Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

I presume the video is from Mexico. The heart muncher may very well be our good ole Manboobs. Looks like he got them shrunk a bit since we last saw him.

The video shows the presumed cartel members cutting open the chest of a captured man. The knifeman then cuts piece of his heart out and eats it. All while the man is alive.

So much for that ski mask…

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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475 thoughts on “Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel”

  1. Barbaric and ruthless at its finest, from the evil lens that was beautifully done the guy was precise and didn’t struggle to find where the heart is but at the same time wasnt shaking or nervous like so many flip flops idiots we saw here before, the knife was pretty sharp thats a + , its a barbaric scene it can even compete with the chainsaw video but still not as brutal as the skinned guy or the policeman with his son video, i would have considered it to be among the top 3 if they made him sit on a chair while throwing ice on his face that would make him feel ×5 more pain at least and slow the endorphine release so the shocked phase would still wait for a few seconds lol generally speaking that was beautifully done as a final thought i would give it a 7.5/10

    1. Yes but usually marines are killing other people, for a better cause: The jewish conquering of the world.
      These backwards buthole pirates, are just killing people who look like themselves, basically because theyre told to. Theyre no better than niggers.

  2. Just imagine, when you’re down there in Mexico on vacation, these sick fucks are wondering around on the loose. Years ago, I went to Mexico for a vacation, and late at night, me and a friend walked down the beach to this little place for drinks. There were four Mexican guys sitting at a table doing cocaine. They offered cocaine to us for free. My friend did it. I got up and left. What kind of Mexican has the money to be giving away cocaine for free. The main guy handing out the coke had this evil hateful look in his eyes.

    They must have been cartel members.

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    1. They were just being nice with foreigners, as much as you don’t mess with them everything should be fine, belive me if you see cartel members on any public place you won’t recognize them, there’s a big differenece between drug consumers, drug dealers and cartel members.

  3. Whities in this site criticize the atrocities cartels do to each other, barking the whole mexican country is like this, but the truth is these whities get horny with cartel execution videos and finger their anuses till they cum in shit, then go get a black dick to finish the job. Whitie faggots are hypocrite

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  4. This could be the greatest ever Halloween front lawn decoration for the widdle trick-r-treaters to walk past on their way to getting their Milky Ways, Good & Plentys, and razor-laced caramel candied apples.

  5. Ah yes, my weekly dose of reality, with the sound on even, and many many racist comments, love it. Moar drugged drug cartel butchery lessons please :-). I wonder if that meat sample made it to heaven…praying to the, er, mexican jebus…

  6. hi, i’m new to the site, my english is a shit, i’m mexican from a small town (less than 10 thousand inhabitants) and only here there are one or 2 murders a month, this reminded me of a chapter of the simpsons, where Bart tricks Homer that he goes to karate classes.

  7. imagine you in 30 years from now, crossing one of those dudes, looking to you right in the eye just thinking “I’d cut this cunt like I cut that motherfucker 30 years ago and eat his heart.” You know what I mean, right? Where are the bombs when we really fucking need them!

    1. Interesting thought. What is art? Some define it as a set of elements arranged in such a way as to cause a passionate response from the viewer. If that is the case then, yes, this IS art. Manboobs was deliberately carrying out an action to create shock, fear and disgust in anyone unfortunate enough to view the recording. It reminded me of a more extreme form of Viennese Actionism.

      Obviously, this isn’t what Manboobs was intending, he is just a murderous cunt.

  8. thats hilarious he pulled the ski mask down and exposes his face. You snow flakes are saying its ruthless. He had to be a real asshole for them to torture him like that. Trust me everyone I seen tortured had it coming big time. After 100s of warnings to not be an asshole and fuck people over they say go fuck yourself and they become the next best gore victim.

    1. I dunno man. I think it’s easier for a lot of ppl to square things with their conscience (and yes even the gorehounds here tend to have them, albeit in minuscule quantities) if they just assume that the victim was deserving of it. I don’t think that’s true but it’s probably better to make that assumption than have a troubled conscience.

