Man Axed to Death by His Own Wife

Man Axed to Death by His Own Wife

On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 10, 2016, in Medianeira, ParanΓ‘, Brazil, a man was axed and stabbed to death by his own wife. 31 year old Velci Ávila dos Santos died after he was almost decapitated. Since this happened in Brazil where societal misandry is not so deeply rooted, his wife – 33 year old Marcia Alves da Luz was denied pussy pass and was arrested and charged with murder.

Initially, Marcia lied to the investigators and told them somebody else had killed her husband and that she had not seen anything, but with all the forensic evidence pointing at her, she confessed to murdering him. She however did claim her pussy pass by maintaining that her husband was a drug user and she was threatened by him.

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      1. Though if she had black hair and was wearing black leather or latex then I guess she wouldn’t look as bad… Unless she pulled out an axe after tieing me up… Ugh, actually no, fuck it. The bitch is scary, period. Wouldn’t want her anywhere near me.

          1. Aww no fair πŸ™ well… If I HAD to choose then I guess the one in the article, Aileen Wuornos used a gun to kill her victims. If you’re gonna die a violent death at the hands of a psycho bitch either way then you might as well turn up the violence all the way πŸ˜‰

          2. ahhh I love your reasoning sweetheart πŸ˜‰ don’t worry I wouldn’t really make you choose between two such as that…. I’d definitely get more, how should I say, creative with any real choices.

          3. More scary? Lorena Bobbitt… That bitch sliced off her husbands cock while he was asleep and tossed it out a moving car. But I REFUSE to choose between her and any other dick cutters over who gets to tie me up…

          4. Lol probably…that’s all it was really about in the end…he found and used her stash. She was itchin for a fix and he done fixed her fix…then she went bat shit crazy cut him then tried getting her stash back by drinking his blood….didn’t work though and now here we are looking at the aftermath of what happens when you don’t hide your stash well enough. In a cardboard tampon is where I used to keep mine….when of course I had a cocaine love affair. No one bothered looking for it there because you can close the plastic back with a lighter. Youd be surprised on how crafty you can get when there are thieves running amok (atleast in my head)

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            Hope you like it my friend! (I am by no means a mathematician)

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      Happy birthday! πŸ˜€

    2. Happy birth and Valentine’s day to you, Anna! Damn. If you had a dude – or a chick, if you’re into that – he ain’t gonna have no trouble remembering your birthday or Valentine’s day. Two birds in one stone lol.

      Nevertheless, wish you all the best. πŸ™‚

    3. Geeesh in all days you could have your birthday, you had to choose this one, huh? At least your male pretenders can give it an excuse to offer you sweets and stuff by saying its for your birthday rather than valentine’s if shit goes wrong with them… πŸ˜†

      Anyways, happy one more year of survival day! πŸ˜›

    1. One of my favorite TV shows is Locked Up Abroad, and women’s prisons in shitty countries seem to be a lot better than men’s. They walk around doing whatever they want being friendly to each other, while you get killed if you look at someone wrong in the men’s prisons.

          1. I don’t understand it either, I think it’s because people judge you if you’re single. I get it all the time, why I’m not with someone and people trying to set me up with their friends because they have it in their head I must be miserable. It’s really starting to piss me off. People can’t seem to understand how someone can be happy alone. It’s like there’s some status attached to being in a relationship. If I have the choice between being in a relationship and miserable or single and happy the choice is obvious to me. Plus with my luck , if I stay in a bad relationship then one day I’m going to end up like this guy πŸ˜†

          2. You prob rite there is some status to been single like people think you will just take anybody but you sound a strong willed woman why settle for anything less than the rite one so stay single then you won’t have any baggage kids etc when he comes along makes perfect sense to me most people fall to peer pressure and settle for 2nd/3rd best etc and are miserable . waking up/ living with wrong person is not something I’m willing to settle for so it either the one or nobody . and with your experience of gore and violence I think if anybody tried this on you then you would have numerous ways to make them end up on this site lol

          3. It sounds like you know exactly what I’m talking about. And it’s just like you said, not settling 2nd or 3rd best. Now I’m not waiting around for Mr. Right or anything, if a good guy comes along and he’s worth putting my time into I will without any expectations of a permanent commitment (I’m a bit of a commitment phobe lol) but I definitely won’t be with anyone just to say I’m in a relationship. Lol one thing I will say is I will not be having ANY kids unless I’m married because I’m gonna make damn sure any kids of mine have a good father….if I ever have them, who knows. Sounds like you and I are on the same page and you’ll be a good catch for whatever lucky lady comes into your life, especially if you live up to your username πŸ˜‰ haha!!

