Livestreamed Footage of Deadly Shooting at Synagogue in Halle, Germany

Footage of Deadly Shooting at Synagogue in Halle, Germany

Footage of Deadly Shooting at Synagogue in Halle, Germany

A disgruntled East German decides to attempt an attack on a Synagogue in the German city/town of Halle. His arsenal consists of what seems to be a slam fire shotgun of some sort and a small caliber submachinegun that looks very home made. Aside from these weapons he also seems to have an assortment of home made explosives and what look to be incendiary devices or shrapnel bombs.

He attempts to enter the Synagoge that has some kind of meeting or celebration planned for that day (I believe there were even 10 US citizens inside, Not sure though) however the shooter has trouble finding an entrance to the building and attempts to force a door with explosives.

A woman passes by and makes a comment in German before being presumably fatally shot in the back, blocking the driver door of his own car. After repeated attempts to enter the Synagoge he also attempts to shoot a man with a white van whom is presumably investigating the woman laying lifeless in the street. However his weapon repeatedly misfires and the man escapes.

It is also worth noting that the shooter presumably shot out his own left rear tire as a loud hissing noise can be heard.

The shooter proceeds to drive away, complaining to his stream that he is a failure and apologizes for the mistakes he made until he notices a Kabab shop.

The shooter parks and crosses the street before assaulting the Kabab shop with a thrown hand made device. It seemingly not very strong as a patron or owner/employee comes to check out the ruckus only to be shot. One man flees into the back whilst the now wounded man and another hide behind a vending machine.

Even more misfires later the other man also manages to flee but the shooter does come back to fatally shoot the injured man whom at some point cries and pleads for clemency.

The shooter fires at random passerby’s outside the shop as well and eventually whilst driving encounters a Polizei patrol vehicle (German police) that presumably is responding to the disturbance. The shooter gets out and uses what looks to be his slamfire weapon against the German police officers managing to get quite alot of shots downrange. However as he steps out the cover of his car to the drivers seat the officer or officers return fire and manage to hit him in his left shoulder.

The shooter then flees the scene in his car and eventually tosses out the camera from the car window.

Around 6 hours later Twitch block public viewership on the video.

Footnote : This is my first time submitting to bestgore, I hope I did everything alright. English is also not my first language so I apologize for any grammatical errors.

Props also to @dienuss for the video:

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  1. He streamed his attack on Twitch, just like the Christchurch guy, a Mossad agent.

    Despite eyewitness reports of multiple shooters, which is typical of Mossad false flags, the media is scraping the information.

    A 27-year-old patsy from Sachsen-Anhalt, named Stephan B. has been arrested.

    Of course it had to be a fake attack on a synagogue. How otherwise bamboozle the public to rally in support of terrorists who perpetrate these attacks? There was a reason why Jews yelled Allahu Akbar while launching the attack on King George Hotel. Their modus operandi hasn’t changed.

    The interesting aspect is that in his manifesto he is talking about somebody who gave him 0,1 Bitcoin which he stated made the whole attack possible and this person talked him into it. He also stated that he thinks the person in question was working for the government in some way or another but that he doesn’t care. The shooter was definitely a patsy. An MK Ultra victim, perhaps?

      1. I think a child could do more damage with a supersoaker fill with piss. What do we do before going to work? Test your tools first! Fuck me, this guy should have just stayed home and machined his gun tolerances a little more sloppy.

        1. Sounds almost like you wish he would have been more successful killing innocent people.. oh wait.. you probably do. How much of a scum one needs to be to justify such a horrible murder? All due to some idiotic religious beliefs… We as the human race have failed miserably.

          1. mdrncars…There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I have earned enough money that I can get away from everyone. In fact I spent the last 24 years of my life working my ass off to purchase a property in a remote spot to get away from people.
            Now I could give a shit how a man prays or what other humans do to each other. This planet is over populated with beggars, idiots and scum but if there is a few less of them around so be it.

          1. Look kid I took JROTC in high school and ROTC in college. It’s not that I didn’t have the opportunity to join with recruiters calling and stopping by every other day. Maybe I am smart enough not to be a sheep? Maybe I value my life enough to not sign up to blindly follow some politicians will? Perhaps I chosen to further my education instead of signing up for some dipshit to send me to a foreign country to protect someone else’s interest. While you were jacking off to lingerie ads I was making my fortune, will you be retired at the age of 40 like I am now? Keep licking your superiors boots kid and why your at it just take a moment and think about all those cocks your lady was sucking off while you were on tour. How was your coffee this morning?

          2. Corpseman, some tip: Why do you even argue on a gore site?
            Its useless trying to ridicule people here, they are here to look at mindless murders, and nothing else. I live in germany and even i say the dude was the worst terrorist ever. Of course nobody wishes for him to kill even more, but that display was embarassing. I dont care about the 2 people that died, after all i dont know them.

            So dont start mindless arguments here. Im sure most people here have a common sense of being human, they just need a website to life out their voyourism. After all we are here to see dead people. That doesnt mean everyone here is insane or wishes for death upon others.

