Luka Magnotta – Perpetrator Behind 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick?

Luka Magnotta - Perpetrator Behind 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick?

Great thing about the internet is that when the community comes together, the impossible becomes possible. Yesterday I posted an upsetting video titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video in which a person appears to murder a drugged up male and perform heinous acts including cannibalism and necrophilia on him, and today my mailbox was full of leads all pointing at a possibility that the perpetrator of this horrible crime could be one Luka Magnotta.

Several Best Gore members, including Wing93 and tonces provided me with photos of the alleged perpetrator (one of which is shared above), however at this point there is no proof that Luka Magnotta is the murderer (or that 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video is real at all) hence none of the allegations presented in this post may be taken as anything other than speculations.

So I must ask the rest of the community:

What do you guys think? Assuming that 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video is not a fugazi, do you think said Luka Magnotta could be the necrophilia slash cannibal from the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video? Or is he just someone looking for internet fame and riding the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick tail seemed like an opportunity for otherwise unaccomplished individual to gain his 5 minutes of spotlight? I don’t suppose coming across a Casablanca poster would be all that difficult. But this is not where the story of Luka Magnotta end.

Best Gore members Matriix and Wing93 provided links with information which claims that Luka Magnotta had ties with two convicted serial killers – Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. According to, Luka Magnotta married Karla Homolka with whom he lived in the Caribbean but that article is believed to have been written by Luka Magnotta in a desperate attempt to associate his name with a famous killer. This information alone makes me doubt he’s the perp in the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video, because the guy clearly longs attention and seeks to get it through fake associations.

In his blog, Luka Magnotta expressed interest in cannibalism and necrophilia. This once again looks like another far cry for attention to me. Anyone could start a two page blogspot site in which they’d make themselves look like a psychotic killer waiting for their next victim, so they can grin from the comfort of their living room as whole internet falls for the trap and gets caught up in a chase of a demon that doesn’t exist.

Anyway – it would seem that his real name is Eric Clinton Newman, but he also uses several aliases, including Kirk Newman and Vladimir Romanov. If information on the internet is correct, then Luka Magnotta is a failed male model, turned gay prostitute, turned kitten killer. And if he’s proven to be the perpetrator from the Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video, then he’s now also a murderer, a cannibal and a necrophiliac.

What’s most unnerving is that he’s originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. According to a Facebook page created to bring justice upon Luka Magnotta for several murders of kittens, he’s currently on a run and his whereabouts are unknown. He’s speculated to have fled either to Russia or the USA (remember that one of the speculation about the location of the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was that it took place in San Francisco?)

Below is a German New Report on Luka Magnotta’s murders of kittens:

Luka Magnotta’s internet fame as a cat killer started in December of 2010 after a video of an, at the time unknown man putting two kittens into an airtight bag and attaching it to a vacuum cleaner surfaced. The man turned the vacuum cleaner on, sucking the air out of the bag, suffocating the kittens inside.

Follow up pictures showing a male simulating sex with dead kittens were posted a few weeks later. An analysis of pictures’ EXIF data helped to identify the serial number of a Panasonic camera with which the photos were taken. Through further digging, the owner of the camera was traced down and his name revealed – Luka Rocco Magnotta, born as Eric Clinton Newman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Once the name was known, man’s past as a gay escort came to light. He was wanting to become a model but it wasn’t working out for him so the closest he got to acting was by staring in gay porn movies.

Things got quiet around Luka Magnotta for a while, but waters were stirred again in November 2011 after a video of a pet kitten fed to a Burmese Python was posted on the internet. Few days later, another video in which a cat taped to a broom handle is drowned in a bath tab was posted and the internet hunt for all things Luka Magnotta was reignited again.

Information that’s already out there does seem to suggest that Luka Magnotta could easily be the type of guy who may perpetrate a crime like that seen in the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video. Is the internet overreacting or do we have a psychotic killer living in our neighborhood?

I would like to thank the many people who contributed to the information shared in this post. You know who you are and you can be proud of yourself for doing your part in casting light on mystery behind the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video.

