Man Beaten to Death by Cops Over Traffic Stop in Imperial, California

Man Beaten to Death by Cops Over Traffic Stop in Imperial, California

Video from Imperial City in California shows cops beating a man to death during a routine traffic stop. The video was filmed from a distance by an Iphone owner, so you can’t really see what was happening, plus the cops intentionally obstructed the view with their bodies to minimize the video’s chances of being admissible in the court of law (which proves that they are not concerned with murdering a civilian, they are concerned with someone filming incriminating evidence of murder), but despite not being visually attractive, the video raises several points I wanted to bring up for discussion.

First of all – although completely unrelated to the video – did you know that as per the ruling by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (federal judge) in Krysta Sutterfield v. City of Milwaukee (No. 12-2272), it is not a violation of constitutional rights if police break down a door to a citizen’s home, search the home without a warrant and confiscate firearms, so long that they 9the cops) believe it is in the citizen’s best interest? This is essentially why compared to countries like Afghanistan, we don’t have any freedom.

Now to the video – I’ve just tried to search for the details about this story and found next to nothing. There appears to be an article on ivpressonline, but their portal requires subscription. This tells you just how eager the mainstream media are to keep you, the citizen informed about the murder sprees by the police state’s executioners. Being on the spot sentenced to death for defending oneself when a K9 dog is chewing into your arm must not be worth anyone’s time. Instead, the MSM dedicate their prime space and time to the glorification of war and deification of state sponsored murderers.

That the previous sentence is true can be observed from captions in the video, which make big deal out of the fact that the victim – 32 year old Tommy Yancy was a veteran. As if the fact that he contributed to the dissolution of freedom in America and the world by murdering defenseless women and children in the Middle East somehow made his life more important than anyone else’s.

Have we really been so brainwashed that just because someone delivered terror, destruction, fear and death to people who in no way posed a threat to his homeland, that his death is more unjust than death of a burger flipper or street sweeper, just because they did not sign up to murder, rape and pillage and get paid for it?

I’m seriously curious why we consciously allow the MSM and Hollywood to indoctrinate us into loving and supporting the war culture so affectionately? Why do we allow violence to be glorified, and perpetrators of violence to be treated like someone above the rest of us, while websites like Best Gore, that expose the ugly face of war and the hypocrisy of veteran deification are shamed and targeted for censorship?

Best Gore? How fucking disgusting? What if children see it? But a shirtless guy standing on a mountain of dead bodies, while his buddies mow impoverished men down in a hail of missiles? God Bless America! They envied our freedom…

No matter which dictatorship you look at, military service has always denoted enhanced rights and privileges. One’d only need to get to page 2 of any Dictatorship 101 handbook to learn that. But in this case, if anyone deserves to be praised, then it’s the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Libyans, the Serbs, and others who fought and died to defend their homelands when they were invaded and attacked by terrorists. If the roles were reversed, if the USA was invaded and attacked and the US soldiers fought the terrorists to defend their homeland, then they’d rightfully deserve all the praise in the world.

Thus, anyone who glorifies soldiers and veterans who only engaged in attacks on sovereign states and individuals with a goal too boost net worths of their paymasters, score a minimum of solid 9 on the 0 to 10 herd mentality scale. 10 denotes the king of zombie sheep.

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  1. Yeah, this showed up this afternoon in LiveLeak also. Nothing new – just American cops who have declared war against all American citizens. They’re on a killing spree and nobody seems capable of doing anything about it.

  2. I wanted to commend the tone and content of the site since Mark was denied access to its administration, things have taken a turn for the better; the level of discourse on serious matters is impressive and is in keeping with the perilous state of freedom in ‘murca and the wider world. There can be no doubt that anyone’s life can be taken at the whim of some mentally subnormal police state lackey and the family may as well forget they existed if they harbour any hope of finding justice. I weep for a once great nation brought to its knees by apathy.

    1. Mark was the creator of this website and from that point on decided the direction of where this site was going to go. Going back to articles in the archives it has always been like this, it’s just different administrators.

      1. Not that the new administrators and contributors don’t but Mark said it like it was and nothing should be taken away from him. Yeah he had a certain way with words which some people may not of agreed with or liked but he did it his way and I applaud that. Without BG in our lives we stand alone against the war on beligerant dictatorship of the world. At least here we can voice our views without threat of censorship of expression. We owe a LOT to Mark god bless him.

  3. Boredom: this is the problem that policemen from these pink countries have to face. As they do not have nothing better to do, they put out a hurricane from a…

    … missing front license plate.

