Livestreamed Video of Deadly Shooting Attack on Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand

Livestreamed Video of Deadly Shooting Attack on Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand

Livestreamed Video of Deadly Shooting Attack on Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand

On March 15, 2019, there was a coordinate attack on mosques in the city of Chritschurch in New Zealand, that left dozens of people dead. The initial reports say that two city mosques – one on Deans Ave and the other near Linwood were attacked.

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern confirmed forty people killed in the attacks, and described them as “terrorist”. 48 more people were wounded and are being treated in Christchurch Hospital for gunshot wounds ranging from minor to critical.

Four people have reportedly been arrested, including one woman, and an Australian citizen.
None of the arrested was on any watchlist.

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881 thoughts on “Livestreamed Video of Deadly Shooting Attack on Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand”

          1. I have no doubt all those dead fuckers smiled a happy smile when Paris was annihilated, Manchester was bombed, London was bombed, etc etc.

            I have no sympathy for dead Muslims.

            This video is fucking awesome!

          2. Finally payback for all the damage these mudslimes have done. Starting with the women in europe being raped by idiot refugees. Everyone, including sheep are a little safer today. I wonder if I can donate money to his family.

          3. absolutely disgusting these people are about nothing but love fuck you all god has a special place in hell for people like you nobody deserves this but you yourself im saying this and im 100% christian there is nothing wrong with these people and what was done to them was absolutely horrifying and disgusting and the man who did it will be rotting in hell for all eternity

          4. I’m not white, but have full support for this white guy protecting his land that his fellow countrymen of previous generations built to today’s quality standard that backward countries admire and try to take advantage through migration, and subsequently destroy the land.

            Judging from these dead men, guess they were mostly from the Indian subcontinent faking themselves as christians or muslims to enter into the well-established western nations with good social welfare system, and most of these ‘highly educated’ indian males are probably wife-beating faggots…..most indian men are bisexual BTW, part of their culture and tradition. Maybe that’s why the Brits enforced section 377 on indian men during WW2 before recruiting indian soldiers for war effort in Europe.

            US state secretary Dr. Kissinger once said years ago if the indians were not starve to death, they would start a war tomorrow. All asian indians especially the indian men should be expelled from every country if social order is vital to the local citizens, so ladies don’t get fooled by their friendly faggot bollywood looks, once they done using you (ex. marriage to white girl), these indian faggots will hold hand with another man and slaughter you.

            Even Uganda in Africa once expelled asian indians back in the 1970s. Now these indian faggots are creating havoc in Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada etc (according to some source) and serious crimes are at all time high… it’s quite encouraging to see this white guy Mr Tarrant took action!

            Must also say that Mr Tarrant did not panick during the shooting, that’s determination at work!

            Changing magazine is kind of slow BTW, but still impressive for a one man operation.

          5. everytime there is a disaster caused by the fucking muslims and innocent native people die, someone should go and murder muslims, but twice the amount regarding the first incident

            btw hopefully we have more shootings like this, recorded and uploaded

          6. Oh ever lasting GODS of the Universe, come and stick your lengths off pleassure inside all these poor humans holes by ten fold for liking what an Eel has done to this community inside their Church of worship! May you rain down HELL upon them all and drag them into the an Eternity of darkness where they belong and shield them from the light above…… Oh wait, thats my job! You can just watch them whimper like the children they so are, listen to their screams for remorse and i shall rejoice in knowing that they’re mine, forever and you will never see their flesh and soul again! Fuck Britian and every person in it, fuck America, China, New Zealand, Islam, Iraq, Jesus and his whore mother Mary, Allah, the whore Mary… Fuck all you world and when humanity is dead off the Earth, the more glorious your hell shall be in thine eyes! Thy Christian lovers should study their Bibles, your GOD is going to place the power of the world into hands that does believe in your Lord, AT ALL! Lmfao he shalt give it to thy Russians, the sleeping bear.

          7. It is not over the lodges are many as are the proud boy gatherings, these white supremacists belong underground. someone has to do it, someone will do it

          8. This is for all the bullshit they fucking do, they fucking had it coming and I expect them to counter this as we also are going to counter what they did in El Paso

      1. A white gunman walks into a mosque on Friday and kills a bunch of welfare cheats. The NZ prime minster goes over to them and questions why they are praying instead of working. Oh wait, no she doesn’t. She puts on a hijab and hugs them instead.

        A 17 y.o punk eggs a senator here in Melbourne over the weekend. Does the government throw the whole weight of the law at him? No. They go after the senator. So much for democracy and freedom of speech. Bullies and punks now control Oz.

