Libyan Rebels Beat a Man to Death in Rkdalin

Libyan Rebels Beat a Man to Death in Rkdalin

Coming soon to Syria! Libyan rebels, or NATO Rats as Libyans call them, continue with ethnic cleansing of black Africans throughout the country. Libyans are recovering from NATO massacre and are regrouping to fight back, but the terrorists still have a strong hold on many areas and enforce it by merciless torture and elimination of everyone who doesn’t play by their rules.

Man in this video was being subjected to torture and beatings that eventually claimed his life. You can see blood pooling under his head towards the end of the video. He didn’t get out of that room alive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Libyan Rebels Beat a Man to Death in Rkdalin”

  1. I guess they cracked his cranium open when the cameraman’s fingers obstructed the camera lens toward the end of the clip, either that, or,…..he didn’t die? I don’t know for sure, but the whole “death” part seems at least partially presumed.

  2. even though many African countries are predominately Muslim, I get the feeling the middle Eastern Islamic nations would look down on black people, well they dislike pigs and dogs and many Africans live in squalor or filth, (whether they can do anything about it or not) it was said above, Libya is ‘ethnic cleansing black Africans’.

    1. Easy to say from behind your computer screen. I bet you’d never say that to someones face. You’re one of those closet racists who talk a bunch of shit behind peoples back but never have the balls to say it to their face. Coward.

      1. How the fuck do you know what he or she is? Your reply is the same shit always said in reply to this type of comment. *Bet you’d never, coward, behind a computer* Well after watching many of these ghetto nig stomp down videos, what idiot would be stupid enough to say that shit to their face? Somebody with a death wish. That’s half the reason why people like Tera feel that way. Constant fucking violence perpetrated for no reason.

        Also a ‘closet’ racist wouldn’t even let their friends know. For example, everyone who knows me knows I am a virulent racist. And yes I have screamed down blacks on many occasions. That said, I am a 47 yr old 5 foot tall woman from a city that is 70% black. If you don’t learn to fight back, you are just another victim.

        1. Well how about the nice and educated black people? You wouldn’t need to defend yourself against them?

          And what about the white criminals? Can you answer how you feel about them?

          Just because of black gangsters and criminals it doesn’t justify someone being a racist for no reason.

          People that are racist for no reason are missing a component of their brain as not every black person is bad.

          1. Lol i’m mixed, Just because you see spoiled black people here in america does’t mean they are the same everywhere or that all of em are bad people. in fact the most evil things have been done by white people, Slavery, the holocaust, civil war ect… lets also not forget about the Neo-Nazis, KKK, Aryan brotherhood, mongols, hell’s angles and other white gangs that do the same damn shit as the black gangs. what makes white people any better?

            And you have only your own race to blame for black people living in the USA, white people brought them here, so it is their fault and white people are to blame, i believe there is black trash and white trash, tera3090 is white american trash and does’t deserve to live in america.

          2. You don’t have to look forward to anything but your own happiness in life. This isn’t the mid 1900’s where theres to White Australia Policy. Australia is a multicultural country.

        1. Before I start can I ask what you would do if you were black?

          Ok, me thinks that you are a HYPOCRITE.

          Maybe some black person/s did something to hurt you and that’s why you hate blacks but us White people are no better or superior. Look at all the white gangs, murderers, serial killers and just useless trailer trashes that have no future. Why don’t you hate white people? Why aren’t you ashamed of being white for all our white races atrocities?

          If you hate black people just for no reason or for their colour then I will argue with you no more as theres no point arguing with deluded people like you because then you must be mentally retarded.

          We are living at a time where everyone is accepted and everyone has there fair share of good and bad people.

          Racism and discrimination is becoming lesser every century.

    1. I thought Nazi’s starved many too death, & who was that doctor that enjoyed doing experiments on twin children? also stripping naked, women & kids, telling them they’re off to a community shower, then pumping gas (Zyklon B?) into the building wouldnt be pleasant, only the lucky ones got a head shot.

  3. At 3:08 on the video you can hear a muffled bang perhaps a small caliber gun with a silencer was what caused his head wound.

    It certainly was NOT the wet noodle that they were whipping him with that made his head bleed.

