Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel

I presume the video is from Mexico. The heart muncher may very well be our good ole Manboobs. Looks like he got them shrunk a bit since we last saw him.

The video shows the presumed cartel members cutting open the chest of a captured man. The knifeman then cuts piece of his heart out and eats it. All while the man is alive.

So much for that ski mask…

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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475 thoughts on “Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel”

    1. Bill Wolf. I bet you don’t wash your hands. Just like this ManBoobs here. It’s ok though. the only thing that compares Mexican’s heart is a Niggers nasty heart. But you don’t eat neither of those, Right?

  1. Dear President Trump,
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  2. Holy shit .. I couldn’t watch this shit
    there’s no need for that kind of brutality
    If you wanna kill a guy ’cause he’s a fuck, then
    kill him
    one shot
    But to do this is just sociopathic worm-womble bat shit evil
    /and ..
    it’s not very nice

    At least someone had a hearty meal

      1. Don’t make sense to me, how would YOU feel if that was you?

        If you can’t put yourself in another man’s or animal’s shoes,

        then you are truly as dumb as a fish

        Just a ‘knob’

        Evolution in reverse


        1. i respect ur opinion as an intellectual, even though i doubt i have the linguistic skills necessary to make u understand my angle of view, to put it’s all about the background and personal traumas each one of us had that shape the our desires and what picks our interest or pick our interest as adults, i dont believe u and i share the similar ones .. so explaining the feelings and those bloodlust desires would be a bit difficult

          1. I would appreciate youR effort to try to explain to me how the torture/pain/agony
            of another person can excite you
            this is nothing but sociopathic
            Would you like to see a pet dog tortured to death?
            If not, why not?
            A human feels all the pain of any mammal, so would it not be the same thing?
            I am assuming you don’t enjoy animal torture, but you may like it
            Please try to explain to me why you are not an evil sociopath, considering the
            above comments
            I am not trying to be funny here, I am really trying to understand your brain
            processing, which I may not be able to, as you pointed out
            I guess I hope in the future you can find kindness and compassion, these are
            the things that sepArate most men from a savage Hyena


          2. I am also genuinely interested in your answers as well – from a purely psychological point of view. Please help us to understand what might drive some people to derive pleasure or excitement from another’s pain and suffering. It doesn’t matter how long your reply is – I promise to read every word. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


    I could have some mistakes as there’re some parts which are not audible at all.

    – You can see we’re the Jalisco (probably members from the CJNG cartel), you mother fuckers, we’re going to exterminate all of you! all those who sin.
    – Background voice “cokcroaches”, “cokcroaches”
    – You cunts pepeques* sime kind or cartel slang
    – Mixed background voices not understandable at all, “we’re going to beat the shit out of all of you!”
    – Hey you bald (talking probably to the one cutting the chest of guy being executed)
    – This is the rat (talking about the guy being executed) we’re the shit cousin, we belong to “EL Mencho” (Cartel CJNG former leader)
    – We are the new generation, we are the Jalisco you dogs!
    – Come on, Come on!
    – (All of them starts to laugh about the executed guy) This will happen to all of you! You sons of a bitch!
    – This will happen to all of you! You sons of a bitch!
    – Pure new you crazy guys! (talking about again the CJNG cartel)
    – Finish cutting him up
    – Cut the mother fucker
    – Keep going
    – Where are we going to the throw him?
    – We will bring some black bags

  4. Yeah, This has been going on for a very long time as a scare tactic. They didn’t need cameras, They had captive prisoners. Do this in front of a captive prisoner and let him go. It put fear in their enemies. He would go back and tell his village so they would think their enemies were cruel and ruthless. Just like these fuckers.

    1. It won’t be a susprise if they took the Aztecs as inspiration, but nah probably they don’t even know who the aztecs were, this is a matter of send a message to the enemies in the most posible efective way ever.

  5. As soon as I saw this published I shared this link down my contacts. Easily the most fucked up shit since funkytown too bad the video wasn’t longer. And I thought the face skinning earlier this year was the best I was going to see nowadays. Cartels never fail to bring great content. Hopefully manboobs (I dont think that was the same guy) doesn’t get herpies, hepatitis b, AIDS, and all the like from that nasty ass organ he ate.

  6. @thedre
    Forum Topic: Plandemic II Documentary
    Not many active members have an account 4+ years old to participate in forum discussion. Any true members beyond the ones who still post are either just lurking gore uploads from time to time or have left.

    0:01 [*Executioner cuts rival’s(?) chest open*]
    0:03 [Posse #1]: So y’all see that we really are Jaliscos [CJNG], sons of your fuckin’ mothers. We’re going to exterminate all of you. All of you Tepeques(?)[*’Tepeque’ possibly a nickname for people from the city of Tepacaltepec in the neighboring state of Michoacan*]
    [Fat Posse Voice]: Cockroaches! Cockroaches!
    [Posse #1]: Eh? Fuckin’ Tepeques.
    [Posse #2]: The four letters!
    0:27 [Posse #1]: We’re El Mencho’s people
    [Posse #3]: Don’t get lost in *unintelligible*, faggots!
    0:38 [*Executioner eats a small piece of rival’s heart, posse starts cheering and laughing, shouting out CJNG and calling Tepeques faggots*]
    0:55 [Posse #1]: Finish chopping him up!
    0:57 [Posse #4]: Chop him the fuck up!
    0:59 [Posse #5]: Where are we gonna dump him?
    [Posse #6]: We’ll bring a couple of black bags in a bit.
    -video end-

    Sorry for being late to the party! Has been pretty slow around here so i haven’t been on much.

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