        1. Lmao my username yea that was just a mistake really could not think of anything clever so used that lol mind you my claim to fame is 9 big O s in a session of my skill in that area ssshhhhhh keep that to your self lol yea we do seem to be on same page on most things even share a love of gore . A lady been a commitment phobe that pretty rare usually other way round but guess no body has made a big enough impression on you yet to change your mind .. Yea best to be very carefull in the kids department so respect you got your head screwd on .. I don’t think it would be to hard to charm you just massage your size 2 feet whilst cuddling up watching the film land before time and have best gore set up on the lap top how hard is that …….. Lol

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          3. Haha thank you but I think it’s the fact that I attract the crazy, possessive ones not how good of a girlfriend I am πŸ˜†

            I’m sure she did say I love you…I’ve said it to other members but you have to be careful which women you give the big O’s to. Only do it if you want them to stick around lol.

            Lmao sounds good I’ll massage your feet although it might take me a while if they’re size 12 πŸ˜†

        2. Naaaaa I don’t buy that your personality is really cool hence why you get hit on here on best gore I’ve seen how many guys msg you etc lol the cute PIC helps of course lol but you selling your self short by saying they just crazy possessive you a nice lady so value your self more you a catch lol hmmm well I have a rule you see I not allowed any pleasure till I give at least 2 big O s so every girl gets at least 2 but maybe no more 9 s till I want her to stick around thnx for tip lol yea I should of realised small feet you prob have small hands to hmm it OK we would have a full movie ohhh a hour and half of feet massage bring it on lol ….

          1. Haha no worries, I don’t really enjoy getting flowers and chocolate is yummy so I’ve got my own stash already. I’ll only cut you a little but I promise you’ll enjoy it πŸ˜‰

  1. No necking! This time, it applies!

    Happy Ploy To Improve Business Of Florists, Candy Makers And Expensive Restaurants Day everyone! If you gotta pay for it, I fucking hope you’re getting some good action tonight!

    1. Why is it that all these dumb holidays means you have to go out and spend lots of cash to show how much you love/care about someone, and if you dont buy lots of trash then they say you dont love them or dont care about them, well I wont do it, I gave my boy friend a kiss and told him i want nothing for holidays except his time with me and we can be happy. He is making me dinner as I type this, he is a keeper. πŸ™‚

      1. It was a genius plot by large stores to create value for something that, before being shoved down people’s throats through constant advertisement, had absolutely no worth whatsoever. So the gesture of buying into the “spirit” of it holds the same value as where the value originally came from: thin air.

        And as a career culinary professional myself, I know exactly how far a well cooked dinner can take a night with an appreciative significant other sporting a diet as adventurous as their sexual tastes. Definitely hang on to him if he doesn’t think his love can be conveyed so simply as a purchased gift. Any other belief is sheer douchebaggery, in my opinion.

  2. Well he axed for it! To all the ladies of Best Gore…..may cupids arrow go deep…..and happy Valentine’s day. Just remember that the best part of Valentine’s day is….. chocolate will go on sale tomorrow.

  3. Dos Santos: well good morning to you sweetie. Did you get a nice sleep? I hope you had truly happy dreams. Happy St. Valentine day my love. I got you these beautiful flowers. I also made you breakfast.

    Crazy wife has woken up on the rag — kind of like Megyn Kelly bleeding from everywhere. She is furious as hell. She’s at her boiling point. Lover boy is just now beginning to realize that this St. Valentine’s day was going to be a little different then usual.

    Mrs. DOS Santos: Hey, I got something to axe you about…wait here. I too have a present for you.

    Dos Santos has just unlocked a door with the key of his imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. Dos Santos is moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. He has just crossed over into the Brazilian Zone.

    1. Caught a frog in my throat trying to respond, but a strong “hell yeah” should cut right through that.

      I thought “chopping wood” involved a hand job or something. This lady did not check the urban dictionary for the meaning of certain innuendos beforehand.

  4. Had this happened on the 14th in a region that acknowledges St. Valentines Day the irony of being murdered by his wife next to the loveseat would be hard to miss.
    Also, this is the very first article that I have seen on Best Gore featuring a home in Brazil that has actual flooring material in place.

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