Man Assassinated by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Montfermeil Suburb of Paris, France

Man Assassinated by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Montfermeil Suburb of Paris, France

Man Assassinated by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Montfermeil Suburb of Paris, France

This short video shows the assassination of a man in an establishment in the Montfermeil suburb of Paris in France. The man was assassinated by a pair of gunmen on a motorcycle, much as they do in Brazil.

The brazen cameraman noticed that something’s about to go down and captured the incident although by the time his camera was ready to record, the hitman already had his gun in the mark’s face. The cameraman was standing just meters from the getaway bike while recording.

According to the info I got, the shooting was part of a settlement of accounts between gangs.

Props to Best Gore member @alex_k34 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Man Assassinated by Gunmen on Motorcycle in Montfermeil Suburb of Paris, France”

          1. Damn, that looked like a badass assassination scene from a mafia movie. I thought guns were illegal in France? Guess that isn’t working out so well.. Le cunt.. ROFL

            Watching again it looks like two motherfuckers got capped.

        1. Yea, I don’t understand why cunts give up their shit and raise their hands to random thieves. You never know if the cunt who is robbing you is actually just there to kill you or wants a thrill kill. Or is on meth and thinks he’s killing an evil spirit..

  1. Paris, what a shithole! The whole urban France, what a shithole…

    J’avais Rêvé du Nord

    Entre Martigues et Marseille
    Trempant dans les eaux de l’Afrique
    Fortune a dicté qu’on m’asseye
    A deux pas de Fos la septique…

    Où moi être né mer schlinguer le gazole
    Sous ciel oxydé et soleil de plomb sale
    Tombant épais comme camisole
    Au creux des tours de succursales;

    Où moi être né taule et plastoc horizonner
    Chaque bout de terreau rissolé comme le désert d’Arizona,
    Seules mouches-à-maille aimer zonner
    Dans ce gigantesque sauna et

    Où moi être né jamais trop bon s’aventurer:
    La flicaille a perdu ses couilles devant les tribus d’
    Qui pour un regard te troueraient
    Si trop pâle est ta bouille…

    Car où moi être né ça plus être la France,
    Nos splendeurs gothiques:
    D’la caillasse en déliquescence
    Taguée d’invectives exotiques…

    Jaune aux yeux bleus tout calciné
    Planté dans le mauvais décor
    Quêtant ma juste destinée
    J’avais d’un coup rêvé du Nord

    D’étendues vierges et boisées,
    D’un permafrost amène
    Sur lequel plus jamais croiser
    L’éternelle aversion ébène.

    J’eu voulu crevasser Phébus
    Y redarder toutes ses flèches
    Pour qu’il se crashe comme un Airbus
    entre Marseille et Marrakech.

    – Peste Noire, from the L’ordure à l’état Pur album.

    1. Paris was always a den of decadence dressed in fancy clothes.

      Rude people, overpriced everything and far too crowded.

      Still, in the early 90’s Paris was at least French and filled up with mostly French people. Not anymore.

      I was last there 3 years ago and what a fucking shithole it has become. Immigrants everywhere and I mean everywhere. Roma Gypsies begging at you and following you down the street. Niggers fresh off the boat from Africa committing crimes and harassing white women in broad daylight. Turks fighting each other in cafes. The list goes on.

      Some parts of Paris are now no go zones for anyone white and there are Muslim and Nigger ghettos.

      What a fucking disgrace. Still, that’s European capital cities nowadays for you.

      There are many parts of France that are still white and French thank God. It’s like London England, upon entering London you cease to be in England.

      1. Tell me about it Empty , I’m from Liverpool and drive a taxi , it’s got to a point where people get in my cab and talk loud and slow like I’m the fucking immigrant !
        Everywhere I go there’s cliques of these sweaty fuckers sponging my taxes and then having the brass neck to moan it’s not good enough , fucking cheeky cunts

          1. That’s always the great equalizer isn’t it? I’m happy with my cache I’ve built up over the years and I know how to use it. My larger concern now is that the government can throw other things at us. Lock us up and take our possessions for being politically incorrect. Surveillance, sound and heat weapons. Shotguns can work against typical drones, but what about a swarm of micro drones or a large drone firing a Hellfire missile at your house? I’m pretty sure in the not too distant future we will either need both protection drones and plasma rifles, based on the robots being developed. I don’t even want to think about the biological and nerve agents that could come into play. For the short term we just need to concentrate on firepower against niggerism and jewism that has taken over much of the world. Keeping these shitasses from snuffing you out so we can get to the next level and then figure out what needs to be done next.

          2. @coffindodger At the point where a corrupted infiltrated government uses armies of micro drones to attack neighborhoods of Patriots or biological warfare against Citizens who resist on our own soil, I’d say shit is pretty much lost at that point and it’s time to go door to door politician hunting.