        It is only a matter of time before Muslims rape and slaughter all of the white women in Australia and NZ. Are the women protesting in the streets and calling for the release of Brenton Tarrant? No. They are hugging Muslims.

        You have brought it on yourself Australia. And when you need my help I would have long pissed off. Good luck throwing your egg at the Muslims, punk! And good luck fat aussie women trying to save your daughters!

          1. This man’s a coward.
            How many times have yanquies committed acts of terrorism,and cheered death to innocents civilians.
            Keep your stupid Fuckin”democracy” and “freedom” in your part of the world.

          2. “Winston Peters to confront Turkish president after threat to send Kiwis home in coffins ‘like your grandfathers.'”

            Haha, this isn’t over. Retaliation will come I suspect. New Zealand authorities are scared shitless of the repercussions. Get the popcorn ready!!! Enjoy the fucking show!!! Muslim extremists will be plotting some shit for sure!!! Perhaps they will behead titless Jacinda herself?!

        1. It is a sad day when a good white man takes out the trash and doesn’t get a medal. Also it is even worse hear in America where people are electing those fucking muslims to office.

          1. I agree. Muslims are pieces of shit. I have a neighbor that’s a muslim. I don’t hang out with him or anything. I heard him on his balcony talking to his muslim buddy about how they love america, but they want the government replaced with Muslims. I was like, WTF? I’m so glad we’re getting these bastards back. This shooter is a hero with nerves of steel.

          1. Any of you pathetic losers who consider Brenton Tarrant a hero for slaughtering unarmed, unprovoked and innocent people really need to be locked up in an insane asylum for the remainder of your pathetic lives. He is nothing but a complete coward who didn’t have the balls to take responsibility for his own failures so he chose to project his self directed anger and hate onto innocent people who had done nothing to him because he was too pathetically weak and cowardly to end his own miserable existence. Killing unarmed people unexpectedly while in full body armor with automatic weapons when they have no chance to fight back is the true definition of a pathetic coward. He ran like the little bitch that he is as soon as someone confronted him with nothing more than a credit card machine. Nothing heroic at all about his actions….He is nothing but an entitled little pussy who hadn’t accomplished a single thing in his useless life and if all of you losers continue down your paths of hatred and anger toward your perceived enemies because you can’t face the reality of the choices you’ve made for yourself, your going to end up spending the rest of your lives in prison being someone elses bitch like he is.

          2. Looking at the first few comments here, as a Christian, I can’t but help wonder how anyone can cheer a man who kills a whole lot of people.

            When Muslim terrorists kill a whole lot of white westerners in ‘revenge’ for their country’s policies, I’m full of hate and disgust at the atrocities committed by the terrorists. I’m like, Fuck Al Qaeda.

            So when the tables are turned, I’m equally disgusted at a right wing terrorist killing a whole lot of Muslims.

            Fact remains. Victims are just people. Imagine what it’s like to have lost a loved one in such a shitty way, i.e. terrorism.
            Any of us could have had a Muslim birth and been raised in a different part of the world with different ideologies. And then it’s the other person that’s the bad guy and oppressor, not you. It’s all a matter of perspective.

        2. Wtf are you ayung you racist faggot. Islam isnt a race its a religion and all races white black brown ans asian alike are apart of the community. Dont mesh a few bad people with the masses. Thats like saying all white people are rascist and rapist.

        3. What that kid did with that egg may technically be considered assault or battery or something (in NZ, too? I live in the US…). But so what? No actual physical harm was done and he got his revenge immediately by hitting the kid back. I do not agree that the politician should be punished, but I also believe that they kid shouldnt be punished either, besides maybe probation or something… Its just not such a big damn deal in my eyes…

        4. I can’t tell if you’re a troll or legitimately mentally I’ll. They were praying instead of working because Friday is their Sunday. Of course she supported them, they had just lost friends and family for no fucking reason. You can’t seriously be stupid enough to believe that a bunch of people peacefully minding their own business are at all similar to ISIS or Al Qaeda. They were a bunch of ordinary people living ordinary lives. The gunman hates all Muslims because of the actions of a few, yet he goes and does something just as sickening and inhuman as the things he hates them for. This man is obviously mentally deficient to think that killing innocent citizens does anything other than give extremists more reasons to hate Western culture, and give them more material to find more recruits. Youre an ignorant shit, probably live out in the country in one of those trash houses, too incompetent to see a way to improve you’re life and using Muslims as an excuse for your personal failure. you’re a trash person, and if the world was smart wed round up all the people that think like you and kill them all off in one go. the planet is already overpopulated, I see no reason why we should waste rescources on you and people like you

