Machete Murder in Thailand – High Res Pics

Machete Murder in Thailand - High Res Pics

Did you know that Thailand had a king? He’s not much of a win, though. Being a king of Thailand is basically the same as being a king of whores and murderers. Sadly, the overabundance of whores atracts insane numbers of foreigners which brings billions of dollars to Thai economy. But do you think Thais are grateful for that? I’d say “just ask thousands of expats who were murdered there” but you can’t – they’re dead.

Funnily enough, murders of foreigners in Thailand are frequently ruled a suicide (or an accident). Given that Thai police is the most corrupt institution in an already pretty corrupt country, there is no surprise they are parts of twinky gangs that plot schemes to extract money from foreigners. Once the foreigner is set up, they are thrown out of a highrise or poisoned to death and the police rules out foul play.

That being said, it’s not only foreigners who get routinely murdered in Thailand. Most victims of Thailand’s out of control intentional homicide rates are other Thais because that’s how they deal with being pissed off. They call it “losing face” but all it is is their inability to get over themselves coupled with their holier than thou attitude. Look at the fellow in these photos. He just said something another Thai didn’t like so the only way out of this perceived embarassment was to kill the dude who offended the attacker.

There are all forms of fancy names for the cause of the attacks – like “domestic dispute” and so on, but all it is is Thais being full of themselves and unable (or unwilling) to admit that they are not perfect. If someone shows them otherwise, they go for machete or whatever else is available and blood is spilled. That’s the real Thailand. Fucking savages!

Gallery of photos of the man slashed to death with a machete in Thailand is below. Some photos are available in high resolution for maximum impact:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Machete Murder in Thailand – High Res Pics”

  1. I’m kinda new to this c0mment thing, well i’m from the Philippines, these things happen all the time but no one cares., you say on some blogs that the filipino people(pinoy) are some of the brutal ones., mybe they are,! But those were fucking muslims.,! Killing people just t0 satisfy their hate.’ and c0mm0nly, m0st gore found lately were from muslim countries,. Am i right? Hehe., sory 4 my crapy english.. Stil learning..

    more support for bestgore.! Keep it up.!

  2. 1000’s Aussies go to Thailand every year & we dont seem to hear of any not coming back. My friends take theyre kids, its nearly as popular as Bali so theyre must be safe areas & heaps of them.

    1. Tiger, as someone who’s been to Thailand and saw what that country is really all about, I must assume that you either willingly choose to ignore such news or they are purposefully not delivered to you.

      Only a few weeks ago, there was yet another Australian man murdered in cold blood by a Thai and the reason? Well… Thai women are all whores and one of them, despite being married whored herself out to a foreigner. When her husband found out, he felt pissed off and decided that he will kill first foreigner who comes his way. Australian Ronald Wayne Martin happened to be him. Do you want me to continue?

      BTW, this murder happened in a not so touristy town Phetchabun. The more touristy a place, the more people get killed. Thai greed grows with more foreign money in sight. However, despite being a less touristy, only a few months prior to the Aussie murder, a Briton was hacked with a machete in an act of unprovoked, mindless violence of Thai man against a foreigner.

      If there was no report on the death of Ronald Wayne Martin, perhaps it?s time to start asking the Australian media why they purposefully ignore this mindless killing of foreigners (including Australians) in Thailand.

      1. Phetchabun is notorius for spawning the best of the worst.

        I live 200k South of Chang Mai. Just the other day some fool decided to go on a shooting spree. Killed 3 people from the East. However, Thais hate each other as much as us.

        The battle between esan & Central continues 😀

  3. More than likely another killing perpetrated by muslims against buddhists, of which there have been 5000 deaths in just the past 4 years at the hands of Thai Muslims, their main targets being buddhists, monasteries, teachers and schools. Thailand is in the process of MOVING 100 buddhist monasteries and had temporarily closed 50 elementary schools. Other schools have armed soldiers guarding them. My favorite is when a mob tried to storm a police station to release 6 muslims (cause buddhits aren’t allowed to arrest muslims) THEN when they got shot and arrested they cried over the world calling it a horrible tragedy on innocent muslims who were peaceful and had done nothing. HAHAHAHHAAA

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