Literal Chicken Fucker Plucked and Beaten Bloody in Nairobi, Kenya

Literal Chicken Fucker Plucked and Beaten Bloody in Africa

Have some images of a guy that was beaten bloody in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. His crime was raping a chicken and by the time guys caught up to him he was going to do the duck. Chicken didn’t make it through the ordeal, duck got saved last minute!

Props to Best Gore member @agentforty7 for the backinfo and pics:

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    1. @Necronomidog
      Fuck,,, You never know dude, lol. This Reminds me of a Mexican Guy whom i use to work with in Construction as a teen. His nickname was Pancho. I don’t think that i ever knew his real name, or i simply don’t remember it. Anyways this fucking Mexican dude was hilarious, as he told us that as kids back in Mexico they would hide behind his Uncles barn being a Farmer, and they (his friends) and self would take turns fucking Chickens, lol.

      And they stopped by at his Uncles place all the time after school, and fucked his chickens, while in their early teens. And as they got older they would look around for Donkeys in, or near farmers fields to fuck at night, until one day the farmer came-out and took pot shots at them with a shotgun after figuring-out what was the reason why his Donkey would start Ehh-Hawing like crazy on some nights, lol.

      So after he (The Farmer) figured-out why his Donkey’s were going totally ape-shit on some nights, he set up a trap with *Huge Flood Lights* And waited patiently for them to “Cum-Back” So one night he caught them in the act, by Turning-On The (Street Lamp Grade Flood Lights) that he had installed between the House, and the Barn, which is where he kept his Donkey. And his patience paid-off, and one night he caught them, and spoiled their fun while they fucked
      his Donkey, lol. **All True This, Guys/Gals** lol,

      And as this Crazy Mexican Fucker Poncho had us all in tears telling us the stories of the shit they did while growing-up in Mexico. Fuck Bro He was Funny Man. He also added, or told us while we were already cracking-up and in tears, that on one night while his buddies, and self were pissed drunk that they all snuck into his Uncles barn and fucked some chickens, lol. And that he had fucked one so hard that he killed-it, bwa, ha, ha!

      1. So… think animal abuse is hilarious. Like your good buddy who ate that poor old woman’s dog. ….that was hilarious too. I’m still laughing. “Bwa ha ha” indeed.
        Tell us all one more time now you send Mark money, the five dozen times you’ve already said it hasn’t sunk in yet.

          1. What color do you want it to be? 😛
            Just returning the favor, he doesn’t like that I stuck up for Nem when he tells everyone the Nem is a:
            Take your pick, I’m just sticking up for my buddy, just like I’d do for you too if he was attacking and lying about you.
            He feels that since he’s sent money to Mark, he’s untouchable and can attack at will….read his profile page…that’s me and Nem and Karmen40 and lady lexis…he’s taking about…

            This activity page explains it all. Kinda. 😉

          2. Yeah, I never got into the name calling stuff, seems to me the argument is lost once the insults start flying.
            As far as your ass is concerned rosy would be nice, or cherry red if you let me spank it♥️

          3. Thank you sweetheart for the kind words about defending/ sticking up for me, if needed. I’m not usually the feather ruffling type, but I have been known to inadvertently stick my foot in my mouth at times.
            In case you and nems weren’t aware having the “red ass” is just another one of those Texas sayings that means angry. Didn’t mean it in a vulgar way.
            I’ve tried twice to get keys to the Forum club house, first when mark was closing up shop and he said he needed exact date I joined BG, then with SS who said he didn’t know how. Now I’m not sure if I would want to, but I do miss reading and writing posts already, I feel like I’ve gotten to know y’all in a way. Enough maudlin blubbering, I need to go beat my crack whore wife now.

          4. I knew exactly what you meant…my family is from Texas, at least 6 generations, both sides. My granddaddy used to tell me a “nigger was gonna get me”, cuz they “liked little blonde girls”….I was about five years old and thought that black people had just been “created”; needless to say, I was afraid of black people… I’m DNA of racists.
            Remember the saying, ” I’m going to tan your hide! “? That was literal in our house.

            Give that bitch a slap for me. 😀

          5. @illegalsmile55
            Ha ha ha, yeah, I always heard them called “nigras” the nigras are at it agin, or d’ya hear ’bout that nigra?
            In Austin they used to pretty much stay on the east side, and when I moved to Corpus years ago there weren’t many to be found. But when I was a med student I did some time in Tyler Tx, and that was a whole diferent world when it came to race relations, and I can also remember the KKK post in Pasadena not to far from Jasper and that whole ball of wax.
            Where are your people from?

        1. WOW Illegal. Deep respect for you. I always liked you but didn’t see the deeper inner workings of your mind until I just read your comments in the activity link. Just a few things I picked up from those comments (there are others I could mention.)
          You articulate yourself extremely well, you’re loyal AF to your friends and you can drill down into an issue until you get your answer. You do all that dispassionately without being at all nasty or condescending.

          Back to the topic on hand, animal abuse is no laughing matter. Research shows quite clearly the connection of an escalation from abusing animals, right up to being a serial killer of humans.