          1. they died for no fucking reason? WTF??? where the fuck was your candy ass when these peaceful cocksuckers were killing tens of thousands… if you think for one second that that fucking muslim church wasn’t supporting terror financially everywhere in the world you’re the dumbest motherfucker to walk the planet… NO fucking muslim is innocent. this guy did what so many are afraid to do… clean fucking house!! i think a militia should break him out of jail and sneak him out of the country.. turn around is fare play! i will lose no sleep tonight. and i cant wait for the video to show up on here that shows muslims raping and murdering your liberal family… with you pleading for help… pricks like you whine about the warrior until the enemy is at the gate… NZ is gonna get what they deserve… if the mud mutts retaliate… good! we’ll sit back and enjoy some popcorn watching a bunch of dumbass fuckers die who just gave up all their guns in the aftermath… what a bunch of fucking idiots!

        5. Not true in the slightest. This man is a terrorist and a coward. You can’t fight terrorism with MORE terrorism! Killing innocent people is disgusting no matter who you are or who you’re killing.

      2. UPDATE :

        18 year old NZ student Don Burrough has-been arrested and held without bail because he reposted the livestream Christchurch shooting video and having “radical” views.

        So will Zuckerberg be charged for leaving the video on Facebook for hours?

        Also NZ parliament is now trying to ban guns,one of the only countries that has stood up to Israeli Spying.Unlike other countries it has expelled all Israeli spies with much fanfare unlike the US ,UK and Australia.

        Nutanyahoo supposedly said he would declare war on New Zealand and Podesta was in New Zealand around the same couple of days. Hmm?


        1. @Fatherless…
          “one of the only countries that has stood up to Israeli Spying.Unlike other countries it has expelled all Israeli spies with much fanfare unlike the US ,UK and Australia.
          Nutanyahoo supposedly said he would declare war on New Zealand and Podesta was in New Zealand around the same couple of days. Hmm?”

          1. Israel is not interested in spying on NZ. If your referring to 2004 passport scandal, those were stolen passport identities for Mossad. Never was there an Israeli covert op in NZ unless, it was to take down a radical Muslim. Basically protecting NZ. And up until 2004 NZ and Israel were “very friendly”

          2. NZ in 2016 decided to take a stand against Israel, protesting settlement construction in Israel because the Muslims occupied areas in the west bank by accomplishing what they are on their way to doing right now in Christchurch. Overthrow NZ with Muslim population growth and call it their own. Its a silent devastating war. But don’t be fooled. The Muslims don’t even try to hide their caliphate agenda. NZ declared war on Israel by getting involved where they had no right. No clue. No thanks.

          If you want the Muslims in NZ, go right ahead but don’t screw with Israel.

          Besides, NZ is in for a nice ride of retaliation from the Muslims. Funny thing is, anyone living there should take notes from the Israelis.

          1. “NZ in 2016 decided to take a stand against Israel, protesting settlement construction in Israel because the Muslims occupied areas in the west bank by accomplishing what they are on their …”

            West Bank was Muslim land before being invaded and occupied by Israel in the last fifty years or so.

            In addition,there have been more spy scandals since 2004.

      1. Yeah, pretty much. It’s like the mob lynchings in Africa, the non-existent safety standards in China, and the suicidal people in India. It’s going to happen anyway and to the point of being commonplace. The only difference here is that it happened in New Zealand. Got to hand it to the Kiwis for getting themselves on the board.

        1. I shit on all Muslims. If they had their way they would take over the entire island country and have everyone living under Sharia law and the cult of the crescent moon. They’ll get no sympathy from me. Fuck all those pedophile worshippers.

          1. A few years ago, I shit on a Koran and took pics of it in my toilet. Then I took it outside to my fire pit and burned it on video and put it on Youtube! I’d do the same thing to a Bible or a Torah, they’re only fucking books, but the Koran is the worst!

          2. I agree to FUCK all of them. No sympathy the world’s most evil people. Calling them people might be a bit of a starch.

        2. A pertinent comment. Or you can say. Like the racial discrimination in USA, the CHAV in UK, the immigrant in European Union,the drug problem in South America.What’s wrong with the world? Full of hate. Maybe when the aliens come out. We will be called humans. The same humans.

    1. Upon my review of the video, it seemed REHEARSED! Notwithstanding the plastered scribbled white writings on the well equipped arsenal; CRYPTIC SYMBOLISM, including obvious legible writings [English for the most part], the songs being played, perpetrator’s accent and exposing his own…face? Yet the perpetrator has yet to be found? Perhaps the fully operational and continuous facial recognition technology decided not identify the perpetrator? Upon further review, perhaps even the ability to TRACE the type of vehicle the perpetrator utilized is more than possible? Just my thoughts… Something very F.I.S.H.Y. to the 14.