    1. I don’t think he was an MK Ultra victim, just some dumbass that was easily talked into doing something that was detrimental to his own cause. It stands out to me that he was unable to breach the door even after blasting it with a shotgun. Also, the streets were pretty deserted for an apparently populated area….like maybe someone made preparations for an attack. It doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t try to go over the wall or bring better breaching tools with him (maybe an axe) if he had ever been to the area before. He was clearly poorly armed and untrained. The explosives he was using were more like fireworks. All signs point to him being a patsy. Great first post though, @lipst. It was very well written.

      1. True ,he seems a loser . Ten out of ten for fighting against stuff but all he killed were a harmless woman and family man Turko /moslem making a living. Shameless really. Yes ,I don’t like snackbars in my country but I don’t agree with killing innocent Turk Dads either. Wrong targets mate! Unless of course he was a patsy who was used by others to further their causes.

        Anyone thought this is too convenient ,one day after Drumpf caves to the snackbar Turks , a guy goes on rampage and kills a Turk ? Also a truck barrels along German roads trying to terrorist- kill Germans on the day of the Drumpf announcement?And the culprit is a native German?

        If I wanted to cover Drumpf’s embarrassment and impotence and punish Germany for still going ahead against Usa/zio interests -russo/ German pipeline is still going ahead against US wishes. – and take pressure off Macron hated in France ,and take the pressure off the worsening of the world economy,I would plan a False Flag EXACTLY like this! Note how the German is made to look anti -Semitic again (demonization) and Merkel is made to look unable to keep her own house in order.

        Lord wank also alluded to this. False flags are demonstrably everywhere. You wait long enough and people will talk and the truth comes out.

        Moral of the story is this guy has achieved nothing as he shot innocents and not powerbrokers. Funny that ,none of the powerbrokers ever get killed just like ISIS rockets and chemical weapons never seem to find Israel. Hmm? emphasis on “not finding the powerbrokers”. Patsy through and through.

        1. Patsy and a Jew. Think about it – he killed a Muslim man and a white goyim woman. But did it in front of a synagogue so that Jews get all the sympathy. No Jew was harmed, nowhere near it, just non Jews, but everybody talks about an attack on a synagogue.

          And if that’s not proof enough, his ridiculous see-through rhetoric should remove all doubt. What do Jews want? To be seen as perpetual victim so nobody sees that they perpetrate all evil. What do they need to get that? Fake stories like the Holohoax or this guy saying some scripted shit against the Jews.

          All one needs to do is focus on actions, not words. Then the truth becomes clear. It’s like with Donald Trump. If one were to focus on scripted shit he says, he would think he’s anti-establishment. But once you begin focusing on his actions, you get clear picture about who he really represents. This guy is no different.

          1. I agree with all you say but we can only go by what we are told at this stage. I would love this guy to be Jewish but I just can’t agree to it yet. Maybe they are covering up his Jewishness and official sources will keep telling us he is an Ossie as they say but the truth will come out in time.

            So yes , it makes sense he is a Jew but frankly he could be just what he looks; a deluded weak incel East German.

            Time will tell, but if you see anything that says he is Jewish let me know. Dutch Witch also says he looks Jewish but then so did Hitler ,Goebbels and many Germans (probably because many did have Jewish blood a long time ago anyway).

          2. i have to say they are a dopey lot in this video. A gunman points his rifle at them and they don’t really react. A sleepy town full of sleepy people.

        2. @vileness

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        3. This guy was a loser, compared to the guy in New Zealand.
          This guy took all that time to kill less than 3, but B. Tarrant wasted no time at all in taking the sand nigger to the kebab shop in the sky.
          Plus, this idiot spent about an hour loading and reloading a cartridge or something, just wasting BestGore’s time.
          He obviously hasn’t mastered ‘Tour of Duty/Black Ops’ or similar.

        4. I’ve been reading up on this guy ..

          Apparently a song lyrics ‘made him do it’.
          Beatles ? Rev No. 9 ? – NO !

          It was Mr Spasticus himself, Ian Dury:

          “..Hit me with your rhythm stick.
          Hit me!
          Das ist gut! C’est fantastique!
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        5. @vileness

          I think this was ‘real’ in spite of no visible blood – here are my reasons (for the seasons) (that was a joke) (I wish I hadn’t spoke)..

          Anyway, here goes:

          Reason 1: the dude seemed very honest in his spiel about the evil Jew
          2. he seemed genuinely pissed off when he found that door was locked shut
          3. the old bag who was shot point blank was wearing some pretty heavy and puffy cold weather gear – it’s possible that there was alot of blood, which had just not seeped out yet
          4. the dude’s in the kebab shop were crying for their life – seemed genuine
          5. the sheer amount of militia stuff he had in his car
          6. if you walked around doing this as a ‘joke’ with blanks, or a fake gun, you would have a 100% chance of being shot dead by the Pigs, especially these days – so to risk being ‘seen’ you may as well be shooting real bullets anyway, see?

          There are of course parts which make me wonder what the fuck was going on, like when he was slower than a sloth to
          a) kill that old guy on the street
          b) kill those 2 kebabs
          c) put cartridge in the fuckin’ thing

          But .. overall there is a 99 per cent chance it is REAL whether done as black flag Op, or just one guy’s shot at fame, I don’t know !!

        6. @ vileness

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        7. I have so many questions for this dude.He kills innocent girl who says something to him. Then he kills a turk dad and before he did that he walked right past a girl while he walked into the store but he didn’t try to shoot her. Something doesn’t add up but this dude is a complete dumb ass.

