Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

I presume the video is from Mexico. The heart muncher may very well be our good ole Manboobs. Looks like he got them shrunk a bit since we last saw him.

The video shows the presumed cartel members cutting open the chest of a captured man. The knifeman then cuts piece of his heart out and eats it. All while the man is alive.

So much for that ski mask…

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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475 thoughts on “Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel”

      1. These are cartels. Drug lords. And then you really, really wonder why some countries have the mandatory death penalty for drug offences lol. It’s to rid their countries of this type of ruthless unwholesome filth.

          1. Wrong. This is happening way more often now because of the ease in making the vidoes and sending them all over the world with minimal effort and with great ease

          2. I agree this stuff has been happening since time but in this day and age it’s just wrong and regardless of the money they make and the politics of the drug trade, there was a time when these cartels acted accordingly and dealt with there enemies with dignity and respect. These are not humans and they need to be eradicated, they done it with ISIS because of there ideology and barbarism.

          3. If you truly believe these videos are representative of the average Mexican citizen, their values and morals, their sense of decency, and their sense of humanity then you might as well just announce here for everyone to know that you’ve had little to no meaningful experience, interaction, or first-hand knowledge of the Mexican people or even someone American of Mexican heritage. Because there is absolutely no way, it would literally be impossible to know these people and come away with that assessment, which means you are dead wrong. Not even having been a victim of a violent Hispanic thug would justify that assessment. I was almost murdered by a gang of Hispanic thugs and if I could come away not hating ALL Hispanic people because of that incident then you can too.

            I’ve stayed in Mexico many times for extended periods back in the 80’s and 90’s before the cartels were around and it was a very safe place to visit, live, and work in. Nowadays I wouldn’t visit Mexico unless there was a compelling reason to due to the overwhelming surge in cartel violence there. But because I have extensive experience there and have gotten to know the people whom you are assuming hold the same values and morals as the ones savagely murdering in this video, I know that the cartels and the average Mexican populace are nowhere near the same league, no comparison whatsoever. they are two vastly different, polar entities with no overlap. The Mexican people are just as terrified, angered, disgusted, shocked, and saddened by the recent surge in cartels and cartel violence in their homeland. To think these videos depict average life in Mexico is so off the mark, anyone who seriously thinks that way based on these horrific videos was probably already going to harshly judge these people any chance they get no matter what and you’re free to do so, but I am also free to scold you like a 5 year old for saying stupid shit.

          4. Yeah in islām its straight death penalty. Drugs are impermissible, alcohol is impermissible, music is impermissible anything that changes the state of your mind and harms your body isnt allowed. These people corrupt the earth with senseless killing and have no respect for anything breathing. Death for them is the only language they understand. These people don’t look out to kill, it’s far beyond that. To eat a person’s heart whilst hes alive shows how much of animals that individual is and how far away he is from being a human. It would be such a pleasing sight to kill all cartels and those who supply them with weapons and drugs and money from above.

          5. Your right bruh. If your read the bible it talks about that in the beginning their were the nephelims who were giants and ate humans. The nephelims were the sons of the fallen angels. Nephelims still exists and and is those people in this video they are the generation of those animals nephelims who existed thousands of years ago. They are not human, they look like himans but they are not. Anyone who does this are nephelims sons of satan.

        1. I Think That Mark is correct in his assumption of it being Mr. Manboobs that was pigging-out on heart meat. I Say this cause i’m sure that he was told by his Mom to eat more as he was losing too much weight. 😉

          1. @Bernado Santo
            Nah not really. I don’t care if they all kill each other, as long as no innocent people are hurt. And as long as it ends up on BG.

        2. What we need is a fully regulated drugs trade rather than mob rule and the black market. It is crazy that this shit goes on over some Columbian Marching Powder when you can just walk into a 7-11 and buy one of the worst drugs known to man, but at least no one is getting murdered over the production and supply of it since repealing prohibition (just getting murdered or accidental deaths under the influence).

      2. This is very much a by product of being able to share these videos online. Of course things like this happened before social media and iPhones making it so easy to share, watch, send. But it was very few and far between. People are doing this now just for the vidoes sake and obviously to kill and instill fear in their enemies. If you are an unlikely guy in this situation you need to somehow fight early before you get in this situation and get executed rather then this.

