Man Assassinated in Front of Friends in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil

Man Assassinated in Front of Friends in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil

In the city of Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil, a man known as Marcos da Olinda was was shot dead by an assassin at Nova Brasília street in the neighborhood of Palmeira.

Marcos was chilling on the sidewalk with several friends, when two men arrived on a motorcycle, one dismounted and chased after Marcos who tried to run into the car, but was gunned down. After killing the man, the assassin ripped a chain from the victim’s neck and got back on his accomplice’s motorcycle.

Marcos was the fourth person murdered in the city of Santa Inês, which has the population of 83,000 people, in less than 24 hours. Here’s the CCTV video of the assassination. I wonder if the victim could have done better running toward the assassin instead of away from him. You can’t outrun bullets, but the assassin is gonna expect his victim to run away from him, so doing something he doesn’t expect could catch him off guard and that could come with a possibility of wrestling the gun from him.

Gallery of a few pics:

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48 thoughts on “Man Assassinated in Front of Friends in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil”

    1. Im Brazilian, this country is a no weapon country. And all of u blessed americans can see what happens in a country with no weapons for people. In Brazil if u kill a person who wants kill or invade ur residence… Oh man, u are lost in the Brazilian prisions.

      Lord Bless America and Americans have police, have education, have Laws, have guns for defense. Lord Bless the free countries.

      1. I’m from this shit country too. As I commented in other post and everyone can see in this site, if you don’t like someone in brazil, it’s very easy to kill him/her and stay impune. Getting a legal weapon here is basically impossible ought to bureaucracy. The number of solved murders is nearly 6% (as is shown in many news, like the following

  1. Why do I get the feeling he was expecting some shit like this to go down.
    He was facing the street and sitting in a position to get quickly into that car through the open door……..not that it made a lick of difference to that fat fuck’s pathetic attempt to escape!

  2. Damn Mark, you are so right!! You can’t outrun a gun!! I suppose its natural instinct to panic and run, but you’re right, It would give you more of a chance of surviving if you run at the gunman, surprising him!! Then maybe could get help from buddies. And, what a waste of a beer rolling into the gutter!!

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