Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging

Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging

The guy talking in the video says the man they were murdering by hanging raped a nine year old girl. Needless to say, the video is from prison in Brazil.

It’s remarkable how resigned to the inevitable the victim was. In Brazil, much as in any pussy whipped country, a rapist is typically a man falsely accused of rape. But when you’re surrounded by pussy whipped mangina cucks, you might as well just give up.

Props to Best Gore member @Wybolso for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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208 thoughts on “Man Accused of Rape Allows Inmates to Murder Him by Hanging”

  1. Vincit, don’t you think your ideas are a little bit extreme? Do you really sympathize with some child-raping scum rather than the helpless little victim? Why do you never admit that people can be on the aggrieved side even if they’re female?

    1. Academic, peer reviewed research shows that the vast majority (around 90%) of rape accusations are false. Consequently, it’s not mine, but your thinking that’s extreme. It’s you who thinks a man accused of rape is likely a rapist, instead of admitting that people can be on the aggrieved side even if they’re male.

      1. @happy Is that an international statistic? The misandric ‘listen & believe’ femicunts/social justice & gender studies profs/people who say rape culture in the states is on par with that in Salafist & Wahhabist theocracies/other useful-idiot Marxist snowflakes swear it’s less than 1% in the US – but I’ve also heard the only contemporary “feminist” I have actual respect for, Christina Hoff Sommers, cite that the actual number might be upwards of 40% in America.

  2. In American West history, there are two distinct sentences. One is “Death By Hanging”; the other is “Hang By The Neck Until Dead”. The first is a drop-hanging designed to result in a broken neck, thereby rendering the victim instantly lifeless due to interruption of the spinal cord. This is achieved by an appropriately-tied noose set behind the ear of the condemned and an appropriate drop, 2-4 feet depending upon the weight of the condemned.

    The latter puts the noose at the back of the condemned’s head. This results in strangulation death via asphyxiation, which takes much, much longer. Of the time, this was considered the more insidious death.

    Just sayin’. hehe

    1. And, for what it is worth, my 6’3″ 300lb frame would require an approximate 3’6″ drop to properly snap my neck. XD

      (Please pre-stretch and oil that 5/8″ hemp rope, if you please.)

      I’ve run the old numbers and extrapolated them to my then-curious size. Who says you can’t combine gore/dath with math. hehe

  3. It’s Brazil …I’d hang myself too if I was given that as an option …better than getting my dick chopped off force fed it and then have molten plastic dripped on me while motherfuckers are trying to chop all my limbs off with a blunt hatchet …dude was given a gift

  4. Fucking Brazil , what’s the deal over there ? If they don’t like you they really fuck you up ? And that is based on your crime ? For example a child rapist gets hung , what about a dude that got locked up for drugs ?

  5. I don’t get how ones innate survival instinct doesn’t kick in and try to not die. Anywho, I watched this on repeat. It was funny AF! Such a feel-good clip. I’m going to watch this anytime I feel like I’m down in the dumps.

  6. Good California prison we go by the courts documents..we retrieve them..then stick them in the neck as fast n many times as one can before the alarm goes off n the gun tower starts firing.

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