      2. @jason666
        You raise some Really Good & valid points brother, and are making me think that this could have been a (Film Set, & A False-Flag of Sorts) with the car parked sideways, and letting certain people by like the cyclist. Those bullets could have also been nothing but blanks. And i say this cause if you go back you will see that as soon as he shoots the vehicle, he gets his camera to point down so he can show us the large caliber rounds like a .223 cal. or even a NATO-Issue .556 Round, that he just fired at that car. And notice how much smoke came out of the barrel when in the dark corner of the store he kept going back to shoot the old fake-crying man. And lots of smoke comes-out of blanks cause the space that would usually be filled with a bullet, it has more gunpowder in it instead. But also i never saw any blood spray, or anything like-i
        So,,, what’s your take on the False-Flag Scenario Jason?? cause I’d Love To Hear Your Point Of View, cause i think that you, & I Are on to something here. 🙂

        1. Most definitely a false flag scenario, in my opinion. @hopingfornemesis said it better than I think I could’ve. I do think that the shooter believed in what he was trying to do, but I also whole heartedly believe that whoever funded and put him up to it was acting in the interest of Zionism. Some agent found some simple minded fool that was willing to kill innocent people and convinced him to live stream the whole thing. I feel bad for the victims that were just minding their own business trying to get by and their surviving family and friends. I don’t know about the bullets being blanks, but they could’ve been hand loaded. It looks like everything else he was working with was home made.

          1. This has to be just about the most retarded fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I almost feel embarrassed for the unwitting participants. I felt like I was spectating a game of Half Life where some bored weirdo is just trying to break shit and shooting dead scientists on the floor because he has nothing better to do with his time between shifts at the Quik-Mart.

          1. @Jsmith666
            Yes indeed my good B G Brother, we most certainly do. 🙂
            Did you know that a man by the name of David Smith Just about saved my life when i was on the streets at 15??? This Jewish Gentleman found-out through a friend of mine that i was on thge streets for a year now, and that i was not looking well.

            So David Said to my friend to bring him (Myself) in. So Because David Smith owned A Restaurant called The Place next Door, which was at the time Ottawa’s Best, & Classiest Steak & Seafood Restaurant By Far, he gave me a job as a busboy, and gave me a nice warm, & furnished room above the restaurant itself.

            This is whee my life began to change for the better. So here we are over 37 years later, and David Operates a shelterfor abused, homeless and drug-addicted young men. When i found-out on the 6 O’clock News That David Had closed his Restaurants, and moved-on to becoming a Philanthropist I Cried, and did so like a baby, cause i just knew that I Yes,,, I My Brother was the inspiration, and the reason why David Deciding to do this for his retirement years.


            He is still today in his late 70’s to early 80’s A Respected Philanthropist in the Ottawa Area. If you want to read about him, i’m sure that you can find something if you rye-in David Smith The Place Next Door,,, Nates Deli which
            was owned by David & his Sister Freeda.

            Or you can also look-Up (The David Smith Foundation fore Young Addicted, and Abused men) Not the name but close enough i guess bro! 🙂

            I Love sharing this story, and i do so at least once a year on herew, as to inform the masses that **The Jews Labelled The Bad-Elite** are only but A Very Tiny Bunch Of Crooked Bastards that make, and have made for multiple decades All Of The Super Good, anf Honest caring Normal like us Jews look extremely bad when the exact opposite can be said.

            I Wish that we could eliminate that crooked, & uncaring bunch of Pricks, cause once these child-murdering, country invading cunts would be gone, We could All,,, Jews,,, Catholics,,, Muslim,,, and all other races and religions live in peace, & live together in perfect harmony with each other.

            So With That,,,
            Cheers My Good
            Best-Gore Bro!
            Andre. 🙂

        2. My only problem with that is that it seems unnecessarily complicated… It would be easier and more feasible to just carry out an attack then stage one with actors, a closed set, and special effects.. Which could be said for any alleged staged attack..

          1. Yea but when you have seen about 100 or so in your life,,, you start seeing little things, as they get lazy and sloppy to them Jew-Cunts!

          2. I don’t think the attack itself was staged, @jannetty. I think that the shooter was manipulated into committing the attack by an unknown agent whose actual goal was to throw shade on the shooter’s cause, frighten the masses, create sympathy for a certain group(s), and promote gun control…even though gun ownership is already pretty controlled in Europe, people will now be making an argument to censor the internet because that’s where the plans for these particular guns came from. That’s what I mean when I say false flag.

        3. The rounds we saw on the ground were shotgun shells. .223/5.56 are essentially the same casing, and not really all that big.

          No reason to think he was firing blanks. Modern powder is smoke free. I couldn’t tell you what he was shooting, but I’m willing to be it was all some slapped together home made junk. And with that, he probably made his own loads, using black powder…. which smokes.

          1. @Felix
            I did not know that black powder was smoke free as i fire my uncle’s black powder shotgun and it still releases a crazy amount of smoke when fired.
            We used to about 35 years ago, remove slugs from 12 gauge shotgun shells, and top the shell up with more gunpowder to make super loud blanks with em, man it was fun times back then. 🙂

            So the new gunpowder except for black powder must be much cleaner than the black powder type. I Thought that all gunpowder were the same, but i guess not. My Bad Dude.