        1. Everything you said clearly contradicts what happened in the video. Did you not see the man get shot and crawl down the hallway? Did you not see the first victims blood all over the entrance? Not only are you fucking dumb you think life is a video game where you can take bullets and keep moving and blood comes out immediately

        2. This shit is genuine. Believe me, I’ve seen loose change and the boston massacre bullshit stories… This one is real. Whoever designed that church never thought a crazy motherfucker was going to come in shooting at everyone, so apparently there’s only one exit. They were not instantly dead, they acted dead to mislead the shooter. Not the first time I see this either.

          Imma spill this one here because fuck it. The reason why this shit still happens is EMPATHY. We have too much empathy for crazy fuckers. 500 years ago, a guy who did this, God knows what would’ve happened to him. I say we bring back torture. Cleanse these sick souls until they become saints. 1 year of torture for every death. I hope he gets tortured in jail for the rest of eternity. Not buttfucked though. He’d like that. He sure does look like a faggot.

          1. Doesent muslims kill more and do cancerous shit against christians ,whys killing them a bad thing? why are you gay? a muslim? why killing muslims make you so BUTT-HURT
            or maybe youre a nig*er who enjoys watching other stuff here like whatever

          2. You are an idiot , these pigslamic bastards would have your head lying in the dirt if it were up to them kiddo, I suggest you take a very close look at who thine enemy is historically, these shitslamic bastards haven’t changed their agenda just because you live in a fantasy world… pfffft- ignorance abounds

        3. (@ Seraphim Serenata) Well being a citizen of New Zealand and living in Christchurch, I can tell you 49 people did actually die, 39 are currently in hospital and 11 are critical.
          Perhaps maybe either A) Be here to see what has happened or B) do some research that actually entails evidence before saying something so ridiculous.

          The comments made here sadly show the lack of empathy for the victims.
          I absolutely don’t agree with Islam, but it is not justification for murder.

          Sadly there will be an agenda to this and something is indeed fishy as the access of weapons, the post being made hours before the attack and the post not being immediately acting upon the information is very suspect.
          Given Facebook have complete control and can stop a live stream at any given time but chose not to, indicates it was intended to be seen.
          Now there is talk of restrictions on firearms, that has currently been the overall goal worldwide to tighten gun control.
          As quoted by many politicians, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

          1. Facebook isn’t omniscient. They get millions of video’s posted to them every day and unless someone flags the video they aren’t gonna notice it. Apparently no one reported the video as it was live because they were too busy watching it. Also, if you are so against the video even being seen at all then why are you mad at facebook and not bsstgore? Facebook went to great lengths to remove that video, where as the video on this site, that you wanted to see, was anything but easy to get to

          2. (@AotearoaKiwi) Correct! Usually such an agenda is 3-fold: 1. anti-firearms (worldwide), 2. Muslims to be a protected class (religious sect based on extreme violence; convert or be put to death), 3. anti-white (Caucasians) & anti-Christian.

          3. (@AotearoaKiwi) I find it interesting being a member of Best Gore for well over a year, made numerous posts. Though after my commenting & replying on the Christ Church Mosque shooting video, I’m now on moderation status. Yet I’ve never criticized or threaten anyone, used profanity nor vulgarities. Hmm… Interesting.

          4. You’re obviously not being moderated, as I see your comments being posted. But I think you should be. You start making baseless accusations, you deserve to be put on mod. Gonna speak with Mark on that.

        4. Same! The deaths seemed fake as fuck. Also he shoots that windshield three times with that shotgun and there doesn’t seem to be any damage made. Even though the windshield is laminated safety glass, you still would expect to see some quarter sized holes made with cracks around them. I agree with Seraphim Serenata! Whoever believes this is real is a goddamn stupid nutsack licker lol.

          1. Are you fuckin blind? He clearly blew the fucking passenger side window out with the shotgun. And the windshield has slug size holes in it if you look. And inside, you didnt see the blood spray on some of the upper body/headshots? Its not call of duty little boy. Blood dosnt just fuckin fly everywhere. I guess you didnt see the clothing affected by the incoming rounds either. Go back to jerkin your dick to Jonas brothers posters.

      1. I agree. This was definitely thought long and hard about. He staged it in his mind for a good long time. And when he executed it probably went down just as he had been rehearsing it in his head for all those years. This was not a random attack. I agree with you. it was very deliberate.