        1. Its incredibly scary and in that moment when you’re staring down a barrel and being made to cooperate, you do cooperate to survive. Its much better to be shot though. I cant say for certain how id act if that was happening to me, but i think the best way to go about it is ask as much as possible “what are you gonna do to me?” And try to get an idea of whats going on. They may not answer sincerely but if you study how they say what will happen in their mannerisms maybe you can pick up on how bad things are about to get. Its better than nothing and worth a try

          1. I agree that in the moment all you are trying to do is think of ways to survive and trying to be cooperative. I just feel like once you know it’s gonna end in death you gotta try and squirm, wrestle, free yourself and run and hopefully get shot down. It’s easier said then done

          2. Nope..
            doesn’t work that way..

            When you get kidnapped, you get kidnapped for a few days before they kill you.
            Usually, they interrogate you first, then they torture you, then they drug you up and torture you again, physically and mentally taking all fight out of you.

            When you see these execution videos, these guys are more than ready to die! No fight in them at all… and these guys also know, if they even try to fight back or do any stupid move, your execution just turned into a more fucked up savage outcome.

            I laugh at all these keyboard warriors that say they would somehow supero hero their way out of this shit ! HA !

          3. @icouldntfindanyfuckstogive I never said that “I” would be some SUPERHERO who fights his way out of this a situation. You just make that up to try and act like you are some tough guy. What I said is that if you are in this situation before you get tortured for a few days and before you lose all your strength it is in your best interest to fight or try and escape. I even said easier said then done and in many cases the victim might not really know what fate is waiting for them. Nothing worse then someone who is also behind a keyboard trying to act like they are the sole tough guy. We are all just people behind keyboards you dumb fuck

          4. I’m wondering why they always seem resigned to their bleak fate….why not try a sprint into the jungle or at least spit in that bastards face prior to getting hacked up…but I suppose one hopes until the last millisecond for some cosmic intervention or mercy.

        2. I don’t agree at all, that this is a ‘product’ of being able to easily share the videos. I think it is the opposite. This shit has been going on since the beginning of humans, only now do we have the ability to capture it and share it easily, so every now and then we get lucky and get to see one on BG.

          I think it happens all the time. They don’t do it just for the videos sake. Manboobs wasn’t sure someone was going to record it. He did it because he is a savage. And there are a lot of savages doing this shit everyday. Just so happens, one of his buddies realized some crazy shit was happening and turned his phone on.

          Few and far between my ass. I’d bet this exact scenario has happened 100 times this year, between the cartels in Mexico alone, and this is just one of the few that got recorded and surfaced in the dark corners of the internet.

          1. You think that in this past year 100 people have had their chests cut open while alive and someone has eaten their heart????? Really… I’ll take that bet any day any time.

            Of course this type of stuff has happened before. I think that the cartels in Mexico and the gangs in Brazil especially like to video tape some of their rival enemies executions. People are always trying to out do themselves now.

            And again if you don’t think Manboobs knew exactly what he was going to do before he did it then you are just lost. Like.. 15 minutes or 1 hour whatever doesn’t really matter how long he definitely told his crew that he was going to cut this fucker open while alive. He might not have said he was going to eat a piece of the heart but for sure told the guy filming that it go time I’m gonna kill this guy

          1. I agree it’s really difficult. If you know you fucked with the cartel or live that type of life. You need to 24/7 have a gun on your or very close by. You just can not let yourself be taken prisoner. Unless you are ok with being flayed alive. But I think you gotta Try and go out in a Gun fight. I agree it’s not possible in all situations cause it’s not like these people know they are about to be kidnapped. But they did something wrong or were in a sketchy place at a sketchy time. Gotta roll with a weapon of your own

        3. This theory of yours is shit. Watch… according to you there is less murder, crime, cannibalism in Haiti than Mexico because of the lack of video evidence. According to you there is more hearts cut out today than 1000 years ago because of video evidence.