            The death WILL be a two way streak. The ‘privileged safe ones’ will be privileged and safe’ no more.

        1. @jadedcunt
          Yes Guys ,I agree. Tge US is harder to disarm for at least three reasons.
          One ,you have much of your population living out rurally or away from the bigger cities. More places for you to hide yourselves and weapons and mount ambushes on gov /private armies.
          Two,you still have a large amount of weapons in circulation ,whether legal or otherwise.
          Three,the Muslim Menace is not as bad in the US yet as your gov has been keeping the bulk out even though too many are still getting in. So no real fear in the community YET to allow lying govs to take over.
          Re sound,light weapons . Absolutely! Small-killer drones will be the next thing! Almost impossible to escape. One swarm and they will take out any leaders decapitating organised movements.

          1. Guerrilla warfare is lovely.. imagine, you step out of your dining hall for a smoke in the parking lot after operating the control booth for drone missions all day and *plink* your head gets popped off.

            It won’t matter “who wins” because both sides (government operatives/politicians) and citizens will be killed. Nobody won the Civil war either, thousands died on both sides and we’re still divided.

            You happen to be a politician who supports the assault of the American Citizen and you are on your way out of a restaurant when, *plink* your head goes bye bye.

            It’s always a two-way streak.

          2. I agree Jaded. War itself does not of itself fix everything. Which is why I do not always say war is needed.
            Imagine all the excellent schooling ,healthcare and other infrastructure we could all enjoy if we didnt spend so much on the wars happening. After all ,we have Already paid taxes out of our pockets for it.

            Guerilla warfare! Love it! One man can take out ten to fifty. Numbers and superior weaponry mean nothing.

          3. I am also against war. It is a terrible thing that causes terrible things to people not even involved in it. I believe that other countries believe they need to disarm us, because we are the only thing standing in the way of globalism. The United States has the largest standing army in the world. And I’m not just talking about the Marines, Navy, Army, and Air Force. The United States is the only country that has this much firepower in civilian hands, minus possibly a few Persian Gulf countries. We literally have the largest standing army in the world ten times over if not more. And it won’t get any better for our adversaries in the near future unless they keep trying to disarm the U.S. population.

      2. The official translation for those who don’t know french or didn’t bother to translate the lyrics.

        I Had Dreamt of the North

        Between Martigues and Marseille,
        Dipping into the waters of Africa,burningcar
        Fate has dictated that I sit,
        Close to Fos the septic tank…[1]

        Where I was born the sea reeks of petrol,
        Under an oxydized sky and a scorching dirty sun,
        That falls as thick as a straitjacket
        Over the company towers;

        Where I was born sheet metal and plastic lie at the horizon,
        Each piece of earth scorched like the Arizona desert,
        Only vermin like to hang around
        In this gigantic sauna and

        Where I was born it is never a good idea to venture out:
        The coppers have lost their balls in front of Arab gangs,
        Who will stick you full of holes,
        If your face is too pale…

        Because where I was born is no longer France,
        Our Gothic splendours:
        Now decaying ruins of stone
        Tagged with exotic swear words…

        Audrey: ‘In the streets of France,paris
        We’re punching kidneys and starting fires.
        Lay down petrol, quick you can.
        So that all the vultures,
        Burn on the ground and expire.
        If you don’t piss off,
        Then we’ll fuck you up.’

        Blond with blue eyes, calcinated,
        Planted in the wrong place,
        Begging for my legitimate fate,
        I suddenly had a dream of the North.

        Of virgin wooded expanses,
        Of a welcoming permafrost,
        In which I would never meet again,
        The eternal ebony abhorrence.

        I had wanted to break Phoebus,
        And shoot back all of his arrows,
        So that he would crash like an Airbus,
        Between Marseille and Marrakech.

        [1] “Fos la septique” is a pun on “fosse septique” (septic tank) and Fos-sur-Mer, an ugly town between Martigues and Marseille that has a large chemical industry and is very polluted.

      3. @empty-soul

        Yes, friends, Europe has been and continue to be invaded and raped by foreign hordes. Even though other White countries like the US, Canada and Australia are not being blatantly invaded by Middle-Eastern and African scum like Europe is, the nefarious globalist agenda of replacement of White people and White culture is still in place and working well. White Genocide at its finest.

        We must not drive all of our efforts into combating those invading us, because nothing more is expected of scum like them and once one is gone, three others appear. Instead, we must concentrate most of our strength in combating those who ALLOWED the invasion to occur in the first place. You know who I’m talking about.

        1. @svansson

          I’m not a fan of Trump, or any politician for that matter. I don’t believe in political solutions. Not anymore. I only posted the video above because it’s funny whether you like Trump or not, and it is also a truthful video.

