Long Beach Cops Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back, Then Lie in Report

Long Beach Cops Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back, Then Lie in Report

These effing cops didn’t know somebody was filming from afar. They murdered a man in cold blood by shooting him like cowards in the back while he was running away, then lied in the report that he attacked them. Once lethally shot and dying in the dirt, the cops then handcuffed him for good measure. The man was pronounced dead in a hospital.

According to a report, the suspect was a shoplifter (although they called his deed a “robbery”) and threatened security officers at a Target store in Compton, California with a pair of sheers. After Sheriff’s deputies got involved, the suspect lead them on a chase into Long Beach, where deputies were joined by Long Beach police.

The Sheriff’s Department said that the man came to a stop on the 1800 block of East Ocean Boulevard but refused commands to exit his vehicle. About 15 minutes later, he got out of the vehicle carrying a wooden stick and again refused to follow commands.

In an attempt to detain the suspect, deputies said they shot him with a bean bag, but rubber bullets had no effect and the suspect took off. Then, the report says the suspect took on Long Beach Police Department officers, who were assisting. It was at this time, the involved LBPD officers claim, that they used lethal ammunition. Hmmm…

They really had no idea someone was filming and the video shows what really happened. The suspect attacked no one. There was no one near him but a dog chasing after him. He was running away and they shot him in the back.

Maybe the report refers to K9 unit as “officers” but still – I don’t see him attacking the dog. He was just trying to run away. I must say it’s pretty fucked up that cops see their dogs as “officers” and us civilians as savage beasts that need to be shot for “officer’s safety”.

Long Beach Police spokeswoman Sgt. Megan Zabel said:

I cannot not comment on what prompted police to fire on the suspect. The officers are still being interviewed and all the evidence is being collected.

Officers are still being interviewed? How are they not under arrest pending indictment and bail proceedings? Oh, I get it. It’s your ages old trick to lull the public with “internal investigation is ongoing” rhetoric until the public’s short attention span starts to focus on something else and forgets all about this murder. But if there was a case of civilians defending themselves against police brutality that ended in death of a police officer, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. The cop would get an expensive funeral on taxpayer’s dime and all units extra funding and better weapons to “serve and protect”.

Bottom line – Long Beach cops shot an unarmed man in the back while he was running away, then handcuffed him and let him die like a rat in the dirt. Fuck this police state bullshit.

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          1. I think the guy taping it said it best, ” man turn yourself in or you gonna miss dinner. What time they serve dinner in there? 4 o clock. ” Yup he missed dinner.

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  1. Here in Germany, cops are legally allowed to shoot anybody running from them. So I wouldn’t be surprised, not knowing the US-constitution well enough, if this also was the case in the US of A.

        1. This is a despicable act by coward cunt’s who were to lazy to chase someone. This is illegal in america and we should be revolting for 6000 people who have been killed by police in the last 10 years. But as usual it will just be people bitching over the internet to no end.

    1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – i do have sympathy for you Americans when it comes to your coppers. I can say with 100% certainty this would never ever happen in my country (Aust). I know it may seem strange, but our Police Force actually like people.

      1. Same here @Dutchy . Apart from the very odd one or two , our cops in the UK are pretty fair . I mean , they carry nothing more than a truncheon which means , no matter what , the perp is gunna live to face the music and another day .

        I’ve mostly found them to be helpful and respectful , which also must sound strange to a lot of people .

        Our countries have a lot in common , so it can’t be just coincidental .

          1. Guardia Civil beat the shit out of me and my mates in the Canary Islands , same in mainland Spain on one occasion on holiday. Our crime … informing the cops that we were being ripped off by the locals , including a mugging . Those are just a couple of examples .

            Our cops wouldn’t do that in my opinion and experience . Although I’m not saying it’s never happened .

        1. First off have these assholes never heard of cropping?

          And as for the pigs… How can they try and justify this? It’s cold blooded murder and they have to start being reprimanded for their actions. It’s unacceptable behaviour and it HAS to stop. There killing people free will all over the world.

          Just like the governments are and no one is doing anything about it. With stuff like this no wonder frustrated citizens are going on killing sprees, it’s because they are so angry with what this world and society has turned into. There fed up of it and they don’t know another way to express their utter disgust with the situation. And killing people seems to be the ultimate way of getting your point across (or at least some attention) but it breeds more hate and violence. It’s a circle that makes me feel that emptiness inside at what we have become. It’s the ultimate way of expressing ones self. And it’s a shame but feels necessary when you are at your wits end.

