Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging

Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging

The guy talking in the video says the man they were murdering by hanging raped a nine year old girl. Needless to say, the video is from prison in Brazil.

It’s remarkable how resigned to the inevitable the victim was. In Brazil, much as in any pussy whipped country, a rapist is typically a man falsely accused of rape. But when you’re surrounded by pussy whipped mangina cucks, you might as well just give up.

Props to Best Gore member @Wybolso for the video:

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208 thoughts on “Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging”

    1. Shouldn’t have raped a fucking kid then … This cunt knew very well he was getting on the easy bus , they could have gouged his eyes out and stabbed him 50 times first .
      He even helps himself up , it’s as if he can’t wait for the lights to go out

        1. That’s right. I was raped at gunpoint when I was 12. I’m 61 now and you never get over the trauma completely. I learned to live with it but it fucked me up toward trusting men, even though I love them. It just sticks in your head all your life, so when you guys decide to rape a kid, you take much more than her cherry and you should be hanged…or shot…or drowned…but not allowed to live

      1. The locutor belongs to PPC(Primeiro Comando da Capital) and this probably happened during one of the riots in Brazil’s prison. You may don’t know, but most of prisons in Brasil has everithing, fans, television, radio, smartphones, etc, it’s like their real homes. The guy hanged confessed he raped the poor girl. The funniest part is when the PCC member says they all have family and they protect the society. (sorry for my bad english)

  1. Wtf you mean to tell me that all he gets is hanging? Remember “Struggling Man with Peeled Face and Hands Cut Off Is Brutally Beheaded with Flimsy Blade”– now that is some medieval shit that needs to happen to this guy, especially for a Brazilian prison.

      1. Most likely, the guy never even touched a child … It is exactly the same excuse that governments use to justify anti-privacy laws : child porn and terrorism. In that case WE are the hanged. And you believe them.

        1. Fucking pedo mother fucker! Id like to hunt you down and kill you, you bastard! I was raped when I was a kid and he didn’t have to serve a fucking day but I sure have! All my fucking life since then!

  2. This video was so cool. I like how they allow him to determine his fate then he helps the guy pull him up with the top around his neck by pushing himself up with some steps.

    This is some real Brazilian mercy right here! And of course, a great video for our entertainment!

      1. There should be evidence when its an older person 100% but a young child (especially under 11) I feel I would believe without a doubt just because they arent slaves to a need to take innocent people down for no reason but I guess there is still the risk of a parent telling their child to lie.

          1. This seems a hard subject just because you wouldn’t want a child that was raped or touched and not have the person doing it get in trouble but you wouldnt wan’t an innocent in jail either but things in some of these countries are different and we all know how bad brazil is at enforcing the laws correctly. I mostly say this because we don’t have the proof in our hands to say whether he did it or not so I feel like in a case where it is a 9 year old child making such a claim I feel a need to believe them because at such a young age they have nothing to lie about in terms of sex.

        1. We had a post on BG, if I am not mistaken from Guatemala, where a child (if I am not mistaken 4 years old) accused a man of rape, he was lynched and died, and afterwards they found out he was innocent. Children are very imaginative and open to suggestion, they could imagine that they were raped or their words may be taken out of context, especially as adults pressure them, I’ve seen once a video of adults pressing a child into saying something he hadn’t done (I can’t remember what) and he ended up agreeing with them. Plus, a badly intentioned adult may be able to introduce the thought on the child’s mind that he or she was raped by a certain person.

    1. Do your saying that even if hes not guilty he deserves to die ok let me put this question to you. I did three years for gbh and that three years was hell i got into fights every day i had to fight for my life at least twice all because some scum bag who lives 5000 miles away decided to rape and murder a 7 year old girl. Ok how does that work out you might ask yourself.. And heres your answer.. We both had the same first and last name and google is all tou need in prison the moment your name gets spred through the mud like that you are a maked man trust me he prob had the same problem and just gave up fighting so dont rush to judge before you know the facts see how it says ACUSED not GUILTY it could happen to you it could happen to anyone on here infact it could even happen to mark all it takes is one person who is tapped in the head or a jealous ex

  3. Primeiro comando da capital or capital’s first command is a huge thing in Brazil. But all criminals. In the video the guy says they are helping society. I agree that all bad guys should die, but they don’t help shit. People, don’t come to Brazil. Unless you think best gore is low in good murder videos.

        1. See…After he was lynched,he turns black….His true nigger comes out….Yes,the niggers are the ones, mostly committing these crimes….The only thing worst,is the scumbag mudsharks they fuck….

