Little Girl Has Brain Blown Off, Still Grasps for Air

Little Girl Has Brain Blown Off, Still Grasps for Air

What the hell, man? I’ve never seen anything like this.

You can see during the opening seconds of the video that this little girl has had the top of her head completely blasted off and her brain is gone as a result. There is also a close up of her blown to shits skull inside the car. But then, as the car takes off, the girl grasps for air – both by opening her mouth wider and by making the hissing sound.

It’s completely mind blowing (no pun intended) that her body would still spasm like that despite complete destruction of the brain. Video is from Syria. Lots of snackbar:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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118 thoughts on “Little Girl Has Brain Blown Off, Still Grasps for Air”

  1. I can’t watch this one…the stills are more than enough for me. Guess because I’ve always yearned so badly for a daughter. If the poor baby has no brain, it must be reflex action by the body. RIP, little girl.

      1. Brazilian_NOTDASILVA, I’m a tender hearted woman when it comes to children. Some I can watch. I can tell by the stills this one would be too upsetting for me. I don’t watch beheading videos either. :/ The only one I’ve seen was that professional Saudi executioner. If I had to be beheaded, I’d want him to do it.

        1. agreed. i usually skip the kid ones also. Just too hard to NOT think of it being your own child. Yes, this had to have just been a result of electric impulses left in the brain that needed to go somewhere. anyone who could look could see that there was absolutely no way that this little girl survived. she was dead where she was. but as a parent i just dont think there is anyway to NOT scoop them up and try to get “help” anyway. I have this horrible reoccuring nightmare where i am walking on the sidewalk next to a busy street with my daughter and she trips and rolls into a street where a car runs over her head. unfortunately, i dont wake up. i heat the pop of her skull just giving away and run to her and just start grabbing pieces and trying to shape them back into her head. i KNOW it does no good, but i just have to do SOMETHING because i just cant accept her being dead. I imagine that these men must have felt the same way.

          1. just agonal breathing.Clearly dead.You see this a lot usually in traffic accidents where peoples heads cave in windscreens,those on the scene first mistake it for signs of life,in reality it is a sign of death.

        2. Be-headings are like fine wines but instead of drink slowly and savor,watch,watch again and savor.

          my favorite one has to be the 2 Mexicans and the chainsaw.One got chainsawed whilst the other watched.

          we need more be-headings in full hd.

          1. @Albert &@Brazilian,I sorry you’ve lost your empathy for others.I hope you both in time will find your compassionate feelings for others for without them your just another walking dead and that my friend is no way to live your life!!!

          2. For me,,I was always curious to see what really happens at accident scenes and being able to see the true full picture without censorship of humans being ripped apart,blown up beheaded, and all other limb and disfigurement injuries, you’ll definitely will never see this on regular news casts. If government authorities get to see this carnage,I think we should be able to see this stuff too. Now , that I have watched all the Best Gore video’s and pictures of ” All the Gore “,, This site has prepared me for real life experiences involving the most grosses scenes I may come across..

      1. Housepiss;

        my thought exactly. There is this one baby was born with no brain but the brainstem is intact andeven though I am Not sure if he is still alive he lived until he was at least two and had only basic motor functions.

  2. off all the people in the world that belong in her position. something like this has to happen to a poor baby. but that’s the way our world works, the innocent die, the guilty live.

    1. She’s not alive. The majority of her brain is obviously good, but it seems like the close up of the damage reveals that the Cerebellum is still intact and that controls heartbeat and body temperature, but her medulla oblongata in the lower brain(upper brainstem), is also intact thus, her breathing is just a spastic reaction, a series of electrical and nerve and protein impulses without life or consciousness. Up consciousness lays in the grey matter of the brain and it’s frontal lobe… both of which are completely gone.
      It’s still must be very disturbing for the family to see their brainless child still grasping for air.

        1. Yes Hawk basically I was going to say the same thing. As long as her brain stem is intact, she might be capable of some slight respiratory effort………but obviously with the rest of her brain blown to smithereens not for long.

          I always wonder what the urgency is with these guys who seem to be rushing the obviously mortally injured to get medical help. I mean can that guy possibly think there is any way in hell that little girl could be saved?

          1. Yeah maybe, but I agree with their futile efforts. But when I think about my own family, and if it were my own children, I would do the same. It would not even be an option. All logic would go out he window and I would do what ever it would take to save my child. This video really affected me personally… God damn it, this always happens when I take to the drink

  3. What a sad video – in the video, you can see in the base of her skull that the brain stem is still present, which produces the drive to breathe, but the cerebrum and cerebellum are gone – the body’s primitive source for survival is all that’s left. Pure tragedy.

  4. It’s amazing how stored energy in the body can slowly be released even after death, the nervous system is incredible.

    It’s sad to be able to safely assume that those men in the car would think that Allah was trying to keep her alive or something, none the less R.I.P little girl it’s a shame that war brings countries to these stages where innocent children suffer

    1. Why rigor mortis sets in too after death. Muscles fire off one last set of ATP (the chemical that actually transports our life energy within our body) causing the muscles to tense. No more ATP is left to relax the muscles. Gradual degradation of the resulting ATP generated chemical compounds used to tense the muscle is why rigor mortis goes away a few days after death.