          2. No worries. Just figured I would share some info.

            Gunpowder has a lot of variance. Muzzleloader uses “black powder” which smokes a lot. Cartridges use gunpowder (which also has variances in how fast I burns).

            I do believe this guy likely loaded his own shells with black powder, since it is more readily available. And shotgun shells are stupid easy to reload.

            It would explain all the smoke, if he had loaded some shotgun shells with black powder. And, it would work.

          1. Can someone please tell me what he was saying in the first part of the vid?

            I heard the he doesn’t believe holocaust happened… But then everything else…. Fuck he sounded like he’d dropped 20 speed bombs

          1. We don’t give out participation awards around here. It upsets me that they give winners and losers in little kids’ sports both a trophy so that no one feels bad. Is that just an American thing?

          2. Well in my country’s case ,it certainly seemed it came from you guys.

            I grew up in a time when you had first,second and third…that is it!

            I have observed no out of the normal behavioral problems for the chronically awkward kids at the time ,so I reckon this “everyone is a winner “is bullshit. Sure ,get a certificate but glorying in the mediocre does nobody any favours.

      1. Yeah, the kebab removal was righteous. The outrageous way he failed overall though just supports the enemy’s narrative. Almost like it was orchestrated: like the feds groomed this vulnerable fellow to make a mockery of himself and his cause.

        1. The invasion of the kebabs. i fukking hate kebabs, raping and murdering kibabs. Any removal of them is a good thing, this whole war thing is taking so long to happen though. It’s as frystrating as watching his gun jam over and over again with someone in his sights. Damn frystrating

          1. Watching the video was very frustrating, it was like a nightmare version of the mass shooter scenario playing out. I don’t really want to say anything beyond that because all these comments will probably bite me in the ass if I ever travel overseas or otherwise.

          2. The kebab has invaded the West, like vermin !
            Notice they don’t wanna stay in their OWN shithole countries, where these sand nigger filth BELONG!
            No, they have to migrate to the West, so they can fuck our countries up with their vile sand nigger shit !
            Death to the kebab !

      2. i would just like everyone to know that i really appreciate this type of video. I love the mass shootings more than all the others and especially musilms. i hope in time there will be more. Honestly, most if not all adults are selfish pieces of shit and deserve to die, preferably screaming in pain “Help me, help me” that muslim woman lying in the road. I still knock one out over that regularly. I mean watching her screaming for help then Brent putting one in her head. i mean let’s be honest, he was much more pro than this fellow.
        So the professional and the amateur both threw up the old jew false flag comments. One for being to professional the other for not killing any jews.

        1. Agreed !
          There should be a ‘monument’ to B. Tarrant in New Zealand.
          And .. he should at least have a ‘Mosque’ named after him, in honor of all the good that he has done the World.

          God bless you, Brent !

          Next Kebab is on me !!


        2. You so a fucking idiot, you nazi scumcockroach . I live here in germany and we have a fucking problem with idiots like you. and all the other naziscum pigs. I wish oneday an other anallicker comes to you and makes the same shit like these nazifucker, with you. Haha i hope than comes a video with you.

    2. I agree with you this smells exactly as fake as the mossad job in NZ CUI BONO? when i heard about it and saw the news its the same old prepared articles politicans cry for crackdowns and so on then watched the video it was a fucking joke he blasted a guy 2-3 times in the chest but nothing happened!!! no blood no GORE only children with no experience of violence could believe this falseflag psyop really happened once again the filthy kikes plays the SHEEPS!

    3. Hello,
      as a German i may can explain something about this! First of all the eastern States of Germany, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen and Meckelnburg Vorpommern are know for their Rightwinged People. In Halle, where this takes place, is even a HQ from the ,,Identitäre Bewegung,, . Who also recieved Money from the Christchurch dude and probably from the Guy in the Germany special Forces (KSK) who builds up a shadowarmy. According to what news and evidence tell. So it dosnt have to be a false Flag although it could ofc.

      And for the part with the not reacting citizens…. most of us wouldn,t even flinch at a knife or gun, not because we are brave, just because we are not familiar anymore with it. Our Goverment even debates about a central Storage for Huntingweapons and the change of the legal knifeblade length (today its 12 cm/4,7inch). No one thinks of danger anymore. Every Towelhead is a possible professionel Workforce and instant Friend, every Religion is peacefull except our own and BAd things, well Bad things are allways a individual case 😉

      1. Haha. Retard sent for the slaughter. Reminds me of a lost soul Aussie kid who went and joined ISIS . No he wasn’t Mohammedan . He was Anglo Saxon Celtic blood. They trained him and he became a suicide bomber . He blew himself up on a mission and his fellow ISIS Moslem dogs laughed at him for being such a fool and cannonfodder. Actually laughed at him!

        Our Somali stabber murderer in Melbourne who killed the man who went to HELP him also had lots of” bombs” in his car. So it doesn’t necessarily mean it was fake ,it could just mean they were reatards or just didn’t have enough time to use them before being caught or otherwise stopping.

        So much for necessary fools. Our man Baillert was one.

    4. Patsy my ass. Just some attention-seaking prick. Ooh look at me shooting at old people and emptying bullets into a fucking corpse like a failed Rambo. What a pussy knobhead. Don’t give up your day job. Which was probably blowbanging a bunch of other wannabe queers.