  9. Its truth when I tell you all that watching the various videos pertaining to Drug cartel murder and mayhem has been instrumental in my decision to stop using cocaine and methamphetamine. It’s not that I have any real affinity for the homicidal psychopaths that murder one another over money, prestige or territory that has affected my decision. Its knowing that every hit is saturated in blood both of the guilty and the innocent.

    1. @peskyvarmint
      What an excellent comment! I admire your decision to quit using, and particularly your reasons given for it. It goes a long way to restoring my faith in humankind, especially after witnessing the acts of the very worst human excrement on the planet, like this murderous mehicano filth. Drugs never got anyone anywhere good in life. I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as an addict or regular user who isn’t highly educated, has the job of their dreams and a beautiful home, etc etc – but I AM saying that I’ve never met one. That lifestyle just isn’t conducive to setting higher goals for one’s self or being self-driven to achieving them – much less succeeding. Most addicts/regular users don’t seem to give a fk about themselves – or anyone else – and end up only living from hit to hit. And just look at these filthy mehicano maggots, killing each other over it down in the dirt – and IMO that’s where they belong. (Where IS that effing wall?!) I also applaud you, and wish you well in every goal you set for yourself in your drug-free future. Aim high!

        1. Hey thanks. That said, I know how dangerous drugs can be. I know a lot of ppl here don’t like drugs but I also believe that it’s all about moderation. They can help for certain things. Let me put it this way. Drugs are the torch that help me get through the long cold dark night that is life. They’ve improved my life in myriad ways. But like any torch there is always the chance of getting burned. One must take care to not get too close to the flame. Warm as it is, being on fire and burning away happens to too many ppl. I admire anyone who has the wisdom to know what’s best for their personal situation and walk away from things that take away from their sense of self. I hope you can break the habit and be as whole as you can be. Good luck!

          1. Ya man. When I said good luck to you I meant it with utmost sincerity my friend. Ive done all drugs but never spiked anything. I have learned much from my experience with chemicals. I recently enjoyed a very good trip on pure and quality LSD. Regardless I am finding my relationship with white powders and crystals have grown old and stale. Been there .. Done that. Know what I mean?.

          2. I tripped for the first time around this time last year during the harvest moon. God it was amazing. I was just lying on the grass looking up at the moon and was dazzled by its penetrating blue rays. And there was a moment where my ego was washed away and I was able to see myself and my situation more clearly. It actually gave me some clarity and changed my perspective enough that I was able to get out of a really toxic relationship. So yea. I don’t know if I’ll trip again because I feel like it made my mind a bit “heavier” if that makes sense. But there is healing there. Not all drugs last. Like anything else sometimes we grow out of stuff that we used to like. That feels like a pretty natural part of being human.

  10. it’s what drugs do to your brain. you can do nasty shits you can never imagine when drugs entered your body. these is the reason why the current filipino president “duterte” is doing all his might to fight the illegal drugs in our country. he believes it is the root cause of all the index crime

  11. As much as I like reading all of my BG pals’ racist rants, moral musings, religious judgments, obsessions with dicks and their sizes and all other clever quips and retorts found in the comments of what has to be one of the year’s best – I believe almost everyone has failed to mention the most astonishing part of this video. And that is the sharpness of the blade used by Mr. Man-boobs heartless heart-eater. May all other posters of savage content in Brazil, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere take note of how a sharp knife or machete produces truly remarkable and most comment-worthy content to my fellow purveyors of gore. “Bravo! and Encore!” I say. Can I have some more, please?

  12. Nice that was fucking Nice you don’t to see as much cannibalism from tacoland as say brazil. Even his comrades had to give em a round of applause for that one. His heart looked like a piece of flesh from resident evil or something.I bet he felt empowered after that meal like he just took a power up from his slain foe. I needed th

  13. are we entirely sure this is our beloved manboobs?
    this man seems older, i figured manboobs was young, with a supple set of moobs?

    if manboobs diets away his namesake, however shall we know him? it’s like jay leno getting his chin shaved.

    amazing video to watch though, that’s for sure!

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