Man Assassinated While Getting His Face Prepped by Barber in Medellin, Colombia

Man Assassinated While Getting His Face Prepped by Barber in Medellin, Colombia

Man Assassinated While Getting His Face Prepped by Barber in Medellin, Colombia

On the afternoon of Saturday August 29, 2020, in the Medellín neighborhood of Girardot in Colombia, a man getting his face prepped by a barber for a presumed shave got assassinated by a hitman who stormed the place, shot the mark a few times and took off as quickly as he came.

The barbershop’s CCTV camera shows the barber massaging the face of 27 year old Carlos Andrés Carmona, when he noticed the hitman approaching and tried to duck, but could not outrun the bullets.

Carmona immediately fell to the ground, and the assailant stormed out of the shop and reportedly boarded an escape motorcycle.

Authorities do not know the motive for Carmona’s death, but according to the local media, Girardot has seen a rise in criminal incidents due to turf war between two local gangs.

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45 thoughts on “Man Assassinated While Getting His Face Prepped by Barber in Medellin, Colombia”

  1. The barber and the guy in the white Tshirt outside were in on it. Notice the barber kept looking outside in the man’s direction and over his shoulder. The barber was giving a slow drawn out massage waiting for the hitman. As soon as the guy in the white tee walked off, that signaled the hitman to take dude out. The barber then walked away calmly. This was a setup.

    1. @absalom,
      That barber had zero clues that was happening. He might of thought that dude in the White shirt was going to pull off an armed robbery or something like that. Just look at his reaction when he realized he could of died just as easily. He shit his fucking barber pants. I bet he walked off camera and puked his guts out too!

    2. A clever point but it’s hard to say. The barber is just gazing around looking at someone that’s loitering. Most dudes don’t ‘make an appt’ to see their barber, they just turn up. The barber walked off after the shooting because the place is a shithole overrun with crime. It ceases to phase him.

      1. That and the shock of what just happened can do that to people as well. Make them not even know how to react. “I was just washing someone’s hair and now their brains are all over the floor, wtf I’m walking out of here to sort this out in my head.”

    3. Extraordinary observation, absolom. After watching it a few times, I think you’re absolutely right. The barber did not act as one would expect, and the way he was looking around, he knew exactly what was coming.

  2. Odd scene. After you point it out, does appear the barber was in the know

    But what I wonder most in this is how many of you here get a shave from a barber. Is that really still a thing? Odd too, to see him pat the cream on, no stubby brush? Had he not been slaughtered in chair , would next stop been for a shoeshine in busy thoroughfare? Is *that* still a thing?

    ok back to video. If it was a setup, how did they know he was gonna be there?

  3. LIFE PART 10 by bad jonny

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  4. Wham, straight in the occipital lobe! Literally lights out for that guy, that’s where the brain processes vision. Not that he had time to wonder why it had suddenly got dark. If there’s any upside for this shmuck, it’s that he doesn’t have to pay the barber now, that leaves plenty of change to pay the ferryman on his way to Hell.

    Adiós amigo.

  5. At the start of the video, the Barber keeps looking outside while he’s attending to the victim. It almost looks like he was waiting for something. Then the gunman runs in and out in a few seconds. The Barber then just calmly walks away. The gunman completely ignored the barber. How did they know where he was?

    Those guys outside could have been spotters too. Especially the guy in the white shirt who walks away right before the shooting. He was on a cellphone.

    The Barber could have set him up.

  6. This is beautiful, man. Just a total pro job, empty the clip into the dome, less than 5 seconds of the body going “WTF?” as consciousness is erased. The man dies, THEN the chair falls. RIP, what a beautiful, merciful execution, bravo, boys.

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