      2. yes there is a magazine already on the floor under the notice board when he goes in, he even shines his torch at it as he walks past, and then picks it up at 8.33 and uses it on his way out, he fires several rounds at a glass window and it doesnt break, not 1 bit of blood spatter on the walls nor 1 bullet hole, im just wondering if its customary in NZ to say welcome brother to a white guy entering a mosque in green cammo gear openly carrying a shot gun and assault rifle and pointing it in your direction? is that the norm over there or what? is it also customary to hear gunfire comming up the corridor so all huddle in the corner by an exit and play dead? no-one think to break a window and run for their lives? oh shit silly me i forgot they are bullet proof. he fires 3 shotgun rounds at his windscreen and all it suffers is a few cracks and the side window only breaks as the muzzle is right up against it, hes in there for 6 + mins and not a police in sight nor even the sound of sirens in the distance until 15 mins in and even then he doesnt panic nor does he take chase after openly shooting in the streets in broad daylight dressed like commando, and now people are being jailed for reposting the video, is it any wonder? it is full of holes and they aint bullet holes, i saw the video on facebook and it was pointing out the fact the magazine was already planted there which can clearly be seen after he turns into the 1st room way out in front of him. and to all the muslim bashers, go educate yourselves, try watching the first 2 zeitgeist movies the zeitgeist movie and zeitgeist addendum, watch ken o’keefe on 9/11, watch 97% owned, all free to watch on youtube, then go find out who owns all the banks and the media thats feeding you all this bullshit and you will see who the real enemy is, and believe me if anyone has a reason to hate muslims its me, i lost my leg because of one, but the truth is the truth, go find it^

      1. they blame internet because they want to control the public from access information… but they cant just “do it”, they need add a speech to say “see, this is bad thats why im going to control it and everybody is going to agree without concerns of what we are imposing” … one of the best political sellers are paranoia

      1. Get that Tea Towel off your head, it makes you look even more ridiculous.

        The truth of the matter is that you were brainwashed by your parents when you were a child and this is why you think you were born into the “correct religion”.

        Aren’t you just so lucky to have been born into the correct religion rather than one of those other ones that constantly lie to their sub-human followers? You should think about that now as you were never given a chance to decide for yourself as your parents decided to brainwash you and impose their crazy religious beliefs on their offspring from the moment you were born.

        Yes, many priests were “fondling little boys” in the past & many of these have faced justice. However, your god is a self-proclaimed pedophile so think about that next time you pray. Pot calls the kettle black

      2. @ Mbss
        Why don`t you explain to us what “Thighing” is?
        Its socially accepted in your religion, are you going to deny that?
        And don`t say its only performed on females when in fact it was meant for young boys, you sick fucks!, P.O.S.!

    2. no one gonna talk about the fact that this is fake as shit? The software is,glitching when he gets out of the car.look at the gun. This is a false flag event to take your guns! strip you of protection

    3. Gotta love a good puppet, he’s no hero no knight no martyr just a cog in the fucking jew machine. @john and others that want to believe in his bullshit then read his hypocritical manifesto written by an ignorant puppet. Fucking communist piece of shit!!!! Should’ve turned those guns on the fucking jew bitches but I guess the USA got to him first, in the words of Jareth, “such a pity”

    4. Best fucking video ever ! Islam your day is coming, the white man put the world in chains n mass graves ! yous just keep pushing that button and you’ll get a backlash allah wouldn’t be able to save you from. Ask the Jews they’ll tell you a story or two fuckers ! Best bit of the vid was the bitch at the end help me help me boom brains on the road haha fuck all muslins

        1. Probably, just like IPTV and all movie/sports apks. It’s up to them to block it, which they do but always a way round it. And your right England is Islamicland and I live in an Islamic town :'(

    1. The “Grün ist Ünser Fallschirm Remix” or whatever it is called was the best part. But the supposed manifesto was like some sorta /pol meme, cynical,sarcastic,satirical, and cartoonish LARPy shitposting/fedposting. Stated motivation was to get support of the left to abolish the first and second amendments in the U.S., accelerating the race war. Ironically, it barely grazes the JQ, which should make anyone with a brain ask the JQ .

  1. He called it a firefight! I don’t think so! Also where are the cops? At least twelve to fourteen mins and not a cop in sight and cars still driving on the road. Are those NZ Landers deaf or not quiet right? You would not want to be so slow when something really happened like. a ..a .. ..a mass shooting would you!