          1. No I never said anything about murder rates or different countries or statistics. You just made all of that up and we are all dumber for having to view your reply

        4. LOL let me quote your nigger loving ass “This is happening way more often now because of the ease in making the vidoes and sending them all over the world with minimal effort and with great ease”

          Now… gtfo.

          1. Yes I stand by that. I never said a word about Haiti you dumb fuck. And we are not talking about the Mayan or Aztec fucking Indians. That was part of their culture so it happened in a human sacrifice way. I’m talking last 5 to 10 years the technology to record brutal executions has become effortless and quick. So lots of these jungle rats enjoy filming them to share. Nothing to do with Haitians or ancient civilizations

          2. hello I thought I would check out what people were saying about this vid,and have to say that you guys are probably right except that the killing of people is increasing and easier because now we have technology to share that experience.

        5. Mexicans are mayans and aztecs you fkin moron. The amount of beheadings or hearts being eaten has no relation to technology.

          The amount of cannibalism, murders, beheadings in Haiti is far greater than that of mexico yet you will argue this because of the lack of videos on BG. lol you are just dumb

          1. No I’m not arguing over whether there is violence in other countries. NO FUCKING SHIT!! I’m talking about how these people that we see commonly on Best Gore Who
            Are usually Mexican or South American are doing even more fucked up shit then Normal because now filming it has become normal

          1. That’s like saying that woman in their teens and twenties nowadays take the same amount of photos of themselves that they did 30 years ago. And that they don’t go out of their way more to just make videos and take pictures.

            Well they do take way more because of the phones and the sharing. It’s the same exact concept.

          1. If you think that woman are taking the same amount of photos 30 years ago as opposed to today then you are the dumbest mother fucker on the planet. Hahahahaha hahahahaha what a fucking dunce

        6. I actually watched a similar incident on good old CBC about 20 years ago. It was in Africa and these rebel whatever’s caught an enemy soldier and sure as shit cut out his heart and shared it.
          They also let the kids run around with the guys head. I was shocked then and now….I’m desensitized to the sufferings of third world savages.

        1. @coffindodger,
          lol dude,,, as that was funny my man. 🙂

          But jokes aside bro, could you imagine going-out that way???
          That is just an incredibly Cold, Sadistic, & Super-Evil thing ta do to even Another living Animal, Let alone doing-it to a fellow human being.

          Like how do these Fuckers sleep at night??? Do they not wake-up in a cold sweat while hearing their victims screams in the Multiple Nightmares that many of these sick fucks surely get? 🙁

          1. @coffindodger
            You know what brother??? what you say about them being high, is the very best answer that i have ever gotten from anyone, for how it would be possible foe somebody/Anybody ta do shit like this. I Never thought of Drugs,,, but fuck brother it makes sense, and big-time, as you would have to be extremely high to perform such brutal acts, as if it was nothing. 🙁

          2. We saw one like this from the cartels a couple years ago. Remember the one where they cut the dude’s chest open while his son watched? I’m going to go try to find the link and re-post it here.

            The cartels are the undisputed champions of gore, for the last two ore three years counting. No contest.

          3. @thedre
            It’s one of those deals where I used to think drugs were okay, they don’t hurt anyone. Everyone drinks, a lot of people smoke weed. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug in many ways, but it’s perfectly legal because of Western culture. Then I started seeing meth going nuts and people stealing from other people and doing worse just to get high again. Then I started having stuff like that happen to me and dealers wrecking my shit and not getting punished for it. Then I see shit like this and I’m like, mmKay, drugs are bad.

            People are already shitty enough without drugs in their system.

          4. @coffindodger
            The way that you put it out there speaks volumes my good brother. I Hope that the message comes across as it was intended to be read. **DO NOT** Do hard drugs man. And as you also stated above Alcohol, and weed kill thousands each year from driving while high, and/or killing your partner cause you were drunk, and in a rage. Fuck you could end-up doing stupid ultra cruel shit like these Sickario’s do everyday cause of it. 🙁
            So well said, and great overall message my good man, & B G Bro! So KUDOS To Ya! 🙂

          5. @Cuatros
            Yea,,, i remember it well brother. The Dad was a cop, and his son had to watch him get beheaded after he (the kid himself) got cut-up real bad man, and he was hard to kill, as it took the poor kid almost a full 5 minutes to die. I found it extremely sad, and disturbing cause that kid really wanted to live to fight it so very much. 🙁

            **Here below is that video you are talking about bro,,, Enjoy-Man.** 🙂

      3. Muslim terrorists don’t even do this shit man. Don’t give them so much credit. Mexican cartels are the most brutal and savage group of people in the world right now. I don’t think it’s even close either. Mexican cartels are the current, undisputed champions of gore.