          This isn’t my thoughts by the way lol I just get drunk and sniff cocaine to block my problems out 🙂

        2. I should upload the photos of what happened to me a few months ago after being chased, assaulted, pepper sprayed and verbally abused by the UK police and I think you would be shocked at what you saw. The cunts the lot of em

    2. Ehm…nope.
      Germany is NOT the USA!!!
      In Germany it is not allowed for the Police to shoot!
      In 2013 only 36 bullets was fired by the Police and only 2 Persons died by police.
      And if you have to use youre weapon its not allowed to shoot in the head i’ve seen too much viedeos where cops in USA shoot the criminals in the head multiple times.

  2. Bottom line here is that the police are not doing their job correctly .

    What these corrupt fucks seem to have forgotten , is the fact that whether it’s a perp or any other civilian , they are there to serve and protect , simple as that .

    True justice requires the police to capture any perp , process that perp so the case can be viewed with a view to serving Justice for the crime .

    These fuckers are murderers , nothing more , nothing less .

    1. Really are you all morons, the fist shots fired came from when the guy was behind the bushes where you couldn’t see him, them he was being chased by a police dog., They will not fire downrange with their dog in chase if the guy did not fire at them first. And i can add all sorts of shit to an audio file and video and make it look legit. Use your fucking brains for once…. And unless ya have the actual police report and circumstances then shut the fuck up with your bullshit opinions of what you think, might of, possibly, could have, maybe, happened if this was an actual crime.

  3. Best Gore’s position is a sound one. From the cam, there is nothing this guy did that warranted use of deadly force.

    That being said, I am certainly not losing sleep over this POS getting whacked. Compton remains a gang infested third world shithole and has been that way for time immemorial.

    This may not be the venue for such sentiment, but the black community in the US is in dire straights. They need to use Asian culture as a model for how to effectively navigate life here. Strong nuclear families, and incredible work ethic, and education is the absolute most important thing children do.

    I fear Black America, however, will continue to sink into a morass gangs, drugs, crime, teen pregnancies and single parent house-holds. The high school drop out rate remains at 52% for Black Males.

    White people did not do this. Cops with guns did not do this. Black America has failed to step up to the plate and do what is necessary to ensure the success of their people.

    Clearly welfare is not the answer. EEO programs have done nothing.

    The answer, if there is one, will come from the Black Community.

    1. There are plenty of educated hard working ethical black families in america. It is simply a game of numbers there are more Black and hispanic in densely populated urban neighborhoods WHERE DRUGS ARE RAMPANT. It is drugs and their illegality that has destroyed the black community. If we legalized all drugs and black and hispanics were able to open legal store fronts with MEDICAL GRADE drugs THE WORLD WOULD CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. At least america would. Same goes for poor whites who exterminated each other a century a go over illegal alcohol profits.

      1. “Same goes for poor whites who exterminated each other a century a go over illegal alcohol profits.”

        Sicilians and other southern “Italians” are not white!

        poverty causes crime?! let me remind you of some more facts. In 2010, West Virginia was the 3rd poorest US state. During that year, the murder rate in West Virginia was 3.3 per 100,000 people – lower than the US average in that category and every other crime category. West Virginia was 93.2% white in 2010.
        Therefore, the assertion that poverty causes crime is demonstrably false. Demonizing the poor as criminals is shameful.

      2. So your saying give the blacks and illegals more opportunities then we all ready give them, and the whole United States will change? No that’s bullshit, what will cause this country to change is the extermination of the people who are lazy, the people who take my hard earned money, like the coons, wetbacks, and even the crack headed can’t work lazy as all he’ll whites, and lets not for get the diseased people (aids, inbred, etc). What USA needs more than anything is a cleansing.

    2. It’s based on the individual. Plenty of blacks have used the opportunity living in the US to better themselves and their families.. It’s just the overwhelming majority that play the victim card, while at the same time stealing tax money because they’re lazy.

      1. Indeed. But I would also include many of the native Americans. Where I live the natives act like the blacks in Compton. Too much assistance from programs meant to help them better themselves have left them helpless to help themselves. Yes, the whites committed atrocities when the first came to America, but what country hasn’t when taking over land owned by others. So now the US continues to “give back” and make up for what they have done. When is enough enough?

