Man Beaten with Batons and Shot to Death by the Police in Jamaica

Man Beaten with Batons and Shot to Death by the Police in Jamaica

Ian Lloyd, also known as “Ching Sing” was reported to have stabbed to death his common law wife Loveta Wilson, also known as “Cherry”. The police were called to their house in Old Bucksfield, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica where they were reportedly attacked by Ian Lloyd who hurled stones at them.

What happened next was recorded on camera. The suspect – Ian Lloyd is seen unarmed laying on the ground as the policemen take turns beating him with batons. One policeman then fatally shoots the man.

The policemen filed a report stating that they were attacked by Ian Lloyd with a knife and responded to the threat with fire. However the video shows them beating and shooting the man who appears to be both unarmed and subdued.

It was also reported that the police were encouraged by the civilians to shoot the unarmed man.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Man Beaten with Batons and Shot to Death by the Police in Jamaica”

    1. True Mouse.

      However, we must value the Rule of Law… Such matters should not be judged or settled by the uneducated culminating in an execution on a dirt road.

      Give me inquests, investigations, fair trial by Magistrates and visiting Madame Guillotine if found guilty.

      1. You are from the UK,right Trooper?(sorry if not) I once was reading an article about a bunch of people lynching a girl in Honduras,and then i checked the comments and several brits posted : “This is the future for us : people “applying” their on law because the actual “law” has not any effect on criminals” I’d like to hear about that from you,i mean,you are always blaming authorities for the spic/nigger invasions.

      2. @abitchwothaplan.

        I am from the UK. And I do blame the Politicians and Monarchy for actively attempting to destroy Britain.

        Those people deserve death.

        I don’t however, blame the Hard working Police Officer, Magistrate, Bureaucrat, Soldier who work hard in a deteriorating Britain to keep the wheels turning no matter what.

        Those people deserve commendations.

        All they do is follow orders from the top, they have to feed their families. They cannot be blamed for not wanting to rock the boat.

        Ali… I wouldn’t like to speculate on the internal politics of Negros.. My mind cannot comprehend what goes through the mind of a Nigger in the pursuit of his Life goals.

        1. Tom, I can sum it up for you, the negro thing. Get to a westernized border.Sneak into that country, using whichever methods you can. Collect a social assistance check. Spend days in our already overtaxed emergency rooms, getting a splinter removed. Get your green card, HAVE LOADS OF CHILDREN. This gives you 1, A big fat check twice monthly. 2,You now have rights to citizenship.3,raise those children that they should live the same way you were raised in your originating country. Once they’ve hit thirteen or fourteen, they’ll have children of their own, and be gang banging, pimping,ripping people off and of course, be the main suppliers of crack and weed in the residential areas, nothing looks better to the cops than a family, who for all appearances look too “straight” to be peddling crack,speed,meth,ice,and of course hash. Then they are set for life, either in the pen, or on our city streets. Remember where I’m from, these street gangs are bigger than the bikers now here. And over the weekend two of the leaders of said gangs were released from prison and both were shot to death within a day or two. Montreal is about to see a childs bloodbath. Even in my quiet west island neighborhood…….sums it up….

          1. Thanks for that Lisa.

            The story is the same over here in Britain… The town I live in has escaped most of the Black/ Muslim wave swallowing this country over the past decade.

            However. We are getting some overspill from Birmingham which has resulted in a marked increase in the number of niggers in town… Along with a corresponding increase in crime. Namely muggings and drug offences.

            Things will come to a head in the following decades… We shall weather the storm and win the struggle.

        1. I would rather stay here in these beloved Islands I call home.

          America is full of Americans.. That is why I would never want to live there.

          Canada is too Cold.

          Australia is too Hot.

          NZ looks nice.

          Everywhere else is shit.

    1. No shit, man. I learned this from watching the Olympics. I always figured they’d be too high to be good at anything other than holding their breath during massive bong hits, but that cocky bastard Usain Bolt taught me otherwise.

      1. yes, the jamaicans are the fastest people in the world, the Kenyans are the best long distane runner.

        But their advantages become disadvantage in water. Heavy bones and muscle design for quick twitch and burst of speed are bad at long term strength and endurance…
        which is why the black swimmer for the USA at the 2012 olympic sunk like a rock.

  1. What the fuck is wrong with that cop hitting him with the baton, he looks like the biggest pussy ever, if you want to beat somebodies ass you jump on them and beat their head into the dirt until they stop moving, until they wake up and until they stop moving again, I have no doubt that every chick in the world could beat that cops ass even if he has his baton, how does someone that scared even get a job in law inforcement.

  2. Police were encouraged by the civilians to shoot the man? Nice to see they’re so gullible.

    Where is the good part of Jamaica.. the beautiful beaches, yummy margaritas and weed, lots of weed.

    1. Thats the part we want the tourists to see 😛
      For the most part it looks like that in the video.

      Violence is a big problem here (One of the highest homicide rates in the world), police related crimes in particular stir up a lot of chatter. Although, it has been getting better over the years, proper training seems to be lacking to this day. They still do stupid shit like firing on a car full of innocents without properly identifying it, and the persons inside first, so a 16 year old ending up getting killed earlier this year. We also seem to love to crash as well so we have that high death toll too. Tourist parishes tend to be relatively safe though so you can enjoy the margaritas and beaches.

      Funny enough weed isn’t legal here but its dirt cheap, can get about 5 stem of high grade for the rough equivalent of 10 USD.

      Anyway, enough of my ranting, gone to go blaze…

  3. The guy really deserved to be shot to death. Imagine assaulting the cops with a very deadly and lethal weapon… a pebble (its too small to be considered a rock). The cops just defended themselves from the hail of pebbles being thrown at them by the already down, flat on his back black dude who killed his wife. Since the guy was already dead, its one less pebble-wielding criminal on the loose. LMAO!!!!!!!

  4. I kind of like the idea of instant justice. If there was overwhelming evidence or a witness or two, this world is a better place without this guy in it. Why waste money housing him, giving him a lawyer, and then providing him shelter for the duration of a life sentence, a bullet is relatively inexpensive. And a quick solution. If he truly was guilty, then why waste all that effort, and perhaps have him walk away to do it to another woman, why should he deserve to walk at all?

  5. Jamaica’s alright, if you wanna get in the middle of a knife fight
    Jamaica’s alright, if you wanna get AIDS or dysentery
    Jamaica’s alright, if you wanna be mugged or murdered
    Jamaica’s alright, if you’re a misogynist, or a homophobe

    Jamaica’s alright, if you like only one kind of music
    Jamaica’s alright, if you like small bananas and spiders
    Jamaica’s alright, if you wanna buy drugs from your hotel room
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    NOFX, yeah!

  6. Its sad to see people enjoying death in this way. But Two wrongs dont make a right. When there is nothing left of earth and we all die. Did we do whats right?? or did we spend thousands of years fighting like children on an amazing planet for stupid fuckin reasons like money, Power and religion.

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