        And to that point, it’s amazing that it never comes up in the news media. Not one word of it. Bringing things like this to light uncensored, as horrible and disturbing as they are, is one of the things that appreciate about what Mark and the BG community has done.

        You will never find a single mention of this in American news media. Our ‘enemy’ for the last two decades has been Islamic terrorists. Meanwhile this shit is happening right next door. And not a single peep out of reporter or news organization.

        Islamic state had a good run for a couple years. They got a lot of attention, mostly just because it was sold to us by the media. They had a lot of decent beheadings, burnings, gunshot executions, etc. Also, surprisingly good production value. But they never did any shit like this.

        This is not even the first video we;ve seen like this on BG. They’ve been doing this for years. I remember one from 2018 i think, where they did something similar to a guy while his young son watched. Then they flayed him too! Fucking savage mother fuckers.

        1. Took the words out of my I totally agree. Those Mexicans truly have some bad blood in them. Crazy savage dumb Aztecs that believed the fucking sun wouldn’t rise if they didn’t rip someone’s heart out on an alter and Spanish conquistador is the dna of a Mexican (if you didn’t know).

      4. This is western white mans fault! Let me explain! U.s.a loves nose candy which is their product of choice to smuggle. When something goes wrong either product gets mixed, stolen or robbed or police informer then they do this to send a message! It’s like 45,000 a kilo . That type of money a normal south American will make in 5years!

      5. Im latino and i dont like trump but last time i was talking to my mom that trump sometimes his right about some people from Mexico or Central America are criminals. Not everyone is criminal because my mom came here to work for 30 years and earn her home here. But this fuckers in this video dont deserve to come here and need to be executed.

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      1. @despy
        Sent from Satan indeed girl, as they are the closet thing to Satan Himself. That was a brutally sick thing to do to another one of Gods creations. Only God Himself should take a life, since he created-it himself.

        These Cookarracha-Singing Bastards will pay, and dearly for every single life they have taken. And for all of the many families that they have destroyed because of it, God will make them pay.

          1. @Roxi
            With All Due respect back at You Girl, but it depends what/which Bible You are referring to B G Sister. And although there was some pretty wild shit going-on in those days with people presumed to be into Witchcraft, or were thought to be Outright Witches were burned alive at the steak, but that was just paranoid people not knowing better back then.

            And God does give many fucks about us all, but until you know this for a fact, you will do (like most) and buy-in to the Big-Bang Jew-Lie Theory while trusting All of Today’s Pseudosciences instead of real Science, and believe their impossible Narrative, and lies.

          2. The reality is that drug laws cause this mayham.
            100 years ago people in America thought Marijuanna would turn little Tommy into a rape crazed killer. Just as today the man and the public wrongly assumes people get high on coke and go nuts…..They don’t.
            The crime happens when the dope runs out and one must face inflated cocaine prices because the penalty for dealing etc. Is so steep.
            So Joe blow ends up robbing and stealing to buy some more coke.
            If it was legal people who chose to use coke would mostly be sitting indoors getting high and fucking etc. And the Manboobed heart eater would find himself in the unemployment line. And if you’re reading this Manboobs…..Let’s see you eat a raw cock and balls while your victim stares into your eyes….
            It’s time to step it up a notch Manboobs.

          1. @emenhell213
            God Did-It In order to Flush-Out Satan Himself, And All his Evil Children we call,,,
            The-Zionist-Jews, so that he can finally unleash his mighty strength on them by eliminating, and completely eradicating this infestation off of the face of the Earth,
            once and for all..