    5. @CryBaby,

      You could be right that this possibly an act carried out by Mossad agent to stir shit, just like the asian indians in Asia and south-east Asia, and one of the motives is to get the attention from the Western powers, especially from USA and UK .

      Another possibility is that there are many divisions within the jews fighting each other, and this could be one jewish gang attacking another jewish gang, and attribute it to another ethnic group or country, and somehow both gangs reap the benefit from somewhere. Jews are good in such tactics for many centuries if not thousand of years travelling around the globe knowing almost every region and the inhabitants’ cultures and customs and the way they will react etc, and capitalize on their kindness or their weakness…..guess that’s the reason why jews were kicked out of most of Europe/Russia in the past many centuries, and jews escaped to USA in recent past, now plotting some kind of scheme to stir up wars in Europe/Russia as a form of revenge.

    6. It was an inside job, for sure. People do not show their faces with such optimism. He is not in jail, not dead, nothing. Living in Israel, living the good satanic life is my best bet.

  2. We have a new moderator this fine morning, ,so lets all Welcome @Hesphos to Best-Gore, and wish him well. He comes at a time where it was crucial that we kept our baby moving forward, as it just makes great business sense. I Also sent him a message congratulating him on the new position. So,,, Godspeed My New B G Brother,,, Godspeed! And Great First Post Man 🙂 This New Member writes just like Nemes,,, Good-Stuff, lol. 🙂

    1. G’day @Hesphos welcome on board. Hope you can keep the good BG content coming. It seems like a big undertaking to bring a role like this on board but it’s all good you got this. with great power there must also come — great responsibility!”

    2. Welcome onboard @hesphos, i wish you will keep it smart and respectfull of the dead, please dont fall into that teenager first degree nationalist..or into mocking those who died.

      kinda heavy for a welcome, this site mean a lot to us, its free press and the only site that allow us to keep in touch with horror and suffering, on a daily basis..and its important for anyone seeking a true understanding of this world, welcome again. !!

        1. @thedre
          i knew you’d take the bait, you’re so far up your own ass you just couldn’t resist it could you. See, unlike you, i don’t live for this site, so i will not pay, grovel or beg any of you and your cronies to get on the forums, i never give money to beggars or junkies. you think you own this site and act like a dicktator, mark knew this site depends on active members not fake accounts. you will drive this site into the ground.
          I notice you attack a lot of people then when people start ignoring your comments you impose on them like the little kid at school nobody wants to talk to then when the drugs kick in you go insulting people again. anyway fuck off

          1. @vile,
            And i knew that you were joking around and baiting me Hence the lol’s that accompanied both of the comments at the end of them lol. So Be well my good brother,,, Be Well.
            Andre 🙂

  3. It all seemed a bit weird with his actions. He did all that to shoot a white lady and possibly an old Arabic man. There other people going past on bikes and cars if he wanted to send a message he would have went on a mass shooting instead of killing 2 randoms. Maybe because his arsenal was shit, most of it did fuck all which is a good thing. So my point is why do all that shit and then just go get killed or kill yourself. I haven’t seen the whole video I don’t even know how long it is I’ve just this video to go off. I have been checking out a few MK podcasts and need to watch Wormwood still but I don’t think this dude was he was just a fuckwit.

    1. Yea,,, i posted my comment right after hearing what he had to say. But once i watched the whole video, i began to ask myself, W.F.F. is up with his weapon, as it seamed to be jamming at every second shot, or so.

      And your right about shooting the old Donair Man, as he went back to him 3 fucking times when he could have breached the Door to the Jew-Church if he kept-on blasting it at the lock section 4 or 5 times, but he walked away instead, lol.

      1. This is highly unfortunate, as it was Yom Kippur and the temple would have been at full capacity with the Jewboys totally preoccupied with waving chickens over their heads atoning for their year-long, money related sins.

        Chicken guts and nasal screams, rifle blasts and chlorine gas filling the air, Oy Vey the whole schmear. Damn.

          1. I’m a Jew and I don’t think I especially like money or that I’m destroying the world or want to do something of the sort. It’s sad to read the comments here. Yes I know what the internet is like but still it’s sad that as a race human beings still have the capacity for so much blind hatred and violence.

          2. I have nothing against you. I just want a muslim v non muslim war. i also wish the jews would at least be involved in at least one pissing war apart from that 7 day thing.
            We do hope we can rely on your support in the next war. Which i hope comes very, very soon.

  4. I Love this fucking dude Anon,,, cause what he says is right on the money,so true, and so very well explained. Rock-On Brother, here, and in the afterlife, as God Has A Good Seat for you my man, with what you are doing for the overall good of mankind while being unselfish about your own self.

    God-Bless! 🙂

      1. @TheDautingDual

        Yea true enough, as i did see the signs that something just as not right with Seraphim, as he was very unreliable from the start. And this is partly why we decided Not To Send-In (Like not much, But A Few Hundred Bucks) Cause again he needed more money, during his 2nd. plight, & cause for some much needed funds. Cathy & I Have been taken twice in similar situations.It’s too bad that it had to come to this, and that he is having so much troubled times, but with no disrespect meant this is after all A Business, And The Site,,, It Must Go On, and that Just Goods Business Sense. 🙂

        🙁 🙁 Just A Thought, But God, i hope that he does not have a bad drug problem. 🙁 🙁

  5. What do you expect, this is modern Germany. Those poor bastards have been living under US protection since the cold war. They barely know any combat styles or weapon management. If that was an American the death toll would be in the double or triple digits with no gun zone area’s like that.