Is Luka Magnotta the cat killer and the perpetrator from the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video the same person?

1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Perpetrator

Here’s a video by some Facebook group that collected photo evidence which links the kitter killer to Luka Magnotta. Props to delphos for the video:

description=”Luka Magnotta Evidence as Kitten Killer”

Best Gore member tonces provided this great side by side comparison photo of Luka Magnotta the cat killer with the cannibal/necrophilliac from the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video:

Luka Magnotta the Cat Killer Versus the One Lunatic One Ice Pick Cannibal

Sorry guys, shit hit the fan, Best Gore is being referred to by all Canadian media and as a result, the site is being bombarded by loads of traffic. I have to temporarily disable commenting on this post. It is possible you will experience slow response times and/or downtime. Commenting should be open on the human foot post. Bear with me please,


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190 thoughts on “Luka Magnotta – Perpetrator Behind 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick?”

  1. That’s awesome that you just posted this – I just now realized this and was about to send a message about it. I also found a link to a ‘model’ video of his, and it uses the same song in the video at this link.

        1. Creepy??? He just looks like a fag who can’t accept it so he’ll kill little animals and move on to other things (people) How I would love to be in a room alone with him.

          1. @PaleRider, most but not all serial killers started off killing animals,
            1. Dennis Nilsen – had a pet dog when apprehended.
            2. Myra Hindley & Ian Brady – had a dog as well.

          2. Even serial killers can own pets rodent mean they won’t have a problem killing someone elses, FBI profilers say that this is how most serial killers start off, that doesn’t mean that all of them start out that way but a the majority are known to start out this way, just like a majority of them are abused sexually, physically and emotionally.

          3. And a lot of them come from strict religious upbringings, with dominant mothers, where sex is ‘taboo’ etc. I’ve read all about ‘profiling’ that’s why I said ‘most but NOT all’, many of them are bed wetters and start fires too.

        1. That’s why I believe someone else did this. It’s fucking impossible to believe you go to all that trouble to not be seen in a video, and then use the same song you used on a video you posted with you. Though another think may seem possible. The videos from that website might be putt there by someone else, a fan. Maybe the same one that did this. Gay stars usually don’t do stupid shit, because the very definition of a criminal may contradict the fact that he may sustain a job in the spotlight. The killer is most likely to have a obscure job, where he has little contact with other people.

          Further more, I took a better look at the hands the killers has in that video. And btw, that’s a real human there.
          His hands doesn’t seem to be his. I know a thing or two about hands, and a gay dude will not have those ugly hands.

          So my guess is this:

          When he was a porn star, he started to recieve threats and shit. This “fan” then posted some vids with him all over the internet to get his attention. May now Luka went to the police. The soon to be killer is pissed off, and stars killing kittens, because future serial killers hate kittens but love dogs (to answer the fact that some serial killers have dogs!).

          Now Luka is scared and ask police for protection. This video surfaced and police took Luka and put him into custody. And now they are trying to find the one responsible for this crimes.

          It’s seems more plausible anywayz. It’s hard to imagine a gay porn star turning that bad. Usually they are all about light, and fancy stuff.

          The killer copied him to perfection, because he’s fucking disturbed!

          And the room doesn’t seem the same, from the photo/video.

          Sorry for my bad english, but yeah… that’s how I see it!

          1. no way hem def did this. if you look at the encyclodeia dramita page on him. this dude wants to be famous. he wants to be caught. either that or he thinks he can get away with it and thinks he is to smart to be caught. def the same guy. no need for conspiracy theories here.