  4. I can’t say for all Muslims but in Iraq black people are regarded as dirty and evil. Same with dogs they treat them like rats. I don’t know how many times I had to stop kids from throwing rocks at them

  5. Torture is one of the worst ways to die. Before saying it was okay because he’s black, you should probably think of this man as a human being, no matter what color he is. I’m sure if this guy was white you guys would be angry, but justifying these peoples’ reason for killing this man is just a worse. Its as if your saying its alright to kill black people, but its not. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  6. To those who have made racist comments:

    I have been visiting this site for about two years now, but I made an account only a few minutes ago. I have seen racist comments made by users numerous times in the past, but the ones I’ve seen on this occasion have made me wonder why people have so much hatred for Blacks. I understand that there are some Black people who are rude and violent, but I don’t think it’s fair to generalize all Black people as such.

    Concerning the video, how can anyone be so evil that they get satisfaction by watching a Black person get killed? You don’t know anything about him. You don’t know if he was a good person or a bad person. You just don’t know. Why do you hate him so much? What did he ever do to you? More than likely, he was a poor man who emigrated to Libya to make a better living for himself and his family. So, how could anyone hate him so much, that they become happy upon seeing him killed (just because he is Black)? I don’t understand.

    I am Black, which is why I’m so curious about this. I’m in my twenties, attending college, and have no criminal record. I’m quiet and usually keep to myself. Would you hate me if you saw me…just because I’m Black?

    To the creator of this site, how do you feel about these racist comments?

    1. Hello Rexer,

      Thank you for your comment. What I think about the comments made on the site matches what I think about the content itself. Look at it this way:

      I get a lot of hatemail from people who think stuff like this should not be posted on the internet because it’s disgusting, offensive or whatever other colorful term they can think of. My thinking is – so if it doesn’t get published, will it mean that people do not do these things to one another and we’re all safe and secure?

      About 3 years ago, I got an email from German government telling me that unless I remove the post with video of Russian skinheads executing two Muslims, the site would be banned in Germany. The representative who contacted me argued that because Skinhead movement in banned in Germany, if I post content with skinheads, I would be posting stuff that’s undesired in the country and the domain would be banned across all German ISPs.

      I responded to the representative stating that the post was a report on what actually happened. Turning a blind eye to reality will not make the reality to disappear. If something certain group of people perceives unacceptable exists, censoring reports about it will not mean that it no longer exists. I never heard back from the representative, however the site was never banned.

      It is the same with comments – if all comments perceived as “racist” were removed from the site, do you think it would change anything about how people who have racist thoughts think? Yes, we could pretend that there is no racism in the world and censor all racist comments from the internet, but that would be akin to sticking one’s head in the sand.

      On top of all this, there is also that one fact that the internet often makes people something they are not. This site is an interesting social experiment. I see it over and over with new members who register for commenting. Right off the bat they start posting hard core comments, making themselves sound as offensive as they can cause they are on a gore site now so they must act like biggest bad asses for whom no content is gory enough and everyone is a nigger, a goat fucker, a bitch or what not. We all seem to like to act badder than we are – we all including me and you.


      1. Thanks for the reply, Mark. I understand your argument perfectly and don’t expect you to censor anything. I was simply wondering whether you sympathized with such comments. Based on what you’ve said, I’m assuming that you accept people and things as they are, with an understanding that no-one or anything is perfect. Sounds reasonable.

        On another note, I’d like to thank you for the gore. Your site exposed me to the horrors of Humanity and the reality of our own mortality. Since coming here, I now understand that we Humans are nothing more than a fragile composition of skin, flesh, and bone, ready to be torn apart at any moment by some freak accident. I’ve become somewhat desensitized to gore imagery as a result of visiting this site almost daily. However, I must admit that beheadings still make me tremble. :p

        Keep up the good work.

        1. I am glad to see you stand up and question the people who are doing that. It is the only way to get anything done about it. Simply letting it happen only allows it to continue. Which is why I said something about the comment that, “Hung Like A Mouse,” had written.

  7. I think the blood was coming from a cut on his head. I didn’t see anything that looked like it would have killed him. For instance, when blood was coming out of Kung Fu Jesus’ head, you knew it was because his life was over (and those dudes who did it are still walking around free), here, I think he lived unless something happened I didn’t see.

    As far as the opposition to torture,it is still used, even by modern militarites, because it works. Plain and simple.

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