  5. Tragic but I’m amazed at the body’s desire to survive. This reminds me of a video I saw about a boy born without a brain. All he had was a brainstem, and if I remember correctly he lived to maybe 3 years of age.

  6. Very brutal and just all around fucked! I don’t even know how these guys stay as calm as they do! I’d be-well, I’d be so different I’m that situation. RIP to her, at least she’s not living in that hell hole anymore- and it looks as if she didn’t suffer too much, if that last final attempts at breath were just reflexes..

  7. little girl, little boy, grown man, grown woman. It doesn’t matter, that was some fucked up shit, i feel bad and i would’ve felt just as bad if it was a grown man.

    The reflexes are probably because part of her brain was still intact, possibly not realizing yet that most of her brain is missing.

    1. The human body is such a wonderful machine isn’t it? It could be the brain stem or the firing of the nervous system contracting muscles like those in the mouth. Either way that little girl is obviously brain dead.

      1. Indeed it is. The more I have studied it, the more I admire the brilliance of its overall design. It has it flaws for sure, but they are more than offset by the utter brilliance of things that go on within it and we are mostly not aware until something goes wrong.

        As an aside, I am also convinced as a result that doctors are nothing more than a mechanic that just works on biological machines. Just like the person who may work on your car, there are good ones and not so good ones. Choose both very carefully.

  8. Terribly sad but I agree with others in that she is no longer suffering in the wretched world she was born into. She (hopefully) never had the misfortune to be kidnapped, tortured, raped and so on. That is the only solace that I take away from the videos or images of the unfortunate children in war torn regions.

  9. I tried something new today when I realized the headline for this vid involved a child: I skipped down to the comments before viewing.
    I think I’m gonna pass this one up today, guys. I really can’t handle seeing gore/death affecting children. That video of the little girl who passed from cancer wrecked my entire week when I watched it. I’m not going to make that same mistake today!!

      1. And there, we have 2 opposites of the spectrum…I always find it amazing, the diversity in which some members find “acceptable” to watch, and others don’t…I’m personally de-sensitised against any form of gore, whoever it may be of, I guess just watching various videos has made me this way. But yeah, fascinating how your mind, sriracha, can’t bare to watch that cancer vid, yet you, citygirl, look like you ready to grab that popcorn! And that is why I will never, ever, fully understand you crazy cats…

  10. Vincit, I sent you 2 minutes ago the same kind of video, but this time it’s not a child, it’s a snackbarist from the FSA, and you can see him grasping for air more than in this video.

    share it so all the members can enjoy it =)
    at least it won’t be a video of an innocent child

  11. Admin, I sent you 2 minutes ago the same kind of video, but this time it’s not a child, it’s a snackbarist from the FSA, and you can see him grasping for air more than in this video.

    share it so all the members can enjoy it =)
    at least it won’t be a video of an innocent child

      1. That “the devil was a killer from the beginning.” That this is the result of sin. These are the consequences of sin. This is why this world crys out for a supreme just being to come and judge this planet and put an end to all of this once and for all. But the entire universe has to see the results of satan’s plan.

  12. This reminds me of a Auto accident I responded to years ago where when the car rolled over, it pinched this kid’s head between the A pillar and the road. Left most of the grey stuff in the road. We got the kid in the back of the ambulance and he was still breathing and a steady heart rate. We ended up putting a sheet over him and had to focus on taking care of the rest of the victims who could be saved. I can still see that in my mind’s eye just as clear as the day it happened.

  13. Sad but you know what’s really sad te stupid comment people make watching BG is to show people raw shit that’s really happening in our world not for people to get immune to the killing and act like they see this everyday people your heartless comment are not nessasery when it comes to the kids when your kid is on the next video then you can comment the stupid shit that you want so you can impress the Internet world with your gangster shit about a dead girl real gangster

  14. It;’s surprising to see the horrified comments of people who are shocked to see little kids ripped to pieces. You do realize that the people you vote for every year are doing EXACTLY the same thing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc, etc, with the drone killings that you approved? The blood of this child’s brain is on your hands, not mine. Enjoy it. Maybe if you rub the brain matter into your face it’ll help take off wrinkles.

  15. Staged. Guys are too calm for handling a little girl that just had her head blown off and doesn’t make any sense that they would let a guy with a camera tag along getting close-ups of the girl’s face.

  16. I’ve never understood why many people get so sentitive when it comes to children or animals, expecially in cases in which the victim dies suddenly (like this one), and so cynical when it comes to adults being tortured and slowly killed by beating or stoning… But I respect this.
    I personally think that it’s not the death, the problem, but the pain on the way to it.
    Moreover, i think that children are not sacred or holy creatures, they’re just human beeings, like any other. So to say, if someone’d do this to (i.e.) a toddler Ted Bundy, would have saved many lives and suffering to much more people.

  17. get your highest degree and license in the medical field, be the top of your class once you receive these and had at least 10 years in the field of surgeries from the most brutal of body and head trauma then come talk to me about what’s going on in the video… or maybe be a mad scientist that experiment on human anatomy and explain to me how the body functions after trauma of this degree and the stages of respiratory and circulatory failure during this process… on another note, sad to see children done like this in the mix of a troubled world.

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