      1. I got a Facebook page with loads of recent pictures. There’s too many Facebook accounts with his babe and they all being to him and from what I’ve discovered is that this guy is either too fascinated or has connections or maybe even might be part of the Russian mafia. He travels alot and the most recent place I found him to be is in Oceanside, CA in the year of 2011. But he has pictures of him from places like New York and Miami. He has pictures in expensive cars and also really gay pics of him and other dudes. He also claimed he studied I’m the medicine and dentistry university of New Jersey. That’s all I found. The link below is of the Facebook account with the most photos posted.!/profile.php?id=100000586528614&__user=100003267432594

  2. Using all the knowledge and experience from my 7+ year experience in a criminal instruction court, the only conclusion I can draw from the existing evidence is that Luka Magnotta is the GAYEST MAN I’ve ever seen in my fuckin LIFE

    1. Yeah…everyone knows your suppose to put them inside microwaves not in plastic bags or snakes…Jk I love kittens and everyone knows they aren’t microwaveable

    2. Killing a human = life in prison

      killing little animals = getting staked out in a field naked over a giant fire ant mound, force fed Ectasy pills and having honey poured all over his body while guarded by a man with a syringe full of adrenalin to make sure he doesn’t pass out and give him CPR every time his heart stops until he finally can no longer be revived.
      Just in case you noticed I hate people who torture animals for fun.

    3. Oh? So he tortures kittens? He just murdered a human being and ate him and cut him and fucked him, and all you care about is kittens? FOR FUCKING REAL? If people actually cared about people dying maybe kittens wouldnt die

      1. I’m sorry but I had to make an account just to reply to your idiocy. Kittens CANNOT defend themselves. Humans CAN defend themselves. You now look like a complete asshole. You’re on a gore site. You obviously do not care about human lives. And for “If people actually cared about people dying maybe kittens wouldnt die” that does not make one lick of sense at all. I’m sorry but I had to point out how much of a idiot you sound like. Now I am prepared for a stupid come back. Good day 🙂

  3. What a faggot-looking fuck. To get snuffed out by “him” would be extremely embarrassing. Even da Silvas would laugh at your fate with this character.

  4. Wow, a best gore video I WILL NOT watch….I have no intrest in some FAGGOT FLESHY VIRUS killing kittens.
    My ‘happy mode’ in My brain only works at the visual and audiable demise of Fleshy Virus.

    I don’t need to endure watching something as awesome and something that makes me feel genuinely happy like kittens do, being (god this sounds so fucking gay)…..murdered.
    I will watch ANOTHER 1000 DIE and be very very happy BECAUSE the F.V. does shit like that.

    1. SAME…if I was driving, and a kitten/puppy and a human baby wandered in front of me, I know for a fact that I would swerve to avoid hitting the kitten/puppy.
      I don’t feel all that great about it, but, hey, what’re you going to do…
      (and I’m using the term “murder(ed)” as well)

    2. Agreed.

      I had just typed a comment up to Buffsmom as to the effect that watching ANY video of animal cruelty does to me.

      A video which simply broke my heart is on liveleak, it’s the one where an American soldier shoots an Iraqi man’s dog in cold blood… You know, just for the shits and giggles.

      It… Made me quite emotional; as it showed the owner’s total grief and anguish at witnessing his dog writhing in pain… Just for some sicko to have a laugh.

  5. Just the fact that he kills widdo cute kittens is enough for me to call chapo and tell him about this. The video does seem pretty real and all signs point to him being capable of doing such things, so fuck him, let our kitty cat loving aryan brothers behind bars take care of him, or send him to Mexico. I’m sure chapo or zetas don’t appreciate animal cruelty.

  6. I love my kitty. AND I’m a convicted, violent felon. This a-whole didn’t have th’ common courtesy to film th’ murder or give th’ poor geezer a proper reach-around. So Gay.

  7. Well, the evidence looks good so far BUT only a court of law can make the final determination. Personally, if I had access to the suspect right now, I’d put down that fleshy virus like a rabid dog. I hate humans, and I have nothing to lose.

  8. Whether or not that fag is the killer in the video is of no importance to me. But if it is true that he harms animals, that burns my ass. I did not, will not, watch the video if he is in fact killing kittens. He’s a sick fuck and a piece of shit. I hope he gets his ass kicked by a big heterosexual male and left to die a long, painful death. Fuck you, Luka (or whatever your name is).

