Leggy Flip Flop Woman Freaks Out as Man Spits Blood and Dies in Agony

Leggy Flip Flop Woman Freaks Out as Man Spits Blood and Dies in Agony

This sounds like Brazil. The video shows a woman with flip flops on her cute feet freaking out over a young man spitting blood and gradually dying in agony on the sidewalk. Everything seems right with the world when women with cute feet wear flip flops to showcase them beauties.

Looks like the young man was shot while riding the bicycle. One of his flip flops slipped off and rests next to the bike. Poor woman will need to find a new cock to stuff between those sexy legs.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Leggy Flip Flop Woman Freaks Out as Man Spits Blood and Dies in Agony”

          1. Lol too poor to pay attention, eh PIGgray?
            The H.A. wouldn’t even waste their time on a waste like you. You aren’t worth the price of a bullet for the beasts they carry.

    1. Actually that’s what is supposed to be done, in situations like this, it’s to keep them from choking on their blood, or to slow the bleeding. I’m not 100% sure which process it helps, but it is suppose to help.

  1. They are from Brazil, they are speaking Portuguese.

    Girl – ” Somebody help me out of God’s love ”
    Girl – ” Love, where is my mother? ”

    In short …. she is the man’s girlfriend and asks for help.
    I think the guy messes with drug trafficking.

  2. Much love for the legs. Surprised no one was turned off by the large thigh tattoo. This group of guys often finds tattoos ugly. Goes to show that cute feet and long legs can even win over the sourest of them. And you guys wonder how the pussy pass works. 😉

  3. Jeezus christ BITCH! If you’re not gonna give him a blowjob, hand job or some form of comfort while he’s on his way out of this world the least you could do is SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the motherfucker die in peace

  4. 0:44

    Cumdumpster sounds like she’s grieving but acts like she’s looking for the rebound. Just after a potential suitor flips dead-fred onto his side facing away from her.

    $100 says this shit was a setup
    Da Silvas might be fuckable, but that’s it

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