Local Singer Assassinated Outside Restaurant in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Local Singer Assassinated Outside Restaurant in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Local Singer Assassinated Outside Restaurant in Guayaquil, Ecuador

44 year old Jorge Fernando Lino Macas, locally known as “Vanilla”, who was an urban salsa singer and member of the musical group “Average 20”, was killed on January 2, 2020 in the Puerto Principal suburb of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Vanilla was force-fed lead, having been popped with at least 15 shots while he was eating with two other people. The CCTV of the assassination shows two men approach the singer and shoot him at close range.

Local media report that Vanilla was prosecuted years ago for drug trafficking, murder and other crimes.

According to authorities, in October 2018, the singer and three other people were arrested for transporting 800 kilograms of drugs. In a hearing that lasted seven hours, three of the four apprehended were sentenced to ten years in prison, while “Vanilla” was declared innocent even though he was the leader of the drug gang.

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