    1. I’m the same to be frank.

      I can watch Humans murder eachother in the most disgusting ways imaginable… And still eat my shredded wheat, kiss my family goodnight and go about my life as a loud, opinionated, little gobshite.

      Yet anything with animal cruelty in it simply makes me quite sick.

      I’m a bit of an animal lover (not in THAT way…).

  9. Weak minded creepy satanic poo pushing gay boy, to kill defensless animals shows what a creep he is. If this is the same person I hope they catch him as something tells me he will kill again..He has no soul.

  10. I didn’t think it was HIS puppy in the ‘icepick’ video! Just the way he handled it (by the scruff) made me think it wasn’t his dog. I KNOW it won’t hurt them much, but not many puppy owners pick them up like that? I wonder if he killed the puppy too? I bet he didn’t cos the little guy was sort of his partner in crime!

    1. if he likes to abuse cats i dont think he would care how he picks up dog his or not he’s a lunatic he don’t care for human or animal life.

      1. I couldn’t watch the video before I commented! I’ve watched it now, I also ‘googled’ his images, there are heaps of pics of him with animals, anyone not knowing would think he’s an animal lover. The pic of the puppy with a dress on, it has terrible fear in its eyes.

        1. all the pics of him with the animals made all more clear to me that he likes to torture them. similar to a child molester how they seem so loving to children when people are around but left alone with a Child and they will do Hahn

  11. haha well there goes my theory about if it was a guy or woman who killed the guy in the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video

    the guy in the first picture looks gayer then a $2 dollar hooker selling her ass for 5c ruby red lips with slicked back black hair.

    1. Too easy and quick. Slow dismemberment for this fellow! Take him apart piece by piece and keep him alive by stopping blood loss and administering fluids and shit. Hey wasn’t there a movie like that? I think it had Russell Crowe?

  12. I seriousy can’t believe you have all missed one vital thing. ?….?…..????? The SAME FUCKING POSTER in the photo above and in the ice pick video!

  13. Mark, again this is another fantastic example of why you can NOT abandon BestGoredotcom…. dont tell me your not proud of yourself for assisting with this situation, dont tell me that working with the community you created isnt rewarding, dont tell me you wouldnt miss THIS…look around…..
    Yes the world of man is a shitty world im sure many of us would want to run and hide, but you created a place for us to come and hide in comfort. I dont post everyday, but i visit every single goddamn day and many times more than 20 times a day i visit the site in hopes of new material or to read comments.
    So, i hope i speak for all the BestGore fans and sickos, I love what you do for us and hope only good things for you.

  14. Am i a weird person? i could watch the video of him killing that tied up person. (supposidly) but i cannot watch the video of him killing kittens. the same thing with that dusty video. i cant watch animal cruelty. but human cruelty im ok with… maybe its because im a nurse and im kinda cruel to begin with? or that ive become jaded with humans and that most of them deserve what they get? im totally not a dominant sadistic massochistic person. im quite the opposite. well thats my rambling. oh and if luka is responsible, he should have both achilles tendons severed, followed by the hamstrings being severed. a few days later, his finger nails and toe nails removed. a few days later put him in a bag and suck out the air. then give him air. then take it back and so forth!!!

    1. You forgot ripping his teeth out one by one, dipping his fingers and other appendages in acid, slicing those appendages off, using a hot fork to swirl up his eyes into liquidated goodness, cutting out his tongue,cutting pieces of flesh off and feeding them to cats, dogs etc, it think iv’e said enough 😀 By the way i think the reason why you can watch people die but not animals is that you have watched so many people die, seen all the disgusting things people can do, that you have become desensitized by it all, but when you watch the animals, you realise that they cannot defend themselves and are innocent so that sparks something inside you.

  15. Pretty weak evidence…
    But good enough for me. I say he’s guilty!
    Looks like we have our first volunteer for the Live Human vs Animal Shredder video.

    1. Great idea!! We already have the perfect tiger to meet him in the Coliseum. Caligula should be the first invite followed Nero, Genghis Khan and Henry the 8th. For the second act will be Hitler and Rasputin.

