Machete Fight in Dominican Republic Ends with Man Fatally Shot

Machete Fight in Dominican Republic Ends with Man Fatally Shot

In Capotillo, a sector in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, a brawl involving machetes ends with a late comer to the fight getting fatally shot with a firearm.

The video shows two men attacking each other with machetes, when a woman and a few other men attempt to break them up. The struggle goes on for a while, when another man with a machete runs toward the brawling group, but gets shot dead by the guy in red t-shirt, who’s brandished his gun from the start.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Machete Fight in Dominican Republic Ends with Man Fatally Shot”

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      1. No one will be pulling machetes, knifes, or bats anymore if everyone is allowed to own a gun you…. I can’t even come up with an insult that defines how idiotic the beginning of your statement is. So continue to support loosening the control of guns, you go and own the biggest gun you can get your hands on and continue to live in your 20th century fantasy that continues to make you believe that some how, some way, the structural integrity of our County’s defenses will crumble so low in your lifetime, that you will finally get the glorified privilege of playing home-land marine in a modern-day apocalypse while proudly exercising your 2nd amendment rights to shoot and kill every living thing that you feel is even slightly threatening. On a second point, I do agree with you that this fucking election is a circus on steroids and the people are being forced to suffer through it because our government have let the press orchestrate it, thus allowing this shit show to continue to go uncriticized, but only glorified for how fucking bad it really is. The press are the only ones who will really benefit from this election, because even if the world is ending, they will still be able to profit off their own opinions about how shitty it has gotten.

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    2. Ok, it’s complicated. The man with the gun is wrestling with the guy with the baseball bat. The girl and the guy in the black shirt struggle to take the guy’s baseball bat away. The guy with the gun looks like he’s the local tough guy and pushes the guy in the white shirt away, but white shirt insists and guy with gun seems to leave. But when white shirt turns around there’s a light green shirt guy in the struggle. OK.

      Red shirt comes back and tries to grab the baseball bat. Two other women join in the struggle.

      Now red shirt gets a good grip on the bat and hits blue shirt a couple of times. A lot of people now enter the fray. Four women and for men against the bat man.

      They struggle some more then blue shirt gets in a couple of good bat blows. Then blue shirt turns and sees white shirt coming back. Now blue shirt pulls out his gun and white shirt goes down.
      Then a man with a machete comes and strikes a blow to the (probably) dead man’s leg while blue shirt jumps over white shirt and gives him an extra shot for good luck.
      Then everybody scatters. Good show. New episode next week.

  1. I knew all along this brawl would come to a boil and that’s what happened .
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  2. Fuck the Dominican Republic! Been there…abject shit hole!! I ain’t going to any island that isn’t civilized ever again. Fuck it, the Keys are good enough. You can drink the water, the food is normal and edible and you can walk the streets.

    Brown people are destroying this planet. Sure, the white corporate assholes and the wealthy Arabs are causing the unrest but largely, you can walk safely anywhere whites are. Brown people aren’t even safe around other browns.

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