Libya Riots Victims Photo – Killed by Muammar Gaddafi Mercenaries

Libya Riots Victims Photo - Killed by Muammar Gaddafi Mercenaries

Muammar Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya whose name may not have rung many bells to many people a few days ago has been recruiting mercenaries from all over the world to crack down on protesters with the use of force. And as can be seen from the photo capturing two of the Libyan rioters above, the mercenaries don’t mess around. They must have used some high calibre firepower to rip those two apart like that. The exposure of dorsal columns of the spinal cord is particularly brutal. Libya is turning into a meat market.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Libya Riots Victims Photo – Killed by Muammar Gaddafi Mercenaries”

  1. These guys were most probably killed by an air strike. Yes Gadhafi is attacking his own cities with air strikes and artillery. He’s mostly recruiting mercenaries from Serbia as we heard. The main reason the Egyptian ruler Mubarak was overthrown was because of the movement starting on Facebook. What’s happening in Libya now, also started on Facebook. And thus, the Saudi Arabian king is planning to offer Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, 150$ Billion. (The article if u’re interested: ) Yea funny shit. Gadhafi is crazy, he’s been ruler for 40 years. His son is a footballer, he bought an Italian football club for his son 😛 But what’s bad ass about him, is that all his body guards are women. Unfortunately, they’re ugly.

    1. Air strike? They why are their faces not messed-up?
      To me it looks for like the work of a mad Central or South American cartel butcher.
      The guy at the top looks like he was chopped in-two.
      A blast, I would think, would also damage his arms, but they are not damaged.

    2. Read the link you provided. Then I did a search on “Goldman Sachs buys Facebook”
      Several news sources say it is NOT true.

      Saudi king did not offer $150 billion for Facebook – ZDNet (blog)

      No Facebook Bid from Saudi Arabia – The Epoch Times

      Did Saudi Arabia offer Mark Zuckerberg $150-billion to buy Facebook?
      Financial Post – 1 day ago

  2. Look for more dead from Libya soon:

    Official puts toll in Libya at 6500 GulfNews

    Gaddafi fails to break siege
    Hindustan Times -1 hour ago?
    With escalating hostilities bringing Libya closer to civil war, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s forces struck back at his opponents on three fronts, with special forces, regular army and, rebels said, fighter jets.

    Pro-Gadhafi forces said to block food to Zawiya -2 hours ago?

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