  16. I guess everyone on this site is here for different reasons then.
    Because a lot of the comments so far dislike kitten killing and only want to see the fall of the fleshy virus. Personally i enjoy experimenting with pain and watching/inflicting suffering of others regardless of species or race.
    Although i do enjoy viewing the gore filled fall of the fleshy virus, its fascinating to see the variation of ways that we’re going to end up in sooner or later. BestGore: Best site ever.

    1. it is interesting how we justify one thing over another when the act is the same. i guess most of us like animals better because they are NOT human; they remind us of the purity of life and innocence. Is this a fair portrayal? i dont know, but at least your comment made me think.

    2. Same for me but i dislike animal torture simply because the reaction is not good enough for me, (yes i know call me a sicko etc, look at my name, there’s your reason) but i wouldn’t harm an animal intentionally unless its self defence.

      1. Animal cruelty is for Pussy ass fagots that don’t have enough balls to take out their anger on a fleshy virus cause they’re to scared of what might happen so they hurt little helpless animals cause they can’t defend themselves or cry for help, people who indulge in animal cruelty are the lowest of the low and the biggest PUSSY FAGGOTS that walk amongst us, they are the drool that accumulates on the corner of a retards mouth, JRGW you fall in the “dried up snot from a retards nose” category you fuckin sorry excuse for a Pussy, you claim to be in to pain and suffering.g but if it were ever inflicted on to you, you would cry like a little bitch the only way you can feel power is by acting like a sadistic faggot, you know that you aren’t even a real sadist cause you don’t have enough balls to inflict let alone recive pain and that makes you nothing more than the biggest Pussy ever.

  17. I watched this vid lastnight with my boyfriend and we both went “WTF??” As soon as we saw the hoodie.. Either someone is fucking with this kid HARD or he’s as dumb as he looks. I know he killed the cats but it was because of all the internet shit surrounding it that he never got arrested for it. Too many photoshop opportunities =/ 4Chan was who originally busted him and it spread like fire.

    1. A snuff film is made or released for commercial reasons, whereas the taping of a murder is just that. I guess you can think of it as the difference between a Hollywood blockbuster and a home video of your holiday.

  18. Hes at least guilty by association…..If he wants to be recognized as a cannibal ,necrophiliac kitten killer ect than he should be generously accommodated with the treatment that he deserves.

    1. prison time is too easy, plus an incredible waste of resources. did you know the average US incarcerated inmate costs well over 50k per year to house, feed and keep alive…goddamn fuckers cost is more than i make in a year….
      NO, prison is too easy, think of something more painful then i may agree…

        1. Dunno about mob street justice but i wouldn’t complain about a bit of cartel justice to the ball licking faggot .

      1. When we in the British Isles had balls (and the death penalty). The MAXIMUM stay on death row was limited to 8 weeks.

        The american system is just fuc#ing stupid… Isn’t the average stay on death row something like 18 years in the states?

        1. Yep.
          Death penalty is also too easy, Send him to Guantanamo and torture him for a couple weeks, he deserves it anyway.

  19. i say we tie him up and lay him on his stomach and then slowly run over him with a steamroller feet first slowly moving towards his head. he will fucking pop like a tube of toothpaste being run over by a car. on a side note, always wanted to see a vid of someone killed by steamroller haha

  20. I really hate people who mess with my fellow animals, I’d had nothing against this faggot for killing people, but it seems that he has no way of justifying the killings, he’s just a sick faggot, no respect for those kind of killers must be shown.

  21. If you look at the part where he is cutting a piece of dude’s ass you will see that the perp is wearing the same ring on the middle finger (right hand) that this luka magnotta wearing in some of his pics.

  22. He’s apparently made 2 more videos, one of him giving oral to his dead aunt (who he killed by forcing pills down her throat) and one of him with a homeless guy (killing and other sex stuff).

    I hope he doesn’t get caught, I want to see more videos like this. He has real potential to become a successful serial killer and I hope he can film and upload them. But I really hope he doesn’t harm animals again, I can’t handle that shit.