  2. Very interesting video, I really like this one. Everybody says its a video game like video, but I like to actually say it’s a first person perspective video. As long as theres weapons and fists, people will kill each other one way or another. Don’t let them ban one thing after another till they also ban breathing as well. The last thing they will do!

  3. despite already seeing the video, I knew BG wouldn’t let me down..

    pov…. nice touch.

    I agree with his reasoning to be honest, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
    The only negatives I can surmise are that he didn’t have no where enough ammo & the fact he left the country to do his mission..

    1. I’m guessing it was because of easier access to weapons and the police are a lot more slack – easier to hide them and more time to use them. Plus Christchurch has a big Muslim population, the immigration laws are a lot more soft than in Aus.

  4. The tradition of indiscriminate terrorist attacks on places of worship had been invented by none other than Snackbarians. Now Snackbarians have fallen victim of their own idea of attacking churches and “competing mosques”. The violence has come a full circle.

  5. Anecdote:
    Ebba Åkerlund is the name written on top of the machine gun. She was the 11 year old victim of the terrorist attack in Stockholm, april 7th 2017.

    The girl on the right here:

    And here:

    1. I am sure none of the hindleg standing do gooders cared as much as the do about the same shitbags who would do that again once they get the numbers. This is why I am rejoicing about the kills. 49 wasn’t enough hope next time it is 490. 😉 I’ll really sing praises then. Here is to hoping.

  6. The muslims dont realize they are just being used by the jews to do their dirty work for them, and then take the heat for it. Hitler was allied with the muslims for a reason. But this guy is literally a LIVING MEME. He played remove kebab before wasting a bunch of them. Honestly he should have wasted a bunch of fucking jews not muzzies. Muslims are annoying at times, but they dont control every sector of power in the world.

    1. Can’t seem to get it to play when it hits the 09:00 min mark :(. Maybe in a day or two when the publicity dies down. Great video. I just cannot understand some peoples choices like Anders Breivik…a harder target would have made more sense but I guess this Tarrant guy was out for revenge.

        1. Mbss @2020future
          @firstinline Dutchy said “Australasia”, not Australia
          Shall i tell you what “Australasia” is, Mbss? or do you possess the elementary skill to search the wiki page yourself?
          Yet another person on here who is so, so, eager to spit abuse at anyone… that they do not read and comprehend the comment they are replying to.

          So who is the “dimwit imbecile” now, eh?

          1. @firstinline Dutchy
            either a muslim, a dumb fuck, or both. Might even be just a muslim fanboy
            Makes no difference to me tbh.
            just fun to call em out at the moment.
            Good to speak pal, too long without doing so.

    2. what the actually fuck are you talking about. jews this, muslims that, get the fuck over it all, the only real enemy is this world is white people who think they and their religion are better than everyone else. fucking trump supporters and tories are the enemies. when will everyone stop hating on people of colour and other religions besides christianity and catholic’s jesus fucking christ. grow up

  7. I live in Hamilton, New Zealand in the north island I was on my way home from work and my brother told me what had happened went to my parents house and watched the whole thing unfold on the 6 o clock news we actually managed to find this video and we all sat there and watched 16 minutes of raw footage

  8. He’s defending them Kiwi’s better than the government/military/police are the longer the Left continue to not reject Islam in it’s current state (rather it entirely) the common place this kind of thing will become.

  9. This is the result of multiculturalism. It’s baffling that people cannot see the threat to our way of life, family, culture, heritage. This guy is a crusader to me. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is a massive movement of people sick of the Zionists pushing these monkeys and jews into our neighborhood’s and expecting us to do nothing about it. This guy sent a clear message. The invasion is meeting resistance.

    1. Exactly what I think as well. Some peoples quality of life goes down so low that they are willing to take actions like these as a voice against the cultural-marxism that the politicians are repeatedly executing.

    2. Amen my friend. I couldn’t of said it better. It actually blows my mind when I see my white brothers/sisters completely ignorant to the agenda. They may never wake up they have become so brainwashed to the system it’s horrifying. What’s ironic is I have a Christian cousin who thinks this multiculturalism and breeding with these monkeys is just A – OK ! This guy will go down as a saint for his sacrifice.