      2. I don’t think this is the famous mantits… I get the feeling that this guy is getting membership to the cartel’s club… They probably asked him what are you willing to do to prove yourself to us??
        To by which he responded… I’m willing to carve a man’s heart out and eat it while still beating.
        The guys were like ok let’s do this then and so they did.
        You can tell that he has never done this before and that he’s not a true cannibal and you can tell he didn’t enjoy doing it and that he wasn’t really willing to do it.
        Peer pressure??… Maybe??…
        He just looked so stupid trying to take a mouthful of beating heart through the balaclava that makes you wonder if he’s high on something against his will. One thing for sure he and his mind were not in the same place.
        I truly hope that the victim had some type of disease and that this asshole catches it and dies soon.

      1. You are a fucking pussy think your stupid orange clown president will care about your fucking ass…. if you want to put a bullet in the Mexicans head come south the border you stupid fuck!!!

          1. @azotobacta it hurts my soul so much. I can only imagine what presidents are aware of. Be a good citizen is doing your part.

            They test God by being as evil as they can, belching well where is He, Hell is a terrible area. Ay, my soul.

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    1. God do exist, but I guess it’s safe to say we can all agree, that it isn’t either a good or evil one. but I am starting to believe that the baseline of reality is suffering and it is only the society we live in which kind of, gives a false sense of comfort in the evil world we actually live in. But i gotta admit though, There can also be found some sort of beauty in nature, but it all depends on your state of mind in the end, if you are depressed or hungry, I honestly doubt anyone would perceive this world as beautiful or nice.

      1. To be fair if someone is depressed the contents of this site should be the last thing they are willing to subject themselves to. Seeing horrible things day in day out… It’s like an emotional iron curtain. It provides a sort of armor and insulates us a bit against trauma but it begins to get heavy and be a burden to see the worst of humanity over time. People need to protect themselves from things that destroy them though sometimes that’s easier said than done.

    2. Yeah, This has been going on for a very long time as a scare tactic. They didn’t need cameras, They had captive prisoners. Do this in front of a captive prisoner and let him go. It put fear in their enemies. He would go back and tell his village so they would think their enemies were cruel and ruthless. Just like these fuckers.

    3. Seems to me from mexican aztecas used to eat heart’s enemies, i believe mexican cartels getting more of their own dna so really really bloody out of comment, the world getting more violent everyday more sadistic, and to note it young people right now doesn’t know about ethic because already so violent due to high violence media.

  1. What the fuck is this… Man this fucking world is evil .. man comon we need to bomb these motherfuckers of the face of the earth.. fucking evil devil motherfuckers… Nuke there fucking shit hole country .. sick fucking bastards

      1. This ain’t art. When a human being does something depraved, he loses an essential element of his humanity. He ceases to be AS human as the normal man on the street.

        This shit is retarded anyway. What is eating his heart going to do for him? lol.

        1. I watched a show where a man shot a musk ox with a bow, didn’t kill it so he ran back and repeatedly stabbed it. Then when gutting it, he bit giant chunk off of heart and ate it. It may have still been steaming, could be imagining that part

          It was for survival. It was primitive and cool as hell. This not so much

          1. That guy who killed the musk ox won 1 million dollars for completing the 100 day survival challenge. I watched the whole show and knew he was gonna win after a kill like that. Well deserved.

          2. By far best show on TV! Some seasons have irritating participants but overall damn good show. I hope his winnings don’t cause him too many problems.

        2. I really hope the poor guy who is having his heart taken out has some blood borne disease the dirty rat won’t look so cocky after finding out he has HIV or hep. Horrible bastard.

          You can only imagine the acts that lead up to this. Each more brutal than the next.
          The strange thing is that IME it’s the same with watching bg once you get to a certain point nothing is off limits.
          Of course this is different from committing such acts. This guy, even if he isn’t moobs, the psychopath. He doesn’t feel any empathy he is completely devoid of any feeling toward his ‘subject’. He is clearly enjoying his meal right there. He is probably a high functioning sociopath in day to day life. Has a family and a normal job, waves to the neighbors as he drives off to buy food for his little ones.
          Or maybe not he just wakes up every morning like right I am ready to eat every fuckers heart out! Let’s go!

          Maybe the difference with most of us is that we have been desensitized to this stuff so if we ever came into a situation where we could help we would?