  23. hello, first I want to say I have been lurking around in the background for some time without commenting, but decided to since I think this IS the same guy.

    If you look at 1:55 in this video, the pic of him is the same person as in the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice pick..SAme nose, same chin, same hair, hair falls the same way, and same lips…everything about the guy in the news report, is the same with the guy in the ice pick video, IMO. Now, I am not so sure the ice pick video is real, and the only reason I say that is because the way he slices the skin, there is NO blood dripping out..Sure, there is blood on the bed, but i dunno, just doesn’t look real. Or, it could be me refusing to accept there are really sick fucks in this world likethat.. One or the other, who knows?

    1. he very well could of killed the person and drained the blood somehow before stabbing him with the ice pick. he looks dead already when he starts with the stabby.

      1. True…part of me thinks it is real, then part of me says no way..I could be right though…but, why wouldn’t he film that too?

        1. In the icepick video it shows the victims throat has been slashed, so all the blood drained out, thats why there is not blood when makes the cuts, there’s still holes in the video though. Also welcome to best gore, i hope you have a great time here 😀

          1. Thank you 😉

            And, I didn’t notice that at first…then, after watching again, i did…but, when did he slice his throat? I got confused because when the video 1st started, the guy was alive, then BAM, he’s in between there, he cut his throat, but I wonder why he didn’t film that

          2. Also, because he’s dead his heart has stopped beating, meaning the blood (whatever’s left in him) won’t go near the skin, so he isn’t going to bleed.

    2. Thanks for the head up about 1:55! I really didn’t want to watch the kitten vid and I have to agree with you that there seems little doubt based on physical characteristics that the perpetrator in 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick is one and the same: Luka Magnotta.

      Now as to whether this “snuff video” is genuine or a fugazi, when I first watched it I believed what I was seeing to be 100% real. However, having watched it twice now there are some curious inconsistencies with what you would normally expect from this kind of scene. Firstly, when he knelt across his victims chest and presumably slashed his throat, where is the blood splatter on either the body or wall from his gushing neck wound? Also the victims severed limbs appear to be rigid suggesting rigor mortis had already set in, which would not be the case if this video was made in the same chronological timeframe as the video suggests.

      My final point isn’t so much to do with the video, but having done some research on Luka Magnotta the overriding impression I get of him is of a man who is highly narcissistic, manipulative and suffering from considerable delusions. I don’t know if anybody else has bothered to read what he is purported to have written on his blog pages, but the guy in obviously highly intelligent in the arguments he makes, although there are considerable contradictions.

      I suspect he is suffering from a severe personality disorder with delusions that he is a psychopath and above all else he craves attention even if that attention is derision and notoriety!

      I also have no doubt that he will be fully aware of sites like this, so I wonder if everybody realises that he is most likely getting off on what we write about him?!

      Sorry to go on, but, finally, for this to be a real crime surely it needs to be under active investigation by the authorities with all the ensuing publicity to apprehend Luka and identify his victim? Does anybody know if the police or FBI consider this genuine?

      1. Okay, watch it now for the third time and I’m totally convinced this is a real video and that Luka Magnotta is the killer!

        Please disregard much of what I wrote above.

        Well done to member of this site for identifying the perpetrator, bout time law enforcement caught up methinks!

  24. Never know you could get a camera’s serial number from EXIF data. Can’t they do that with video’s as well?

    The pose on the bed versus the still shot off the video are very similar. Bed is in the same position in both shots, so it seems very likely.

  25. What the fuck is wrong with people these dayz? Seriously WTF? If they capture this motherfucker, they should starve a few lions, cover this guy in meat and put it in a cage with the lions, if i ever catch him, Allah knows what I’m gonna do

  26. if it is the same guy its some jump between killing kittens and what he did in the ice pick video….he gets great pleasure out of recording himself….so im guessing there is a LOT more videos around of him somewhere……you dont just go to that extreme overnight…………

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