  4. If French is the language of love, then Portuguese is the language of fucking, but after a while it really grates on the ears. Every time I see one of these videos and these guys won’t stop babbling, its like listening to one of those assholes who is always talking about sex, but its plain as day that he hasn’t gotten laid since the bicentennial; fucking obnoxious. In this video, it sounds like they are having an orgy while the guy is hanging there.

      1. I speak Spanish, so pre-fuck you on that one.

        And I guess you never saw The Matrix Reloaded:
        “I have sampled every language. French is my favorite. Especially to curse with. Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’enculer ta mère; you see, its like wiping your ass with silk, I love it.” (The Merovingian)

        1. So what, I speak Portuguese and I recognize it’s shitty, only because you speak Spanish it doesn’t mean that you cannot recognize it’s a shitty language, it is just a cousin language form Portuguese, with differences being that Portuguese is duller and Spanish sounds more like a language spoken by drama queens when having a fit, both are bastard languages from Latin, Italian is the closest to Latin, so maybe that’s why it’s better.

          1. Are you talking about Brazilian Portuguese? Because if so, i’d agree with you on that. European Portuguese is wonderful, and I hear this a lot from plenty of other Europeans.

            But then again, thats just your opinion. It doesn’t reflect everyone else’s. Um bem haja 🙂

          2. I personally don’t like both, either Brazilian nor European Portuguese, although Brazilian Portuguese varies a lot, with some accents being irritating and torturous to hear, the worst one is that from the Northeast of the country.

        1. Italians don’t sound like faggots, French do. There are both Italian and French faggots, but the French seem to beat Italians in this aspect, although, it’s becoming ever more difficult to determine who are really French, as their country has been flooded by outsiders from a long time, including some Italians.

        2. Italians don’t sound like faggots, French do. There are both Italian and French faggots, but the French seem to beat Italians in this aspect, although, it’s becoming ever more difficult to determine who are really French, as their country has been flooded by outsiders for a long time, including some Italians.

  5. I thought prison was punishment for a person’s crimes..Strange it’s like he was hung in one of those shity shops that sell lots of cheap crap and never have what your looking for..Erm do you sell rope? No we just sold out now fuck off I’m watching t.v

  6. One or two persons around didn’t want to kill him, they said once or twice “c’mon guys don’t let they do it, for God’s sake”

    The ones who killed him are members of the PCC or Primeiro Comando da Capital (First Command of the Capital), guy recording the video is also a member of the PCC and said “Assume your acts, tell us that you are a rapist” and he answers “I am a rapist”. The PCC member says more: “So, are we doing something wrong or right? This is justice, this is Primeiro Comando da Capital, we all have families and we all protect the society”, by protecting the society, he meant the good people who lives in Brazil, and afterall, this is true, you only get in dangerous situations with this faction, and I presume, other factions such as Comando Vermelho (Red Command), if you are a criminal or friends/relative to them, and of course, if you are a cop or politician. Normal people aren’t out of trouble, however most of the population will never face them as we have much more good people than evil ones, even though we are infested by evil people.

    The PPC member: “Die you maggot, go to hell, you will meet the devil”

    Seems like the ones holding the rope were forced to do that as the PCC member says: “Keep on holding it, you fuck!”, or maybe they were just tired.

    The girl on the TV or radio said: “It’s forbidden? It’s immoral? But if the two agree, so it’s not bad.” lmfao

    1. You’re probably right, I don’t see the officials giving hygiene products out. You can make soap from fat, so maybe they won’t waste their kill lol. They were roasting people just the other day so its not too far fetched.

    1. Maybe he was trying to be cooperative expecting they were going just to give a scare to him, as there are some guys who said the equivalent of ”that’s done/enough” (I don’t know if they didn’t want to kill him or if they thought he was dead though) just before he started trembling, nevertheless, the guy with the deeper voice (who may be the leader) ordered them to proceed.
      Maybe he was under psychological pressure to confess, just look at the guy on the documentary below who is being interrogated around the 27 minute mark (the Brazilian guy), how he ended up confessing a crime he did not commit due to psychological pressure.

    2. Not necessarily true. He may have just chosen death over prison, which is not an irrational decision, especially in Brazil.
      People do end up in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. A skilled interrogator can get false confessions. DNA evidence has PROVEN time and again that people sometimes do serious prison stretches for crimes for which they were never guilty.
      I’m not saying anything about this particular guys guilt or innocence. None of us knows the answer to that question. But if you were in his position, a quick death by hanging may be preferable to the life he had ahead of him.

      1. Once thought I saw an ex in some amateur cam-porn…I showed her but it ended up being just a poorman’s doppelganger…the cam-girl was shy the requisite birthmark, but it did turn her on enough to have one last go with me baha

  7. Poor guy…another excuse found by animals to justify killing this man.
    Even if he really raped that little girl who are we to kill this guy?