  10. OK coupla things, helluva time logging in so I’m thinking your getting hammered by those liberal softcocks trying to keep us safe, ffs when will they realise there’s nowhere safe anymore, great work on the vid by the way it’s matter of fact ness and calmness belies it’s brutality, now questions, the weapons are ar 15s right, are they equipped with bumpstocks or converted all that writing and junk makes it hard to make out, also anyone know the round types used, it still looks like a one man show here to me, 3 others arrested but they must have played just support roles or ran out of guts because they appear to have made no kills, they had one guy on his knees in camo gear who could have been nabbed just by clothing and location, but this seems like a lone wolf type deal, his listed heroes we’re single shooters like brevic in Norway and the teenager in the USA mosque shooting, doubtful anyone else involved, but well planned went better than he thought I think and he got a little lost not knowing what to do next, but he stayed calm focused and brutally effective, and the follow up to finish survivors absolutely ruthless,

    1. yes the firearms he is using are ar-15’s, I can’t be certain what brand, judging by the rounds seen in the side stacked magazines it would be safe to assume he is just using cheap full metal jacket ammunition the ar’s are not modified he just has a decent trigger finger which means he practiced often, the media keeps trying to refer to the ar-15 as full auto assault rifles with insane rates of fire which is 100% false, if it was full auto he probably wouldnt have been as successful as he was, side note best video iv seen in a long time, if you have any other firearm related questions feel free to ask

      1. Thanx for the info, yeah i gathered by the side ammo box the rounds looked either standard factory or prepped by someone at the gun club he used, his speed made it look to me that a bumpstock could have been used but ive since watched the vegas concert shooting for reference and the rate of fire there was significantly faster, virtually simulating full auto, and the reason the vegas shooter used tripod stands to assist with recoil and accuracy, there was at least one semi auto 12 gauge as well, maybe gas operated, any ideas

        1. yeah he used a semi auto 12 gauge in the beginning of the video, most semi 12 gauges are not gas operated but recoil operated, in the video it seems like for 12 gauge ammo he was either using buck shot or birdshot as most commonly seen in the red shell variety but I have seen some foster slugs in red shells as well so it’s hard to determine exactly what he used, just a thought tho, any more questions fire away, pun intended

  11. Oh one further point, nice touch with the dazzler torch, designed to disorientate and confuse targets and make them drop, of course your not supposed to shoot them after they laydown, must have missed that day in terrorclass 101 , then again maybe he didnt

    1. Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of my homeland. You brainless twat dont seem to know the difference between defending yourself from primitive violent sand people in your OWN land to doing random terrorism in someonelses like the moslems do.
      get the fuck out.

    2. Of course I don’t know why you even had to type that. Killing is alright just not innocents, but then again we all have our own interpretations of who’s innocent and who’s not. Violence,killing, and evil are always justified… so long as the perpetrators are white and the victims aren’t jeez man what the fuck planet did you immigrate from.

  12. The full video is 17 minutes long. I saved it because I knew that they would pull it offline in order to paint the picture the way that they want it to be received by the public. I can’t see the video because this webpage is lagging, so I am unsure if Vincit posted the entire thing. But here is a link to the full video 17 minute video:

  13. Absolutely committed to the Max with no fuckin pissing about.

    Pop pop pop, injure as many as possible.

    Pop pop pop, finish them off with subsequent sweeps of the building.

    All filmed POV and in good quality imaging, what more could one ask for.

    Media and the Internet safe police are loosing their shit over this one.

  14. Still not working :(, most interesting video i saw on here since 3 years.. and the only one i cant watch, hopefully it will work soon. We had something like this in quebec city a few years ago, a 20 years old man, ran in a mosque and killed 8-10 people, turn out he had 40 years for his crime, anyway, cant wait to see the video.

  15. Still not working :(, most interesting video i saw on here since 3 years.. and the only one i cant watch, hopefully it will work soon. We had something like this in quebec city a few years ago, a 20 years old man, ran in a mosque and killed 8-10 people, turn out he had 40 years for his crime, anyway, cant wait to see the video.

    1. The thing that does seem fake avout it though is that when he gets into the main room there are people in both corners laying down and they already look dead. Then he shoots them and they dont move. It was weird.

  16. Another delusional bunch of idiots who had no choice, but to slaughter a bunch of unarmed unsuspecting innocents. Then doing it for ideological/religious reasons( guarantee they believe in some form of Abrahamic superstition) in a country that’s very likely not their own. O and of course they’re the good guys sound familiar. May all the killers corpses stink up a church fuck religion.

      1. Who the fuck said anything about islam shit for brains. I don’t know brain shit, but there seems to be alot more pedos amongst catholics. In fact shit seems to happen on every continent and in nearly every country there’s a catholic house of sex amongst every race. In fact it seems to be condoned and accepted top to bottom(pun wasn’t intended, but it is now) in it’s leadership. As multiple popes, priests, and who ever have covered for, hid, and probably blowed lots of these guys over Generations. You don’t see muslim leaders routinely publicly doing that after the latest massacre or beheadings in North America. At least the muslims are committing their savagery for ideological/religious reasons and their borders are being crossed by actual invaders and their cultures and ways of life literally are being destroyed . Why do the catholic fag boys do it for their own personal perverted disgusted sexual pleasure. Which is the pedo superstition?

