Latin Man Bleeds Profusely on Sidewalk in São Paulo, Brazil

Latin Man Bleeds Profusely on Sidewalk in São Paulo, Brazil

Latin Man Bleeds Profusely on Sidewalk in São Paulo, Brazil

According to the backinfo I got, an unidentified man, believed to be either Bolivian or Peruvian, was attacked with a knife at a party in a Latin community in São Paulo, Brazil. The man had to IDs on him, and the wounds he sustained prevented him from being able to answer any questions.

The incident happened in Coimbra Street, in Zona Brás. There is a large Latin community in this part of São Paulo, most of them being Bolivians or Peruvians.

Props to Best Gore member @svilas for the video:

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146 thoughts on “Latin Man Bleeds Profusely on Sidewalk in São Paulo, Brazil”

        1. That’s it guys,,, have a fucking Brazilian Conference over this dying mans body while your at it. Cause i,m positive that hearing you Dimwits Argue is something that he just loves to hear, especially while he,s choking on his own blood.

          1. @goritian You ate rite they are speaking both BR portuguese and Spanish, the big lady its saying that they dont know who he his, he doesnt have any papers on him (any ID) and they wanna notify the relatives about this bloody mess, also she ask who did this? 5-6 times or so.

            Portuguese dude says he doesnt know who did but his a friend of that red carpet on the floor.

        2. I’m quite sure I heard Portuguese in there, but there’s a man responding in Spanish and that’s expected in a “large Latin community in this part of São Paulo, most of them being Bolivians or Peruvians”, according to the post @nessbrz

          1. That’s correct, Gropella.

            This forum uses a widely accepted form of education, with an expert introduction, the presentation, and a panel discussion, except something it gets a bit fucked up.

          2. Yup! for many this is a classroom to learn about “shithole countries” 😀 not me

            @casualobserver I’m not attesting to the credibility of every information posted here. To me it’s just for fun. But as I’ve casually observed, when OP does not have info on where the incident happened, he mentions it in the text. ( Recent Example )

            In this case, he had the info and pasted it. Besides, the dialogue in the video provides corresponding clue pointing to the location mentioned in the post. Why does anyone have an issue that? hmm!

    1. There was a noticeable absence of flip-flops. I’m no expert in other languages but I’m willing to bet they were arguing about the amount of time needed for everyone to get a chance make a video. They have priorities. Video first, watch second and render aid if convenient.

  1. It ain’t Bra’ziw cuse Brasileiros speak in a way your ears hurt. Sounds like Central America. Definitely not the caribbean cuse their Spanish is an atrocity like Brasileiro Portuguese. I have a hunch its Guatemala aka Guatepeor.

  2. The two bystanders were discussing who should take the victims fur coat.. I’ll translate..

    Bystander 1:…”Here…you should take his jacket, it not so bloody and well, I don’t think he’ll be needing it… ”

    Bystander 2:…”Nahh…you keep it… It goes with those gay ass shoes of yours…!”

      1. .. Nooo… They were trying to sell his shit before the ambulance arrived.. I speak perfect Spanglish.. Thank you… And I think they also found some crack in his pocket to smoke in the meantime… Nice..!

        Awww.. My lil gimpchilla’s tryin to correct me… So cute..!

  3. Gotta love how that one lady near the end of the video just casually steps over the body without really showing any care in the world as to what is going on around her. It’s as if stepping over dead bodies is a regular thing for her

  4. youre going to die… and no one cares… people only let out emotions when people are dead, not when they are told the truth.. you are going to die.

    and 11 of us survive the mortal world…

    you dont have a clue.

    be upset that you are going to die…

  5. i dont want to be innocent

    i dont want innocence.

    i want to go through hard times and develop and fulfill destinies… i want to endure moments… and with this comes the best rewards that become greater and greater, more and more rewarding and impactful..

    fuck off to meek innocence, you dont know what you think you are doing.

    1. the planets life that we are given is all about the best.. and gets better. theres a rhythm to it that cant change, because it is The Best rhythm… and that is life.

      life itself wouldnt exist if there wasnt moments that develop you, it takes time to learn… if it all happened at once then there would be no life to live and would mean there is an ultimate end to everything…

  6. It ceases to matter where a human is from or what language anyone is speaking the minute he bleeds out on some shitty 3rd world sidewalk.

    The parrallel between the people not doing anything to help him, and the people on here that watched the video and immediately tried deciphering portugese from spanish, is f’ing awesome

    I love and hate all of you equally. Especially the Brazilish

  7. Are there no CSI type shows in Brazil?? I guess not because no one gives a damn about preserving the crime scene… look at all those footprints in the blood! They will never be able to match the sandal print to the killer now! Smh

  8. Its very Unique, the situation is.

    Who’ll help this man?
    Who’ll call 911?
    Where are his Doc’s?
    Why is he sprawled out like that?
    There’s blood all round’ him, where is he stabbed?
    These are common questions any street scholar could come up. Yet the Man lays there..
    Still to this Day. Sept. 11th, 2018.

    1. 1-In Brazil doesn’t exist 911 but 192 for ambulance.
      2-They called the rescue.
      3-Never, NEVER touch an injuried person while you’re waiting professional help, you can only cause damage.
      4-And in the jacket they’re searching documents.
      Why you write this things if you don’t understand what they are saying? 🙂
      Anyway, he seems pretty dead to me…

  9. It never ceases to jaw dropping amaze me that all the on lookers are cell phone filming but NOBODY will give this guy even a feable attempt to stop or even slow his bleeding………. I am not niave, I can see he was probably beyond saving when whomever started recording. But, why the fuck wouldn’t you try? At the absolute least hold the man’s hand so he doesn’t pass completely alone and panicked knowing he is dying in front of total strangers that would rather get video than render aid. disappointing.

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