          1. Thanks doc. It actually means something coming from you, I feel the same way about you. Karmen (I think), is much better at explaining it than I am.
            I hate the fighting, I really do, but that Andre won’t let it go, even though he says he will, I just can’t ignore it. Accusing us of saying vile things to, and about he and svarg is just laughable….poor little defenceless svarg. He ONLY sticks up for svarg because of their shared view on flat earth, and they defend each other, and attack others who dare to speak up.
            I do appreciate your comment, many are afraid of saying anything that could affect their good standing here. *hugs*

          2. Aww thanks, that’s very kind of you to say that.

            On the business of FE. This is something I wrote ages ago as a Youtube comment dealing with FE

            Thought for the day:
            If critical thinking was ever a component of ‘common sense’ ~ I hold deep fears for us collectively in the future.
            There appears to be a disturbing trend away from critical thought ~ logical process and robust analysis towards the direction of impulse ~ instinct and opinion as being just as important.
            Imagine being on board a plane about to land and the captain’s voice comes over the intercom:
            “Ladies & gentlemen – today I’m feeling lucky…. fuck it….I’m just going to let impulse take over and wing it for this landing. Have a nice day.”

            Not all opinions are equal and deserving airtime, informed opinion backed up by quality research is as good as anybody else’s opinion. However, scientific axiomatic truth (the world is a globe) is NOT opinion and has been arrived at by extensive research over time. Science trumps opinion every time. Your opinion that gravity is just a theory is trumped by the scientific truth that you will be a fucking pancake if you fall off the Empire State Building.

          3. Well said Doc. My question has always been: what’s on the flip side, and why can’t we explore it?
            But I don’t typically ask because it’s futile and usually leads to ad hominem attacks rather than defense of their position..
            I’m just surprised at the vitriol in the forum.
            In the immortal words of that great sage Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along”

          4. @fred1212
            To try and answer your question is say that this has been going on for over a year. Dre has apologized numerous times, and Nem graciously accepted…there would be peace for a few weeks…or days..and Dre would start it back up AGAIN. Not content with the peace, he would rally up svarg (or svarg would egg him on), and would say Nem was a jew shill, or a pedophile etc…and then once the shit pot was stirred to his satisfaction, Andre would start with his “poor me” stories and wonder why members were upset with him. Andre has changed, he is not the same person he used to be…hell, even Empty Soul tried to reason with him and he just ignored it and went back to his ass kissing and his self styled victim status. We all know what a hard ass mean old Nem is….hahaha…

          5. On your youtube commentary @doc-undy. Well said. With the growth of youtube every tom,dick and harry can have his five mins of fame and all think they have equal standing as profound thinkers. hahaha. If only the truth was so simple.
            Science does trump opinion every time and what is worse is when fanatical types dress up opinions with pseudoscience in an effort to convince others. Their plans come to naught when the real science is brought out. Then the pseudoscientists quail and start up on the ad hominems. Not new at all. Old news.

        1. @Steve Perry
          I Guess that there Wives were damaged goods, and too loose to get any friction after she had a total of 14 Kids On the Farm, lol. Could you imagine you wife’s pussy having 14 – 12 lbs.+ Junior Spawns Coming-Out Of Her Flappers???

          Now Picture This Brother, Cause what i will say next would surely fuck-any man up. And that is when he witnesses the birth of the last 4 of his 14 kids, and he quickly notices that the only effort required was for Your Wife To give birth was for her to simply let out 1 seemingly effortless “Wet Shit-Smelling Fart” and out comes Happy-Healthy-Joey Sliding into this world on a Warm Streak-O-Shit that mom just provided with a long skid-mark thanks to Dat-Fart.

          Now after seeing that shit (pun-intended) 14 fucking times, and the last four being *everybody-out* the Doctor Screams, sporting a catchers-mitt instead of Surgical gloves, and then he patiently waits for that Fart. Now tell me bro,,, that cannot be good for the old libido, eh, lol, lol ??? Fuck Those sheep would start to look better, & better by the day, lol. (joke) bwa, ha, ha! 😉

        1. Well, he would know. I would imagine goats are easier to fuck than camels… He has to get the ladder out for the camel. I wonder if he uses K-Y™ or just lets the camel spit on it.

          “Oh oh oh ..guess what day it is”

  1. Lmao what a cocksucker, he got off easy. Back in the day I knew a kid in school who was caught trespassing on one of the local farms and was raping a pig. He was an ugly fucker too. Got beat the living hell out of by the farmer and his boys before being shackled and tossed in jail. I wonder how the other inmates treated him when they found out his crime.

  2. Hey KK where are you my nigger? Let’s see you blame this one on the white man! You once told me that black women are far better then white women, then why is your chimping cousin fucking the lifestock?

    On a side note, great now I need to worry about getting AIDS from eating chicken sandwiches.

  3. As a “chicken tender,” I am trying very hard to fathom how small of a dick he must’ve had to first fit it into the cloaca of the hen without her bleeding out. Next, I am puzzled at the reasoning behind this “cock” replacement he’s inclined to provide. I won’t deny that the puffy pantaloons of a busy egg-hen is absolutely adorable to admire – admire in the way one admires the clouds without thinking; ‘Gee, I could put my dick in that.’
    Who seriously does that?
    What part of dicking a chicken sounded even remotely erotic?
    (ps chicken tender = poultry keeper. Farm fresh eggs daily.)

    1. The chicken was asking for it. Walking around shaking its ass and pecking at the ground. Besides, who doesn’t like a feather on thier balls?

  4. what a sack of shit this guy is. that poor chicken had to die so this asshole could get his dick in something? he deserves far more than a beating. a nice bonfire would be fitting for him. 🙁

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