Man with Bashed In Face and Hands Tied Up for a Prayer

Man with Bashed In Face and Hands Tied Up for a Prayer

That’s a different way to tie a man up – hands in front, palms clasped together as if for a prayer and wrapped around multiple times with carton packing tape. Makes you wonder if the murderer wanted him to pray as he was bashing his face in.

There was no other info with the pics otherwise, but victim’s pockets on his pants are turned inside out as if the murderer also robbed him. A bit elaborate killing for a robbery, no?

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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120 thoughts on “Man with Bashed In Face and Hands Tied Up for a Prayer”

          1. Ah,yes the classic “skidder”,
            its always impressive,but
            i can never seem to build a
            good pressure to blow the
            evidence away.

          2. @JM,yeah know what you
            mean,full bowl…empty
            bladder…empty cisten &
            more skid marks than the
            indy500,usually happens
            when visiting someone &
            not a toilet brush in site.

          3. @Jack, you “hate it when flushing, won’t get rid of the evidence” THAT usually only happens, when you’re at someone else’s house!

          1. Hahaaa. That’s funny. Seriously though, If that self made biday hits the vaginal opening or at least made its way a little bit inside, just curious of the outcome considering the e-coli’s present in it

          2. @jack…not that you have to worry about ecoli hitting your vagina, but if you do get a splash back, the girls just pee again and it washes away the water. Urine is sterile, unless you got a bladder infection. Haha

          1. Hahaha,do you mean when its
            head is stuck down & its tail is
            in the air desperately swiping
            & flailing around with the water
            leaving a footprint??-or…..the
            dreaded ‘roulette wheel of fear’
            when its a floater,& swirls
            around & around,trying to get
            out over the rim? again leaving
            a trail of incriminating evidence,
            either occurence is terrifying &
            only happens when visiting where
            there is NO toilet brush…….

          2. Ugh! or what about those sloppy ‘snake’ shits that are about 3 foot long! Usually occur after eating Indian food!

          3. @odgoso, YOU have written a ‘shit list’! What about one of those massive shits (one where you nearly pop a vein in your forehead trying to get out) that just WON’T FLUSH? You have to break it up with the toilet brush just to flush it! These ALSO only happen at other peoples houses!

          4. @Amber: A trail that leaves something like a swirl on its way down? hmm…like a hypnotic spiral optical illusion huh…Eureka!!! A poop-art.
            A toilet tissue can be used to wipe the sticky stinky evidence too haha @odgoso and tiger.And its helluva embarrassing too if that stinky shitty smell still lingers inside as you go out of the toilet and then someone went in quickly right after you. hahah

          5. @jack, when my sons were real small they have to come into the ‘ladies’ dunny with you, anyway some trumpet-bum let out a HUGE fart in the toilet next door, well my kid just howled with laughter and said “that lady farted”!

          1. Ohh yea!! Haha the dude with the shrunken head in the waiting room! Lol.. awe love that movie…

          1. @tiger….there is one thing i cant stand is a shirt unbuttoned with chest hair sticking out of the top…..makes me want to bash their face in….
            maybe thats what happened to the guy in the photos

          2. @Razor, I don’t mind a bit of chest hair, looks manly, tickles ya boobies too (when you are doing a horizontal tango!)
            @High, I haven’t seen those movies, but I’m sure many thought he was hot, back in the day! Also he IS still alive.

    1. Might seem that way but i been visiting this site for a couple years now but have only recently known how to do this comments thingy, damn internet/technology haha. im sure im not the only one like this.

          1. ….even though now looking back I just realized, nearly a day later, how HORRIBLY fucking butchered those words were!
            I MENT to say….”goodgod” and “what”…don’t even think tink those OTHER things are even words at all.
            But Dude, Thank You just the same My Friend!

  1. When he was a young socialist activist, one of Mussolini’s favourite “numbers” when adressing ignorant catholic peasants and workers was to challenge God to struck him down in two minutes, and when the two minutes had passed he would say : “I just proved to you that God doesn’t exist” …perhaps this guy attempted to repeat the trick, but had a bad standing with the almighty, and he just decided to off him…

      1. For some reason, beaners just LOVE these ugly leather belt buckles and braded belts with chickens and cows on them.

        Should have weed-wackers and leaf-blowers on ’em.
        Fucking mexicans, my entire neighburhood smells like tose fuckers right now. Just went outside a minute ago and nearly fucking gaged.

  2. Posing corpses is a sign of imagination. Murderers are growing artistic.

    I have a feeling this one’s from Mexico. Another cartel kill. I can almost hear them saying, “gotta pray for your life, huerco.”

    And there it goes. Hands together for San Judas Tadeo while the face gets bashed again and again, with some metal baseball bat. Whack, whack, whack.

  3. this happened in mexico. he has a belt that they call “cinto pitiados” classic cowboy belt with a square button up shirt and some botas pitiadas” cowboy boots made of crocodile or sometime’s snake skin.

    1. Oh, yha? What type of undeies do You sapose he’s wearing? A Thong?

      My guess is it has more skidmarks then Sears Point Raceway (now, Infinion raceway…Sonoma Calif…..used to drag race there on Wed. Nights.)

          1. @stench,heard on the “news”
            today that minorities in USA
            are for the first time out-
            breeding whites,and that by
            2040 said whites will be the
            new minority…….WTF!!!!

  4. Thanks for the answer va?? ??hT?? and the cool name quote. Maybe he was out shopping buying a condom when this happened, the packaging is just the right size, well I duuno his dick size, but i’ve a pretty good imagination 🙂

    1. You’re welcome and it’s my pleasure gunkgirl. Hmmm…you have somewhat a reasonable theory about the incident ;P.
      could that man a sadist sex maniac?. He fist-fucked his lover wearing the rubber like a glove and as the lover enjoys it, he used both his hand then.. to the painful shriek of his partner and then his lover bashed a stone in his face in rage. Hmmm…. could that explains it? Why his hands binded like that? hahahaha.

          1. Hey va?? ??hT?? I thought you would like that 🙂 I’m here to stay – if you all can put up with me and my quirky sense of humor.

  5. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many videos are they worth? Because, and I’m not complaining the pictures seem to be a hell of a lot better than the vids. For example these pics I’m currently viewing, I would LOVE to see how his face ended up like that. I’m a “three guys one hammer” vet. I love that shit. Properly feel bad for the guy on the receiving end but love it all the same. Sights, sounds, tingles down my back the fucking lot. Mad respect to best gore and all people submitting vids in.

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