        They get welfare, housing, scholarships, are given commodities, allowed to have native only schools, free medical, etc, etc. And some do actually make their lives better, but most trash out the houses they are GIVEN, whine about how mistreated they are, waste their govt checks on booze and gambling and just about anything else you can think of to keep the money train moving their way.

        Just saying that’s how it is here and in many other areas where natives are concentrated. Yes, whites took over the US, but how many other countries have done the same and are still bending over backwards to repay the original inhabitants? Like my husband says – THEY have to want to get out of the poverty stricken neighborhoods and use the resources they are given to better themselves or their current lifestyle will just stay the same, just like many of the blacks.

        1. If someone is giving something away, expect a long line. Until the federal Reserve is dismantled and restructured, there will always be free money for those willing to lie and cheat to get it. They can’t give the money away fast enough.. Every dollar they waste is a quarter in their pockets.

        2. the” Natives” were drifters and settlers camping by fires. White people founded America. They attacked US for being there so we retaliated.
          Whites were the real native Americans. We whıtes were here thousands of years before asians came. Look up the kennewick man and soutreans
          Spirit cave mummies, Florida bog mummies, Maritime archaic (red paint people), all Caucasoid, and thousands of years pre-dating the Vikings
          Of course there’s also genetics, European and American Haplogroup X split around 30,000 years ago.. Haplogroup X is not found in east Asians

          1. Thanks for the info. I will look into it. I only wish you could convince the US govt and Indians that we whites weren’t the bad guys as we are still laying millions and many more years to come!

      1. This idea that minorities are harmless unless liberals corrupt them is completely false and extremely dangerous. Another variation of this is the claim that blacks were hardworking and well behaved until welfare came along in the 60′s.

        It’s an argument that serves the interests of open borders Wall Street Journal types. If you take it seriously, it would imply that flooding the country with Mexicans won’t be a problem as long as they are taught some kind of 1950′s school curriculum.

        It’s sad and frustrating that so many nationalists still cling to false, conservative ideas that do not serve white interests.

        Anyone that thinks this kind of behavior(ghetto) is new, needs to study history. We are only seeing this more and more because of the ubiquity of video cameras these days. This kind of behavior is the reason that segregation existed. It wasn’t because Whites were so evil and racist. It was to protect Whites from vicious attacks like this. Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!

        “In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ‘were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them’ and were ‘hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.’”

  4. This is apparently their explanation: The suspect ran down the stairs toward the beach (the part that’s covered by trees. There were cops at the bottom of the stairs that heard the bean bag rounds being fired by the cops on the right but couldn’t see what happened. So they shot him because they thought he had just been in a fire fight with those cops. 😀

  5. “At some point, the suspect exited his vehicle and deputies deployed a Stunbag in an attempt to detain the suspect

    The Stunbag failed to stop the suspect and he ran from deputies down exterior stairs toward the public beach

    Long Beach officers, who were located on the beach, east of the foot of the stairs with an obstructed view due to palm trees and shrubbery, heard gunshots from above and saw the suspect running toward the populated beach area

    Believing the suspect had just engaged deputies in a gunfight, was still armed, and remained an immediate threat to law enforcement and the public gathered on the beach, the officers shouted verbal commands multiple times, as the suspect continued down the stairs

    The suspect failed to surrender and after officers observed him reaching for his waist band, an officer involved shooting occurred”

    1. Damn nigger ran away because as a thief he was too much of a coward to accept the consequences of being caught. One more drug dependent welfare recipient off the streets trying to steal from others.

      1. materialism is a bitch! everyone trying to accumulate more stuff than others? even willing to die for the love of more stuff! and in the gun totin good ol U.S of A,….! they shoot you for stuff! sometimes stuff you didn’t do!!!! shoot first, ask questions later.

  6. never going to see those sci-fi non-lethals like a sick stick, stun ray or sticky stuff to stop a runner – for life is too abundant on this plane (by some people’s estimation).
    therefore a heavy hand is dealt anyone below the level of productivity and that is not held exclusive for criminals, either

  7. Simple answer is take away police officers guns and issue them with nothing but tazers as a weapon, they are effective over a range that would cover the distance between the officer and the target judging by how close these officers usually are in these instances. Would spoil the cops fun though as they would not be able to go live target shooting for the kill. The police should remember that people with guns in America outnumber the police by a long way, if they continue like this then sooner or later people will get pissed off with their behaviour and want payback, and payback as we all know can be a bitch!

