Little Girl Slashed to Death with Machete by Extremely Drunk Father

Little Girl Slashed to Death with Machete by Extremely Drunk Father

This child was killed with several blows of machetes aimed at her head. At the time of the killing, she was sleeping. The blows were delivered by her father who was extremely drunk.

These are a few years old pictures, but worthy of being published despite time lapse. Props to Best Gore member @CryBaby for these:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Little Girl Slashed to Death with Machete by Extremely Drunk Father”

      1. There’s nothing that complicated about it really. People kill each other all the time regardless of age and regardless of good or petty reasons, that’s how it always has been, that’s how it always will be. You gotta live like you could die at any given minute… only then will you truly stop giving a fuck about all the worlds injustices.

    1. Great observation! Maybe it was the day welfare checks arrived. Back in the day the tellers in my bank use to call the 1st of every month “Mother’s Day” when the Mulignan bitches would rush to the banks to cash the welfare check. Of course all the Baby Daddies would suddenly show up out of nowhere. The men dick down the baby mamma whores and get a part of the check. Ain’t life grand?

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    1. you can notice something like “sand” over her arm and head. probably she was killed on the backyard (front one will cause too much attention) when she was somehow playing and later dragged to the room and being fakely put to sleep? the father was drunk, remember? cause if the dad slashed her on the bed, then the blood would have been spreaded over the room, right? what matters isnt that but how i wish he would have been like this

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    1. yeah Bre

      i noticed that too. most of the comments here in bestgore are cruel its like they feel cool or thug. or just to show others that they aren’t scared or disgusted in gore.

    2. Maybe that’s how they cope with the overwhelming horror of it all. Why do you want to take that away from them? So you can feel morally superior? I don’t get it. That poor guy lost his daughter you probably want to say something rude to him too, instead of trying to help him through his bereavement. 🙁

  1. She was dead before the machete blows. Otherwise there would be a crap ton of blood. I noticed her little guts are hanging out also. People who do this are the scummiest of the scum.I hope he gets street justice .

  2. What an evil freak of a bastard dad he could be to have killed such an innocent child of that age is beyond me . Was it that , that he suspected that the child to be not his but somone else’s.?
    He deserves to die with the same machete that was used to commit this offence.
    I would love to see the Mob coming over to that hutment to mete out true justice for a crime like this .
    He needs to be dismembered when he returns intoxicated the next the time around .
    RIP little child

  3. I was wondering about the blood as well but her hair is stained plus her shirt I think they cleaned up her face for the pics looks better for court when they kill that peice of shit wanna be dad

  4. Why do people always blame everything on alcohol? What are the police doing in these situations? I mean is this an every day norm where these people live at? I just seem tonot be able to understand why they are able to keep doing this? Especially to these children who cannot defend themselves.

  5. He is already dead, or soon will be as everywhere he goes, he will be a marked man. If he was caught by the police and thrown in a cell with me, I would kill him for what he did. I know that is statement is easy to dismiss as an idle internet boast, but I really would kill him.

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