          I’m huge fan of Varg Vikernes though, both his musical and personal side. I follow his channel for about 2 years, and have also watched all of his videos past that date, besides reading his autobiography and blog (and his wife’s blog and videos). I also plan to buy his books, and his wife book about paganism (The Secret of the She-Bear). Huge eye-opener, as I’m sure you agree. One of the most intelligent free thinkers of our time, that’s for sure. A huge inspiration for me, and what truly made me understand the importance of race, culture and family, setting me on the path to constantly improve my body, mind and spirit.

          I don’t know if you’re much of a “Varg enthusiast” as myself, but it’s nice to see someone around here who at least knows about him and his views. You’re the 2nd I had the chance to find here at BG.

          1. Buy hey us brownies invading Redneckistan are Jesus worshipping. We love pig meat and culture wise are the same? Please respond. We leave your white womens alone, though the same can’t be said of Havenukistani citizens though. Or Currystanis wanting white girls and feeling offended when they get rejected simply because they aren’t westernized or smell bad 🙂

            The same can’t be said if Europastan. They are fuked. And serves them right for fuking over those sand pits which had iron fisted secular dictators who were welcoming if western ideology. Every time I bang a high class 1000hr escort they ALWAYS say no Indians, Africans or Arabs LOL they don’t mind Latinos 🙂

    1. At first I thought this was in Brazil because this is a very infamous thing to commit in Brazil even though this type of thing is invented by a crime princess in the 70-80s to wipe out competition.

      1. Tu oublies le cointreau, le calvados, le champagne, l’armagnac, le lambig, le cidre, les bières, le génépi, la suze, le pastis, le cognac… Mince, ce sont des alcools qui te coûtent un bras chez toi. Ici, c’est tarif local. J’allais oublier que les Anglo-saxons avaient une grande culture gastronomique. Bises de France.

    1. “Really a bike?”

      What are you talking about, that’s smart. Ever try to get away from the cops in a car vs. a motorcycle? You ain’t getting away in a car unless you ditch it and can run and evade like a special forces operator.

  2. Hey Frenchy’s so how the Hell is that diversity working out for ya. Your heritage is being assfucked into submission and you are the only ones to blame for allowing those colored fuckers to take what isn’t and never was theirs in the first place. Europe it’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours! Or fucking DIE TRYING.

  3. tsss… pffff…

    i dont even know what to say when i see this… and its nothing.
    fucking everyday sinze 5-7 months now , i hear that someone get shot or stabbed to death, or beat to death by 12yo groups of assholes… or else.

    what a fucking world…

    i should have just choose to go in canada. even if its shitty like this, its still not my own native country that i see turning to shit.
    but that… pfff…

    1. You think this is a fucked up world? How about living in middle ages, where if they had news broadcasting, you would hear “Today a village was raided and 50 people where killed, including 20 childred and 10 women was raped”

      Or: “Today, another settlement bit the dust due to black plague”
      Or: “Another successfull holy crusade resulted in the torturing and death of 2000 heretics, for the glory of the Order of the Templars!”

      Today’s world is the least fucked up world it has ever been. It’s easy to forget this.

      1. we cant live in the past.
        but we gonna live in futur.

        i dont give a shit about what happened in the past. world war, crusade and all , its not my problem.

        my problem is the fact the world go deeper and deeper into the shit hole.

        i think about me, about my childs about what’s gonna happen in futur.
        i ain’t another dumbass who just think about himself like the peoples who decide to launch the fucking nuclear bomb on civilian to kill millions of them.

        we evolve, we change, technology, mentality. we have possibility to make world better. but the shitbags wins because nobody give a shit to them.

        why dont we nuke thoses fuckers imigrate ? because some peoples dont want, because its bad and blablabla…

        if the nuke existed during crusade. all arabians peoples would be dead. if nuke existed during wild west, african will be all dead.
        will the world would be better ? yes. and not because of use of the nuke, but because peoples would have react and grow differently, thinking about futur. instead of thinking about the past, ancestor and shit.

        and yes, i forgot about the past. because we cant change it. but we can change futur . life is not a straigth line to follow.

        1. > i ain’t another dumbass who just think about himself like the peoples who decide to launch the fucking nuclear bomb on civilian to kill millions of them.

          > why dont we nuke thoses fuckers imigrate ? because some peoples dont want, because its bad and blablabla…

          Dude, I can’t even…

      2. I made an account just to say yes to this. Just yes. I fucking despise people that say “what has this world come to?” or, “I’m sad knowing this is the new normal this day and age” (talking mainly about these stupid hilariously staged mass shootings in media outlets). I salute you sir.

    2. You are absolutely right yet everything is relative. If i see my world get less safe with more murder,rape and pillaging it still means everything has gone to shit.