    It was basically shooting fish in a barrel and this guy fucked even that up.

    It would have been better if he had just drove over a bunch of jews at least he would have amounted to something other than being the laughing stock of the internet. This guy had no plan what so ever. Instead of wasting nobody jews at a synagogue he should have walked into a government hall and wasted a bunch of pro multi cultural politicians.

    1. @ParadiseFalls,
      Hey I am in agreement with your sense. Especially the part about going after German pro multicultural traitors. There is where the message needs to be sent. No tolerance for those White heritage hating traitors.
      Z E R O T O L E R A N C E
      4 A N T I- W H I T E G L O B A L I S T S !

        1. True that.
          Maybe I should have said we shoot more of ourselves in a weekend than countries with active wars going on.
          A terrorist attack with 50 dead “few and far between” is a 3 day weekend in Chicago alone.
          Just seems as violent as our society is this particular fella woudn’t have made it even as a tourist….

    1. Something tells me the jews were tipped off. People are saying this guy had a government handler. Probably told him what place he was going to hit. Should of went to another one across town the hour before he hit the joint. Bet it would have been open.

  6. prepared he was not, shoots pedestrian (was she Jewish) locked door to the synagogue(Him cursing the door actually made me laugh), jerking his gun off, did it jam up, shot the same guy twice, fires a couple rounds down a empty street.
    I’m just going to say it… He sucks at killing… In general.

        1. He was weak ,unstable ,mentally -pliable and a believer in violent overthrow of Jewry. Perfect patsy . A real gun would have planned better ,be more motivated and have targetted powerbrokers which is why they are never chosen. Why? ’cause they see the big picture and don’t take orders from above.

          If you want to be scared or want someone to succeed ,look for the smart guy who doesn’t like authority ,is trained and has a general code close to Humanitarianism. Ie kill only when need to,goes for the powerbrokers elite and with minimal pain or collateral damage. Ie professional hitmen.

          The Day of the Jackal comes to mind.

      1. @paradisefalls,
        again you nailed it. This makes me think that he was handled and told about the area being populated by many Jews around the clock? It looked like high noon in some desert town in the old Arizona days.(Ghost Town) only thing missing were some tumble weeds blowing all over that street. lol. He must have been assured that he’d get his kike kill fix on at this location so he didn’t think he’d need to go anywhere else. Yeah he was a setup for sure.

    1. He would have made a classic 1960s bad guy trying to Kill Batman & Gay Robin ..

      He would have devised a device that would kill them over 4 hours, then walk away knowing that they could not possibly escape !!!

      Unless … They fuckin’ did ???? ……

    1. @The Dutch Witch,
      Definitely not a Jew! You know how I can tell? A Jew wouldn’t of just wasted those costly homemade ammo cartridges. lol Schlomo doesn’t waste monetary objects with out good reason. They don’t call the heebs cheap for nothing.

    1. Yep… US/Zio false flags are now cheap productions because they many people are in the know now. How many have failed ? Haha

      French ship set up as a patsy by US /zios when they shot down the Russian surveillance aircraft to get Russia to attack France to broaden the war effort! Fail! The French army was too smart to fall for that crap!
      Venezuela loves guiado;fail!
      Iran bombs ships in Persian Gulf; fail!
      Iran rockets Saudi Arabian whole oil capability in one rocket strike; fail !
      Now we have a truck terrorist yesterday and this Turkey today! Lol

    1. Here the translation of everything someone said.

      Woman: “Do you have to to this exactly in the time, I am walking by? Gosh….” *boom boom*

      Sandnigger: “please don’t, please don’t” -> “nooo” * boom*
      Shooter coming back: “God shut the fuck up” *boom* “What the fuck? he is still alive *boom boom*

      The shooter trying to open the door: “Fuck” (I suppose you got that one) and the next was “Damn shit”

  7. I applaud you @Hephos for taking the task of moderating this site. God knows it won’t be easy, and with the friends of depression and stress tagging along for the journey. But it’s good to know there’s someone willing to keep the ride going. I know I would not be up for it. I’ve been here for the past 5 years and don’t plan on leaving this behind anytime soon. So, thank you.

    Hope you last in this line of.. moderation.

    1. Where was your god when the 6 Gorillion were gassed to death 80 years ago in the same country? You have to admit, that time the goyim got you really good. GETTING LUCKY ONCE is not the same as god. The kikes in there were just lucky this guy was too dumb to bring a ladder, but in pittsburgh they had a nice bonanza in that synagogue. See, in this digital day and age with the internet, you cannot hide your lies and your practices anymore. Everything you people are doing is being brought out and broadcast across social media, it cannot be hidden anymore like it used to by your jew controlled mainstream media. The internet is the jew’s worst nightmare, and history will repeat itself, we are already seeing the symptoms. Antisemitic attacks are up 500% all of it because of internet spreading the truth.