          1. I already know I am a sociopath and possibly psychopathic. Desensitized? No. I approach every one of these with trepidation. I know I am being changed

            Hail Angel of Light

      2. Indeed I do. The victim was given a great honor. These Indians know the power of spilled blood and agony. Isnt that what the catholics do, offer up blood and body of christ?
        Lucifer is the god of this planet and ALL planets.

      1. God do exist, but I guess it’s safe to say we can all agree, that it isn’t either a good or evil one. but I am starting to believe that the baseline of reality is suffering and it is only the society we live in which kind of, gives a false sense of comfort in the evil world we actually live in. But i gotta admit though, There can also be found some sort of beauty in nature, but it all depends on your state of mind in the end, if you are depressed or hungry, I honestly doubt anyone would perceive this world as beautiful or nice.

    1. We are not all the same. Is like saying you all are faggots because many white men do gay porn, or saying you all are cuckolds because many of you invite black men to fuck your dirty-smelly-ass wives, or that you all like swallowing black men cum out of your women stinky snatch, and not because of that we wish to nuke your country. We understand you all love black cock and you have the right to have it and enjoy it. And tell your mom to wash her fanny bag, because i’ll go do her tonight.

      1. Not all white people are stupid and judgmental. Doesn’t matter what race we are. We are all fucked. It’s the only thing that binds us together. Our suffering. There is empathy there. We can share our pain constructively or we can be racist pricks and lash out with the iq of a toothbrush. Share in the earthly wonders of the pain of sentience. Besides misery loves company.

    1. This is a valid point. I believe the consciousness and Intelligence of a human being makes the reality of your situation all the more frightening. We are able to perceive how terrible our situation is. But you are correct… many animals and people have taken on much more painful agonizing deaths

    2. Can I imagine? Yes I can. I would know. I’ve been eaten by a hyena about 17 times and it isn’t a pleasant experience. They always eat the butthole first. Humiliating their victim only makes the meal more salty and delicious!

    1. The worst part is that the rest of his heart is still pumping (with the force of a hand squashing a tennis ball) and because his chest cavity is open, the organs almost spill out with each pump of the heart.

        1. He was probably in shock until they started fucking with his heart. That was probably adrenaline when he started moving around and looking at what was happening. He seemed more lucid than he had any right to be. Brutal.

      1. @PirannaDaSilva

        Jeeez – You’re a touchy little brown, faggoty, illiterate cunt, aren’t ya! Did someone hurt your poor widdle brown, flip-flopping feelings again, LOL! You like to dish it out, but you sure as fuck can’t handle it back. What a whiny little bitch. Well go on then – Go ahead and punch the fuck outta your keyboard – until it breaks. Just so you’ll STFU!

    1. Yes they do – Reports of this happening in Cape Town and other such shit huts..

      Last one I read; A man from Zimbabwe ripped out the heart and ate it – Shouting, “I am not gay.” As the heartless victim watched on..

      1. White ppl do this too, I’m sad to say. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer? This guy didn’t just eat a heart, he ate several entire people after raping their corpses. However fucked up this video is, there is always worse out there.

    1. I agree. Humanity must die. Just not like this, i’d like to be vapourised by a nuclear blast, fairly close to ground zero. Oppenheimer the merciful Jew has gone ahead and prepared the way for us.
      You will thank him one day.

  2. C’Mon Man, Give The Guy A Break, He Was Simply hungry after spending what was probably a Long, and hard day at work most-probably doing dismemberment’s all fucking day. So what, he got hungry, lol, as you’s would most-certainly be hungry, and having a bad case of the The Munchies After Smoking All-O-That Mexican-Red Weed. 😉

      1. @Chaos
        Yea you got that right Brother about The Coke That is, as i use to love it while growing-up and into my early thirties. But i never got carried away like some of my Dead friends did. God-Bless Their souls man. 🙁

        But Do they make their own Cocaine in Mexico, or do they import-it, and bring it in from Columbia, or Peru??? As i used to get this *Pink Peruvian* in the late 80’s and into the early 90’s.
        This stuff was so incredibly good than an 8 Ball would last you 2 whole days man. And the little tiny lines is all that you needed to get you incredibly high. So high that you’d be able to pound back a 12 pack of beer in a matter of a couple of hours no problem.