    Here in Brazil you can disrespect red lights right in front of a police car that they will not even notice and if they do so, they will make sure to everybody that they were not looking at.

    1. @AnotherBrazilian we at Best Gore would like to thank the Brazilians for they’re lax driving habits disregard of traffic signals and a large population of da Silvas. Without your contributions this site would suffer immeasurably.

  4. I made an oath that I would make an account on Bestgore if I ever came across the chance of being first commenter (or near it) on any given post. It is a bit stupid, I know, but I am a man of my word. I’ve been a guest to this site for many years now, yet I actually come here for the information, well-written articles, and comments left here by the awesome members of Bestgore, as opposed to solely just the gore, as weird as that might be. Well, enough of this. Take care everyone.

    Shit. I’m already missing the porn ads.

  5. BG gets videos like this first, and I am a new user, but have been lurking for a while. I understand making everything serious, but it seems like every comment on this site is serious or angry comments. Sometimes it is nice to watch a shocking video and have people make witty and intelligent comments. So I visit BG because the videos will be here first but man the commenters can be depressing, that is why it is great to have dark humor like some other shock sites where the commenters just try to make intelligent witty comments to have everyone laughing but at the same time still make serious points. I hope the commenters of this site can get down with some dark humor sometime because that is the only thing BG is missing that other shock sites have

    1. Hello Kaotic, welcome! BG was named by MSN as one of the 10 most controversial sites on the internet, none of the “other” sites were on that list. This is far more than a shock site, it’s a reality news site. That being said, there are dark humor or gallows humor comments on here. How’d you miss ’em? 😉

    2. @Kaotic

      Well, in my capacity as the most pedantic of Bestgore visitors, I feel I must apologize to you for my own inability, as well as that of my fellow grumps, to say something about this wonderful footage that would have made you laugh.

      To make amends, I’ll attempt to make a truly witty remark. I do hope that you keep in mind that I am not, by nature, the kind of man that would think of something funny on seeing an innocent man beaten to death.

      Brace yourself, for here it comes.

      “These cops are way out of line. But, it’s true, the suspect was a deadbeat to begin with.” – Visit link for appropriate sound effect:

      I think that the above remark sufficiently illustrates why I don’t make witty comments.

  6. I’m so sick and tired of seeing cops kill people for no reason at all. Sad thing is we can’t even do nothing about it. Its always our word against there’s. So we don’t have a chance in hell.

    1. Hey bro, I know it’s such a fucking frustrating situation that these police are getting away with it. Even if there’s undeniable evidence they STILL are freed and have no consequences to face. It’s a joke man

  7. Such a thoughtful article with the passion of just that delighted with humanity. I have never, I mean NEVER read anything that is more professional and well orientated as news source as journalist works on any “professional journalistic sites” so far.

    When a journalist start to talk only on behalf of his government, his so called “motherland” and “freedom,” this person lost all his credibility and moral standards as a journalist. Words of unjust could be personal opinions, however when they appear in journals they became lies. I therefore refuse to call those writers of ugly propaganda “journalists” or even “reporters,” for the sake of truth, which is the one and only god and vow that every journalist should never forget from his or her heart.

    veritas omnia vincit

      1. It is a Latin phrase and it means “truth conquers all,” if you think quoting from old phrases is somehow insulting someone or you or if you think Mark’s pen name has made the phrase exclusive to him in this site, I will submit and give my deepest apology to you.

        In this particular case, I AM trying to make my tribute to Mark because of the meaning of this phrase and the way he honored it by revealing the bloody and ugly truth behind media coverage. Mark is a person that I admire and the phrase is a true reflection of his personality.

        As far as I know the phrase had been used by various personal and groups as motto. Maybe next time when you read something, try to look at what a person wants to express with the actual text, not something you think that would made a person vulnerable so you would enjoy insulting him or her.

  8. The Police state of America! I left Law Enforcement 3 years ago cause there’s a disturbing trend of Dicks getting into LE just to carry a Gun and be able to speak to people as they see fit instead of being in it to help people and be the voice of Reason. As an Officer you must be able to find a compromise for the communities problems and be their connection to an Urgent need. NOT an addition to their problems and that’s what is going on in American Law Enforcement “Militarization” not to SERVE and PROTECT and it’s Out of Control Makes My Soul Sick whats happening Everyday out their with these “COPS” 90% of Them.

  9. It is only getting worse as I have been saying for several years. The days of protect and serve are looong gone. Cops are now just a cowardly gang hiding behind that false motto. You have to realize that these younger cops are part of the same fucked up generation that only knows violence. They revel in their perceived sense of power. Until we stand up (and we can legally) and remove the tyranny they are inflicting it will reach point of no return. As they keep on killing next time it might be one of us or family member. They HAVE to account for themselves just like one of us would.