        1. Agreed : I was cut, like a slut
          All my dick-nerves, now are ‘shut’

          They fed the foreskin, to a Jewish Mutt

          Then they rolled me over

          Fucked me in the butt

          when i stopped my screaming

          Taught me about ‘King Tutt’

          Told me now I’d never
          Get stuck in a ‘rut’

          And forever penis
          Would stick out well and ‘jut’

          Far more than my navel
          Far more than my ‘gut’

          All this shit was done in
          A filthy Jewish hut

          I guess I’m kind of lucky
          I got to keep my ‘nuts’ …

        1. Oy you antisemite you can call me swindle bagelstein. Only 200,000 jews died in the shoah and it was after allies bombed German supply routes. Muh holohoax never really happened. Yet here we are..

      1. I missed where he had homemade weapons other than the bombs. It looked and sounded like an AK47, and shotgun to me.
        What gives you the impression they were homemade. I’m not familiar with the entire story, did I miss something?
        I wounder if fully automatic AK’s are still floating around in East Germany left over from the communist era, made in soviet block countries that were trash, or just wore out.
        I imagine ammo is hard to get there also, maybe that stuff was decades old. I don’t know, just rambling on.

        1. Because an AK doesn’t misfire and jam like the toy he used, and even a real shotgun used at the range he was shooting on the street would be annoying at best.

          Ammo is not hard to get – they are smack dab in the middle of europe. A short drive will take you places that will sell you just about anything.

  8. Some additional info: He crafted the guns by himself.
    This guy postet on some board ( I think it was 4chan) his 3 goals (And one bonus goal):

    goal 1: I forgot that one…Something about the surpressed white race.
    goal 2: kill as many non-whites as possible (especially jews)
    goal 3: proof the functionality of self-made guns
    BONUS-Goal: Don’t die.

      1. @Hopingfornemesis

        I and @Jason666 Were thinking that something was up, and Jason Noticed it first.
        So i figured that it was starting to look like a false-flag attack Nemes. And because the amount of smoke that came-out of the barrel was indicative of a blank. Cause the space inside the bullet casing that would usually house the bullet instead has extra gunpowder filling-it.

        And notice that car that is parked sideways at the end of the street brother, it is like the road was already closed and only letting by the people on set like the cyclist, and so on. And when he fired repeatedly at the car, he purposefully aimed his camera down in order to show us the bullet. Like look guys i am firing big rifle bullets at it, lol.

        What’s your take on it Nemes?

    1. @sacume
      he did make the weapons by himself – using plans from a pro gun activist from yorkshire, England called Philip Luty. The guys website with free downloadable and purchasable plans still exists, although the guy himself died in 2011

      1. Thanks mate. I just saw your message and plan to log out. There you go.

        I hear Pakistan still has cottage- industry gunsmithing in the Wilds of the Khyber, so good gunmakers ,off- the -books still abound . I bet those don’t misfire as the families have been making them for hundreds of years . Like the Italian company of Beretta! I think it is the oldest company in the world and of course a family company making guns from the year dot. Thanks again for the info.

        Goodnight from me.

        1. No probs.
          google “Philip Luty” , and look for result “thehomegunsmith”.
          That is his website with downloadable pdf plans for homemade weapons.
          It says that luty died in 2011, and someone else is now running the site

          I got the info from the telegraph. shooters name is Sebastian Balliert, and report says he used Lutys plans for homemade weapons.

          The plans on the site look sound… i think that mr Ballierts finishing skills, and use of inferior metals could have contributed to his auto weapon jamming after the first burst of fire.
          Just my opinion


          1. That’s really interesting…Phillip Luty sounds like a familiar name for some reason, but I don’t remember where I might’ve heard it…maybe a news program or something. I’ll check his site out.

          2. @thedre I tell you what Andre…
            …seeing as pistols were banned in England in 1996, 23 years ago, i myself would be MOST happy if you brought along an assortment of pistols, Then you and the guys would be quite welcome, as far as i am concerned, to enjoy the beer and blunts while i had loads of fun popping off round after round from the the pistols at your empty cans.

  9. Probably would’ve had more success if he had a bayonet on the damn thing instead of shooting the same dead person 4 times or just missing entirely, but I’m sure he may’ve managed to screw that up too

  10. Jesus christ whoever he is he is a fucking useless retard. He cant even manage to be a CUNT. What a pointless sack of shit. Buddy, i hope you read this before you are locked up YOU REALLY WERE THE POINTLESS FAILURE YOU WERE SUSPICIOUS OF. Youll be better off dead so once you are locked up see if you can manage not to fuck up hanging yourself

  11. What an embarrassing failure to fail hilariously like that while live streaming to hundreds of viewers. This autist incel should have just parked the car next to the wall, and climbed up on top of it and then pulled himself over the top of the wall, and he would have been able to get in and slaughter those jew rats. Oh well, we should at least respect him for having the guts to do SOMETHING, while most of us probably just sit back at home…

  12. It is just matter of time when all this leftist feminazi sjw trans homo Orwellian thing blows up in big fucking hunt.

    He failed miserably.
    Guys..Am i horrible human being for feeling sadness over his failure of entering fckn synagogue?

