Lonmin Shooting Video – 30+ Miners Killed by Police in South Africa

Lonmin Shooting Video - 30+ Miners Killed by Police in South Africa

According to the latest report, a police shooting of striking miners which took place on Thursday August 16, 2012 at the Lonmin’s Marikana Platinum Mine near Rustenburg, northwest of Johannesburg in South Africa left 34 miners dead and 78 wounded. The cops claimed that they were shooting in self defense however video evidence suggests the protesters were not attacking them. The miners were unarmed and were running from clouds of tear gas the cops had fired earlier.

Reuters photographers however published photos which showed the miners armed with clubs, machetes and spears. Still – no match to automatic weapons and armored vehicles used by the police to counter the miners.

Previous to the Thursday’s shooting, at least 10 other people, including two police officers had been killed during the weeklong strike. The two cops were reported battered to death having been overwhelmed by striking miners. Two mine security guards were burned to death after strikers set their vehicle on fire. The miners went on strike demanding salary raises.

According to Best Gore member pietbrandy who hooked me up with the video:

If you want more background, look up “protest violence South Africa” – you’ll get a shitload of stuff about how these moron trade unions and ANC puppets burn down and destroy everything when they don’t get stuff their way immediately.

Sad thing is, they do this, but next week still vote for same sick ANC government who don’t help them and who fucks them up, just because they live with racial hatred and can’t let go of the past.

Video of the shooting of unarmed miners is below:

And a gallery of a few photos showing the aftermath of the Lonmin Shooting. All photos are Copyright the Associated Press:

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72 thoughts on “Lonmin Shooting Video – 30+ Miners Killed by Police in South Africa”

    1. They had it coming! They had already hurt and killed people and cops before this happen so In my opinion they had it coming. I know they abuse the workers in the shit hole places so they do have a reason to be upset. Either way less scum on the earth all the way around

  1. Who are in charge to elect their leaders? their own people, thats why they deserved this kind of things, for fuck sake here is the same shit the stupid majority elect the worst fuck to being a president just because he have a good smile or because he have charisma (for a leader have charisma is important but if hes a fucking tyrant who dont give a shit about his people then fuck him), or the worst of all elect someone who dont know shit and even tough they elect him just because he promise a dinner in theyre neighborhoods or towns, or give shirts. Stupid ignorants fucks.

        1. Fail to see your argument? Most of the cops are black, in fact the police commisoner who ordered an end to the strike is a black woman. These are just two mainly black unions fighting each other over members and the police caught inbetween.

  2. “Knives and spears are no match for automatic weapons” what do you expect the cops do, just stand there and get stabbed and sliced up? I would have shot the fuck out of them moonbats and loved every minute of it, especially since they killed a couple of the cops before that.

    1. Knives and spears weren’t the only weapons there, the strikers were armed with pistols, a few AK’s and an R5 (assault rifle stolen from one of the cops murdered earlier the week). But yeah, if three thousand tribesman come after you with sticks, I’ll still shoot to kill, cause they’re not there to give you a massage..

  3. Looked like an angry herd running towards them, negotiations were most likely useless at this point. If the police felt like their lives were in danger then I don’t see the problem with using force against savages who won’t listen to reason.

    1. Winston Churchill had miners executed during the war anyway.

      If he knew anything about Fascism he would have realised it is a tool for National Unity and Class Collaboration. It transcends ‘Politics’ as it is a National expressionist movement, the embodiment of a Nation’s will.

      Fuck the fat bastard.

      Fuck all the fat bastards that leech off the people.

      1. The ESRA (English section reptoid alliance) Is working on a blueprint that will combine churchill & thatcher into a Frankenstein of total chaos.
        They call it The Cuntcher5000.
        The prototype of this right wing voltron was released in 2010, it was 10 ft tall & it caused the BP oil spill, Afterwards it shapeshifted into a giant rock and sank to the bottom of the gulf.

          1. I know what she did Heinz.

            I live with the consequences when I go to the local co-op to top up the Gas or Leccy.

            Or when the Water bill gets posted through the door.