  10. “by murdering defenseless women and children in the Middle East”

    There’s that mentality again, that it’s the fates given to women and children that make tragedies tragic. I guess once the information is spoon-fed it stays forever.

    I think even if women and children were not being given any protection you would still see men dying in droves.

  11. Ex badge versus badge . Give certain types a badge and a uniform and this is what happens .

    The top brass in the US must be rotten to the core , as this is most definitely a reflection of the people at the top . More and more imbecilic , bullying pricks , are being recruited into the police in the US by the looks of things , which is a very slippery slope to be on for All concerned .

    If a dash cam does not deter these corrupt murderers and they feel so ( empowered ) ! they feel no recriminations will arise even after being witnessed in broad daylight , in public , well , police they are not.

    1. A massive overhaul is needed and I’m not sure if it will ever happen. The whole thing needs to be brought down and built up again.

      Trouble is there is so much demand for the forces that where would they find the time to do it? And who would be brave enough to stand up against the power? The real threat of reprisal is maybe to great for anyone to really make a change.

      I think it’s down to us as the people but we have all seen in recent conflicts that trying to reinstate a new government will only result in more war. Rock and a hard place comes to mind.

      1. Agreed . It’s going to take someone or some people , with a lot of guts to make a stand . How far will these situations have to go before the masses have totally had enough !? , who will grasp the nettle and be brave enough to defy these criminal police !? .

        I know one thing , until people reverse their inactive attitudes , this will only get worse . Having said that , as you stated @Judge , the people find themselves in somewhat of a difficult position , a precarious one at that .
        I feel for our brothers and sisters across the pond .

          1. @Judge and @bobcat .

            Our coppers had the rug pulled from underneath them today , did you guys see it ? Now the top brass will have to cough up themselves if they want to continue their cronie clubs .

    2. This seems to be happening more and more and seemingly with no action taken? look at the Boston “bombing”, two patsies hunted down with armoured vehicles, one killed the other now in custody (i its even him) . The U.S is a police state and if they keep letting cops get away with it I can only see it escalating.

  12. fucking pieces of shit. i fucking hate pigs. i mean sure, maybe the guy provoked it but by the sound of things they definitely used excessive force. if the guy is already down why keep beating him? oh no wait i know why because they get a big kick out of taking out their frustrations or whatever the fuck theyve got goin on in their pathetic, shit pig life, on people. fuck these pieces of shit. protect and serve? yea fucking right. land of the free? haha, hardly.

    1. LOL! At first I was appalled at what was happening to the person who was being arrested. But then it quickly came to light that the victim was just a black guy. Carry on, officers.

  13. Police have paranoia issues that NEED to be addressed. Whoever is not punishing them but has the power to is at fault. Everyone is tolerant of this because it hasn’t happened to them, but when it does they’ll cry their eyes out. wake up.

  14. They did it because he was colored. There is a huge problem in CA about racial profiling, and this poor guy caught the wrath of the CHP. This trait of there’s was revealed to the sweetie when he was a passenger in a Porshe, the guy driving was colored. The cop didn’t notice my sweetie and started to give the driver a hard time because the cop didn’t want to believe a black guy could own a porshe, so it must have been stolen. When my sweetie got out of the car the cop totally changed his attitude. What a fucking liar. Thankfully the guy driving the car sued for racial profiling and won because my sweetie was witness to it.
    Those cops hunted down a black man and killed him. does this really surprise anyone?
    May the victim rest in peace.

  15. The worst of it is that they will not b found guilty even if actually prosecuted-theyll all be exonerated.They beat a unarmed homeless man to death th other day too in California-brutal-witnessed by many people-all of them completely exonerated.Nobody’s policing the police.Very dangerous times but really its not any different than is ever been-Rodney Kings police assailants all walked…LA riots happened in response though they mostly robbed their own in that little event…

  16. it is about time people started to seriously think about not tolerating this. Protesting doesnt do shit the government will just use their weapons against protesters as they have many times in the past.

    WE all know cops almost never go to jail no matter what they do.

    Sue the cops? Good luck the money will never come out of the police budget or pension. Pretty much it comes out of the tax dollars they collect from you with guns.

    The only thing that will stop this is if we organize into squads. If a police department murders an innocent person. 100 armed citizens goes to the department and kills every cop in the station. Burn the station to the ground.

    Repeat this a few times and suddenly cops will be nicer

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