      This is true even if the Middle Ages was a lot worse. After all,noone I know was there to compare to today and i only know about the rates of violence in the Middle Ages because I was smart or lucky enough to read or hear about it.

      In the end ,things are getting shitter in our lifetimes.

      1. fact is.
        even if france is my country, i fighted for it for 15 years as a legionnaire for it.
        nontheless, i saw shit all others world places such as africa ivory coast and else.
        its understandable as their country is a big mess with politics, law, security and all.

        but in a country such as france. this kind of shit shouldnt exist anymore. its sad to see that. i feel like i fighted for nothing.
        and the fucking actual government dont even care a shit about his own country honestly. wich to change that, but to change it to make wayyy more strict.

        see a teenager killing another one.. this is ridiculous. it shouldnt happen in civilized country with long old history in politic and peace such as france.

        like i say on my other comment, i dont care of the past. we cant change that. but we can change futur.

        how i feel when i see that violence growing, is exactly the same as i feel to imagine my childs living in this shit.

        1. Wonderful @hollyeat .I agree with much of what you have said.

          Tell me friend how were you a French Foreign Legionnaire if you are a native Frenchman?

          When I was growing up ,only foreigners were allowed by law to sign up as Foreign Legionnaires.
          P.s. as a young man I wanted to possibly join up as well; to be forced to learn French fluently ,to learn valuable skills for survival etc

          Yet i did not ,as I realised that France is a vassal and would make me fight against innocents.

          No offence to you. Juat my thoughts of fighting for “TheMan”.

          1. french can be in the foreign legion. but we need to change our identity and nationality.
            when i was i the foreign legion, i was under another name and nationalized canadian.
            foreign legion is by far (in my opinion) the best way for stranger to become french, by serving the country to get rewarded by the french nationality. but todays, its more easy to just ask for the nationality and get it after a shitty small verification. only difference is when you are in the legion, you NEED to speak french, wich add a bonus for foreign peoples because they fully integrate the country. as the contrary of imigrate who ask for nationality but still dont speak french.
            the legion is still an army like every army in teh world. even as a elite unit, theyaccept you if you are french. but they change your nationality and name. wich make you to litteraly doesnt exist in the french society (because at base, its a way for stranger to become french, soo only when you finish your service and retired, you become french or get french again like before.)

          2. Thank you friend for explaining it. Like I said. I wish I had done it when younger and stronger. My stubborn” don’t bomb anyone my gov tells me “mind would not let me do it.

            I heard you would be incommunicado for three years totally? No sending mail/email/phone calls to family etc. Does this still happen?

            When you were in the Legion,where did most of the Legionnaires come from? Ex- yugoslavia ,Black Francophonie, Georgia,poland?

          3. you can send letter to family ( that depend where you are of course. ) but technically family CANT contact you.
            as for origins. the most i saw where from east block . but i got lots of different.
            we got a german officer (he never tell us, but i guess he got some troubles in german army and join the legion), got russians, japanese, spanish.
            most of peoples ( from my experience) came from bosnia, polish or around. they are rarely some african , dont know the reason. (nor maghreb or others african countries)

          4. My understanding was that there were quite a few maghrebis and blacks until maybe late sixties ,at least that is what books and shows said but makes sense that most are now from Eastern Bloc.They seem to come from where the recent wars ,trouble has been ie last twenty/ thirty years.

            My natural curiosity is to ask you which countries you fought in but I will not because no doubt you were told to fight in countries dictated to France by World Policeman ,so I wont.haha.

            Thanks for info mon ami.

            Oh. Weapons ? Did you use m16 type guns and kalashnikov? Which is better? Why?
            In your experience, of the guns you used ,which was best pistol,rifle and submachine gun? Why ?


          5. i mostly use Fa-Mas as weapons.
            i also used Ak but it was more for exercice and learning about it.
            as today i have license for sport shooting and i tryed various weapons ( cant remember all the names). i not make competition, but just hobby you see. but license is mandatory. must say, advantage to be or bein a legionnaire is that it allow me to get some weapons that civilian cant get ( also get some discount and stuff )

            i just stay to say the fa-mas was the best i used, but that’s mostly because i used it too much . but its still a good weapon. sad that now we more and more change it for american rifle.

  4. I call bullshit on this video.

    The sound of the gunshots alone give it away as artificial horse shit.

    If someone can send a link to a French news source that covered these murders that would give it credibility. Otherwise, WHOMP WHOOOOOOOOOOOMP…

  5. This video is a fake. She was shot for a clip. Sorry for the false rumor. And no Paris is a wonderful city but the 93 (Seine-Saint Denis) is a hutch to rat I admit. Being the source of the video link I ask that it be removed. Thank you.

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