        It would then intensify your buzz, but you would never get super drunk, or sick from it.
        Ahhh yep,,, those were the days bro! 🙂 And This stuff was not speedy whatsoever, but smooth, with a mild fruity taste, and smell to it. It truly was the Best, of the Best coke that i ever did.

  3. I foresee a great future for Manboobs as a cardiac surgeon. He gets free experience without the need for a costly and long medical study. Which is highly overrated to begin with, as this video clearly prooves.

  4. I remember reading that sicarios admitted they are high on drugs before they kill people in this way e.g. skinning them etc. (And probably mentally deranged) That explains it. No sane person would behave like this.

    1. I wont be so sure they’re hign when commiting murder, after all its like a job dutie to them and like any job the orders from their chief it’s quiet simple, the goriest the execution is the better the video will sucess to warn other cartels.

      1. These guys are literally just monsters with no souls. It’s just the evil inside their hearts that allows them to commit these atrocities drugs are far
        from an excuse for something as depraved as what they did. I did laugh at the part when that nasty subhuman animal ate the heart. Absolutely ridiculous lol

          1. Maybe it was the video from Africa where they were burning this dude up over a fire and this one guy pulled his roasted tallywacker right off and starting eating it without hesitation.
            No sniff test or nothing

  5. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, that was hard core.

    You know, there are dummies who say, “We need to defund the police and build community centers. Then there would be no crime.”

    I’d love to strap those dummies to a chair and have them watch endless streams of BG, Clockwork Orange style. There’s evil in the world.

    1. “I’d love to strap those dummies to a chair and have them watch endless streams of BG, Clockwork Orange style.”
      That’s what should happen to every nigger/niggerlover who finds the George Floyd video “horrifying”.

  6. This reminds me of the movies wrong turn, where you have those sadistic deformed canibals who shout out maniac laughing while they tear their victicms apart. There is a moment in one of the movies where the old man say ” my kids will rip off your liver and eat it in front of you “. Thats kinda like it.

  7. Alpha wannabe, Let me tell you. Cunt want to show off how tough he is. Mark my word, Sooner or later there will be more of these “videoes”. And each of them will have someone eating something from the victim. Capitalize canibalism in a making.

  8. Wow! I was pretty sure I had seen the limit of human cruelty a long time ago on this site but this has to be the top 1 for me…. I’m almost scared to log into LL after this as I’m sure one of these cartels will take it even further next time….

  9. Greed , that’s drug war is all about…
    Instead combine together, they kill each other, they need to learn from the cosa nostra , instead act like a bunch of apes and fucking their own sister , and bring miserable pendehhos like we see here to live from beginning, and then being killed in videos like this one…

    1. This is not a matter of learning or not, most of them have no choices as they come from poor familes with no incomes, another things is that cartels themselves kidnapps people to use them as human shields against other cartels so they don’t run any unwelcome risk.

      1. Those who come from poor families , need to know it ain’t because they charming….
        But as i say learn, is to learn from a successful organizations like cosa nostra , compound from few organizations thet came together and decided to combined leadership , for preventing killing each other , and concentrate in the objective of all members: income !
        Each one who had an issue, went under that court that solve problems , and even punishing and execute those who went far..
        Instead that zoo called Mexico
        That people killing each other just so easily instead unite and cooperating together, so everyone will enjoy

        1. I think most of them already know what happens to them if they join Cartels and get caught by other cartels, but its a matter to have something to give to their relatives even risking their own lifes, I think they prefer to have some money for sometime instead a full life of misery.

          1. Misery??? In case they get caught by rivals, that would be misery….
            They will be dead if they have luck, those Mexicans are wors then Isis and equal to Spanish inquisition from the 1500es….

        1. Maybe they did, but we only got the short version instead? the videos purpose it’s to warn other cartels about the consecuences to get caught by the enemy, the more gruesome the video is the better the message success, the whole idea it’s not to send a complete a video but just a part of it, short videos get delivered faster throught whastapp messages or any another messagng platform.

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