  13. The firearms this guy was carrying were so useless he could have caused more casualties with a large kitchen knife. Extremely bad luck for the lady in the coat when he managed to fire a burst at her. That was probably the only burst he was capable of before the weapon jammed.

    Another comment: we seriously need to elevate the level of public education in Europe so people know how to behave in a random shooting situation. Europeans are not used to gun violence and behave like sheep in a deadly situation.

          1. Lol! Us unstable individual would be doing us a favor… Why not live and annoy dumb cunts with no sense… There ya go, gave you incentive to live. To annoy the world.

    1. The emergency service response time was uhhh quite delayed, surprising just to see people going about their business. Oh kebab down, gonna have to grab a snack somewhere else. Fat lady down, gotta walk around the slumped carcass to get to the next shop.

  14. @jason666
    You raise some Really Good & valid points brother, and are making me think that this could have been a (Film Set, & A False-Flag of Sorts) with the car parked sideways, and letting certain people by like the cyclist. Those bullets could have also been nothing but blanks. And i say this cause if you go back you will see that as soon as he shoots the vehicle, he gets his camera to point down so he can show us the large caliber rounds like a .223 cal. or even a NATO-Issue .556 Round, that he just fired at that car. And notice how much smoke came out of the barrel when in the dark corner of the store he kept going back to shoot the old fake-crying man. And lots of smoke comes-out of blanks cause the space that would usually be filled with a bullet, it has more gunpowder in it instead. But also i never saw any blood spray, or anything like-i

    So,,, what’s your take on the False-Flag Scenario Jason?? cause I’d Love To Hear Your Point Of View, cause i think that you, & I Are on to something here. 🙂

  15. @jason666
    You raise some Really Good & valid points brother, and are making me think that this could have been a (Film Set, & A False-Flag of Sorts) with the car parked sideways, and letting certain people by like the cyclist. Those bullets could have also been nothing but blanks. And i say this cause if you go back you will see that as soon as he shoots the vehicle, he gets his camera to point down so he can show us the large caliber rounds like a .223 cal. or even a NATO-Issue .556 Round, that he just fired at that car. And notice how much smoke came out of the barrel when in the dark corner of the store he kept going back to shoot the old fake-crying man. And lots of smoke comes-out of blanks cause the space that would usually be filled with a bullet, it has more gunpowder in it instead. But also i never saw any blood spray, or anything like-i

    So,,, what’s your take on the False-Flag Scenario Jason?? cause I’d Love To Hear Your Point Of View, cause i think that you, & I Are on to something here. 🙂

  16. I guess he had a real shitty day, he did kill two people and that was not his plan i guess. He ovbiously wanted to enter the synagouge but he could not enter so he just killed these two targets, wich was not planned. I think he was afraid and stressed after he failed open the door. Haha he suckd at his mission but he still tryed tho. I hate how the guns sucked so much. Anyways it was a great post @dienuss

  17. Lmao this has to go down as one of the biggest fails in human history and the fact he livestreamed on twitch makes him a bigger dumb ass.

    is livestream a trend now?

  18. Wot a fuckin, useless cunt, how many misfires can u have, the worlds worst hitman, he deserves to be caught, not to many kikes shot that day, pity, kill em all.. get john wick on it, they’ll be fukin, terrified then..

      1. Nah, lm a master of disguises, they wont catch me, shame i wacked the nanny instead of my bitch whore wife grrrrr, anyway, john wick, da bugyiaga is the man for the job, and they wont shoot his dog this time, no sir’eee..

  19. This is staged, it never happened. Nobody was killed and nobody was injured. First of all, the shooter was a Jew, and you can hear a Jew crying. The Jews always want to be victims so they stage these things all the time. This incident isn’t real, it is Hollywood.

  20. He failed but had a great motiv. I have seen alot of hate to him just cuz he failed, i dont think we should hate on him cuz its the thought that counts. Lets praise him like we do to Philip Manshaus! Remember he is one of us. Dont get me wrong folks, he is a failiure!

  21. He is really bad, he need to learn how to handle a gun u_u

    That was quite sad, 2 kills for nothing? He had hate toward jews but ended up killing an old lady, and a chef kebab.

    What a dick, shame/20

    1. U know whats funny? Right before he shot her she said “does this have to be here right now where im going?”
      I think that lady didnt realise that hes carrying a real gun.
      She behaved like a cunt tbh, entitled of her surroundings. Still sad she got shot instead of those jews.

  22. This is the most retarded mass shooter video I have ever seen. Is it even a mass shooting? He killed two people, like what the fxck…. I guess it’s true about mass shooters not being influenced by video games because holy shxt…. so unprepared and no tactics to his mayhem.

      1. I actually enjoy my life and my freedom; also that’s not how you shotgun breach a door, if he played/watched any game or movie he would know this. Also if I had limited ammo and shxt guns, I would do a ‘spree-style’ mass shooting and not focus on one Jew temple, that he obviously didn’t scout ahead of time.

        1. lol, certainly i would have sussed the place out first, how the heck does anyone just try their luck on the day in the hope the door is open. I would have a crowbar or have got hold of keys…hallooo…it was very disappointing and i feel i was robbed of a body count.

        2. This guy had no business even being near a weapon. He showed complete incompetence, his weapons kept jamming and he had clearly not planned his mission very well lol.

          Was funny hearing his voice when he realised he could not get through the door!

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