          1. While I hate to brush any group with the same bloody brush, but that’s undeniably true. Every race and religion seems to hsve theirs. In their case it is complete and utter delusional thinking and denial of realities they can’t handle. Followed by projection of said negative traits and characteristics onto another( visually different looking preferred ) group with zero awareness of it and even less desire to know.

          2. While I hate to brush any group with the same gory brush even white people, that’s undeniably true. Every race and religion seems to have their thing. In their case it is complete and utter delusional thinking and denial of realities they can’t handle along almost all of their flaws. Followed by projection of said negative traits and characteristics onto another( visually different looking preferred ) group with zero awareness of it and even less desire to know.

          3. While I hate too brush everybody of a group with the same gory brush that’s undeniably true. Every race and religion seems to have their thing. In their case it delusional thinking and a complete and total denial of realities they don’t like or can’t handle. Along a total blindness to their flaws which Always find there way on to other groups (preferably) a group who’s visually different thru projection very tribal. Centuries of uninterrupted, unchecked, unpunished, cruelty,evil, and power tends to corrupt complete and utter hypocrites.

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        1. You call me shit for brains because I mention that islam isn’t a religion but you said that innocents were killed for religious reasons… you must be fucking retarded!!! Sand nigger fact: Every mosque is attempting to radicalize people, this mosque radicalized two Kiwis, ”innocent people” my fucking white ass you filthy fucking semite loving pos traitor! Where is the outrage about the hundreds of dead christians that were slaughtered in the past weeks??? Thought so, sit the fuck down and enjoy your semite taqiyya cock sucker!

          1. I have to agree with you on one thing, well multiple things but I’m not going to get into that at the moment, why is it whenever a white person goes and slaughters these fucking Muslim maggots that we get looked at like white devils and it splashed all across the liberal media but what about what happened in Nigeria? where are twice as many white people were killed by Muslims and we didn’t hear about it until three weeks later and we haven’t even heard about it on fuckin best gore! Where are the videos of that? Where’s the outrage of that?

          1. How do you clean your ass again? Your hand, sand and camel piss! We have toilet paper, baby wipes, water and soap. Your entire culture/dogma revolves around: pedophilia, incest, beastiality, rape, honor killings, unjustified decapitation, jihad, incest etc. No wonder every single arab women end up looking hairy camel nuts when they get older than 12 years old. Yeah, homosexuality happens once in a while in my religion/culture. You ugly sand niggers are all closeted fags that hire sex workers left and right. I really can’t wait to see some jerk off upload a video of you getting your throat slit by another goat fucker or you getting your skull kicked in by the donkey you tried to sodomoize KEK.

          2. How come people dont realize that everyone is an individual person? I think some people may not have been born with the capability to think deeper about more complex ideas. A large majority of the muslim people hated ISIS and many of them joined the U.S. in fighting them off. Which goes back to what I said, every person is an individual. That means every person is seperate from other persons. Denying this is just plain denying science. And yet people still generalize an entire race, and entire religions, in blatant disregard that every person is an individual, seperate from other people.

            This isnt like the Zerg from Starcraft where everyone is controlled by The Overmind. The reality is, this terrorist had no idea who those individual people were or what their views were. That alone makes him no hero, but just a plain old murderer killing for the sake of killing because he is likely a psychopath.

            Ultimately, my point is, when you condemn an entire culture/religon/race because people of a small minority of that culture/religion/race individually decided to become terrorists, you are just blatantly disregarding proven science, facts, and everything else that proves that generalizing people is impossible, and every attempt at doing so has of course turned out to be completely false all throughout history.

            I ask everyone here to follow logic first, before anything else. If everyone in the world embraced logic, common sense, and science, people like the one I’m replying to would not exist, and neither would terrorism.

            This is why education is the most important thing in the world to focus on and should be available to every single person on earth without having to pay.

          3. @Why is logic lost on so many? You don’t even know that islam isn’t a religion, it’s a political dogma! Do some research on islam and how semites have been a fucking plague on earth since the dawn of time commiting the worst shit ever possible! Do some research before you get into writing a book about how facts hurts your feelings and how you stick flowers up your poop chute! Facts don’t fucking care about your feelings, islam is a fucking cancer and it’s not compatible with any modern society, end of story!

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