            Or when the local council can’t repair the subsidence damage at my house because the services have been Privatised/ Outsourced.

            Or when I fancy going to London on the Train and end up paying an arm and a fucking leg.

            No need to explain it to ME.

  4. sad to see people not get what they work for. in the fv world the wealthy do not give. they exploit to become even wealthier. it is a class struggle. haves and have nots. why should so few have so much while the many have so little. greedy fv.

    1. Just quick info: These guys get paid R4000 a month minimum (about 800$) and get all sorts of production and shift bonuses on top of that, which adds up to about R14000 a month (1750$). They demand a basic of R12000 and their usual bonusses. This will make their monthly pay about R20 000 a month (2500$) which is more than engineers, accountants and doctors get paid in South Africa. These guys are illiterate and stay in the slums (cause the save money to send back to Zimbabwe etc) but they are not poor in African terms, they are fucking rich. This whole thing has other motives and pay is just a convenient excuse..

  5. with all these guns that everyone has , people are bound to kill themselves, even if theres no good reasons. make it less easy to kill someone, take away the guns, and watch them act more civilized

  6. Soo if police do this, its somewhat justified. But when James Holmes does this, or any other crazy madman for that matter does it, they want to ban guns? Stupid world. These guys are as bad as James Holmes right now. (And im aware of the fact this is in south africa, soo dont quote me on that.)

  7. I thinks it is overkilled those police must pay their brutally! I don’t understand why they used their fire arm? knowing those miners armed only by machete and clubs, hello those african triggers happy police you can neutralize those protester using water canon or tear gas alone or for worst scenario pellet guns ok

      1. They tried teargas and water cannons and rubber bullets etc. It didn’t work. And these morons thought they were untouchable because a Sangoma (which doctor) gave them some Muti (traditional medecine, usually minced organs and babies and shit). That’s why they charged, they thought and I quote “the bullets will turn to water”. Come and live here, it’s fucking awesome (not)

  8. I appreciate the fact that they are desperate and I share compassion with them due to me not earning a great deal of money as well, BUT, if I see even just one man holding an assault rifle the very last thing I would do is run straight at them, fucking noobs.

  9. The police lost two of their guys when the miners went full ape out on them.
    Were the miners armed? YES, obviously they were, not with guns, but with rocks, bottles, sticks 2×4’s etc. Can those items kill you? YES. It looked to me that if they were to get any closer, there was definitely going to be another full ape out attack again. Deadly use authorized, no problem here.

  10. This is what happens when the savage “negotiate’s” for better pay. I can guarantee you half of the dipshit’s there don’t even work at the mine and are just there for the fun of destroying the white man’s property and throwing stuff at the police. South Africa is a sinking ship that i wish i could get off of.

    Interesting point of view Affirmative Action: “South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.”
    Finally, a word recently coined to describe South Africa’s current political situation.

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy)
    – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  12. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t anyone at least try to shoot the ground in front of the oncoming miners? regardless of how incensed i am about a problem, I don’t think i’d wanna run straight into a automatic bullet meat grinder. It seems the only use of a gun is to just point and shoot straight at the victim. No aiming for legs, or anywhere else less vital. Christ.

      1. What? Apartheid ended and a new reversed apartheid just started. Except that your liberal media, and the sheeple masses of the western world think the sun shines out of these ANC motherfuckers’ assholes. The world loves liberation fighters, I just call them terrorists.

    1. Look at the dude just in fron of the cam. His eyes are closed while he almost shoots one of his fellow officers. This is what South Africa has come to… A bunch of incompetent morons, trying to outwit, outrob and outrape each other..

  13. that was cool pretty fucked up but pretty awesome how the guards formed a defense line all those miners pretty much ran into a firing squad and died for nothing now there family’s are fucked

  14. South africas police so fucked up useless killing innocents they are good at. I know im a South Africa citizen and got locked up twice for a little bit of weed. 5 police officers will camp daily at the dealers house waiting for that unlukcy guy to walk out with that little bit of weed while the rapest and killers stand next to them laughing at us.

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