Man Assassinated While Hanging Out with Friends in Monterrey, Mexico

Man Assassinated While Hanging Out with Friends in Monterrey, Mexico

At a restaurant in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, a man was hanging out with his friends when a pair of hitmen entered and assassinated him.

According to local reports, the dead man was arrested for drug trafficking in 2010. He was shot 14 times by the assassins.

Props to Best Gore members @ramiroromo and @13lunt420media for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Man Assassinated While Hanging Out with Friends in Monterrey, Mexico”

  1. I’m beginning to think mexicans just shoot each other at random, they just pick a man sipping coffee in a bar and run up and shoot him like some mexican version of candid camera

  2. Damn, thanks for the upload, this video was interesting, shit, I always wonder what goes on in the minds of people who kill? Nowadays, I get a “fix” not always gotta take breaks but leave myself signed in via phone on ghostery app on, for this sort of thing because it does put things into perspective on what people will do to each other good job you two @ramiroromo and @13lunt420media plus I am trying to kill my sensitivity I need to fuck up my mind, remain sane though of course, and look into the true nature of humanity or inhumanity and also let the comments begin.

    1. BestGore I sometimes wonder about that myself mark, whether i can kill sensitivity, I worked in a mortuary for a while, that killed it… a bit but what we don’t get here is the stench….yet.

        1. OlDirtyBastardd where did they go and where’s Psychotherapist ? Oh i see, we have to say like this man died from gunshot trauma ten bullets ripped into his body turning all his internal organs to mash potato

        2. Well, since you did mention the whole medical thing I wouldn’t mind reading educated comments and not go into the whole internet culture perspective type of comments, so what would be the typical case for you folks who worked into this sort of thing?

          1. OK, what would you prefer?

            (1) He had his abdominal cavity laterally incised by his distinguished competitors’ sharp aim. *light applause*

            (2) Hahaha, wow, they caught him fucking off and blew his guts out!

            I vote “C”.

          2. Lmao! I just wanna see you do option 2 for one whole day.. Those comments would be funny as hell, coming from you, Cas! Throw in a shitload of em too, lol. Go overboard with it…

          3. In my professional opinion and without having the autopsy report to go on, his morbidity was induced by failure of haemorrhage control, that lead to exsanguination arising from acute trauma of roughly a dozen Rapid Lead Therapy Infusions. Conclusion, cause of death was Iatrogenic Illness.

      1. @sloth12, Well polluted as your Gore member name is on here if you don’t mind me asking what was it like to work at such a job mortuary, for I am no expert in such things but did you enjoy such a work place. I imagine you got used to the smell at some point for I don’t know if I would For I never been near a rotting body. Seen only an open casket once when I was younger.

        1. BestGore i did stop feeling dizzy but the smell is a bit hard to take, however it doesn’t make you sick. There is one smell that will make you heave and that’s the smell of a woman’s pussy with an mrsa infection, try cleaning a toilet after she’s been on it. I found it so weird that a smell would make me wretch like a sick dog

        1. Maybe that is what I need to do kill my emotions you seem to be onto something desensitization is normally my personal preferences when I deal with Life, for it seems Death is something we tend to relate to on a human level oddly enough Life tends to make people different for better or worse and all that crap.

        1. Well, if you think about it humans always find ways to depopulate themselves for whatever reasons or lack thereof and all it just makes me wonder if it really even matters? Well, of course it does just not all the time you know?

      1. I’m lucky to be a BestGore member and can reach out to such informed inside knowledge, as I have come to expect from you guys. It could have been actioned on an impulse, but now I can see that Wally Mart and Taco Bell have a lot to answer for in this case. This guy was probably the CEO of the Monterrey KFC and was planning an aggressive corporate takeout. With your considerable insights, it’s clear as day that these assassins were hired killers. I guess the Mexican chickens can roost peacefully for a little while longer yet.

  3. That’s the reason why I don’t buy the “build that fuckin’ wall” BS from the orange bald fuck’s supporters.
    I look forward to see hundreds of BG vids with such Mexican hitmen exterminating useless juicy druglords in Brooklyn, Philadelphia or Miami, Oh Vey!

  4. Creepin through the motherfuckin’ darkness
    Cold blooded mothafuckas leave a nigga heartless
    Regardless I’m takin his conscious
    Don’t fuck around and leave a nigga just like a carcass
    Huntin them busters
    Don’t make a sound the devil’s comin round the corner
    Settin’ up for them souls that all hell bound

  5. In a sense, you kind of have to respect how cartel’s carry out hits. They get their man, and their man alone. They could have easily sprayed the entire table down with rifles, but instead, they just gun down that one guy.

  6. Hunt me, i’ll be ready!! FN57 at my side, you snooze you lose!! niggaz think, because you kill, you cant be touched? how you study your mark, is how you get ph’d too papa!! always 2 steps ahead!!

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