Machete Attack Leaves a Man with Shredded Head and Strange Smirk

Machete Attack Leaves a Man with Shredded Head and Strange Smirk

The hell… This man went through truly brutal, skull slicing machete attack that left his head literally shredded, yet he has this strange smile on his face like he’s dreaming a wet dream. The attacker must have sharpened his blade prior to the attack to deliver a hack-up this brutal. That one blow to the antecubital fossa (inside fold of the elbow) would result in rapid bleed out anyway, but after what machete did to his head, I don’t think that was of any concern.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Machete Attack Leaves a Man with Shredded Head and Strange Smirk”

    1. imagine the screaming? I truly don’t know if I could watch it and come out unscathed! I always have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach after watching live beheadings, or folks set on fire. Hang on, what the fuck am I talking about, of COURSE I’d watch it!

      1. I used to barely be able to handle fake, beheading now I get pissed if in a movie the arterial spray isn’t pumping. As gorey as I used to get was probably predator and Alien, total wimp, now if someone bitched about a paper cut all I can think about is what it would look like if the finger got detached from a piece of paper…

        1. No fucking shit!
          Funny to look back, years ago, at what we were like and what was “too intense”
          and looking around today, when we see people now, squimish like we were then, it’s hard to not be annoyed.

          It’s a weird feeling of supiriority that we have over others who are bitches.

      2. Sometimes, like with the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, there is a sense of FORCINg the video upon myself.
        In most instances, the brutatlity level is fairly acceptable.

        In some cases, it’s level is so high that it turns more-so into a challange to endure the intensity of watching it through it’s entirity.

        Slow, agonizing death at the hands of somebody else inflicting it.

        A well rounded education in what being human can truely be is why we come here, and we do not leave here.

        I feel ya.

    1. I hope if I get brutally killed they post mine, finally live out my glory days and get famous. Actually I almost got hit by a car the other day and my first thought was, *Please post this on best gore* What have I become o.O

  1. Normally, and I would say 85%ish, open round mouth equals quick death. Forget the exact term, but its due to a rapid breathing pattern. Creepy smiley/frowny face is normally caused by a slow death. So as brutal as it seems, this guy most likely took a few minutes to die. Reason being…quick rapid breathing, oxygen deprived death freezes the mouth open. The slower head turning distorted mucus/blood draining death makes stroke-y faces.

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