Man Agonal Breathes from Axe Blows to Face

Man Agonal Breathes from Axe Blows to Face

Man Agonal Breathes from Axe Blows to Face

This is video of what can be no other than somewhere in Latin America, presumably Brazil.

In the video, a man is shown being killed with axe blows to the face. Due to the induced cranial trauma, the man performs agonal breathing, but the blows keep coming, until the axe is embedded in his face and he breathes no more.

Thanks to all the people who sent in the video, but only @seraphim-serenata gets the props for being the only one to sent the video without an existing watermark.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Good gore absolutely, but not a 10/10, what about the audio! I wasn’t pleased, the lack of hearing him breathe or get smashed in the face made me unhappy. Kinda wanted to hear him suffer… such an endorphin rush. (drooling face)

    2. Suppppp my BG peeeeeps. Long time. Anyway a new series came out on Netflix and it’s called Narcoworld dope stories. Oh my episode 3. Bullet for bullet. All about the favelas in BRAZIL where most of our gore comes from. Get a better understanding how fucked up it really is by watching this. Anyway been a while. Hope you’re fucking turkey day sucks a big fat dildo like the video I just passed cumming outta some guys arse. Jk hope you fucking choke on a drumstick. Jk. Enjoy your wonderful holiday whatever u do.

      1. LOL first BG video in the 3 or 4 years been coming to this site that I had to turn away from but only briefly lol!!! I saw brokeback in the comments so you know it’s top shelf Gore when he’s on!!! Haha hope all is been well buddy been a while!

          1. Well .. alot of people like Bad Jonny’s poems
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  1. I can watch videos of getting fucked by a shotgun or any high-powered fucking gun, clips of people getting drowned/lynched/burn to death. But these kind of clips like beheading and chopping, I just…. can’t. I guess Im still a newbie. Lmaaaaaaaaao.

    1. No dude. Every one had got the “Achilles Heel” even if they don’t admit it. I take all the vids…except animal torture/killing…..and I’ve butchered a few in my time…..but that was then and this is now.
      You didnt miss too much ; and actually his head is amazingly resilient; you could probably get through this one… the axe did not go through his head. Lol.

      1. Filet mignboy? Is this an actual video?
        I always thought the one of the kid with his face peeled off by cartel members was the worst. Found the full length on another site.. But actually the worst was this weird video of women getting tortured in this factory of sorts.. Restrained and had boiling hot oil poured down their throat via a giant steel dick shaped funnel. Was extremely fucked up. Humanity’s wickedness knows no end.. That video definitely changed the way I look at earth.

    2. Like Warrior said, everyone has their Achilles Heel. Only thing I can’t watch is stabs to the stomach, not sure why. Maybe because I imagine it feeling like the pain you get when you’ve been holding a massive shit in for too long.

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  3. Just confirming the hypothesis: Yes, It happened in Brazil.
    In the final minutes, the murderers’ve said that in PT-BR language:
    -Son of a bitch, declassed.
    -We did such a great job!
    -Cut this motherfucker’s head.

  4. Head to head can you handle the red teary eyed pain as each layer is chopped yelling timber or brain
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  5. Christ bless you man, I just woke up to a nightmare of some kind of Scarface like shoot out and I was stabbing someone with a screwdriver and taking his pistol…. I was told to get off this site and I think I should, mental health is deteriorating. Poor man, you shall be in Heaven when Jesus returns here.

  6. Axe murderers are a rare but special breed. Most psychopaths reach for the machete or gun, but not this guy. Nothing means business more than an axe and now that he is a fully legit and qualified axe murderer, he knows his street cred has blown off the dial and noone will dare laugh at hm for riding his red scooter again…….

  7. Won’t you love it, When you get to witness the interaction between an everyday to on human body? Like when that hatchet make a ‘KATHOK’ sound on the man? I wouldn’t want to be around that shit hole for country that’s for sure.

  8. I wonder what he did to axe for such a demise. How rude of them to leave him snoring so peacefully without a soft pillow. All around poor social graces. Next time be a good host and at least leave a pair of flip flops for him to rest his head on.

  9. Aye papi, i prayed and hoped, Lord Willing, that you knew i was watching, not in vain but knowing i kept you in best of spirits.. Lord Guide the Soul for you, i spoke for you aloud and structured the cross. Besos por ti amor!! <3 <3<3

  10. Reminds me of pac-man lady, the bitch who’s husband caught her fucking around and divided her head with a machete after chopping off her hands. She felt every bit of it though, and was still alive in the video.

  11. Fuck man, it’s amazing and scary how resilient the body can be, looked like his eyes were looking at the next blow(s) to come. Fuck that as a way to go. Everyone wants a quick or peaceful death but this site proves that’s not usually the case. Play safe folks haha. And hello to the old timers.

  12. Axe blows to the face. That’s just horrific. Unthinkeable. Unimaginable. Imagine if you get it across the mouth – it breaks off all your front teeth? Or above the nose, it slices through your eyes.

    This is some evil shit. The pain that guy must have gone through.

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