    1. couldnt agree more, this is why they are trying to disarm america. The U.S is broke as are most countries, all living in debt, it cant go on forever? the Fed reserve cant keep printing money with nothing to back it. As the rich poor divide increases so will the anger and people will snap. listen to the speech from the film The great dictator, written before the start of WW2.

  8. Cops should not be allowed to be a witness for one another. These assclowns do whatever they please and as long as their “brothers” vouch for their version of the story, they win and we lose.
    The “thin blue line” is often used as a term of honor, but it truly and overwhelmingly a term of corruption.

  9. OK, so this operation was undoubtedly a fuck up but….. how much danger would this guy have been in if he hadn’t been shoplifting, wasn’t carrying offensive weapons, didn’t threaten anyone and didn’t run away? Also, from my somewhat extensive knowledge in this area, the fact that non lethal projectiles had “no effect” suggests the guy was high on something. Still doesn’t excuse being shot in the back but it is necessary to take into consideration all of the factors before trying to use this as another example of a police state.

    1. I agree @Prime, however the cops do this to whites also and there are a lot of shootings and/or beatings of innocent people here in the US. Look up Kelly Thomas case in California for a prime example. They assumed he was the person someone reported as stealing items from cars in the area and ended up getting beaten and tazed to death, even tho he had no weapon. Luckily it was recorded, but the outcome? No one found responsible for his murder. Check out the before and after pics of him. Disgusting to say the least!

        1. I respectfully disagree, @Bolshevictm. My point in the comparison was that the cops were using excessive force and the suspects were killed by unruly cops, then the cops weren’t held accountable for killings and even tried to cover it up.

  10. Funny, I was just in my psych class (science major) and we have some cop wannabees in there who were telling me to come up with some better examples of police brutality than the ones I can find on youtube. And yes they have shitty haircuts.

  11. don’t these fuckers have any ideals to uphold for themselves? what the fuck happens in the time between going from civilian to police officer? these men and women clearly join with the desire to do good, right? so why do they forget and turn? absolute power corrupts absolutely. smh

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  13. I realize being a police officer is a difficult job, but this is inexcusable. Doing a difficult job doesn’t give you the right to murder someone, which is what happened here. The cop that pulled the trigger shouldn’t just lose his job, he should do a little time for murder 2….or manslaughter at the least.

  14. I still think more cops need to be killed. I know it sounds bad but there has to be a balance and people need to realize cops are nothing special with out the badge. Just flesh and bone like us. A few hundred spread through out the states should be enough to get a movement going. I know there are down people out there who have nothing to loose! Go on do it! Do it!

  15. They can trespass, break in to homes, kidnap people, all because they wear a silly little metal badge, and swear a oath that means nothing that some one made up, and suck our taxpaying money out, and get away with it?

    >Sounds about right.

  16. Ate stop turning BG into fucking YNC with your bullshit titles. First off you seemed to have forgotten to post the OTHER video of this guy at a diferent angle where he was holding a machete, runs down the flight of stairs towards the beach (Where other officers were) tazer rounds from a shottie were fired to no affect as well as beanbag rounds with the same result, the man got to the base of the stairs before the officers down there fired upon him with their weapons. Learn properly post videos on Mikes site because this shit you’re making up about videos is ridiculous.

  17. I pray for the murder of any and all police officers. I hope all their families get raped and murdered slowly in their homes. I want to hear the gurgling death cry of all the fucking fascist pigs. Fuck all of them. I salute any individual who murders any police officer, for any reason

    death to all pigs

    i want to see their kids cut up and raped

    1. Why don’t you go and do it yourself you ignorant fucking coward? You ain’t got the fucking ballz! You suck at life! You whine about Fascists and likely are a fucking Socialist/Communist fucking cunt!

      Go swallow broken glass fucknuts!

  18. Well, just because the video didn’t show him attack officers doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. As usual, the video always seems to start once the situation is out of control, typically because the scumbag escalated it.

    So he led police on a high speed chase putting others at risk,m repeatedly refused commands and ends up dead. I say, so the fuck what?

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