger there is. Which is why I expose those who hate Americans, who oppress them, kill them, or otherwise seek to entrap them in injustice. If I had a hatred for America, I would be worshiping the enemies of the American people, like the military fags and police.

  11. If someone is heaving a mental health issue, he should only be killed if he is about to put other peoples’ lives at risk. And that is something this cop is going to have to justify in court, though I’m sure he will get lots of help, even if it wasn’t the case. The bastard was only stabbing himself.

    The policeman has a gun, the pyscho only has a knife.
    How about a non-fatal gunshot to incapacitate the knifeman? Shoot him in the arm?
    I’m sure cops get training on how to ‘shoot to stun’.

    This cop is a proper ‘gung-ho’ pig. But at least US cops can ‘protect’ citizens. I don’t give
    a shit if they kill ‘innocent’ people as long as it is not me.
    Here in London, cops don’t carry guns, they have to summon up armed units with special training.
    By the time they arrive 10 mins later, if you were intended to be dead, then you are already dead.

  12. The guy was stabbing himself so the cop came and rescued the shit outta him.
    This is further proof that if you are ever depressed or feeling suicidal or feel like you are losing it call the cops they will “fix” things real good.

  13. He was trying to hijack a truck with a knife right? How is he not a danger to others? The police was chasing the guy so of course he needed to get close. The guy came at the police with a knife and the cop shot him. Case closed. Mentally ill or not, if you’re a danger, you’re a danger. The cop doesn’t have to risk his life trying to subdue this crazy fucker. He could, he doesn’t have to. I’ve also seen videos of cop using tasers and they don’t work on these mental case, so fuck the taser, I’m getting the gun.

    1. @bestnecro
      Good point – I forgot that in the 2nd line it says he tried to carjack a pickup.

      Yes, fuck that, that is a threat, I hate mental cases who don’t take their medication and then become a menace. Why should innocent taxpaying citizens have to suffer coz of someone else’s shit? If ever I’m on the London Underground and some paranoid schizo dude tries to push people onto the platform, I’m going to punch that guy SO fucking hard, schizo or not, but I won’t throw him onto the electric tracks.

      My point is, shoot to stun, not kill. I think that in that split second, the cop could have shot him in a non vital area. Shoot him in the nether regions.

  14. I’m so sick of this police bullshit “oh, he had a knife! I had no choice but to shoot him dead!” Bull-fucking-shit! Police have so many nonlethal weapons that they chose to ignore; tasers, mace, batons, and if all else fails, you can’t shoot for the hand holding the knife?? Or a leg to drop him? What exactly are you no brains doing while they’re teaching you in these academies?!

  15. Oh, that poor guy who was acting like a thug and threatening to kill a driver and steal his vehicle…. but you know, that poor guy. ??

    Please, that moron had it coming. He also went after the cop with said knife before getting killed.

  16. There’s plenty of testosterone flying around today, mixed with a few comedowns from weekend lol.
    Chill out, grab a beer, smoke some shit and enjoy your daily dose of BG.
    Who gives a fuck, it’s all entertainment for us at the end of the day. 😉

  17. @happy. This fucker was advancing on the copper with a knife drawn. What would you do if a suicidal man ran at you with a knife and you had a pistol? Yes the man was Ill but he has chosen suicide and for all the copper knew he had decided too take as many fuckers down with him as possible. I’m the first too call out police brutality, but this is suicide by cop and a spot on a slow news day filled by an interview man who should know better

    1. @unclejim this citizen killer was advancing on the citizen with his gun drawn. What would you do if a serial killer, member of the deadliest street gang in the country drove toward you with a gun pointed at you and you had a knife? You’re probably dead either way, and it’s a hell of a long shot, but if you had a knife, you may give it a try to see if you can save your life. One way or the other, he’s gonna try to kill you. You can just wait for being killed, or you can try to take the killer on, although you are greatly disadvantaged given his vs your weapon.

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