    We should suppress our instincts or just free them at all…like it was long time ago…free rape, free killing and the strongest survived…thats what we are about.

  8. Mark, the people in the comments are the exact people you speak of. These idiots are the ducks. They are pussy whipped, they don’t believe or understand due process , they don’t understand nor care that up to 50% of rape claims are false, maybe even more . We live in a female centered world and Women are gods and men are peasants. But that’s changing thanks to #MGTOW

    1. ‘Pussy-whipped’ or not, I think this guy was offered the choice between hanging and having his head removed.

      My personal thoughts on the rape of females are well documented on this site; I regret that I’m, probably, not in your mind, an idiot or a duck.

      I do, however, believe that the punishment for rape (MM, MF or FM) should reflect the offence.

      I’m all for ‘due process’, but sometimes it is safer to put a round through your assailant.


  9. He was hanged by PCC, who say they are protectors of society as they also have children outside jail. I question weather they had any information besides the fact that he was accused of rape (they certainly didn’t catch him in the act), as you are innocent until proven wrong (a concept these criminals might not have). If they had some good piece of information about it, it’s better, but as they are in jail I doubt that they had anything more than hearsay, despite PCC members having good contacts outside prison. It’s very disturbing that Brazil is that much of a pussy whipped society, as we have what could be the trashiest most whorish girls in the world, who are renowned prostitutes all over the world and go around cock teasing frantically (funk balls (baile funks) are one great example where you can see how cheap our whores are).

  10. Well, i finally decided to make an account after about 5 years of lurking around on the sight daily. Sucks i picked such a crappy video to join the BG community…as for the video im not sure that POS little set up to hang that guy actually worked for anything more than getting the victim in the spirit of dancing

    1. No, he most likely didn’t deserve to die. Even the title says “accused rapist”… Even if he did rape someone (depending on the circumstances and severity), he would’ve been better off living many years in prison to reflect on what he did. Capital punishment isn’t always the best way to punish someone. This is another reason why the USA is the best country that ever existed. We have for the most part, a fair judicial system that proclaims that you’re innocent, until PROVEN guilty!

  11. People die and they always will. maybe he was innocent. maybe he wasnt. no matter what, he would have died anyway sooner or later. and i honestly think he wanted to die. its not fun being accused of raping a little girl. and if he really did it, i am sure he regretted it as brazilian prisons are really rough ._.

  12. Anyone who is going to fucking admit to raping a 9 year old little girl with a noose around his neck in my opinion is guilty!! Maybe it’s just me here but no matter what you do to me I would never go out admitting to such a crime if I was truly innocent and all these guys did was asked him did you rape the little girl and his answer was yes. And the look in his face was just a look of guilt even if it was a guilt for what he had done or guilt for is life about to be taken makes no difference! Someone murder or rape anyone I love and care about I will never feel pity for.

    1. Guilty or not, he knew his number was up, so went willingly to the noose, which he also knew to be the best he could’ve hoped for as an ending.
      Rock and a hard place @steaknsidneys, hence his utter acceptance of the situation.
      What a seedy, sick fucking bunch of oafs they are. Not a shred of decency in a single one of them. They are a disease.

    1. “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed
      Old enough to crack a brick in your teeth while you sleep”

      Every little girl should learn that – fuck Mother Goose, teach ’em some shit that’ll blow some pedo’s mind…and then teach ’em how to introduce said brick to said rapist’s mind…make some wonderful BG art for our amusement…

    2. Fucking Brazil , what’s the deal over there ? If they don’t like you they really fuck you up ? And that is based on your crime ? For example a child rapist gets hung , what about a dude that got locked up for drugs ?

    1. More like having jobs, not being utter degenerate crims, and contributing to society…seems more apt description of our “specialty.”

      And data would suggest you’re talkin’ shit – the only subsect of crime that AA’s and caucasians even approach the same magnitude in is white-collar crime, and even then when adjusted for population you’ve got us dead to rights…although we do get more loot in a smarter way, and are caught less. Don’t hate us ’cause you ain’t us bruh.

  13. Best example of the Spandau Ballet I have seen on video yet.

    The expression “Spandau Ballet” was slang used by Allied troops in the trenches in the First World War referring to the twitching of the corpses hanging on the barbed wire and repeatedly hit by Spandau machine gun fire from the German lines. The name also refers to Spandau Prison and the many hangings there, especially in 1945–46 of Nazi war criminals, when those being hanged would twitch and jump at the end of a rope.

  14. That was a wonderful video recording.

    What a cooperative victim. I do enjoy close up stranglation clips.

    I wondered what type of rope the used….I kept expecting it to snap. All in all a very effective execution…Almost seemed friendly. Like a mercy killing…..I enjoyed watching him struggle….As I said a wonderful clip!

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